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Anup Batra Presentation on SEO at ABITE 2010

Anup Batra Presentation on SEO at ABITE 2010

Published in: Technology

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  • Let’s start with a show of hands, how many of us here have put some thought into getting a website on top ranking results ever. Leave your hands up if you found it tedious. For the next 30 mins, I will be talking about one of the critical factors in getting to the top spots for your chosen keywords. I will share with you simple, easy and effective methods of creating content for search. Over the past few years I have worked on 100s of websites from large information websites running into 30K pages to lead generation sites. Why is content important?
  • to your RSS feeds. Valuable content will get you powerful links. I will share with you an example of a parenting site that we we are working on. One of the terms we wanted to be found for was baby products.
  • e.g If you sell Bikes, have a different section for different types of bikes and one for Bike Parts e.g If you sell Bikes, have a different section for different types of bikes and one for Bike Parts
  • Transcript

    • 1. Search Engine Optimisation Let’s be natural Presenter: Anup Batra WWW. SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS. COM .AU
    • 2. What we will cover
      • Inside Google
      • Google Caffeine
      • Target market definition
      • Own your niche
      • Competiton Analysis
      • Keyword Research
      • Natural Content
      • Natural Link Building
    • 3. Inside Google
      • Why Google Rules the web…
      • Google has made 550 changes to it’s algorithm in the last one year
      • Google Caffeine
      • 80 : 20 Rule and 7 Golden Rules to get Google Love
      www.Search Engine
    • 4. Inside Google…
      • Google’s challenge is to :
      • Crawl a large chunk of the web
      • Index the resulting pages
      • Compute how reputable those pages are
      • Rank the returning pages according to users queries as quickly as possible
      www.Search Engine
    • 5. Inside Google Caffeine
      • Making user* feedback the key to new Google
      • As of April 23 rd , Google Caffeine has gone live
      • With this Google has launched a new generation of search.
      • So what are the changes?
      • * : Webmasters & Powersearchers
      www.Search Engine
    • 6. Caffeine Changes
      • SITE UP
      • S ite Speed
      • I ncrease in links
      • T hematic content
      • E mphasis on social media
      • U pdated site
      • P rominence of video
      www.Search Engine
    • 7. Increasing site speed
      • Check your crawl stats on Google webmasters
      • Get a fast & less loaded web server
      • Merge & Compress Javascript files
      • Use CSS & Include Files
      www.Search Engine
    • 8. Increase in links
      • How many new links did your site get?
      • Why should anyone link to your website?
      • Subsciptions & feeds.
      • Get a community around your website.
      www.Search Engine
    • 9. Thematic Content
      • Group the content in your website into sections
      • Each section should have a specific theme.
      • Don’t have unrelated themes on the same website.
      www.Search Engine
    • 10. Social Media
      • Create a community around your website
      • Start with Blogging
      • Position yourself as a thought leader
      • Have a facebook business page
      • Use Twitter to increase your reach
      www.Search Engine
    • 11. Blog popularity
      • Choose the right blog software
      • Host your blog directly on your domain
      • Plan your post topics & titles
      • Use plugins to enhance effectiveness
      www.Search Engine
    • 12. Blog Popularity
      • Make your presence felt in the blogosphere
      • Tag your content on popular sites like Technorati
      • RSS Feeds
      • RSS Aggregators
      www.Search Engine
    • 13. Updated Site
      • Update previous content
      • Dynamic vs Static Content
      • News, Articles, Blogposts-self or guest
      • User Generated Content
      www.Search Engine
    • 14. Prominence of Video
      • Adding Video to the site
      • Video’s depicting your product/service
      • Video’s depicting your ambience
      • Video Testimonials
      • Interesting video’s from your industry
      www.Search Engine
    • 15. Video SEO Techniques
      • Make your video clips fresh & interesting
      • Embed your videos within your website
      • Give your video a catchy title
      • Tag your video with relevant keyphrases
      • Keep your videos to 3 minutes or less
      www.Search Engine
    • 16. Video SEO Techniques
      • Provide transcripts of your videos
      • Make use of a video sitemap
      • Add descriptive metadata
      • Link to video’s using from vblogs and directories
      www.Search Engine
    • 17. Why Natural is better
      • Talk to users in their language
      • Encourage users to pitch in
      • Allow users to rate your video’s
      • Increase time on site
      • Increase conversion rate
      www.Search Engine
    • 18. Google Adwords
      • Search Intent
      • Niche Keywords
      • Landing pages
      • Segmenting Campaigns
      • Conversion Tracking
      www.Search Engine
    • 19. Case Study www.Search Engine
    • 20. Q&A
      • Phone: 1300 766 665
      • [email_address]
      • Stand: