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Hyperlinked e brochure - updated


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E-Brouchure MDI, Gurgaon

E-Brouchure MDI, Gurgaon

Published in: Career

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  • 1. MDI GURGAON Armed Forces Programme - 12th Batch Certificate Programme for Business Management (12 Apr – 25 Sep 2010) Placement e-Brochure Index of Contents Ser Subject Page No No (Please click on links) 1 Links for Recruiters 2 2 About MDI 8 3 The Faculty 10 4 Batch Profile 12 5 Individual Profiles 13 - 56 6 Placement Process 57 7 Past Recruiters 58 8 Contact Details 59
  • 2. Links for Recruiters Areas of Interest of Participants (Please click on links)  Human Resource Management  Operations/Project Management  Marketing/Business Development  Logistics/Supply Chain  Admin/ Security  Others
  • 3. Areas of Interest – Participants Operations/Project Management (Click on the names to see profiles) Ser No. Rank Name 1. Capt Abhishek Singh 2. Capt Akshay Asthana 3. Maj Amit Kumar Bansal 4. Cdr Amit Pande 5. Maj Arpan Chowdhary 6. Capt (IN) Arya Bhushan 7. Cdr Atula Rakshpaul 8. Wg Cdr B Bondyapadhyay 9. Cdr C Sanjith 10. Capt Deepali 11. Maj Divya Gupta 12. Col Jaideep Singh 13. Wg Cdr Jyoti Mehta 14. Wg Cdr Kaushal Soni 15. Brig Kuldip Singh Grover 16. Capt Manish Gaulkar 17. Maj Nagendra Rao 18. Maj Naidu Sridhar 19. Lt Col NS Narang 20. Col PK Sharma 21. Col Pradeep Kumar 22. Cdr R Muruganand 23. Lt Col Rajat Mathur 24. Gp Capt Rajesh Chandra 25. Col Rajiv Ahluwalia 26. Lt Col Rajiv Saxena 27. Capt Rohan Mehra 28. Cdr S Shrikumar 29. Cdr Sanjay K Sinha 30. Lt Col Sanjay Tikku 31. Capt Sarika V Sharma 32. Maj Subodh Pande 33. Capt Sunil Bhartia 34. Capt Vivek Panicker 35. Maj Vivek Singh 36. Gp Capt VS Gandhi Back to Home Page
  • 4. Areas of Interest – Participants Human Resource Management (Click on the names to see profiles) Ser No Rank Name 1 Capt Abhishek Singh 2 Capt Akshay Asthana 3 Cdr Amit Pande 4 Capt Anil Kumar Yadav 5 Maj Anupama Dalal 6 Capt (IN) Arya Bhushan 7 Cdr Atula Rakshpaul 8 Wg Cdr B Bondyapadhyay 9 Capt Deepali 10 Maj Divya Gupta 11 Maj Himani Bhatt 12 Col Jaideep Singh 13 Wg Cdr Jyoti Mehta 14 Wg Cdr Kaushal Soni 15 Brig Kuldip Singh Grover 16 Capt Manish Gaulkar 17 Lt Col NS Narang 18 Col PK Sharma 19 Col Pradeep Kumar 20 Cdr R Muruganand 21 Lt Col Rajat Mathur 22 Gp Capt Rajesh Chandra 23 Col Rajiv Ahluwalia 24 Lt Col Rajiv Saxena 25 Capt Rohan Mehra 26 Cdr Sanjay K Sinha 27 Lt Col Sanjay Tikku 28 Capt Sarika V Sharma 29 Wg Cdr Seema N Kumar 30 Air Cmde SK Arora 31 Col SK Vohra 32 Capt Sunil Bhartia 33 Wg Cdr Taruna Singh 34 Ms Upma Singh 35 Capt Vivek Panicker 36 Maj Vivek Singh 37 Gp Capt VS Gandhi Back to Home Page
  • 5. Areas of Interest – Participants Administration & Security (Click on the names to see profiles) Ser No Rank Name 1 Capt Abhishek Singh 2 Capt Akshay Asthana 3 Maj Amit Kumar Bansal 4 Cdr Amit Pande 5 Capt Anil Kumar Yadav 6 Maj Arpan Chowdhary 7 Wg Cdr B Bondyapadhyay 8 Capt Deepali 9 Maj Divya Gupta 10 Maj Himani Bhatt 11 Wg Cdr Jyoti Mehta 12 Lt Col NS Narang 13 Col PK Sharma 14 Col Pradeep Kumar 15 Lt Col Rajat Mathur 16 Gp Capt Rajesh Chandra 17 Col Rajiv Ahluwalia 18 Lt Col Rajiv Saxena 19 Cdr S Shrikumar 20 Lt Col Sanjay Tikku 21 Capt Sarika V Sharma 22 Wg Cdr Seema N Kumar 23 Air Cmde SK Arora 24 Col SK Vohra 25 Wg Cdr Taruna Singh 26 Ms Upma Singh 27 Capt Vivek Panicker Back to Home Page
  • 6. Areas of Interest – Participants (Click on the names to see profiles) Marketing/Business Development Ser No Rank Name 1 Capt Abhishek Singh 2 Capt Akshay Asthana 3 Maj Amit Kumar Bansal 4 Wg Cdr B Bondyapadhyay 5 Capt Deepali 6 Maj Himani Bhatt 7 Col Jaideep Singh 8 Wg Cdr Jyoti Mehta 9 Brig Kuldip Singh Grover 10 Capt Manish Gaulkar 11 Maj Nagendra Rao 12 Lt Col Navinder Narang 13 Col Rajiv Ahluwalia 14 Capt Rohan Mehra 15 Cdr S Shrikumar 16 Wg Cdr Seema N Kumar 17 Maj Subodh Pande 18 Ms Upma Singh 19 Capt Vivek Panicker 20 Maj Vivek Singh Logistics/SCM Ser No Rank Name 1 Maj Amit Kumar Bansal 2 Cdr Amit Pande 3 Maj Anupama Dalal 4 Maj Arpan Chowdhary 5 Cdr Atula Rakshpaul 6 Maj Nagendra Rao 7 Maj Naidu Sridhar 8 Lt Col NS Narang 9 Col PK Sharma 10 Col Pradeep Kumar 11 Cdr R Muruganand 12 Lt Col Rajat Mathur 13 Col Rajiv Ahluwalia 14 Lt Col Rajiv Saxena 15 Capt Sarika V Sharma 16 Air Cmde SK Arora 17 Maj Subodh Pande 18 Capt Vivek Panicker Back to Home Page
  • 7. Other Areas (Click on names to see profiles) Ser No Rank Name Areas 1 Capt Abhishek Singh Tourism/Hospitality 2 Maj Amit Kumar Bansal Business Development 3 Cdr Amit Pande Business Development 4 Cdr C Sanjith IT/ITES 5 Maj Himani Bhatt IT/Edu 6 Wg Cdr Kaushal Soni IT/ITES 7 Capt Manish Gaulkar Business Development 8 Lt Col NS Narang Education/NGO 9 Capt Rohan Mehra Business Development 10 Air Cmde SK Arora Quality Audit 11 Col SK Vohra Hospital Management 12 Gp Capt VS Gandhi Quality Audit Back to Home Page
  • 8. Experience 5 13 12 13 Upto 9 years 10-20 years 20-30 years Above 30 years AGE Educational Qualification 4 8 10 10 7 1 10 16 22 Upto 30 31 to 40 41 to 50 Above 50 Science Medical B.E./ B. Tech Humanities Commerce Back to Home Page
  • 9. Please click names to see profiles Rank Name Age Exp. OPS/PM HRM MKTG L&SCM A&S Others Captain Abhishek S Bhadauria 29 6 • • • • Tourism & Hospitality Captain Akshay Asthana 28 8 • • • • Major Amit Kumar Bansal 32 11 • • • • Business Development Commander Amit Pande 35 14 • • • • Business Development Major Anil Kumar Yadav 29 7 • • Major Anupama Kumar 37 14 • • Major Arpan Chowdhary 31 9 • • • Captain (IN) Arya Bhushan 53 30 • • Commander Atula Rakshpaul 36 14 • • • Wing Commander B Bondyapadhyay 37 15 • • • • Lt. Commander C Sanjith 33 10 • IT/ITES Captain Deepali 26 7 • • • • Major Divya Gupta 28 6 • • • Major Himani Bhatt 33 10 • • • IT/ Edu Colonel Jaideep Singh 52 28 • • • Wing Commander Jyoti Mehta 38 15 • • • • Sqn Leader Kaushal Soni 34 11 • • IT/ITES Brigadier Kuldip Singh Grover 55 34 • • • Major Manish Gaulkar 31 7 • • • Business Development Major Nagendra R Jadhav 30 8 • • • Lt Colonel Navinder Narang 41 21 • • • • Edu/NGO Colonel PK Sharma 48 25 • • • • Colonel Pradeep Kumar 47 26 • • • • Commander R Muruganand 43 22 • • • Lt Colonel Rajat Mathur 45 23 • • • • Group Captain Rajesh Chandra 52 27 • • • Colonel Rajiv Ahluwalia 53 32 • • • • Lt Colonel Rajiv Saxena 43 20 • • • Captain Rohan Mehra 27 7 • • • Business Development Commander S Shrikumar 43 22 • • • Commander Sanjay K Sinha 46 24 • • Lt Colonel Sanjay Tikku 42 20 • • • Captain Sarika V Sharma 32 9 • • • • Sqn Leader Seema Nandakumar 34 11 • • • Air Commodore SK Arora 55 34 • • • Quality Audit Colonel SK Vohra 57 32 • • Hospital Mgmt. Major Sridhar Naidu 30 8 • • Major Subodh Pande 30 9 • • • Captain Sunil Bhartia 44 17 • • Wing Commander Taruna Singh 38 15 • • Ms Upma Singh 32 8 • • • Captain Vivek Panicker 28 6 • • • • • Major Vivek Singh 32 11 • • • Group Captain VS Gandhi 53 31 • • Quality Aud Operations/ Project Mgmt. Logistics & SCM Human Resource Mgmt. Administration & Security Back to Index Marketing Others
  • 10. Abhishek Singh Career Profile • A self motivated and multi faceted professional with 6 years of rich and dynamic experience in Operations Project management, general administration and HRM. • Executed functions of employee relation, career development, “Quality of Life” and handling grievances/counseling. • Managed and refined induction, training, promotion policies, performance appraisal and morale of 850 men. • Analysed and conducted motivational & leadership training of troops comprising of psychological / physical training. • Managed logistics functions to ensure timely availability of Army Inventory. • Orchestrated coordination, implementation and post Areas of Interest execution analysis of varied projects worth INR 5 to 9 • Marketing million. • As operations and logistic manager, multitasked for smooth • Operations and Project management administration of the unit overseeing effective rendering • Physical Security and Risk management of services like transport, catering, lodging, office and war equipment etc. • HR and Administration • Hands on experience in identifying security risks and • Tourism and Hospitality implementing counter measures, policies and checks. • Event Management • Wide exposure in building strong rapport with media, agencies and Govt. authorities. • Deft at large scale event management. Educational Qualifications • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, Gurgaon, 2010 Achievements • A short, illustrious military career with outstanding ratings in • Basic Nuclear and Biological Chemical Warfare performance appraisals throughout.. Course, NBC School, 2008 • Successfully Led 150 specialised skilled cross functional team • Integrated strategic Management and Administration for consecutive 2 years with 100% satisfaction of superiors course, 2007 and subordinates. • Basic Military and Leadership Course OTA, • Profitably managed Army retail outlet canteen turnover of Chennai- 2004/ 05 INR 6 million. • Bachelor of Commerce from University of Rajasthan, • Refined promotion policies, processes and procedures for 2003 target execution and appraisals of 150 executives to reduce attrition and elevated per capita output by 10%. • Entrusted with the task of planning and execution of security, e-mail protocol and coordination of VVIP visit programmes and seminars constituting ‘Top Brass’ of Indian And Foreign Armies. • Led various teams of sports and adventure activities at different levels and set new bench marks. • Successfully Ensured a breach less and very high level of overall security of Commandant(Rank Of Lt General) of premiere defence institute for a period of one year. • Recognised and entrusted for creativity and innovations for various projects and events. Back to Index
  • 11. Akshay Asthana Career Profile • Professional with around 8 years of experience including 2 years in Corporate. • An enterprising leader with the ability to motivate personnel towards achieving organisational objectives. • Commanded an elite organisation with over 120 persons & equipment worth approx $50 million, in all aspects including HRM, Operations, Administration and Projects. • Managed logistics functions to ensure timely availability of Army Inventory. • Carried out budget formulation, cost optimization and management of Public Funds. • Worked as the Project manager involving planning, construction & commissioning of various projects. Areas of Interest • Defining the policies and procedures for all incoming and • Operations outgoing equipment and manpower. • Administration • Facilities and services of office complex including accommodation, transport and catering. • Human Resource Management • Conducting security audits for confirmation of policies and • Marketing procedures. • Liaising with various government departments & administrative authorities for ensuring statutory compliances. Educational Qualifications • Overseeing the HR management, Discipline, employee • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, relations, employee grievances performance appraisal and Gurgaon, 2010 morale of 150 personnel. • Managed recruitment life-cycle for sourcing the best talent • PGDHRM, Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning from diverse sources after identification of manpower (Pursuing) requirements. • Integrated Strategic Management & • Effectively planned and conducted training of 30 DRDO Administration, Infantry School, Mhow (2006) scientists in military skills & security aspects. • Sports & Games Management, • Resolving customers’ complaints regarding Calling plans, Army School Of Physical Training, Pune (2005) billing, promotional offers, coverage and network quality as an Executive- Call Centre with Hutchinson South Essar Ltd, • Foreign Trade), Nizam College, Hyderabad. Osmania University (2002) • Event planning, marketing imperatives, resources & vendor relationships as Team lead at Traditions, Event e-mail Management & Marketing Group, Hyderabad. Achievements • Rescued Army convoy of 20 vehicles carrying 250 troops, FOL & Ammunition as a Convoy Commander in Southern Kashmir under terrorist fire. • Successfully Evacuated and Rehabilitated about 1000 civilians during the 2005 earth quake relief operations in J&K (Op Raahat) • Rescued a platoon of 28 men at North Kashmir at LOC during Avalanche. • Appreciated by the CEO of the Hutch for giving innovative idea resulting in efficient utilisation of available resources. • Credited with bringing in sponsors of more than 15 Lakhs for Hyderabad Fashion Week. Back to Index
  • 12. Amit Kumar Bansal Career Profile • Effective resource management to include maintenance of optimum inventory, vendor management, liaison with govt. and regulatory bodies for efficient functioning. • Identifying physical and electronic security risks, deployment and installation. Proficient in Comprehensive Security, Access Control, Anti-Sabotage Check, Electronic Counter Measures, etc. • Expert in explosives and bomb disposal techniques. • Directing and implementing key procurement strategies, contingency plans and ensuring their alignment with operational requirements. Areas of Interest • Formulating and executing budgets of Rs 60 crore for timely • Marketing procurement of various equipments and stores. • General Administration • Identifying training needs, conducting programs for army • Facilities management personnel on Management, Tactics & Weaponry and • Logistics measuring its effectiveness through periodic assessments. • Operations and Project management • Survey for training needs & conducting training for staffs on • Business Development Team Building, Leadership, Motivation & Stress Management, Technical skills, Security & Safety Procedures etc. Educational Qualification • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, Achievements Gurgaon, 2010 • A short, illustrious military career with outstanding ratings in • Bachelors Degree in Science (B.Sc.) with 74% from performance appraisals throughout. CCS University, Meerut, 1997. • Significantly engaged in major operations like “Operation • Junior leader course in Air Defence Operations Rakshak, Operation Parakram, Operation Hifazat and from Army Air Defence College, Gopalpur-on-sea in Operation Orchid”; functioned as Officer In-charge of Ghatak 2001 team for all these operations. • Specialization Course in Surface to Air Missile technology from Guided Weapon Training Centre, • Functioned as Commander of the Air Defence Special Mission Indian Air Force, Vadodara, 2010 Team (A Commando Team) in the desert terrain. • Diploma in Air Defence Weapon Systems from • Operated as an In-charge of Corps Nuclear, Biological and Berhampur University, 2001 Chemical Warfare School & conducted over 30 Courses and trained more then 1000 Officers and other ranks. e-mail • Majorly responsible for success of the Battalion operations in Manipur and maintained the area incident free. • In 2007, coordinated and gained effective intelligence for conflict resolution among top militant groups in Nagaland. • Certified Instructor in Surface to Air Missile Systems. Topper of the tri-services course in 2003. • Detailed as Chief Security Officer on various occasions to VIPs, Senior Bureaucrats and other visiting dignitaries including the Chief of the Army Staff and the Defence Minister. Back to Index
  • 13. Amit Pande, Nau Sena Medal Career Profile • 14 years of varied and cross functional experience in the Navy with demonstrated ability to build new territories and expand opportunities. • Instrumental in planning and set up of strategic units in remote locations, ensuring sustenance, resource generation and mobilisation. • As Senior Resource Manager of a command, ensured seamless supply chain of material and fuels to tactical units in far flung locations involving complex and difficult conditions. • Carried out budgeting, vendor management and annual procurement to the tune of Rs 70 crores. • Sourced and optimised inventory in excess of Rs 100 crores Areas of Interest in material organizations. • Operations • Established the Naval Mountaineering Division that included acquisition and set up of infrastructure, defining • Logistics & SCM organisational structure and functions, staffing, training and • HR & General Administration development. • Business Development • Planned and coordinated visits of VVIPs including President of India & Defence Minister and gave presentations on Naval Educational Qualification activities. • Personally conducted team building exercises for office staff • Certificate course in Business Management, MDI, and team members resulting in enhanced cohesiveness and Gurgaon productivity at the work place. • MBA (Logistics Management), Goa University (fulltime) Achievements • Long Logistics & Management Course from Naval Institute of Management, Mumbai • Planned, organised and executed expeditions making Indian Navy the world’s first Navy to summit Mt. Everest. • General Management, Leadership and Personnel management courses in the Navy • Streamlined usage, maintenance and turnover of lifesaving equipment for 10,000 troops, resulting in annual savings up to Rs 2 crores. e-mail • Ensured timely and successful refits of 20 Naval ships with 85% spares compliance and total customer satisfaction. • As Senior Manager (Adm) of a corporate headquarter reduced establishment running cost by one third through efficient processes. • As key member of national core group, successfully developed and implemented working models for integration of Army, Navy and Airforce logistic operations. • As Jt Director in Naval Headquarters, successfully negotiated with Ministry of Defence, the complete delegation of Govt powers to the Navy, resulting in reduction of time and cost overruns • Awarded Nau Sena Medal by the President of India and Commendation Medals by the Chief of Naval Staff and Commander-in-Chief, Andaman & Nicobar Command for professional competence and consistent performance. Back to Index
  • 14. Anil Yadav Core Competencies • Man management and general administration in multi cultural environment. • Multi unit operation management • Ability to work independently and make things happen without supervision. • Possess strong interpersonal skills, team building capability, decision making ability and out of box thinking. • Negotiating skills and ability to liaise with various central/ state and other law enforcing agencies. Career Profile Areas of Interest • Effectively performed multi-faceted roles directed towards improving efficiency and effectiveness of the • HRM organization. • General Administration • As Chief Administrative Officer of the organization, managed and directed a workforce of 650 personnel. • Security Management • Coordinated activities related to manpower planning, leave management, grievance handling, conflict resolution, promotions, succession planning and career development in Educational Qualifications multi cultural environment. • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, • Conducted appraisal of performance of subordinates on Gurgaon, 2010 periodical basis. • Diploma in Training and Development from ISTD, • As logistics officer, carried out procurement, collection and New Delhi through correspondence issue of stores through Military depots. • Post Graduate in English Literature from University • Organized visits of VIPs and dignitaries for large scale of Rajasthan events. • As part of Military World Games cell established at Hyderabad • Diploma in Informational Technology from CMC, for 4th CISM Military World Games, involving 108 countries, Jaipur carried out effective administration and resource allocation. • Post Graduate Diploma in Tank Technology • Was responsible for supervising VVIP security in promotional (Armoured Tanks and Light Vehicles), Pune pre-events of Military World Games. University (2004) • As Staff Officer to General Officer Commanding (two star general), acted as a protocol link between various channels and coordinated all events and meetings on behalf of the e-mail officer. • Effectively implemented various aspects of physical and information security within organization. • Improvised and reviewed standard operating procedures at regular intervals for ensuring effective security. • Planned and executed fire prevention measures including training of employees in combating fire hazards. • Negotiated and liaised with various central/state and other law enforcing agencies in furtherance of organizational objectives. Back to Index
  • 15. Anupama Kumar Core Competencies • Operations & Logistics : Dealt with Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Budgeting and Procurement, Vendor & Supplier Handling, Carrying out effective resource planning & ensuring smooth logistics. • Human Resource Management : Experience in managing a large workforce of both Army personnel as well as civilian employees including management of their training, development, administration, career planning, appraisals, grievances, Counseling, Pay disbursement and ensuring smooth implementation of HR policies. • Communication & Inter Personal Skills : Good communicator with organizational & coordination skills and ability to function in a multilingual & multi cultural environment. Areas of Interest Career Profile (14 Yrs) • Materials Management Materials Management • Human Resource Management • Served in the Indian Army as a Materials Manager with experience across supply chain management, inventory control & logistics. Educational Qualifications • As Logistics Officer, managed operations involving forecasting • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, requirements, managing supply chain & ensuring timely Gurgaon, 2010 delivery. • Budgeting & Planning funds for mission-critical inventory • LLB from Meerut University (2005) including technical spares of hi tech defence eqpt, ensuring optimum & effective utilisation of funds. • PGDBA (HR &Marketing) from Symbiosis University, Pune (2002) • Accountable for strategic utilisation & deployment of available resources in most economical ways to achieve organizational • Diploma in Materials Management from College objectives while implementing the plans & conduct of of materials management, Rani Durgavati operations. university, Jabalpur (2000) • Project Planning & Implementation, coordinating activities of diverse departments for vital inputs to improve the overall • Basic Military Training in Management & Operations efficiency of the organisation. from Officers training academy, Chennai (1996) Human resource management • Implemented HR Initiatives entailing staffing, training e-mail and development, career planning, welfare, personal documentation, leave, pay & allowances, promotions, appraisals and counseling, grievance handling and administration of personnel with diverse skills & backgrounds. • Liaison with civil as well as government agencies for timely completion of various tasks & projects • Training Need Analysis, customising & conducting Training Programmes. • Scheduling & execution of operations to achieve the highest ratings in Administration & Process Indices. • Identifying the scope of policy/ process modifications. Achievements • Maintained effective Supply Chain during operation Vijay and op Parakram by night delivery of stores in fwd operational area. • Instrumental in implementation of CICP (Computerised inventory control project) project of the ordnance inventory of Indian army developed by Tata consultancy services. • Instrumental in implementation of on line indenting of ordnance inventory in Indian army. Back to Index
  • 16. Arpan Chowdhury Career Profile • Multifunctional expertise in Operational Management, Project Management, Logistics, Administration and Training during 9 years of experience in Army. • Accountable for strategic utilization & deployment of available resources in most economical ways to achieve organizational objectives. • Managed logistics functions to ensure timely availability of army inventory at the right place & at the right time. • Facilitated smooth movement of dangerous cargo through customs, airport authorities and cargo carrier. • Implemented procedures to clear administrative and Areas of Interest logistics/ road blocks. • Operation Management • Managed financial assets to be utilized for procurement of specialized equipment and clothing for 120 personnel. • Project Management • Rationalized procurement procedures resulting in Government • Facilities and Services operational cost cutting during Indo-US military exercise. • Logistics & Supply Chain Management • Excelled in operational preparedness, training, administration, personnel management, documentation and welfare of varied teams of 10 – 1200 personnel under active command Educational Qualification as a Company Commander. • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, • Organized excursion trips and adventure camps for children Gurgaon, 2010 of J&K in Gujarat. • PG Diploma in Human Resource Management • Planned, coordinated & executed operations to drive (Distance learning) Symbiosis, Pune, 2009 sizeable teams to deliver to the highest standards in hostile • Diploma in Specialized Weapon Systems, Infantry environments (North-east & J&K). School, Mhow, 2005, 2004 • Bachelor of Science (Microbiology), Bangalore Achievements University, 1999 • As Chief Operations and Logistics Officer for Indo-US joint military exercise held in California, USA in February-March, 2008, coordinated and liaised with international regulatory e-mail bodies. • Successfully rehabilitated 5 villages and 500 displaced families in Uri district during earthquake in Jammu and Kashmir and rescued 1000 villagers stranded during floods in Godhra district during flood relief operations in Gujarat. • Received letter of appreciation for conducting accurate survey on 100 acres of encroached defense land in Gujarat. • Conducted major development projects in border villages of Uri District (J&K) involving construction of schools, community development centers, water supply schemes and hydro electricity projects. Back to Index
  • 17. Arya Bhushan Career Profile • Spearheaded recruitment and selection process of naval personnel in Naval Recruiting Establishment for past five years. • As principal Sainik School Chittorgarh, a premier feeder institution for the Armed Forces headed overall planning and execution of the training, financial management and administration of the boarding school. • Steered upkeep, appointment of academic staff and functioning of the four major defense sector schools at Kochi and Goa for 8 years. • Directed the entire Oceanographic and Meteorological forecasting services at the Headquarters, Southern Naval Areas of Interest Command, Kochi. • Human Resource Management • Planned and conducted various educational and promotional • Operations Management examinations of officers and sailors of the station. Achievements Educational Qualification • Awarded Commendation by the Chief of the Naval Staff for • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, utmost commitment and creativity of a high order whilst Gurgaon, 2010 carrying out the duties of member secretary, Golden jubilee • 24 week Course in Ocenography, IIT Delhi, 1988 celebration committee of Naval Aviation. • M. Phil. (Physics), University of Delhi, A Grade, • Orchestrated the production of a documentary film titled 1979 “Wings over the Sea” for national telecast as a curtain raiser for the golden Jubilee celebrations of Naval Aviation. • M. Sc. (Physics), University of Delhi, 1ST division, 1978 • Accomplished strategic restructuring of hostel organisation, academics and administration to foster discipline and academic excellence for the sustainable growth of the Sainik e-mail School Chittorgarh through team management. • Implemented innovative methods to ward off the menace of impersonation by the candidates in the recruitment camps and apprehended impersonators. Back to Index
  • 18. Atula Rakshpaul Core Competencies • Rich experience in inventory control, SCM, budgeting , procurement. Career Profile As Procurement Officer & Inventory Control Manager • Placing national and international contracts for electrical spares required by Indian Navy(Western Fleet). • Effective interaction with varied vendors for meeting the deadlines as formulated in the contracts. As Planning &Provisioning Officer & In-charge HR Development • Budgeting & Planning funds for mission-critical inventory, Areas of Interest including technical spares of over 20 warships and 40 • Supply Chain Management establishments. • Operations / Logistics • Ensuring optimum & effective utilisation of funds and material. • Human Resource Management and General Administration • Reviewing of spares for Planning & Forecasting more than 3 years requirement and indenting for procurement. As Deputy Chief Adminstrator Educational Qualification • Overseeing overall functioning of 6 Integrated Logistics • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, Management centers (ILMS) across India (Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, 2010 Vizag, Kochi, Karwar, Port Blair). • I. T. Manager Course from Naval Institute of • Concluding AMC’s for the hardware/software installed in Management, Mumbai these centres. • General Management, Leadership and Personnel Jt. Director Civilian Personnel management courses in the Navy • Maintaining/ Updation of the sanctioned and borne strength • B .Com from Barkuattulla, University, Bhopal (M.P.) of approx 45000 thousand Civilian employees of Indian Navy on regular basis. • Helping in projection of the various civilian related issues to e-mail higher authorities in right forum. Achievements • Awarded Commendation by the Commander in Chief of Western Fleet for utmost dedication and devotion to duty. • Time bound procurement and shipment of spares for total overhauling (TOH) of Naval Training Ship at Norfolk , USA. • Effected saving to state by identifying available substitutes for spares of Main Equipments like KOEL engines, RO plants fitted on board Naval ships. Back to Index
  • 19. Baisakhi Bondyapadhyay Core Competency • Ability to connect with people and motivate team to achieve results. • Effective verbal and written communication skills with a flair for public speaking. • A pro-active and result-oriented approach. Career Profile • 15 years of varied work experience in the Indian Air Force as administrative officer. • As Human Resource manager, was involved in personnel management including promotions, leave, appraisals, discipline, grievance handling & welfare for over 2500 Areas of Interest personnel including airmen and civilians. • Human Resource Management • As security officer in a front line operational base, led 400 • Administration personnel of Defence Services Corps to safe guard prime national assets. • Personal Relations • Conceptualized and implemented training and development • Event management modules for trainee Air warriors at Mechanical Training • Operations Institute. • As instructor in two training institutes, imparted General Service Knowledge and personality development training to Educational Qualification over 10000 trainees. • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, • Conceptualized, planned and monitored infrastructure Gurgaon, 2010 projects costing crores. • Organised and conducted various events like passing out • Masters Diploma in Business Administration (Symbiosis, Pune) parades, workshops, sports and cultural shows. • Experienced in managing, budgeting and accounting of Non • Bachelor of Science (Agra University) Public(Regimental) Funds. • Methods of Instructions course, Ground instructors • Initiated and finalised contracts for procurement of office School, Tambaram, Chennai equipment, goods and services. • Certification Course for Junior Commanders, AFAC, • As Joint secretary of Air Force Wives Welfare Association Coimbatore (AFWWA), coordinated welfare activities, planned events • Certificate course in Leadership and Behavioural and meetings, and managed accounts. studies, Secunderabad • As administrative head of Air Force School, responsible for recruitment of teachers, school administration , preparing of budgets and utilisation of funds. e-mail Achievement • Commended by Air Officer Commanding in Chief Western Air command twice for professional excellence. • Commended by Air Officer Commanding Air Force Station Pathankot for devotion and dedication to duty. • Represented India as part of middle level Military Officers exchange programme at Thailand. Back to Index
  • 20. C Sanjith Career Profile • 10 Years of varied cross functional experience in the Indian Navy. • As Deputy System Controller (ISMS) was Project Manager in Conceptualizing, Process Modeling, Gap Analysis, RFP preparation, Development, Functional Testing and Delivery of a de-novo ERP - Integrated Ship Management System. • Set up a dedicated cell for Installation & Support of Asset Management Package onboard Naval Ships & Submarines. • Undertook Reliability study for Mission Critical Equipment. • Rich experience in Documentation & End User Training. Areas of Interest • Involved in Government Buying & Negotiation practices. • Project/Program Management • Leadership & Management capability in handling Projects, Complex Tasks and Team Building. • IT/ITES/Telecommunication • As Officer-in-Charge NOFRA Broadband, Administered the • Business Development Operations of Broad band Leased Line Internet Network • Operations of 1900 nodes. Enforced IT Security Policies of the Navy. Generated various MIS reports and interfaced with multiple • Power/Energy levels of Management. Educational Qualifications • As Deputy Electrical & Weapons Officer Naval Ships ensured • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, optimum availability of Heavy Electrical, Weapons and UHF/ Gurgaon, 2010 VHF/MF/HF Communication Systems onboard by efficient Upkeep, Maintenance & Spare Parts Management. • M.B.A (Information Management), JBIMS, Mumbai • Planned, Coordinated & Executed refit of Ships as per • B.E (Electronics & Communication), MS University, schedule with optimum utilization of resources. Thirunelveli • Leading and Motivating teams of over 50 technical personnel in Ships/Establishments in various capacities. • PG Program in Cyber Law, Asian School of Cyber Law, Pune • PMPCEPC, Project Management Institute, Mumbai Achievements Chapter • Single handedly managed the Project Life Cycle of • Advanced Marine Electrical & Communication IT Transformational Project, ISMS of Rs. 1.88 Crore Course, INS Valsura, Jamnagar encompassing the complete Maintenance Management Practices & Philosophies of the Navy. e-mail • Customised and Implemented the Asset Management Package MAXIMO on 10 Naval Ships. • Successfully completed the Refit of INS Himgiri of Rs.5 crores by detailed planning, coordination, spare part management & control between various agencies. • Installed and Commissioned a Radar on Ship in 30 days. • Presented a paper on ‘Towards Reliability Centered Maintenance’ in a Naval Conference. Back to Index
  • 21. Deepali Career Profile Indian Army(5+ yrs) • An Energetic, motivated, and result driven professional having experience in handling HR Management, Administration, Operations & Security systems. • Planned & implemented various HR processes and policies involving recruitment, training, payroll, personal documentation, career planning and performance appraisals for 600 personnel. • As Technical staff officer, was responsible for overall administration of inventory, facilities, inspections, timely demand & procurement of materials worth 50 crore for the entire unit. Areas of Interest • Imparted training on Fire fighting, Disaster management and cyber security(LAN & AWAN) as per the policies to • HRM ensure strict compliance. • Administration • Processed administrative requirements of personals & families to ensure their high moral, motivation & fitness by ED • PR, CRM & Event Management handling grievances, conducting sports, social and welfare activities. • Operations • Expert in Public Relations and liaised with public & private sectors for conducting high level events exhibiting effective Communications and Interpersonal skills. Educational Qualifications AC • Led an Air-Defence battery of 220 personals for intensive • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, training involving induction, drills, combat skills, operational Gurgaon, 2010 planning and mock exercises in Desert terrain for 2 months. • Bachelors in Science (BSc) from St. Ann’s Degree Corporate (GE) (1+ yrs) College, Hyderabad - 2003 • Successfully handled the delinquent accounts for a US based process in GECIS as a Senior Process Executive. • Diploma in Air Defence Weapon Systems from PL • Client Management -Single point of contact between client College of Air Defence, Gopalpur – 2007 and team in India- Awarded for the” Best Team”. • Basic Military Training, from Officers Training • Cross trained in 6 sub processes of Penske to understand Academy (OTA), Indian Army - 2005 different processes and bridging the gaps. • Trained and mentored the new hire’s. Also completed certification on Effective communication. e-mail Achievements • Lean Certified (Part of Six Sigma) - This project helped in reducing the TAT of closing the unprocessed cases resulting in Cost Saving for the company. • Awarded for leadership performance for proactively leading personals during crisis situation. • Received appreciation letter from the Corp Commander (Lt General) for excellent preparation, presentation and delivery of tactical plans. • Qualified Microlight Pilot with over 50 hours of Solo flying conducted by the Army Adventure Wing. • Led Small Arms Shooting team at the Command level consecutively for 4 yrs. Back to Index
  • 22. Divya Gupta Career Profile • An energetic, multifaceted, self motivated and result driven professional with 5.6 years of rich and dynamic experience in handling HRM, general administration, communication, operations and project management. • Conceptualized and implemented Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) in the core telephone exchange of Army. • Conducted disaster management exercise for Army Wide Area Network (AWAN). • Formulated and implemented standard operating procedures for cyber and physical security. • Implemented optical fibre cable (OFC) based voice & data Areas of Interest communication over an area of 20 Kms. • HRM • Adept at handling inventory management, supply chain • General Management & logistics operations affecting storage & mobilization of manpower, material and transport. • Operations • Forecasted demand and placed orders with canteen, supply and ordinance depots. Educational Qualifications • Conceptualized and imparted training in the areas of cyber • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, security, radio communication and stress management. Gurgaon, 2010 • Implemented disciplinary standards and HR policies related • B.Tech (Electronics & TeleComm) from College of to manpower planning, recruitment, induction, orientation Engineering, Roorkee, U.P Tech University, Lucknow and grievances of personnel. in 2000-04 • Liaison with government officials, law enforcing agencies, • 8 Weeks Certificate Course in Cyber Security and media and organized facility & event management. Audit from MCTE, Mhow in 2007 • 24 Weeks Telecommunication System and Engineering course from MCTE, Mhow in 2005 Achievements • 36 Weeks Military Training from Officers Training • Awarded Vice Chief of Army Staff Commendation Card Academy, Chennai in 2005 for professional competence of highest order, exemplary dedication and leadership in 2009. • Awarded Vice Chief Unit Citation for exemplary performance e-mail by the team in uplifting the image of Corps of Signals in Army in 2009. • Trekking leader of the Trans Thar Desert expedition in 2008. • Awarded Bronze Medal for outstanding performance in Cyber Security and Audit Course at Mhow in 2007. • Recognised for establishing library for the people of Dimapur (North East) as part of the Operational Sadbhavana project in 2006. Back to Index
  • 23. Himani Bhatt Core Competencies • Interpersonal & Communication Skills • Man Power Management • Training & Development • Conceptualisation & Presentation Skills • Ability to lead and manage large multi-disciplinary teams Career Profile : 10 Years of varied Cross Functional experience in the Indian Army, ranked as Major • Planned and coordinated human resource planning for a work force of 800 employees in a multi-cultural environment. Areas of Interest • Conducted policy formulation, performance appraisal, • HRM welfare, training and career development for over 800 employees. • General Management & Administration • Adept at people management, change & conflict management, • Education Administration maintaining healthy employer – employee relations and • Marketing Communication handling grievances. • IT/ITES/Telecom B2B Business Development • Execution of compensations and benefit, pay and pension fixation, personnel records & documentation, grievances and disciplinary issues of 500 senior employees. Educational Qualifications • Acted as Liaison Officer and PRO for both the higher officials • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, as well as vendors. Gurgaon, 2010 • As Team Leader for a team of 25 employees conducted ground • Certificate Program in GIS from ESRI survey in border areas under harsh terrain conditions. • Certificate program in Ground Survey & GIS from • As Program Manager, trained 25 managers and 500 CME, Pune employees at a Training Institute. • M. Sc. Electronics • Managed judicious deployment of resources including distribution & allocation of Ration, Ammunition, Clothing, Accommodation for 800 employees. e-mail Achievement • Recipient of President Bravery Award (Jeevan Raksha Padak) at the age of 7. • Led a Ground Survey team along the Western Border. Completed the project before time. • First Women Army Officer of Corps of Engineers to be placed with a Combat Unit in High Altitude Area (Ladakh). Back to Index
  • 24. Jaideep Singh Core Competencies • Contract/ Tender preparation, evaluation, negotiation, implementation and monitoring. • Analysis and research to prepare project profile, viability, schedules, budget including due diligence for risk analysis and assessment. • Budgetary Planning and Control of Operations for Cost Effective Management of infrastructure assets and operations. • HR management including orientation, training (technical & non-technical including soft skills). Monitoring, performance analysis, career development & counselling/ grievance Areas of Interest handling. • Excellent communicator with strong analytical and problem • Project Management & Operations solving skills. • HR • Business Development Career Profile • Head Administration of a Fortune 500 Manufacturing Plant Educational Qualifications in Auto Sector, responsible for operational management for • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, administration, travel, communications and expatriates in Gurgaon, 2010 2009. • Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource • Project Manager for Real Estate Company to set up Greenfield Management from Devi Ahilya University, Indore in project in Punjab and coordination of a premium hotel and 2005 with a First Division retail project in NCR from 2007 to 2009. • M.Sc., Defence Studies from Defence Services • Played pivotal role in studies conducted by Army Headquarters Staff College, University of Madras with for maximizing manpower resources and charted the Army’s Distinction –ranked First in the University in 1990 future modernization plans as the Secretary for two major • B.A. (Honours), Economics from Shri Ram College studies involving restructuring and cost savings -1997 to of Commerce, University of Delhi in 1977 2000. • Diploma in Computers and MS Office Suite from • Dexterously handled management of assets (operational, CDAC in 2004 material, financial, and administrative) worth Rs. 450 • Diploma in French (Honours) from Alliance Francaise Crores in an equipment oriented regiment during Operation de Delhi in 1978 Parakaram as Commanding Officer – 2000 to 2002. • Responsible for media management (both International and National) for the Indian Contingent with the United National e-mail Mission in Angola in 1995. • Trained and tested selected officers on various aspects of strategic planning, financial management, general administration and human resource management through effective training schedules as Senior Instructor at Army War College – 2003 to 2006. • Edited the ‘“Army War College Journal”, professional journal subscribed by military professionals in India and abroad. Back to Index
  • 25. Jyoti Mehta Core competencies • 15 years of wide ranging experience in management of personnel and resources as an Administration branch officer in the Indian Air Force. • Analytical, structured and goal oriented approach. • Proven ability to lead and motivate cross functional teams. • Excellent communication skills used functionally in conflict management. Career profile • Functioned as HR Flight Cdr responsible for providing administrative cover and services to approx 2500 Areas of Interest personnel. • Human Resource Management • Designed & implemented HR policies covering performance appraisals, grievance handling, training and development, • Administration /Facility Mgmt staffing solutions and personnel management. • Project / Event management • Conducted and imparted training modules and programmes for over 4000 air warrior trainees at Admin Training Institute • Retail/SCM of the IAF. • CRM/Public relations • Conceptualized, planned and monitored the execution of infrastructure development projects such as construction • Operations( Education/Hospitality) of hangars and complexes, labs, housing units, roads etc ranging from INR 2 to 45 crore. • Implemented and monitored time-bound completion of Educational qualifications Facility Maintenance Plans of four frontline air force operational bases. • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, • Initiated and resolved issues pertaining to Land acquisition/ Gurgaon, 2010 leasing through continuous liaison and discussions with civil • L.L.B. Punjab University, Chandigarh government agencies. • Initiated, processed and finalized supply chain contracts for • B.A. (Hons) Punjab University, Chandigarh procurement of office equipment, goods and services. • Certification course for Junior Commanders, • Successfully managed and handled the accounting of air AFAC, Coimbatore force funds and ventures for providing services and welfare measures for air force personnel. • As Officer in charge of Air force school, supervised the e-mail functioning of school activities, recruitment of teachers and utilization of funds. • As Joint Secretary Air Force Wives Welfare Association (AFWWA), conceived and coordinated events, meets and conferences along with budgeting and accounting of funds. • Organized numerous workshops and conferences, sports meets, passing out parades, Air Shows & displays and cultural events. Achievements • Commendation by Air Office Commanding-in-Chief, Western Air Command for dedication to duty and professional excellence Back to Index
  • 26. Kaushal Soni Core Competencies • Leadership & Managerial skills in Project Management. • Installation & Commissioning of Networks. • Indigenization & Quality Assurance. • Analytical approach towards decision making and problem solving of complex situations. Career Profile • 11 years of varied cross functional experience in the Indian Air Force. Presently ranked as Squadron Leader. Areas of Interest • Rich experience in Telecommunication and IT Domain of Indian Air Force. • IT/ITES/Telecom • Spearheaded the Installation and Commissioning of Air • Project/Program Management Defence Network of IAF at various locations. • Operation • Conceptualized, Budgeted , Planned, Initiated , Evaluated & • HRM Contracted high value proposals. • Headed the Operations of Air Defence Network, Sub Control Educational Qualifications Centre (Tropo/LOS/Satellite) of IAF. • Certificate course in Business Management, MDI, • Ensured Optimum Resource Management and Continuity Gurgaon Training of 1500 Skilled Technicians. • BE (Computer Science), Govt. Engineering College, • Undertook vendor/product evaluation (CISCO, HCL, BEL, Bhopal (1998) Aplab, Huges). • Advanced Professional Knowledge Course, AF • As Manager-in-Charge, was responsible for indigenisation Technical College Bangalore (2009) efforts of complete Air Defence Communication Network of IAF at Base Repair Depot an ISO 9000:2001 certified • Digital Communication Course, ADGES Technical organization. Institute, Bangalore (2005) • Designed and Implemented Network Failure Contingency • Digital Static Tropo Communication Course, BEL, Plans. Ghaziabad (2001) • Computer Aided Measurement Course, ADGESTI, Bangalore(2000) Achievements • As Commanding Officer displayed strong leadership resulting in Unit being adjudged best Peripheral Unit of South-West e-mail Air Command for exceptional performance (2006-07). • Ensured 100% availability of Air Defence Operational Readiness Platform. • As Section Commander consistently ensured exceptional grading for all the Functional Domains handled during Command Inspections. Back to Index
  • 27. Kuldip Singh Grover Career Profile (34 years) • Rich experience in operations & logistics management including general administration, HRM and security operations. • Held pivotal appointments in Staff and Command and commanded a Regiment containing equipment worth 500 millions. • As Colonel Administration, strategically planned logistic cover, coordinated and executed supply chain to cater for 36000 troops during Op Parakram. • As a Brigadier, commanded a Brigade on the line of control in J & K and later as a Deputy GOC was overall responsible for training, welfare, administration and HR development of the entire division besides managing assets worth INR Areas of Interest 18000 million. • HR Management & Administration • Imparted education and training to officers at various levels • Project development about operational art and logistic planning in Colleges/ Schools of Instruction. • Business Development • Vast experience in liaison with government and private agencies. Educational Qualifications Achievements • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, Gurgaon, 2010 • Restructured and implemented many new ideas of administrative procedure for saving time. • M. Sc. Defence and Strategic Studies • Raised systems and operations to peak performance levels. • Security officers course from Intelligence • Conceptualized and operationalised Crisis & Disaster school, Pune management set up. • Media Management course from IIMC, New Delhi • Successfully upgraded Unit Run Canteens (CSD) in all units/formations where posted, increasing their turnover • PGDCST from New Delhi exponentially. • Other long and short courses in Management, • Devised an elaborate grievance handling and disciplinary Leadership, Art of War and Logistics action procedure. • Specific identification of training needs, preparing training modules and their evaluation. e-mail • Introduced the concept of MIS reporting. • Executed number of Social welfare schemes in J&K. • Handled finances which entailed budgeting, forecasting and implementation. • Structured annual budget and control measures to contain expenses within defined limits. • Successfully organized mega events at all levels. Core Competencies • 34 years of hardcore and in-depth experience in HRM and general administration. Back to Index
  • 28. Manish Madhav Gaulkar Career Profile • 7 years of experience including 6 years in General Administration, Network Management, Communications and Operations management. • Managed OFC based voice & data communication for Army formations in J and K. • Conducted performance and product evaluation as Technical evaluation and Price negotiation committee member for projects worth 75 lakhs. • Coordinating development of Departmental Budgets and ensuring adherence to the same. • Handling administrative activities like maintenance of office and office equipment, transport and housekeeping. Areas of Interest • Monitoring adherence to Statutory Regulations & Compliance with various Governmental Agencies, monitoring disciplinary • Operations Management. issues & legal matters. • Marketing. • Planning & forecasting demands and timely placement of • Human Resource Management. orders for administrative requirements such as vehicle, equipment, spares tools for 850 personnel. • Business Development. • Material procurement & purchase planning, ensuring continuous supply at optimum costs. Educational Qualifications • Identifying training needs of employees, Organizing and conducting progressive training and development • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, programs for upgrading Technical skills with involvement in Gurgaon, 2010 recruitment. • Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Technology), • One year experience of teaching at Ramdeobaba Institute of Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering, Computer Technology, Nagpur. Nagpur • Middle level Management and Communication Achievements course, Military College of Telecommunication • Planned, formulated and implemented Telecom and IT Engineering, Mhow projects in collaboration with OEMs and defence teams. • Advanced Data Processing, Military College of • Provided uninterrupted communication during Snow Tsunami Telecommunication Engineering, Mhow in Kashmir. • Officers Transport Management Course, ASC College • Successfully carried out logistics operations in extreme cold and Centre, Bangalore environment in Srinagar. • Instructional Assignment at Signal Training centre responsible for training personnel of Corps of Signals. e-mail Back to Index
  • 29. Nagendra Rao Jadhav Career Profile • 7 years of experience in Indian Army. • Managed entire operations of workshops involving general management, infrastructure development, plant management, equipment maintenance , output control, skilled trades supervision, strategic repair policy, systems analysis, and materials planning. • Commanded and administered formation workshops with technical manpower of 180 personnel, involved with maintenance and repairs of critical bridging equipment and artillery guns worth hundreds of crores, and impacting operational readiness of Indian Army’s strike corps. • Managed inventory levels of 3,500 critical spares including Areas of interest demanding procedures, stocking, inventory turnover. • Marketing management • Responsible for vendor management for local purchase of • Project management spares and equipment for efficient functioning of workshop ED • Operations management repair section and administrative section. • Supply chain management • On hand experience in repair and maintenance • Inventory management of HMV and LMV (Variants of Ashok Leyland, TATA, Mahindra&Mahindra,Tatra and Maruti Gypsy). Educational Qualifications • While on initial attachment with Infantry for two years, led • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, and administered 150 personnel in carrying out border- AC Gurgaon, 2010 management and counter-terrorism activities in highly operational and hostile zones in J&K. • Pursuing PGDBM from Symbiosis • Diploma in Defense Equipment and Workshop management, EME School and MCEME, 2007 Achievements • Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial & Production, Visweshwaraiah Technical University, Karnataka, • Implemented an innovative method that enabled cost-effective repair of ECM of a Maruthi Gypsy, which until PL 1999-2003 then had to be replaced. This implementation resulted in • Diploma in Automobile Engineering, Karnataka saving high costs and reducing failure time. State Tech University, 1996-1999 • Certification Course in Mechanical CAD (AutoCAD, • Ensured 90% availability and readiness of equipment and CATIA, ANSYS.), Auto desk 2009 vehicles during exercise in Rajasthan and field firing. • Conceptualized and developed a HMV(Ashok Leyland) based e-mail Surveillance Centre for a division. • Prepared and presented a National level Technical paper on ‘CAD/CAM - A birds eye view’ in 2002. • Prepared and presented a State level Technical Paper on ‘Computer Aided Process Planning’ in 2003. Back to Index
  • 30. Navinder Narang Core Competencies • Adept at working with people, processes and purpose in multi-cultural environment under varied conditions. • Excellent strategizing abilities with systems thinking approach. • Thought leader, passionate about bringing positive change. • Highly creative, emotionally intelligent, effective communicator with strong negotiation skills. • Able to network across boundaries and generate trust for win-win collaborations. Career Profile: • 21 years leadership experience in complex operations achieving Areas of Interest organizational objectives in training and development, logistics, projects, security and administration. • Operations (Education, Training & Development, • Hands-on experience in managing large work forces, soft Management Consultancy, Corporate Security, skills, events, and exhibitions. Useful exposure in Insurance Retail, leading NGOs) and Healthcare. • Marketing (Education, Insurance, Wellness & • Handled HR, security and administration for 3 years in Army Health Care, Real Estate, Telecom, Automotive) Group Insurance Fund (AGIF), a Registered Society with over Rs 16,000 crore corpus. • Managed physical assets in AGIF of over Rs 100 Crores through Educational Qualifications an annual budget of Rs 7-8 Crores, ensuring maintenance through outsourcing and vendor management. • Certificate Course in Business Management, • Commanded an infantry battalion along the LoC in MDI, Gurgaon, 2010 counter-infiltration operations and ensured 100 percent success rate. • M.Sc. (Defence & Strategic Studies) at DSSC, Wellington • As Director Training in Corps Battle School, responsible for the training of more than 1 lakh personnel in two years for • Diploma in Defence Management mission-critical tasks. • Specialized Military Courses • Led 150 men successfully in extreme situations in Punjab, Manipur, Rajasthan and J&K (total 9 years) without loss of • Signal Communications Course own men and material. • B.Sc. (JNU) • Conducted synergized land operations with maritime forces as part of amphibious brigade for two years in A&N Islands. e-mail Achievements: • Recently nominated as Founder, Leaders Café 2020 (India) in recognition of voluntary effort towards leadership development. website • In 2009-10, mentored to two web based start-ups in strategy formulation and network building resulting in successful launch. • In 2008, carried out an innovative public awareness campaign to reach approx 5 lakh ex-servicemen and reduced the liability of AGIF by over Rs 2 crore. • In 2006, led successful operations to ensure foolproof administration and security of 3.5 lakh ‘Amarnath Yatra’ pilgrims over a mountainous stretch of 500 km². • In Oct 2006, mitigated the effects of heavy snowstorm on 300 personnel deployed at the LoC and sustained peak operational performance. • Recipient of two gallantry awards for acts during counter- insurgency operations in 1996. Back to Index
  • 31. PK Sharma Core Competence • 26 years of cross functional expertise in operations management, equipment & materials management, technical training and resources management. • Proven ability in administration, facility management and HR functions of a large workforce. • A team builder with ability to motivate, lead, handle ambiguity and resolve conflict. • Strong analytical capability backed with excellent communication skills. Career Profile Areas of Interest • As GM HR and administration of a defence production unit • Operations Management managed recruitment, training and development, performance • Supply Chain Management appraisals, discipline, grievances, payroll functions and harmonious industrial relationship. Responsible for facility • Project Management and event management. Played pivotal role in automation of • HR and administration payroll, time accounting and leave management. • As Commanding Officer in counter insurgency environment, Educational qualifications managed equipment and material requirements of an • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, Army division, their forecasting and economical utilization. Gurgaon, 2010 Responsibilities spanned HR, finance, technology management and budgetary planning. Key player in planning • M.Tech ( Electronics ) MCEME, Secundrabad of key location plan of an Army unit, an infrastructure project, • B.E. (Electrical) The YMCA Institute of Engineering, and monitored execution. Faridabad • Key personnel in formulation and implementation of policies • Senior Leadership, Strategic Planning & in consultation with Ministries, UPSC and other departments Administration Course, Army War College, Mhow in the appointment of Joint Director at Army HQ. Participated • Senior Officers Technical Management Course, in trade union negotiations and interacted with legal advisors MCEME, Secunderabad on departmental matters. • Certificate Course on Telecommunication Equipment • Restructuring of curriculum, conduct of lectures, examination Management, MCEME Secundrabad and evaluation of post graduate and under graduate courses • Workshop management Course (Operations in telecommunication engineering as a professorial staff at management), MCEME Secundrabad Army technical training institutions. • As senior manager, provided engineering support to e-mail telecommunication and other electronic equipment, weapon systems and vehicles. Responsible for procurement and economical management of allocated financial, material and human resources. • Procurement, materials management, repair and maint- enance of multi technology equipment. • As Design Engineer with Siemens Ltd, designed LT and HT switchboards and control desk for various power projects including NTPC Ramagundam. Interacted with clients and their consultants on design aspects and acted as interface between regional HQ and production units. • Founder Secretary IETE Sub Centre, Agra and coordinated the conduct of National Seminar. Back to Index
  • 32. Pradeep Kumar Professional Skills • Positive and proactive attitude. • Logical and flexible approach to problem solving. • Apt to absorb and employ new technologies and concepts. • Identifying training needs, conducting customised training programmes through systems approach to training. • Comfortable in interacting with people across all levels. • Planning, budgeting & resource deployment. Career Profile • Led a cross functional team of 15 officers and 600 personnel and assets over 70 Crs in a multi-agency environment Areas of Interest conducting operations in counter terrorist area, and • HRM being responsible for all aspects including administration, logistics, procurements, finance, profit centre management, • General Administration performance appraisals, welfare, handling of grievances, ED • Operations, SCM counseling of staff, training, motivation and leadership • Risk Management (less financial) development. • Created a positive and harmonious work environment in a highly hostile counter terrorist region (J&K) through Team Educational Qualification Building, Motivation and Stress Management. • Certificate course in Business Management, MDI, • Faculty Member at prestigious Army Training Institute for Gurgoan, 2010 AC three years. Trained 400 junior and middle level officers • Advance Diploma in Senior Level Defence adopting systems approach to training. Management, Devi Ahalya University, • Planned, co-ordinated and maintained financial control on Indore, 2001 infrastructure projects worth 150 Crs annually. • Staff Officers Course on Nuclear, Biological and • Planned, budgeted and managed financial instruments Chemical Warfare, College of Military Engineering, (tenders) for hiring Civil Transport (approx 10 Crs annually) Pune, 1998 including vendor management. PL • M.Sc. Defence and Strategic Studies, Madras • Facilitated major renovation of 60 room Holiday Home, University ( Defence Services Staff College, Nanital. Ensured its smooth functioning for two years to Wellington), 1996 include its allotment, maintenance, catering and house • M.Sc. Weapon Technology, Pune University keeping. (School of Artillery, Deolali), 1991 • Key involvement with Ministry of Environment and Ministry • B.A., JNU (National Defence Academy), of Defence in facilitating re-notification of long pending 12 New Delhi, 1982 Army Field Firing ranges by the state governments. • As Director in Directorate General of Military Training e-mail (Army Head Quarters), headed Section responsible for policy formulation and coordinating of training, obtaining government sanctions and exercising technical and staff control over seven training establishments to facilitate smooth conduct of training. Achievements • Awarded Chief of Army Staff Commendation Card for professional competence and exemplary devotion to duty, 2008. • Awarded Army Commander’s Commendation Card for outstanding performance as Staff Officer in OPERATION VIJAY(KARGIL), 1999. Back to Index
  • 33. R Muruganand Career Profile (21 Years in Navy) • Assistant Manager (Material) Naval Dockyard (1998) – Carried out Inventory management and Procurement of spares for repairs/refit of major warships and submarines with a budget outlay of 200 Cr. • Deputy Manager (Submarines) Naval Dockyard (1999-2000) – As Project Officer undertook Planning, Organizing, Controlling and Execution of major refits (repairs/overhaul) of complex Western and Eastern origin submarines. Was responsible for leading, directing and monitoring third/fourth level preventive maintenance of submarine fit machineries and coordinating /scheduling of refit activities. Areas of Interest • Engineer Officer of IN Submarines (1995-97, 2001-02) – Have technical knowledge and first hand • Project Management experience on efficient operation, optimum utilization and • Operations maintenance (PPM & CBPM) of shipboard machineries. • Supply Chain Management • As Chief Instructor at College of Marine Engineering • HRM & Administration Technology (2003-04) and Submarine Training School (2005-06) designed, developed and administrated structured training programs for Indian and foreign trainees towards Educational Qualification professional development and career growth. • B. Tech (Mech. Engg), JNU. 1986-1990 • As Senior Staff Engineer Officer at Submarine Headquarters • Program on Value Engineering, (2006-07) conceptualized, developed and promulgated NITIE Mumbai, 1999 various technical policies and procedures for safe, efficient operation and maintenance of critical engineering • Program on Material Management, equipments. NITIE Mumbai, 1999 • Was the Chief Engineer/Commander (Engineering) of Navy’s • M. Sc. (Defence and Strategic Studies), largest Tanker (39000 tons) in 2008-09. Carried out bunkering Defence Service Staff College, operations of large quantities of highly inflammable fuels Madras University, 2002-03 worth Crs. • Tanker Safety Operations Course, NAMAC, Mumbai, 2008 • Currently posted as Joint Director at Naval Headquarters overseeing a highly complex Submarine Construction Project • MBA, ICFAI University, 2010 (20,000 Cr) at DPSU with foreign collaboration (2009-10). • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, Gurgaon, 2010 Achievement • Commanded by the Commander-in-Chief in 2000 for e-mail displaying utmost dedication, commitment and professional competence of a very high order. Back to Index
  • 34. Rajat Mathur Career Profile • 23 years experience in the Indian Army of training and leading men to war and motivating them for the ultimate sacrifice for the Nation. • As Commanding Officer, responsible for motivating and training 2000 NCC cadets, managing a large variety of highly sensitive inventory consisting of latest generation of weapons, equipment, vehicles and logistical support items/ stores. • As Second in Command and Chief Security Officer of a major unit deployed in combat zone, spearheaded planning and coordination of operational, administrative, logistic and security functions. Areas of Interest • As Head of legal branch controlling more than 10,000 • Operations/Project Management personnel, monitored/processed legal cases of army and enhanced the interaction with the civil judiciary. • General Administration/HR • Involved in active combat at the Siachen Glacier, The Highest • Corporate Security Battle Field in the World. Responsible for keeping the troops • Logistics and Supply Chain Management in a high state of physical fitness, morale and motivation in altitudes of over 19,000 feet and temperatures below -30 degrees Celsius. Educational Qualifications • Planning and execution of logistics and supply chain to • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, maintain outposts in super high altitude and snow bound Gurgaon, 2010 areas. • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Software Technology. (Jun 2003-Jun 2005) Achievements • B. Sc. (1985) • The honor of serving in the SIACHEN GLACIER. Specialized Armed Forces’ courses: • As security officer of the battalion achieved security of men and material with no incidents of breach of security. • Management of the legal cases • As Second in Command of the unit achieved a very high • Nuclear, Biological and chemical warfare standard of morale and motivation amongst the employees • Fire Fighting drills and procedures there by achieving the goals set by superiors. e-mail Back to Index
  • 35. Rajesh Chandra Core competencies • Strategic planning and policy formulation. • Leadership to motivate a large organization for accomplishment of goals. • Ability to manage high value projects from concept to execution. • Analysis and data interpretation. Work Experience • Over 27 years of work experience in HR & Administration in India Air Force. Areas of interest • Head (HR & Administration) with responsibility covering end to end management of over 10000 personnel , policy • Administration formulation and implementation. • Human Resources Management • Involved in making Role clarification documents and career • Operations Management management of all the personnel based at the unit. • Project Management • Led a team of over 100 personnel for budgeting ,monitoring of expenditure, liaison with vendors and awarding of contract of value more than INR 2000 million. Educational Qualification • Oversee construction / maintenance of projects including • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, buildings and installations in the base location. Gurgaon, 2010 • Managed operational and administrative aspect of • PGDHRM, Amity University (2006) aerodromes. • One year Administrative officers’ Course from Air • Conceptualized and planned the project of extension of Force Academy, Hyderabad (1983) aerodrome involving assets amounting INR 2000million. • Advance Course in Administration and HR • Involved in developing competitive process to facilitate Management for senior officers from Air Force implementation of aggressive operational strategy at Administrative College, Coimbatore (1996) regional HQ. • M. Sc. 1st Division, Agra University (1978) • Significantly reduced time required to prepare and distribute MIS by implementation of electronic reporting process. e-mail Achievements • Commended by Air Officer Commanding in Chief for professional excellence in 1997. Back to Index
  • 36. Rajiv Ahluwalia Core Competencies • Key Skills. Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, Forecasting and Resource Optimization, Policy Formulation, Recruitment/Selection, Competence Mapping, Welfare, Negotiation. • Soft Skills. Excellent communication, negotiation, relationship management and administrative skills. Career Profile • Completed 32 yrs of service as Colonel in the Indian Army. • Deputy Brigade Commander 2005-2010. Directed tactical and technical training of 3000 personnel. Responsible for Areas of Interest administration and security of complete cantonment. Was IT officer for 3 years. • Human Resource Management • Honorary Career and Educational Counselor with HT- PACE • General Administration 2003-05. Counseled students, teachers & parents on • Accounts Management Education and Career options, Stress & Time management, Teaching Techniques and Communication skills. • Operations & Logistics • Senior Administrative Officer (SAO) of Quality Assurance Organization 2001-03. Responsible for recruitment, performance appraisal, administration and discipline of over Educational Qualification 1000 civilian supervisors and workers. Post Graduation • Commanding Officer 1996-97. Conducted performance • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, appraisals, training gap identification and need analysis. Gurgaon, 2010 Managed finances for training and administration. Gained experience in Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, • MBA, Amity University (In Progress) administration, stress management and employee welfare. • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer • Instructor in Army Air Defence College 1991-92. Trained Applications – DOEACC – 2003-2005 personnel in technical subjects and soft skills. Evolved into • M.Sc. Equivalent in Weapon Technology – 1986 an effective communicator with excellent interpersonal & and 1989 relationship management skills. Graduation Achievements • JNU, New Delhi • As Commanding Officer devised strategies for motivation, team building and developed innovative training modules. e-mail Achieved 100% success in missile and gun firings. • As SAO successfully managed two labor unrests through negotiations, saving enormous costs in terms of resources and money. Led the core disaster management team for earthquake and floods in Hoshangabad(MP) district. Enabled civil authorities formalize plans for them. • As Career and Educational Counselor guided students in career selection, Stress & Time management, and teachers in Teaching Techniques & Communication skills. • As IT officer planned, negotiated and monitored networking of 20 offices. Implemented online training module for 120 personnel that resulted in increased individual and org effectiveness. Back to Index
  • 37. Rajiv Saxena Career Profile • A competent professional with 20 years in the Indian Army(1989-2010) with a wide spectrum of experience in the fields of administration, appraisal, recruitment, event management, logistics, inventory management, Defence Procurement Procedures and security demanding deft management techniques and leadership at various levels and appointments. • The last association with Indian army was in the capacity of Deputy Director at Army Head Quarters (2007-10) for procurement of Artillery equipment involving financial planning, forecasting, allocation, monitoring expenditure Areas of Interest and ensuring rollover in a planned and regulated manner of budgetary allocation of Rs 12,000/- Crores approximately. • General Administration, • HRM • As Second –in – Command (2005-07) in J & K worked in close co-ordination with civil authorities in several • Defence Procurement Procedures rehabilitation and joint welfare programmes. • Security and Safety Initiatives Achievements Educational Qualification • Independently commanded 120 personnel in Siachen • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, Glacier the highest battlefield in the world (2000-01) and Gurgaon, 2010 was responsible for the management of vehicles, a large • MBA (Amity University of Distance learning) – inventory of equipment, ammunition, winter stocking for Results awaited sustenance besides the role of all HR functions to keep the • M.Sc. (Graded Instructor) from force motivated under extremely harsh conditions. University of Pune (1997) • During a national emergency (post Parliament attack) as • Transport Management course from Indian Army Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quarter Master General (1992) (2001-04) co-ordinated and executed the move of 22 special • B. Sc., Scottish Church College, Calcutta (1987) trains and deployment of 3500 personals and equipment. During the same period was responsible for smooth provisioning of equipment, stores, arms and ammunition, e-mail vehicles and rations. • As a project manager for establishing a day cum boarding school in J & K (2007-10) budgeted at Rs 11/- crores, was involved in planning the inventory, staffing, preparation of budget, daily monitoring, landscaping, market survey and procurement against a stringent deadline from inception to timely completion of the project. • As unit security officer (2005-2007) achieved a zero failure rate in an insurgency prone area of J & K. As an independent team leader ensured the road opening and safe passage to all vehicles and civil population in a stretch of 35 Kms besides the additional responsibility of an air field frequented by senior officials of armed forces and civil authorities. Back to Index
  • 38. Rohan Mehra Career Profile • 7 years of diverse experience including 6 years in managing a large organisation of up to 800 personnel. • Led multiple teams in varied terrain in multi cultural environment and carried out intense counter insurgency operations. • As Adjutant of an Infantry Battalion, identified objectives, organized resources, managed logistics and directed operations. • Effectively conducted all HR functions including recruitment, training, performance appraisal, payroll management and grievance redressal. • Planned, scheduled, organized and successfully executed Areas of Interest projects and events. • Formulated and implemented “Systematic Approach to • Marketing Training (SAT)” in the Northern Command. • Business Development • As Principal Staff Officer responsible for formulating policies and procedures for usage and control of equipment of the ED • Operations battalion worth approx $50 million. • Administration • Detailed planning, security overlay and execution of movement of vehicles, rations, equipment and transport. Educational Qualifications • Chiefly responsible for successful conduct of Northern Command Pre Staff Course for 300 middle level officers for • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, three consecutive years. Responsible for their accommodation, AC Gurgaon, 2010 transportation, administration and preparation of training • PGDBA (Marketing and HR) from Symbiosis Centre curriculum of the course. for Distance Learning • At IBM Daksh as Quality Evaluator and Primary Point of Contact for Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Auctions, responsible for • Pursuing Diploma in Training and Development quality checks of employee output and bug rectification of from ISTD, New Delhi the newly launched Yahoo! Auctions. • Certificate in Integrated Strategic Management and PL Administration, Mhow Achievements • B. Com (Professional), S.R.P.A.A.B. College, • Represented Punjab in Junior National Basketball G.N.D.U Championship. • Diploma in Computer Science, NIIT • Represented Gurdaspur district in State Badminton Championship for three consecutive years. • Won the District Badminton Singles Championship in 1999 e-mail and 2000. • Commended by General Officer Commanding in Chief, Northern Command for successful conduct of Northern Command Pre Staff Course and achieving record pass percentage in 2007. Back to Index
  • 39. S Shrikumar, PMP Career Profile • Project Manager for a period of 03 years as member of Submarine Overseeing Team (SOT) at Admiralty Shipyard, St Petersburg, Russia. Managed the project worth over Rs 600 Crores for repair cum modernisation of 02 Kilo class submarines. • Extensive experience at Naval Headquarters in the Directorate of Electrical Engineering (DEE). Coordinated all activities of obtaining MoD sanctions, contract negotiation, order placement, equipment installation and subsequent trials. • At present posted at the Directorate of Naval Design (Submarine Design Group) as Jt. Dir (Navigation & Communication Systems). Leading a team of technical officers and electrical draughtsmen for the preparation Areas of Interest of design documents for the construction of a classified • Project/Portfolio Management strategic platform for the Indian Navy. • Business Development and Contract Negotiation • Rich experience in equipment operations and maintenance Administration onboard submarines and ships (Fire Control Systems (FCS), Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS), Automatic Power Management System (APMS), Communications Educational Qualifications equipment and Platform Motion Control System (PMCS) etc). • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, Gurgaon, 2010 • Expertise in handling the complete gamut of project related activities entailing planning, execution and resource • PMI certified PMP, (2009) utilization. • B.E (Electronics & Communication), Mysore • An effective communicator with proven Project Management, University, (1988) Techno-commercial skills and demonstrated analytical, problem solving and organizational abilities. • M.Tech (Electronics & Telecommunication), Pune University, (1997) • As Electrical Officer onboard submarines and ships, handled administrative and technical functions of the entire Electrical • Diploma in Russian Language, St. Petersburg State department, including training & HRD functions for junior Univ, Russia, (2001) technical Officers and technicians (diploma holders). • Advanced Diploma in Russian Language, School of Foreign Languages, New Delhi, (2003) Achievements • Initiated and concluded contracts for the supply of a wide e-mail variety of electrical equipment/spares worth over Rs 500 Crores for Indian Naval submarines. • As Joint Director Electrical Engineering at Naval headquarters, analysed recurring defects and introduced remedial actions and formulated maintenance philosophies resulting in greater equipment availability. • Coordinated material/spare parts planning activities encompassing identification of vendors, vetting of specifications and evaluation of offers resulting in streamlining of equipment/spare procurement procedures. • Actively implemented bulk procurement of equipment/spares to achieve savings. Back to Index
  • 40. Sanjay Kumar Sinha Career Profile • Presently on deputation to Indian Coast Guard from Indian Navy as Director Aircraft Acquisition at Coast Guard Headquarters New Delhi (since June 2009). • Commanded latest Maritime Reconnaissance Air Squadron of Indian Navy INAS 315 at Goa consisting of modernized Ilyushin 38SD aircraft with staff of 250 personnel and 30 officers (June 2008- June 2009). • Supervised Naval air operations as Maritime Operations officer at Headquarters Naval Aviation at Goa (February 2006 to June 2008). • Flight Trials Team Leader and subsequently Project Leader of Areas of Interest Indian Overseeing Team at Russia for the modernization of five Ilyushin 38SD aircraft (February 2003 to February 2006) • Operations Management (Project Cost Rs. 700 crores). • HRM Administration • Project management • Commanded two Amphibious Warships (July 1999 - December 1999 and January 2000 to June 2000) consisting • Finance Management of 100 personnel. • Aviation Industry • Alumni of National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla, Indian Naval Academy and Defence Services Staff College Wellington Educational Qualification with 24 years of challenging work experience in high profile • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, operational and administrative appointments. Gurgaon, 2010 • M. Sc. (Defence and Strategic Studies): Defence • Flying experience of over 4000 hours as Operations Services Staff College, Wellington Officer on Tupolev 142M and Ilyushin 38SD aircraft of • B.Sc. National Defence Academy Indian Navy. (awarded by Jawaharlal Nehru University) • Command Examination (Conducted by Indian Achievements Navy) • Specialisation in Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) • Conclusion of six contracts (Rs. 1200 crores) towards tactics procurement of aircraft and sensors in March 2010 for Coast • Observers Course (flight navigation and tactics) Guard as Director (Aircraft Acquisition). at INS Garuda, Kochi • Monitoring 32 projects in various stages towards procurement • Photo interpretation course at Air Force Intelligence of aircraft and equipment in Acquisition Directorate of Coast School, Pune Guard (Rs. 5000 crores). • Electronic warfare specialization course at • Command of operational units at India and abroad Israel (Aug 2000) (Russia). • Diploma Part I in Russian Language • Planning and execution of operational missions involving ships, aircraft and submarines. e-mail cdrsksinha@hotmail.Com • Commendation by the Flag Officer Commanding-in- Chief Eastern Naval Command (2002), Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief Western Naval Command (2009) and Director General Coast Guard (March 2010) for professional competence. • Successful completion of the modernization project of Ilyushin aircraft at Russia and operationalisation of the squadron in India. Back to Index
  • 41. Sanjay Tikku Core Competence • A team builder with exceptional motivational, analytical and persuasive skills who can create an amicable work environment. • A problem solver who can ignite the minds of his team to think imaginatively to arrive at innovative and comprehensive solutions. • Focused approach towards goal achievement with a superior ability to strategise , plan and implement in a time sensitive manner and with clarity of thought. Career Profile Areas of Interest • As commanding officer of a unit, in the hostile area of Kashmir, strategised operations and oversaw fund utilization, • Project management procurements, HR management and administration. • Operations • Headed a project to map a stretch of about 190km along • Human Resource Management Line of Control using “Geographical Information System” software. The project was appreciated by the Army Chief. • Administration • As assistant director HR (artillery) dealt with HR policy issues of Western Army(30,000 personnel). Educational Qualification • As a qualified training officer, actively involved in planning • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, and execution of training. Gurgaon, 2010 • As administrative officer of artillery brigade dealt with • Diploma in IT, Advance Computing Training administration and security of a garrison spread over an area Centre (National Resource Centre C-DAC), of 100 acres in hostile area of Assam. Pune (July-Sept09). • Played pivotal role in planning and execution of a division • M. Sc. (Military Technology) from Poona University level exercise involving 9000 persons. (Apr98-Apr99). • B. Sc. from Jawahar Lal Nehru University Achievements (Jan85-Dec88). • Raised a surveillance unit comprising of 350 personnel and hi- technology equipment worth 500cr, as its first commanding officer in hostile area of Kashmir. Operationalised the unit e-mail and deployed funds of about 10 cr for infrastructure creation to complete the project before schedule. • As commanding officer of the new outfit, motivated troops to perform at their optimum, resultantly, unit twice earned Army Chief’s Commendation Card. Back to Index
  • 42. Sarika Vatsyayan Sharma Core Competency • Managing work processes and human resource forecasting and planning. • Management of people resources (staffing, appraisals, rewards). • Gathering, analysis and dissemination of data/strategic inputs. • Problem Solving. • Supply chain management in dynamic environment with stress on logistics, vendor management, diverse type of inventory , quality control. • Versatile and team player with ability to bring out best in people. Areas of Interest • HR Career Profile • Responsible for all HR functions including recruitment, • Operations ED payroll inputs, leave and attendance, training, performance • Administration appraisal, feedback and grievance management. • Conduct of Joint Committee Meetings between labour union and management for follow up action at ordnance depots. Educational Qualifications • Managing personnel and administration of more than 500 • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, civilian workforce (industrial personnel and non industrial Gurgaon, 2010 personnel) in ordnance depots. AC • Formulating and updating administrative policies, standing • Diploma in Logistics Management, College of operating procedures. Material Management Jabalpur • Public relations and interface within the organization • B.COM Barkatullah University, Bhopal and outside (government agencies , ordnanace depots, • Diploma in Systems Management (1year) media, police and local administration). Microsoft Aptech • All aspects of store management and operations from indenting to delivery, forecasting and planning. PL • Diploma in Military Tactics, Leadership and • Formulation and execution of comparative statements, Management, College of Army Warfare, Mhow tendering and rate contract documents. • IT Skills :Proficient in use of MS Office (word, power • Holding, stocktaking and managing diversified inventory point and excel) and the Internet (including web ranging to 18000 items. based research) • Managing inventory worth 180 crores of A-vehicles and electronic equipment and carried out vendor management and quality control for the same. e-mail Achievements • Induction of civilian workforce and coordination and conduct of rallies in Ordnance Depots. • Worked as Coordinating Officer with Army Wives Welfare Association for three years. • Worked as Social Coordinator with Defence Service Officers Institute, Hissar for grand events and welfare programmes. • Commended by Formation Commander for innovative implementation of TSS Software Package (for Inventory Control). • Reduced non availability of inventory by 10 percent through effective indenting , provisioning, forecasting and local purchase. Back to Index
  • 43. Seema Nandakumar Core competencies • Conceptualising, planning & implementing policies & procedures. • HR management functions involving training & development, performance review, appraisal, grievance handling, documentation, facilities management and staffing. • Effective communicator with strong interpersonal skills, inspiring leader, self-motivated, multi-skilled with proactive approach & strong will power. Career profile • 11 Years as Administration Officer in the Indian Air Force. • Implemented Human Resource policies for the welfare, Areas of Interest discipline, training, leave, counseling, appraisal, promotion, pay & allowance of over 1000 personnel including civilians • Human Resource Management with diverse skills and backgrounds. • General Administration • Handled the operations of Training Institute and effectively • Facilities /Event Management carried out Instructional duties and development of over • Security & Intelligence 16000 trainees in General Service Knowledge to transform them from raw recruits to trained Air Warriors. • Training & Development/ Operations • Extensive experience in security of men, material, sensitive information and premises. Educational Qualifications • Expertise in conducting graduation parades, seminars, • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, exhibition, administrative activities for national and Gurgaon, 2010 international flying exercises including conferences and • Post graduate diploma in Human Resource other high level functions/events attended by dignitaries. Management, symbiosis, pune,2007 • Maintained and controlled staffing, accounting, finance & • M.Com, Symbiosis, Pune, 1997, First division audit of public and non public funds (Regimental funds) • Higher Diploma In Software Engg, Aptech, running into crores. Pune,1995 with distinction • Involved in supply chain management in functions of • Method of instructor’s course for officers(B.Ed tendering, indenting, storing, audit, receipt/dispatch and equivalent) Ground Instructors School, Chennai replenishment. • Advanced Security & Intelligence Course, Air Force • As Secretary to women welfare organization, was responsible Intelligence School, Pune for the training, development, welfare and resettlement of members of Air Force Wives Welfare Association (NGO). • Junior commander’s course AFAC, Coimbatore e-mail Achievements • Appreciated by Station Commander and the Commanding Officer for professional competence in areas of Human Resource Management & General Administration. Back to Index
  • 44. S K Arora Core Competencies • Administrative / Organizing ability • Supply chain management • Procurement, Import/Export and Logistical functions. • Quality Audit Career Profile • Commissioned in Logistics branch of Indian Air Force in 1976. Graduated to the present rank of Air Commodore. • As Principle Director Inventory Management (Sep2009- Areas of Interest: April2010) led a team of professionals responsible for forecasting, provisioning, procurement of indigenous / • Human Resource Management imported aviation stores, post contract management, and • Logistics and SCM distribution management of Air force inventory. • Administration & Security • As Director Maintenance Inspection (Apr 06 – Aug 09) • Quality Audit in charge of quality audit of ISO 9000-2001 accredited production units, equipment depots and training institutes. Analyzed to measure and improve operational performance Educational Qualifications by identifying and eliminating ‘defects’ in the process and also identify dynamism of successful establishments. • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, Gurgaon, 2010 • As Commandant Embarkation Headquarters (Jan03– • Media Management course Indian Institute of Mass March06) carried out import/export of consignments by air Communication, New Delhi and sea. Also co-coordinated movement of men and material by rail. • One year Materials Management course, Hyderabad • As Joint Director, Maintenance Administration and Planning (Jan 01 – Dec 02) involved in the process of strategic planning, • Materials Management appreciation Course, Devlali, devising plans / programs , monitoring and implementation Nasik of maintenance activities and functions. • Advanced Logistics Officers Course, • As System Manager: Supply Progression System (June1982 Air Force Administrative College, Coimbatore – Mar87) designed and maintained a computer based supply • System Analysis and Design Course, Mhow progression management system. • B. Sc. (Hons.) Panjab University Chandigarh • As Senior Logistics Officer(June1976 – may82 and Apr1987- Dec2000) managed logistics management at operational level, encompassing all material management activities of e-mail appx 15000 varied inventories. Achievements • Awarded the “Chief of Air Staff Medallion” for professional competence and distinguished service twice (1997 and 2000). • Awarded Gold medal for standing first in the Punjab University. Back to Index
  • 45. S K Vohra Core Competencies • Focused team leader, mentored diverse groups of technical professionals. • Building effective working relationships between diverse technical professionals. • Technical training of paramedical staff in multiple tasking. • Patient management, clientele satisfaction and quality assurance. • Manpower planning , team building with an ability to identify and usefully deploy resource. Areas of Interest: Career Profile • Exercising Technical control of 513 Hospital beds in North • Operations/Projects/SCM/Logistics in health Rajasthan. care sector • CEO of Hospitals having beds ranging from 45 to 190. • HRM of Technical and general duty professionals • Establishing ECHS polyclinics at Muktsar (2004) Aligarh • Marketing of Health care facilities (2006). • Medical Clinical Administrator • Empanelling hospitals for ECHS at Mathura & Aligarh. • Indenting & Procurement of medical consumables for various Educational Qualifications hospitals& polyclinics at Hissar, Jind, Rohtak, Mathura, Aligarh, Jhaggar and Fatehgarh (4 crores). • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, Gurgaon, 2010 • In charge of Accident & Emergency services of 45 to 900 bedded hospital. • Certificate in Information Technology, CIMS Delhi, 2007 • Running independently Health Care Facilities in remote areas Nagaland, Manipur, Meghalaya, J&K, Assam and Panjim. • PG Diploma in Health and Hospital Management, IGNOU 2002 • Projected, planned and executed extensive repairs of MH Mathura. • Diploma in Medical Radio Therapy, SMS Medical College, Jaipur, 1986 • MBBS Sawai Man Singh Medical College, Jaipur, 1977 e-mail Back to Index
  • 46. Sridhar Naidu Career Profile Chief Operations Officer United Nations (Congo), 2007-2009 • 03 years of international experience in Global Supply Chain Management & International Logistics. • As Chief Operations Officer of the Indian Contingent for the United Nations led planning & execution for deployment of 850 personnel. • Oversaw & Co-ordinated all aspects of Op logistical support for such items as transportation, food service items, facility maintenance, personnel housing for all Contingents with the UN. • Conducted inspection programs of the Indian Contingent averaging 850 personnel, in areas including operational readiness, fleet management, inventory control, security. Areas of Interest • Oversaw procurement process, vendor contracts and • Supply Chain Management & Logistics approval of requisitions for supplies & eqpts valuing approx 30 crores INR. • Operation / Project Management • Oversaw national & international regulatory requirements, dispatching, routing, tracking & shipping activities to ensure safe, prompt & accurate delivery of supplies & equipment. Educational Qualification • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, Operations Manager Indian Army, 2004-2006 Gurgaon, 2010 • Managed 850 multi-ethnic personnel to include their training, • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration task allocation, welfare, performance appraisal, discipline, (HR) from Symbiosis Centre of Distance Learning documentation, recruitment, grievances & counselling. (SCDL) • Co-ordinated tasks of Support Services (HR, IT, Logistics and Finance) for strategic planning, resource allocation, • B.Sc (Statistics) from Maharaja Sayajirao University, information flow, leadership technique & coordination of Vadodara people and resources. • Established and implemented departmental policies, goals, • Certificate Course in Operational Logistical Support objectives and procedures, as per ordains of the Commanding from United Nations Officer conferring with the organization officials. • Certificate Course in Advance Logistical Support • Reviewed financial statements & periodic activity reports to from United Nations measure development, goal achievement and to determine areas needing cost reduction and improvement. e-mail Logistics Officer Indian Army, 2002-2003 • Briefed the Commanding Officer on status of logistic programs; established logistic policies and consolidation of logistic budget. • Computed & analyzed material requirements; applied authorizations and allowances; inspected, reviewed and evaluated work methods and procedures. • Administered all functions of organization: Food Supply, Warehouse/Material Management, Transportation, Fuel/ Lubricants, Weapons & Ammunition. Achievements • Bagged award for the Certificate of Commendation for “Best Chief Operations Officer” from the Force Commander, United Nations. • Responsible for quarterly reimbursement to the tune of 20 crore INR to the Indian Govt for provision of major & minor equipments under the MOU with the United Nations Back to Index
  • 47. Subodh Pande Core Competencies • Strong communication, oratory and interpersonal skills. • Flexibility and Ability to adapt in all situations. • Adept at Man-management and Multi-Tasking. • Resourceful and always open to new ideas. Career Profile • Civil Engineer with Seven years experience in the Indian Army in Project management, Operations, Administration and Man Management Skills. • Site Engineer and Structural Consultant in Kopulwar Associates for two years. Areas of Interest Project Management • Project Management • Involved in a major Rehabilitation Project for nearly 1000 • Operations Management ED people in remote areas of J&K as a part of ‘OP IMDAD’ after • Marketing the 2005 Earthquake. • Supply chain management • Construction of Operational Infrastructure in border areas. • Inventory management, Planning, co-ordination and procurement of raw materials. Educational Qualifications • Prepared structural design of eight SULABH SAUCHALAYA in AC • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, Nagpur and also oversaw the construction work. Gurgaon, 2010 • Identified alternate vendor resources to achieve cost • PG Diploma in weapons systems management, effectiveness. Pune University, 2005 Operations Management • B.E. (CIVIL) Nagpur University, 2001 • Chief logistic officer of the unit in J & K for 2 years, which warranted meticulous planning and error free execution PL e-mail of organizational objectives. • Collaborated and implemented all operational activities for efficiency and effectiveness. • Managing operations and ensuring timely accomplishments of targets within time and cost parameters. • Managing financial matters including planning and budgeting. • Prepared logistical support plans for 600 associates for Advance winter stocking for snow ridden posts, valued at 20 Cr. • Imparting technical training to associates on procedures, operation and maintenance of the surveillance equipments Back to Index
  • 48. Sunil Bhartia Career Profile Acquired expertise in : • Business analysis, project management and end-user coordination. • Tendering processes in Ordnance Factories and PSUs. • Financial and Managerial accounting systems and of provisions and implications of various taxes, reports and returns due to various agencies. • Identifying problems and risks, managing and mitigating them. • Considerable and varied project experience in Manufacturing and Hospitality industry. Areas Of interest Director, Vedant Papercraft Pvt Ltd (2006 -2010) • Administration • Planned and Commissioned entire infrastructure for Industrial • Project Management and Hospitality Units from leasing of land, financing to commissioning. Transformed the unit’s product as the finest • Operations Management and most consistent in the industry through stringent quality control. • Prepared cost of production, tender bids for participation in Educational Qualification various competitive tenders. • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, • Indented and Imported Machinery and Systems entailing Gurgaon, 2010 detailed Purchase Order, inspection and user trials at • B. Sc. (Honours) in Zoology, Kirori Mal College manufacturer’s facility. University of Delhi, 1987 • Headed operations including maintenance of plant and machinery, labour management, supply of raw material, adherence to production and supply schedule, liaison with e-mail various Government authorities at local/state level and the Ordnance factories management. Entrepreneur (1994 – 2008) • Established and own multi cuisine restaurant, industrial dining and outdoor catering services, specializing in vegetarian cuisine. Conduct training sessions for entrepreneurs and students in vegetarian cooking. • Profitably nurtured manufacturing unit of specialty film for industrial and domestic use. Indian Army (1987-1993) • Managed high volumes of rations, equipment, related inventory and its effective turnover as per prescribed lifecycle and other actions as per standard best practices. • Indented and Procured Rolling stock from Indian Railways and moved large fighting formations. • Organized and conducted National level Seminars on Environment Studies and Sustainable Development at Dehradun, with participation by about 600 senior officers from various governmental organizations. Back to Index
  • 49. Taruna Singh Core competencies • Proven leadership and team building abilities with strong communication skills. • Conceptualise, plan and execute tasks to scheduled requirements and budgets. • Quick anticipation and adaptability to recognize and seize initiative. Career Profile • A professional with 15 years of work experience in administrative service in IAF. • Coordinated efforts on matters of significant nature Areas of Interest between senior appointments of IAF functionaries and civil administrative offices. • General Administration, • Managed civilian work force for settlements of disputes, work • HRM audit, wage disbursement, terminal benefits, functioning of joint consultative machinery in accordance with • Event Management & Hospitality government policies. • Carried out personnel administration to include discipline, Educational Qualification accommodation, leave, appraisal, counseling of 2000 personnel. • Masters of science, life science (Vishwa Bharati Institute) • Maintainance and upkeep of buildings and equipment worth 200 crores conforming to environmental standards. • Bachelors of Education, (Rajasthan University) • As security officer of an air base, managed security of men, • Junior Commanders Course AFAC (Coimbatore) material and resources. • Certificate course in leadership and behavioral • Managed and controlled public funds upto Rs 2 crore. sciences CAW (Secunderabad) • As secretary to women welfare association at Eastern sector, • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, handled various welfare ventures including schools for Gurgaon, 2010 underprivileged children and vocational classes. • Planned, implemented and executed administrative plans in support of operations of the Air Base. e-mail • Managed retail chain of AFWWA, an NGO. Initiated, processed and finalized institutional contracts by effective vendor management. Achievements • Commended by Chief of Air staff, IAF for displaying exemplary leadership and devotion to duty in 2008. • Commended by Air officer Commanding in Chief, Western Air Command, IAF for professional excellence in 2006. Back to Index
  • 50. Upma Singh Core competence • A dynamic, task oriented,multitalented personality with over 09 years of rich work experience in diverse experience with Indian Army, Banking and Financial Industry. • Excellent communication & exceptional interpersonal and man management skills with the ability to motivate the workforce under adverse circumstances. • Comprehensive knowledge of psychology and human behaviour. A keen and rewarded psychological counsellor of Indian Army. Career Profile Chief Counselor, Army Base, Dinjan, Assam Areas of Interest • Joint and individual counseling covering 5000 families, for • HR imparting life skills to women and families on separation, marital relationships, personal growth and development. • Administration • Helped more than 50 families to settle discords and • Marketing commence amicable living. • Counselling Principal, Assam Rifle School, Nagaland • Led the school with 25 teachers and 400 students. Educational Qualification • Provided long term strategic direction and managed day to • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, day operations. Gurgaon, 2010 • Counseled and educated parents, Set new standard of • PGDPM from LBSIMDS, Lucknow registration. • Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Psychology, Kanpur University Corporate Experience (4 yrs) • Worked in sales department American Express India Ltd and • Certification with Association of Mutual Fund in ABN AMRO Bank. India (AMFI) • Led a team of 45 sales professionals. • NIS Sales Training • Met and over exceeded target. Achieved record acquisition of 450 cards in one month. e-mail Achievements • Hold the distinction of taking the Assam Rifles Public School from a loss making organization with strength of 10 teachers and 60 students to 25 teachers to a profit earning and self sustaining entity with more than 400 students in one single year. The school was rated third best in the district. • Declared the best territory sales leader in the organization. • Received student pilot license from 3 UP AIR sqn NCC Kanpur. • Selected by Service Selection Board to join as an officer in Indian Army. • Best performace award for conducting market research of P&G during graduation. Back to Index
  • 51. Vivek Panicker Career Profile • A Professional with 6 years of experience spread across various fields including Human Resource Management, General Administration, Security and Operations management. • Played a key role in implementation and execution of compensations and benefits, payroll maintenance, personnel records documentation, grievances and disciplinary issues of employees. • Led various teams into operations in hostile and alien environments including heliborne operations into far flung areas unapproachable by road in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Areas of Interest • Planned and executed administrative projects involving close coordination with several agencies. • Human Resource Management • Routinely conducted large scale operational training of • General Administration armoured columns for 8 to 12 weeks under extreme conditions in desert terrain resulting in increasing efficacy • Operations of a fighting force. • Business Development • Possess a valuable blending of leadership with passion, • Security creative and analytical abilities that combine efficiency with imagination. • Managed warehouse operations ensuring optimum inventory Educational Qualification levels, allocation and transferring of stocks and conducting • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, surprise inspections. Gurgaon, 2010 • Programme in ‘Managerial Leadership and Conflict Achievements Resolution’, IIM, Kolkatta, Jan’10 • Awarded with UN-certificate for commendable work as • Bachelor of Science, Nagpur University, Jun’ 03 part of core team of the UN mission in Congo, planned and • DISM, Aptech Computer Education, Jun’02 implemented security and administrative measures during the critical phase of presidential elections. • Specialized military courses, 2007 - 2009 • Planned and executed a cycling tour from Delhi to Nagpur • Diploma in ICV technology and combat application, (1100 km) with 80 participants including coordination with MIRC, Ahmadnagar (Pune University), 2008 multiple agencies, administration, route selection, transit camps, safety and security. e-mail • Awarded “Best in Physical Standards” certificate at middle level managerial course conducted at MIRC, Ahmadnagar. V.panicker9@gmail.Com • As Technical Officer to the Unit, assisted the Commanding Officer (CEO) in overall maintenance and operational readiness of equipment worth over 300 crores. • Led various teams in the field of sports and adventure activities and excelling at various levels. Back to Index
  • 52. Vivek Singh Career Profile • Managed a workforce of a 1000 strong, infantry battalion and responsible for discipline, training, administration, planning and co-ordination of various operations in the battalion. • Developing, managing and monitoring the performance of personnel under command and conceptualising need-based training programs to enhance their efficiency & productivity. • Designing training modules; evaluating the effectiveness of training programmes by constantly developing & implementing pre and post assessment tools. • Planning high impact operations both for conventional and counter terrorist environments. Areas of Interest • Planned and conducted numerous visits and inspections of the • Human resource Management unit by VIPs in peace and counter terrorist environments. • General Administration • Operations Achievements • Marketing • Carried out various operations in Rajouri(Jammu & Kashmir) as Ghatak platoon commander which resulted in unit winning the coveted Chief of Army Staff unit citation. Educational Qualifications • Carried out rigorous training of the unit and excelled in all professional and sports competitions resulting in unit being • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, adjudged the Best infantry battalion of the division. Gurgaon, 2010 • Excelled in small arms firing and was selected as captain of • P. G. Diploma in Business Administration (pursuing) the command Army rifle association team. from Symbiosis Centre for distance learning, Pune • As officer in charge of advance party, planned and carried • Bachelors Degree in Science (B.Sc.) from out smooth induction of battalion in high altitude and line of Delhi University, 1999 control to include coordination of movement, orientation and • Diploma in Junior level defence management from on job training of the battalion. Devi Ahilyabai University, 2009 • Planned and executed the realignment and repairs of integrated obstacle system on line of control. e-mail • Instrumental in optimising the battalion surveillance plan on the line of control which foiled numerous infiltration bids by terrorists resulting in unit being awarded with army commander northern command unit citation. • As Training company commander and Training Major in the regimental centre ,carried out training and evaluation of over 2500 recruits in the army. • As part of study group, was instrumental in revising the training of recruits in Infantry Regimental centres. • Carried out necessary recce and liaison with civil authorities and formulated a Standing Operating Procedure(SOP) for Disaster management. Back to Index
  • 53. Vidya Sagar Gandhi Career Profile • Professional Experience of 31 years. • Director at Integrated Defence Staff, Ministry of Defence To implement & review Space vision of Defence services. • Head of Defence Standardisation Cell Bangalore Defence inventory codification as per NATO system Member Secretary of two of the Standardization Sub Committees of the country. • Squadron Commander , Electronics and Electrical Installation and Maintenance. • Joint Director – Flight Safety & Aircraft Accident Investigation Board, Air HQ. Areas of Interest • Chief Technical Officer – Communication Operations Hub • Operations & Maintenance including Aviation Before filling the above appointment trained for 6 months with RF communication system(LOS & Troposcatter). • Strategy Development and Implementation • Deputy Director – Maintenance Directorate, Air HQ. • Human Resource Management • Senior Technical and Engineering Officer for Various • Quality and Standardisation Operations and Maintenance Unit. • Project/ Program Management • Aeronautical Engineering Electronics course & specialized Aircraft Maintenance courses. Educational Qualifications Achievements • Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) • Organization has given me a chance to develop Human, • Master of Engineering (Mechanical) (Guided Technical & Conceptual skills by way of training, appointments Weapons) from field level to Top Level i.e. Headquarters /Tri Services. • Certificate Course in Business Management, MDI, • Negotiated AMC for Public & Non Public Fund resulting in Gurgaon, 2010 substantial saving & additional benefits. • Our country became Tier-1 member of AC-135 committee e-mail of NATO. • Represented as a Captain of Eastern Command Badminton team during Air Force Championship & Represented Eastern Air Command in Eastern Tri services. • Utilization of 6 Feet by 3 Feet Space. Back to Index
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