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SEO for the CEO 2013
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SEO for the CEO 2013



In part 1 of our Online Marketing Intensive 2013, participants discovered why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is so important in the competitive online platform, and what it takes to get their ...

In part 1 of our Online Marketing Intensive 2013, participants discovered why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is so important in the competitive online platform, and what it takes to get their business to the top of the Google rankings page.

So many people know the term SEO but what is it exactly?

And if you have tried lifting your website's visibility with SEO, why are your techniques not working?

If you are keen to discover the mysteries behind why you are not ranking on Google as high as your competitors then you will LOVE this.

Feel free to drop us a message or comment below if you need some help or advice on your business' SEO efforts.

Part 2: Mastering Google AdWords 2013 - http://slidesha.re/124XyvO



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  • Let’s start with a show of hands, how many of us have put some time and effort in getting the ranking. Keep your hands up if you have had reasonable success. Leave your hands up if you have seen big fluctuations in the rankings. Leave your hands up if you fee you are taking one step forward and two backwards.For the next 30 mins, I will be talking about one of the critical Over the past few years I have worked on 100s of websites from large information websites running into 30K pages to lead generation sites. Why is content important?
  • I often have these conversations with business owners and marketing managers on how Google works. The biggest problem is that I often find these myths guiding both decisions and budgets.  Let’s look at some of the most common that I hear.
  • ExerciseRelevance, Clean Code, Credibility, Conversions, Content
  • Tip# Making the most of un-utilised pages like FAQs, About us, Contact us etc
  • Votes..democrarcy
  • With the EMD update Google bot will be periodically “scanning” Google’s index for spammy domain names. It is predicted we’ll soon see the SERPs populated with more relevant and high-quality websites.
  • n times of Google Instant Preview you must have a good design!
  • Understanding Intent Avoiding Distraction
  • Understanding Intent Avoiding Distraction
  • Catch their eye, tell them why, lead them to buy
  • 8.9% text to html ratio
  • Mention the problemAgitate the problemInvalidate all solutions but yoursOffer your solutionAmplify the desire
  • ,Google are making it harder and harder for small businesses with "brochure" sites to show anywhere in the SERPS without have a Google Places page and a Plus account and a Facebook account and so on. A lot of small businesses don't have the time or the know-how to do social marketing and to churn out blog posts every few weeks and have very little "newsworthy" output for a blog post or even a tweet that will get shared. Offer a downloadablepdf of your product catalog            Create a simple, concise features & benefits fact sheet for each of your products Offer a printable coupon or special offer via your blog Create guidebooks that illustrate how to use your product, e.g., how to strip wallpaper in half the time, Develop an online ROI calculator prospects can use to determine the potential your product represents. Choose
  • ExerciseRelevance, Clean Code, Credibility, Conversions, Content
  • Going after Trophy keywords can be self defeating
  • Pre owned , prestige vehicle , used cars , luxury cars, [photo] is the most searched qualifier for [id badge], followed by [employee], [company], [custom] and [security]. But it’s not just the number of competitors, it’s also the strength of the competitors that matters as well.
  • Five top phrases you should aim for, combinations, stages,
  • Both strategic and technical advice & give you more than just action items . Better to go deeper and give more options in deeper sections than at the top level. Keep the choices a user has to make as few as possible.
  • These alternative variations are often less competitive than the more searched root phrases, but can yield significant traffic in a fraction of the time and then “stem” into other related mid-tail and long-tail keyword variations. More sites that link to a page or a website with a cluster of keywords represented by the on page content equivalents score a higher degree of relevance than websites who ignore these metrics and (a) do not use relevant internal links or (b) gain inbound links from outside sources to the website to increase relevance score.
  • on’t use the EXACT same anchor text everywhere on your website. This can sometimes be seen as search engine spam too.
  • . Google is expecting to see a mix of anchor text variation. Brand based links. URL links. Mixing the anchor text to will ensure that the links are not devalued by Google or worse penalised.
  • It is about data visualisation..Telling Stories with Data..
  • got married in January 2011,
  • Video Search Engines Improves engagement, time on site, Referral Traffic from You Tube. Channel has had 50000 plus views
  • Financial Planning Advice.Link your Google+ profile to the content you create. You can link content you publish on a specific domain (such as www.wired.com) to your Google+ profile.Sign up for Google+ and create a Google+ profile.Make sure you have a profile photo with a recognizable headshot.Make sure a byline containing your name appears on each page of your content (for example, "By Steven Levy").Make sure your byline name matches the name on your Google+ profile.Verify you have an email address (such as stevenlevy@wired.com) on the same domain as your content. (Don't have an email address on the same domain? Use this method to link your content to your Google+ profile)Return to this page and enter your email address.
  • Page Layout #2 — October 9, 2012Google announced an update to its original page layout algorithm which targeted pages with too many ads above the fold. It's unclear whether this was an algorithm change or a Panda-style data refresh.
  • With the EMD update Google bot will be periodically “scanning” Google’s index for spammy domain names. It is predicted we’ll soon see the SERPs populated with more relevant and high-quality websites. No pattern of the size of the drop has been observed, but it has been reported that many sites have seen a sharp drop in ranking; one went from #3 to #183ogle probably uses the same trust indicators as it uses for any other website: links and social signals. Additionally, Google is getting better at determining whether onsite content is low quality or high quality without any other trust indicators
  • 3 page …and it seems replace Al dentist with Dentist Geelong In this section of Dentist Geelong,
  • The idea behind negative SEO is that rather than doing good, positive things that will promote signals in the search engines that bump up your rankings, there are ways to do bad, terrible, negative things. Now, obviously you could do these on your own sites, but hopefully you're smart enough not to do that. You go on Fiverr and you buy some cheap links. You find some spam through some forums that potentially works. You're doing sorts of things that are on the grey hat/black hat borderline, in terms of link acquisition, and sometimes you will see that your competitors might spam report you.
  • 73% of marketers who are running strategic SEO campaigns invest in content creation. This includes writing, editing, rewriting, coding, and setting it live. SEOs have a hard time thinking past keywords and “Google ranks”. We have a difficult time seeing the bigger objectives of businesses beyond rankings. I often hear “My job is to get the site ranking. After that, it’s their responsibility”.We, and our clients, need to start thinking along the lines of these questions: “Is this content driving links and shares?” “Is it ranking and driving traffic?” “Are we then capturing that traffic so we can convert them later?” Now we’re starting to sound like real marketers…
  • The purpose of the content is to provide business goal by way of positioing credibility, adds value to users. How to work with your content. What is working now.
  • Let’s say you are a mortgage broker who provides home loans for property buyers and those who are renovating. Those niche areas of people who are redoing the kitchen, building pools decks. That’s a separate target market How about creating pages that addresses their concerns.
  • Product review, lists, How to Company news
  • The aim of the content is to help customers. If yours is an ecommerce site the content should give relevant information to them so they can make a buying decision and act on it. Over-arching phrases at the top level and then niche ones. For example Printers
  • As Google updates become more advanced, we can expect to see WPO having an increased influence on search traffic results. WPO analyses front and back end functionality and focuses on creating a holistically superior website in terms of performance and user experience (UX). We already know that loading time and page speed influence rankings, so with massive increases in mobile search these factors stand to become even more important as mobile devices are often subject to comparatively slower connection rates, which affect site speed and functionality. Consequently, websites with poor site speed performance could eventually be devalued by Google as they offer a lesser UX when viewed on a mobile device.
  • Wrong settings in a robots.txt could delay Google search indexing on your website - webmastetrs

SEO for the CEO 2013 SEO for the CEO 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • SEO for the CEO of 2013 Presented by: Jasmine Batra Arrow Internet Marketing www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Conversion OptimisationGoogle Ad wordsAdvanced AnalyticsSocial MediaReputation ManagementSearch Engine Optimisation www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • What we will Cover?• The 5 Steps to Top Google Rankings• Content : The Timeless SEO Classic• What worked 6 months ago ..• Recent Updates 2 weeks ago• Checklist & Action Items 3 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • How search Engines work? 4 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • What are the Steps? 5 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Steps to Top Rankings C______ C_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ C__________ C____ C___ R______C_ 6 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • 1. Relevance to user queryIts about Location, Location , Location 7 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • The BasicsHave Key phrases in Navigation items Title tags Description tags Image tags Hyperlinks Throughout the content Headlines First and last Paragraph 8 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Buried down under 9 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • 10www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Looking for Match 11 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • 2. Code: What Lies behind 12 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Actual SiteWWW.SEARCHENGINERANKINGS.COM.A U www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Check how clean is the codehttp://validator.w3.org/ 15 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • 3. Credibility or Link Popularity 16 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • The power of links 17 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • 18www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Simulation of Popularity 19 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • 4. Conversions and Engagement 20 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Customer Journey & Usability 21 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • 22www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • 5. Content Matters Original Optimised Credible Friendly 23 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • 24www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Content includesWeb Rich ContentCopy Media 25 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Content Creation Ideas That are ALSO effortless1. What you know2. Interviews3. Weekly / Monthly News Roundup4. Your take-aways from an industry event5. Answering Recognised Industry problem6. Showcasing your knowledge with Video Tutorials7. Personal Stories & Failures 26 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Steps to Top Rankings C ontent Conversions Credibility Clean Code Relevance 27 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • 28www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • My 3 HatsThe Creative GeniusThe Marketing GuruThe Inspired Writer 29 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • My 3 HatsThe MarketerThe CreativeThe Writer 30 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • The Marketer 31www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Keywords• Understanding keywords  Primary  Long tail  Supporting• How to perform Keyword Research• Keyword research using Google data 32 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Keywords• Use of lateral thinking to drive traffic and sales• Use of Industry related words• Working with root words• Explore semantically related words• Build on Branded keywords to boost traffic (example ipad tablet)• Use of Informational keywords (ipad reviews)• Discover how to perform keyword trending 33 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • The MarketerThe Terminology - Used / pre-ownedThe Stages in Buying Cycle – Consideration toActionThe Competitive Landscape – USPs/ Offers 34 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • 35www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • 36www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • My Keyword listKeywords Rank Trafficbus sydney 14 12100tours sydney Not in top 200 5400bus hire sydney 3 3600limo hire sydney 157 3600limousine hire sydney 51 2400bus rental 6 1900airport transfers sydney Not in top 200 1600sydney airport transfers Not in top 200 1600Coach travel 6 1300limo sydney 117 1000Coach charter 5 880limousines sydney 76 880bus wollongong 7 720shuttle bus sydney airport 45 720limousine sydney 67 590sydney airport transfer Not in top 200 590 37 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Keyword Toolshttp://www.googlekeywordtool.com/http://www.soovle.comhttp://mergewords.com/www.google.com/trends/ 38 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • The Designer 39www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • The Design• Site Architecture  Usability  Call to Action  Hard and soft offers  Hierarchy or how many levels deep  Progressive Disclosure  Thematic Content Silos 40 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Page Layout 41www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • 42www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • 43www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Keywords• Mirror the keyword research within the Site structure - Keyword rich navigation - Keyword rich internal links - Keyword rich folder structures, URLs and page names. 44 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Important SEO Tags 45 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Ranking Factors 46 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Ranking Factors -2011 47 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Ranking Factors -2012 48 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • What worked six Months Ago 49 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • I just want us to be #1 forLife Insurance 50 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Spun ArticlesMost people sleep at night. you can buycheap blankets at shops. A blanket keepsyou warm at night. you can also buy awholesale heater. It produces more warmthand you can just turn it off in summer whenyou are going on france vacation. 51 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • 52www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • 53www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • What’s New 54www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Info graphics 55www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • 56www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Value in Videos 57 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Authorship 58www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • AuthorshipPerson Schema Code combined with Google+ 59 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Above the fold 60 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • 61www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • 62www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • The EMD Update GeelongDentist.com.au GeelongDentalcare.com.auGeelongDental.com.auDentistGeelong.com 63 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Google Now targeting… 64 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Negative SEO 65www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Social Share 66www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Future-proof your websiteInvest in Quality Content CreationUse as many keywords as you would naturally useEliminate Duplicate contentBuild Website Authority 67 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Content Marketing is the NEW SEO 68 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • The Writer 69www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Content Audit• Do you have content that does not serve any purpose.• Track content performance using Google Analytics content overview. www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Micro Data 71www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Social Sharing•Websites with weak social profiles saw a 19.5 %reduction in organic traffic.•Websites with strong social profiles saw a 42.6%increase in organic traffic. 72 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Content Marketing 73 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Approach Segmenting Targeting PositioningGrouping of Mapping Placing of selectedselected Pages to phrases on targetkeywords. Phrases. pages. www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Segmenting• Even if your product has universal appeal, recognize subgroups of audience and target separately.• Speak to the defined market• Are you sitting on a goldmine of undiscovered positioning opportunities? www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Targeting 76www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Positioning• A broad-based keyword strategy allows your site to position well for a number of key-phrases – not just one or two.• FAQ pages.• About us page.• Press releases. WWW.SEARCHENGINERANKINGS.CO www.ArrowInternet.com.au M.AU
  • Content Marketing 78 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • SEO Content & Sales CycleGeneric HomeBrand Category Level Make and model Product pages www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • ExamplesA luxury accommodation in Gold Coast.TARGET KEYWORDS: Holiday accommodation Gold coast, luxury holiday gold coast.H1 - Welcome to Ivory PalmsH2- NoneH1-Luxury holiday accommodation in Gold CoastH2-Enjoy Gold Coast in the lap of luxury www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • ExamplesStuffing keywords into your content will impact user experience and result in penalties from the search engines.TARGET KEYWORDS: ‘life insurance quotes’ , ‘life insurance online’ and ‘free life insurance’Get Life insurance online. We provide life insurance quotes online. For free life insurance quotes …..‘Get free life insurance quotes online’ www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Product pagesKeyword richcontent that thesearch engineswill love.Resources page –buying guide ,how-to articles,tips www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Data Driven Decision Making 83 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Link Diversity 84www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Mobile Devices 85 www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Usability 86www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Cool Tools 87www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Soovle.com 89www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • 90www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • 91www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • 92www.ArrowInternet.com.au
  • Thanks & Stay Connectedwww.ArrowInternet.com.au @seosecrets seoaustralia /ArrowInternetMarketing /SEO-Blog www.ArrowInternet.com.au