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Site analysis

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  2. 2. via’s highest immigration-receiving areas. Rosengård is located in one of Scandina- The bedouin tent: a station for the pilgrim Net migration in Scandinavia per 1.000 inhabitants <0,0 (Negative migration) ... ... 5,0 - 10,0 (High immigration)
  3. 3. The black veil The reality of Rosengård is deeply connected to the movement of people from all parts of the world. While in the macro scale there seems to be a lot of movement associated with Rosengård, it is at the same time a place of stagnation, where intracity (urban) movement seems to be absent, disconnected from Malmö by a phenomenon analogous to what astronauts call the “black veil”: an instance when communication between 2 points is impossible, rendering the reality of “the other side” a complete mystery. The city of Malmö exists in brotherly proximity to Copenhagen, and the two places are connected by rail and road. This transit artery touches Rosengård’s western edge, but these lines of flight do exactly that: flee. Additionally, Inre Ringvägen, one of Malmö’s major highways connecting the city with Stockholm in the north bounds Rosengård to the East, and both roads define the existence of this community found in between in everything, yet invisible to the outside. Some arrive by air, others by land................................................ Where are they?_
  4. 4. Rosengård: a space shaped by lines of flight
  5. 5. Student residences (a.k.a. The Chinese Wall) Apelgården district Pedestrian tunnel to Höja and elsewhere Rosengård Centrum: the isolated giant Kryddgården district Inre Ringvägen: forbidden to walk! Herregården district Finding the centre of intensity: a story of landmarks, nodes and paths
  6. 6. A pedestrian highway
  7. 7. 5 1 Kryddgården 2 4 3 Herrgården 7 6 Amiralsgatan: connecting ing Built space and dividing Rosengård ård a place called “the indoors” Inre Ringvägen gen Vehicular space pedestrian path: the “No man’s land” nd” traffic makes casual use impossible sensorial highway hway Sightseeing 1 Rosengård Centrum / 2 Nursing home / 3 Dog-walking area + bench / 4 Basketball court / 5 Chinese Wall / 6 McDonald’s / 7 Shell gas station
  8. 8. Tales from an observant Rosengård Centrum: The rest station The Chinese Wall the blind head Visited by dog-walkers, baby-stroll- One of Kryddgården’s landmarks, this Rosengård’s commercial and ing folks and kids. Traces left by 500m-long, 2 building complex houses administrative centre; disconnected all these activities can be seen ev- university students and is one of from its context and its city. erywhere in this dormant landscape. Rosengård’s best maintained structures. 1 5 3 2 4 Shell + McDonald’s The transnational outpost of East 7 Rosengård, popular for families and youngsters for meeting, having coffee, and ocassionally used as ri- Scribbling oting grounds. Very close to 6 Herrgården and Inre Ringvägen. across a sea of dots