The Pedestrian Diaries
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The Pedestrian Diaries






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The Pedestrian Diaries The Pedestrian Diaries Presentation Transcript

  • The pedestrian diaries A collection of observations and other stories
  • I II III Kryddgården Rosengård Centrum Herrgården A guided tour of the neighborhood in 3 easy steps
  • A fortress in the neighborhood Rosengård Centrum was planned to be a cornerstone of life in the com- I munity. Time has shown us that in- troverted architecture and func- tion-zonification create hard edges: you’re either IN or you’re OUT. 2 1 Children’s Paradise All districts of Rosengård (except probably Emilstorp) 1 have playgrounds. Rosengård would be a very nice place to be 2 a child. But then one day you wake up and you’re a TEENAGER. No Man’s Land 3 Amiralsgatan is one of the places in Rosengård that malmöers are most acquainted with. This 4-lane car strip 3 connects to the centre, but divides on the inside. A BRIDGE or a gap? 4 5 True Communication LANGUAGE is one of those parts of 5 the identity that we never loose, 4 no matter where we are. In Rosengård, elements such as walls and signs are used as 2-way communication channels which offer the chance to make decisions when moving around in the area.
  • 1 II 3 1 3 Exceptions Small scale COMMERCE The Wall is not common. A building complex 9-stories high and Neighborhood shops 500m long minimizes personal expresion. serve as meeting And while buildings in Rosengård are points, provide a usually well maintained (painted, clean, friendly face and are etc.) their sole existence poses a ques- agents of culture and tion of SCALE: are profitable. what lies between the scale of giants 2 like this, and the scale of man? 2
  • Contemplating A lot of the time, public spaces end up being used for DIFFERENT FUNCTIONS than those conceived in the drawing board. This spot in Kryddgården is very popular as a strolling area III (one of its planned functions) as well as for dog-walking (an unplanned function, judging from the existing conditions). Many children play here even in the winter and there is a bicycle storing shed. What or who is missing? 1 1 2 Lovesick One of the first things a child is 2 taught is to take care of their own things, their own body and their house. The way you treat the place you live in is a good beginning to answer the question: where is home? Is Rosengård HOME for its 3 inhabitants? Under surveillance The public space in Herregården offers little chance of INDEPENDENCE, a 4 very important quality for 3 teenagers coming into so- ciety. Coming out of your building is a rude awakening and most people will go else- 4 where to meet their friends.
  • Question Just how big should an intervention be, so that it is effective but it does not render the “patient” unrecognizable?