ROI Marketing - AdTech NYC 2012
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ROI Marketing - AdTech NYC 2012






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ROI Marketing - AdTech NYC 2012 ROI Marketing - AdTech NYC 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • @arousta @blueliner Home7 Pillars of Digital MarketingUtilizing the 7 Pillars to integrate Social, SEM, SEO and LocalArman Rousta, CEO
  • @arousta @bluelinerThe 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing pillar 1. Content (Copy, Video, Photography, Audio) pillar 2. design UX (Branding, Web Development) pillar 3. SEO (Organic Search, Organic CSE, Onsite Search) pillar 4. digital Media (Paid Search, CPM, Affiliate, Retargeting) pillar 5. CRM (Customer Service, Email Marketing, Web Analytics) pillar 6. Social media (SMM, Online PR, Networks, Blogs, Games) pillar 7. Mobile
  • @arousta @blueliner7 Pillars of DM: 7 Dimensions Each dimension acts like a filter, that hones down the area of consideration or focus further D1. 7 Pillars D2. 7 Stages D3. 7 Levels [Skills and Experience] D4. X Industries D5. Y Markets [Markets entail Location, Language, Ethnicity, Culture and Demographics] D6. 3 Eras (or Times) D7. 4 Modes [Marketing, Creative, Technical, Innovation]
  • @arousta @blueliner7 Pillars x 7 Stages = The 49er Matrix - 30 -
  • @arousta @bluelinerHow to Build an ROI Marketing Plan • Use the 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing methodology as a framework • Realistic financial projections based on grounded marketing assumptions, including as much historical data as possible • Wizard-style questionnaire to easily collect data needed to build a business plan • Use SEO, SEM and Social research tools to get real- time data into your plan, for best case vs. other scenarios • For Marketing Executives, Business Owners and Agency Account/Campaign Managers
  • @arousta @bluelinerCase Study #1Medical – Lasik Provider
  • CRM: Segmentation. Who is Your Customer?ACTIVE BACHELOR SINGLE DAD EXECUTIVE RETIRED Client X Avatar DNA snapshot <Gerald Smith> • <39 Year-Old>/<Single>/<Male>/<lives alone>/<Orlando, FL> • <IT Programmer>/<earning $65,000/yr> • Referred By:<a friend>, <John Templeton>, who found Client X through <PPC/Google/Keyword=“hair loss restoration florida”> • Interests:<Golf, Dating, Travel>/DNA Segments:<Active, Bachelor> • Satisfaction Rating:<4/5>/Refers:<4 Leads/0 Sales>/Email:<5/10>
  • @arousta @bluelinerCRM Analytics: What is a customer worth? Revenue per Procedure: $1,000 (one-time?) Customer Lifetime Value: $2,500 These are important distinctions for Cash Flow and Enterprise Value Considerations.
  • @arousta @bluelinerCRM Analytics: Historical Data on Patient Segments.Average age – 39Income – between $50,000 and $75,000Distance from location, up to 25 miles
  • @arousta @bluelinerCRM Analytics: Age DispersionAverage age – 39 – not really the best target 4.0% 3.5% 3.0% 2.5% 2.0% 1.5% 1.0% 0.5% 0.0% 21 24 30 39 57 66 72 18 27 33 36 42 45 48 51 54 60 63 69 Age
  • @arousta @bluelinerCRM Analytics: IncomeIncome – between $50,000 and $75,000 – part of the market
  • @arousta @bluelinerCRM Analytics: Geo-LocationDistance – up to 100 miles
  • @arousta @bluelinerKeyword Research- Estimate Potential Traffic A sample set of the keywords that will be utilized for the Search Marketing campaign, both SEO and Online Advertising, as well as recent pricing on various Cost Per Click keywords. The following slide (SEO Rankings) shows how a Lasik company and two competitors size up for these keywords, from a Search Engine point of view. This type of reporting will be conducted each month to track progress.
  • @arousta @bluelinerBudgets & Projections- Goal: 6,000+ Procedures within 12-months Based on this budgetary level, we prescribe a 3-pronged approach (Internet, Traditional and Direct Marketing). 80% of fees go to Media & 3 rd party costs.
  • @arousta @bluelinerReturn On Investment (ROI) - 1- Customer Acquisition - # Patients (12-Mo) As the Lasik brand achieves recognition in the marketplace, Customer Acquisition Costs are reduced, thereby leading to a profitable year, so long as operational costs are kept at bay. The goal of 6,000+ patient procedures is feasible; however, this does not take into account competitive pricing, which will be based on product price, quality and customer service. Acquisition Cost Dropping New Patients/Mo Rising
  • @arousta @bluelinerCase Study #2Health – Weight Loss Co.
  • @arousta @bluelinerCase Study: Prospect on Google - The integration of SEO, PPC, Social Media Searches Per Month = 460,389
  • @arousta @bluelinerCase Study: Prospect on Google Searches Per Month = 460,389 Social Media + PR Collaboration -X-
  • @arousta @bluelinerCase Study: Prospect on Google - The impact of SEO (Pillar 3) Searches Per Month = 460,389 #1 #2 #3 SEO is still the holy grail for top organic search results. -X-
  • @arousta @bluelinerCase Study: Prospect on Google Paid Search compliments SEO & Social with quicker and predictable results. -X-
  • @arousta @bluelinerCase Study: Prospect on Google - Revenue Opportunity Searches Per Month = 460,389 Revenue Opportunity for Client = $250,000 + -X-
  • @arousta @bluelinerCase Study: Prospect on Google - Potential ROI This analysis is for one keyword phrase, which presents several different marketing opportunities. Monthly Statistics on "Diabetes Diet" search phrase # Searches # Clicks # Leads # Sales Revenue/Mo 460,389 13,812 1,381 345 $17,265 Revenue Assumptions Projected Long-Term Revenues Click-Through Rate 3% Annual Revenue $86,323 Clicks-to-Leads: 10% Lifetime Revenue $431,615 Leads-to-Sales: 25% Clicks-to-Sales: 3% Projected Costs Avg. Initial Order $50 Avg. Reorders/Yr: 5 Cost/Mo: $13,812 Avg. Reorders/Life: 25 Cost/Lead: $10 Cost Per Click: $1 Cost/Sale: $40
  • @arousta @bluelinerThank you for your time! Arman Rousta Chief Executive Officer US – Asia – Europe – Latin America 212.904.1240 @arousta @blueliner