Golin harris case study


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When global PR consultancy, GolinHarris, needed to keep abreast of trends in multiple fast-moving markets, Toluna QuickSurveys had the answers…

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Golin harris case study

  1. 1. GolinHarris case studyHOW GOLINHARRIS MADE THE TRENDS ITS FRIENDSWhen global PR consultancy, GolinHarris, needed to keep abreast of trends in multiplefast-moving markets, Toluna QuickSurveys had the answers…The BackgroundA diverse portfolio of clientsFor GolinHarris, staying abreast of market trends has always been business-critical. A globalPR agency with a diverse portfolio of clients, it is depended upon to understand, and givestrategic guidance on, the many challenges facing different businesses from a multitude ofdifferent sectors.The ChallengeUnderstanding multiple markets in an accelerating worldWith markets are moving at an ever-increasing rate, GolinHarris – and indeed all suchagencies – were becoming challenged to predict trends in the months and years ahead.Moreover, the ideas that GolinHarris presented to its clients often required solid supportingevidence – particularly when the client came from a different perspective.Meanwhile, clients everywhere had come to expect better preparation, better answers andbetter results from their agency partners. Clients expected….and GolinHarris had to deliver.The ObjectiveA cost-effective way to stay ahead of eventsWhat GolinHarris needed was a solution that would enable the agency to stay ahead ofevents. It needed the ability to test different ideas and develop convincing data beforedeveloping full-blown studies for its clients. This it had to do cost effectively and, mostimportantly, quickly.The SolutionReal insights in real timeGolinHarris soon discovered the answer: Toluna QuickSurveys. Not only was this DIY surveytool packed with advanced capabilities yet extremely easy-to-use, it was directly linked tothe Toluna Community: some 4 million heavily profiled, highly engaged respondents in 34markets – ready and waiting to respond to questions.Most importantly for GolinHarris, data from the Toluna Community was available withinhours – this as opposed to the months associated with a traditional market research survey.Toluna UK Ltd. 8 Walpole Court London UK W5 5EDwww.tolunaquick.com
  2. 2. Also, thanks to the community’s heavy profiling, results could be viewed by all keydemographics.In essence, the data from the Toluna Community provided GolinHarris with a clear picture ofreal-time trends across multiple markets.The ResultsA ‘must-have’ tool for every client engagementFor GolinHarris, Toluna QuickSurveys has now evolved into a must-have tool for virtuallyevery client engagement – from business development and message-testing tomeasurement and metrics – both within the US and internationally.The Client’s VerdictFeedback from Mark Rozeen, EVP, Insights & Innovations, GolinHarrisMark Rozeen, GolinHarris’s EVP of Insights & Innovations, gave his feedback on TolunaQuickSurveys…Client acquisition & retention: “To put it simply, our clients have been impressed. Forexample, when pitching to a language learning software company, we decided to run a quickexploratory survey targeting 750 respondents in the US – with results returned in less than10 hours. During the pitch, we demonstrated to the client that we already had a goodpicture of their customer base and, more importantly, the market’s opinion of theirsoftware. All of this was backed up by percentages and graphs and we could even showthem the results by sex and age. The client was really impressed that we could cut directly tothe main topic.”A real consumer community for ‘crowd-sourcing’ ideas: “We’ve also used QuickSurveys topre-test and source ideas. We can add videos and images to survey questions to test themost effective advertising ideas or PR concepts before they’re developed into somethingmore substantial. Obviously this saves us a lot of time and trouble. Ultimately, we can sense-check our ideas before we present them to clients or build a more complicated customersurvey.”A must-have for further research projects: “We usually undertake custom research for ourclients, but we’ve become so reliant on QuickSurveys that it’s become a ‘must-have’ tool forresearch projects. A full-blown custom research study may take a few months, Omnibus atleast a week, but QuickSurveys takes only a few hours – whenever you want it.”Substantial cost-savings: “We always see the cost before launching a QuickSurvey survey, sowe can change the number of questions and the number of respondents accordingly. Also bypre-testing concepts and ideas first, we’ve potentially saved tens of thousands of dollars.” ***Toluna UK Ltd. 8 Walpole Court London UK W5 5EDwww.tolunaquick.com
  3. 3. More About GolinHarrisGolinHarris is a leading public relations firm built on 50 years of commitment to its clients, itsvalues and its employees. Its professionals in 34 offices around the globe build long-termpartnerships based on mutual trust. Bold thinking and flawless execution producemeaningful results for client partners. GolinHarris offers a distinctive combination of globalresources and world-class expertise—with tailored approaches and personal, focusedattention.Visit www.golinharris.comToluna UK Ltd. 8 Walpole Court London UK W5 5EDwww.tolunaquick.com