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Toluna QuickSurveys: Delivering up to 2,000 answers to your questions, in less than 24 hours.

- Create surveys of up to 15 questions, which can be answered by up to 2,000 community respondents and targeted by country, as well as to people that you know

- Follow your survey results live online, in real-time

- Attach files and links to your survey to gauge consumer responses to your products or concepts

- Add value to your pitches and news releases with reliable stats

- Break your survey results down by a variety of demographics including gender, age, location and income level

Toluna QuickSurveys tool is a fast and cost effective way for you to conduct reliable and easy market research.

Once a survey has been created it will automatically appear live on targeted specific areas of – a global community of over four million members, who interact and poll with each other on a broad

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Toluna QuickSurveys leaflet

  1. 1. ASKWHATTHE WORLD THINKS. What is Toluna QuickSurveys™? Toluna QuickSurveys™ is the fast, easy answer to affordable, reliable customer insights. A revolutionary self-service tool, it offers powerful functionality wrapped up in easy-to-use platforms. It also puts, the world’s leading online research community with 4 million members, at your fingertips. Whether you need to inform marketing decisions, strengthen a client pitch or generate PR data, Toluna QuickSurveys™ will provide the answers. Why use Toluna QuickSurveys™ It’s free It’s easy Surveying your own respondents? Our intuitive wizard and survey templates QuickSurveys is free! Asking Toluna? will help you create and deploy your Our brand new, easy-to-use payment survey with ease; data analysis is just “Toluna QuickSurveys™ system is credit-based where one credit = one question and one respondent. as quick and simple. is a great solution for You can also get great subscription and It’s flexible It’s your study so you can brand it, add online research reports. bulk discount options on our website. videos and images, invite your respondents It requires no training and It’s fast via email and social networks, export Get real-time answers as soon as your results to Facebook, and more. delivers survey results with survey launches; get final results in just 24 hours when using AskToluna. It’s connected thousands of respondents It’s quick and simple to send your survey to the Toluna Community: a highly engaged in a matter of hours.” online research community of 4 million“Toluna QuickSurveys™ has members in 34 countries. Aliya Zaidi, Research Manager,evolved into a “gotta-have” tool Econsultancy It’s universalwe employ in virtually every Toluna QuickSurveys™ is for anyoneclient engagement – from looking for fast feedback – from marketbusiness development and researchers to small business owners, ad planners to students.message-testing to measurementand metrics – both within the USand internationally.”Mark Rozeen, EVP, Insights & Innovations,GolinHarris Real people, real feedback, real time
  2. 2. What puts QuickSurveys ahead? Extensive question types Make each question work for you: choose from a mix of radio buttons, check boxes, text boxes, open-ended questions and many more Image & video capabilities Embed images and videos in your survey to test advertising and product concepts Security verification Enjoy enhanced security with SSL to protect each of your transactions on our website Advanced reporting View your results via bar chart and pie chart, check tag clouds and download your data in PDF, PowerPoint or CSV formatHow does it work? Step 1 Create your own survey of up to 15 questions Step 2 Select up to 2,000 nationally representative respondents or upload your own contacts Step 3 Pay online using a credit card – or survey your own respondents for free! Step 4 Receive results within minutesSurvey your own groups of peopletoday for FREE! Scan this QR codeGet a FREE TRIAL* of 150 credits. with your smartphoneTo begin your free trial, or to ask any questions about to visit our site: www.tolunaquick.comToluna QuickSurveys, please email*Available to new clients only. Terms and conditions apply.Real people, real feedback, real time