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Arrowpoint Corporation
Arrowpoint Corporation
Arrowpoint Corporation
Arrowpoint Corporation
Arrowpoint Corporation
Arrowpoint Corporation
Arrowpoint Corporation
Arrowpoint Corporation
Arrowpoint Corporation
Arrowpoint Corporation
Arrowpoint Corporation
Arrowpoint Corporation
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Arrowpoint Corporation


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Arrowpoint Corporation introductory briefing.

Arrowpoint Corporation introductory briefing.

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  • 1. Arrowpoint <br />- A Solution Provider -<br />
  • 2. 2<br />Arrowpoint is: <br /><ul><li> A Veteran Owned Small Business</li></ul>U.S. Based / Established in 2000<br /> DCAA Approved Accounting System<br /> Microsoft Certified Partner<br /><ul><li>Focused on the US Government Providing: </li></ul>End to End Integrated IT Solutions<br /> Consulting Services<br /> Strategic Partnerships <br />2<br />
  • 3. Arrowpoint has:<br />A Nationwide footprint <br />Over 122 professionals employed<br /><ul><li>Very stable workforce
  • 4. Participate in the Wounded Warrior Hiring Program
  • 5. 70% with current clearances
  • 6. 50% Veterans</li></ul>A Top Secret Facility Clearance<br />
  • 7. Provide End to End Integrated IT Solutions<br />Datacenter Operations<br />Software Development<br />Systems Integration<br />Network Engineering<br />Database Management<br />
  • 8. Consulting Services<br />Program Management<br />Strategic Communications<br />Advisory &amp; Assistance Services<br />Subject Matter Expertise<br />Business Transformation / Process Redesign<br />
  • 9. Leveraged Partnerships<br />Avepoint<br />Tellabs<br />iRise <br />Microsoft <br />
  • 10. Past/Present Program Support<br />United States Army<br /><ul><li>Retroactive Stop Loss (RSL)
  • 11. Army Data Center Fairfield Operations
  • 12. Medical Data Extract Transformation Loading (MEDETL)
  • 13. Microsoft SharePoint Development
  • 14. Human Resource Command (HRC) Soldier Benefits Program
  • 15. HRC Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) Support
  • 16. HRC Traumatic Service Members’ Group Life Insurance (TSGLI) Support
  • 17. HRC Pay Allowance Continuation (PAC) Support</li></li></ul><li>Past/Present Program Support<br />United States Navy<br /><ul><li>Naval Sea Logistics Center Data Center
  • 18. Navy Data Environment (NDE)
  • 19. Revised Automated Dataflow Web (RADWeb)
  • 20. Configuration Data Managers Database - Open Architecture (CDMD-OA)
  • 21. Outfitting Requisition Control and Accounting System (ORCAS)
  • 22. Naval Workforce Planning Support (NWPS): Performance Measurement &amp; Control System (PMC), Strategic Planning &amp; Forecast (SPF), Quality Performance System (QPS)</li></li></ul><li>Past/Present Program Support<br />Army National Guard (ARNG)<br /><ul><li>Program Management and Personnel Services Support Contract (PM&amp;PSS)
  • 23. Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Planning/Analysis
  • 24. Installation Management Division Support, Installation Support Office
  • 25. Strategic Plans and Policy Directorate (G5) Support
  • 26. Communications and Automation Directorate (G6) Support
  • 27. Army Energy &amp; Water Reporting System (AEWRS)
  • 28. Strategic Initiatives Group (SIG) Stratcom Support
  • 29. Material Readiness Division Support, Logistics Division Support
  • 30. Human Resources Management Division Support, Personnel Division Support</li></li></ul><li>Past/Present Program Support<br />Wounded Warrior Care and Transition Policy (WWCTP)<br /><ul><li>Wounded Ill and Injured Senior Oversight Committee, Legislative Analysis
  • 31. Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Portal ‘TurboTAP’</li></ul>DoD Military Community &amp; Family Policy<br /><ul><li>Military Family Readiness Program Subject Matter Expertise and Policy Advice</li></ul>National Guard Bureau (NGB)<br /><ul><li>Legislative Liaison (LL) Support
  • 32. Transition Assistance Advisor (TAA) Program
  • 33. Strategic Initiatives Group Strategic Communications Support</li></li></ul><li>Past/Present Program Support<br />Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) – Veteran Health Administration (VHA)<br /><ul><li>Benefits Realization Program, Office of Health Information, Product Effectiveness
  • 34. Integration Execution Program, Office of health Information, Product Effectiveness </li></li></ul><li>Point of Contact<br />Rayetta Lantzy<br />VP Business Development<br />719.331.3175<br /><br />