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Finally... The Truth About Weight Management
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Finally... The Truth About Weight Management


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Slide show for Health and Fitness Professionals offering Weight-Management services based on sound physiological protocol

Slide show for Health and Fitness Professionals offering Weight-Management services based on sound physiological protocol

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  • 1. YOUR LOGO
  • 2. Finally... The About Weight-Management
  • 3. Why All Commercial Diets Fail Weight-Loss vs. Fat-Loss l Conventional diets emphasize weight-loss. l The key to permanent weight-management is understanding the difference between “weight-loss” and “fat-loss.”
  • 4. You Can’t Starve Fat..! Physiological FACTS l Fat is stored energy Your body will adapt to starvation l Fat requires oxygen to be burned l Oxygen requires exercise l
  • 5. Personalization is the Key To Your Success.. One Size Does NOT Fit All l People are genetically different l People live individual lifestyles Individual food preferences l Individual caloric intake requirements l
  • 6. The Big Myth... Restricted Calorie Dieting By the Numbers l 9 calories in one gram of fat 3,500 calories = 1 pound of fat l 3,000 calories = typical American daily intake l
  • 7. The Big Myth... continued
  • 8. Conventional Diets Lose Muscle... Not Fat! Faulty in Design.... The body is efficient at storing fat l Easier to convert muscle into energy l Conventional diets starve muscle l Most diets don’t include any activity - no oxygen l
  • 9. Conventional Diets Can Cause Damage! It Gets Even Worse..! Restricted calories = Starvation l Restricted calories = Compromised Immune System l Restricted calories = Agitated Nervous System l Restricted calories = Hormonal Imbalances l
  • 10. A Typical Dieter Meet Joe Dieter Age: 40 l Height: 6’ 1” l Weight: 200 lbs l Body-Fat: 24% l Daily Caloric Intake: 3,000 l Two Big Meals per day l
  • 11. Typical Dieter: 2 Weeks Restricted Calorie Protocol l Calorie intake reduced to 2,000 per day l Results: Weight drops to 190 in just 2 weeks l Symptoms: Metabolic rate declines / sluggish
  • 12. Typical Dieter: 5 Weeks “Plateau Busters Program” l Calorie intake cut to 1,500 per day l Results: Weight drops to 180 Symptoms: requires sleep / sluggish / headaches l Cravings: sugars and fat l
  • 13. Typical Dieter Results: 10 Weeks What Happened..? Results = 170 lbs after 10 weeks l Body-fat = 22% l Lost 30 lbs l Lost 2% body-fat l
  • 14. Typical Dieter: 1 Year Later It Got Worse... Age: 41 l Weight: 203 lbs l Body-fat: 32% l Calorie intake: 2,000 l
  • 15. Concept of Individuality Different Philosophies... l Old: You must conform to our program l New: Our program will conform to You
  • 16. You are Unique! Physical Characteristics Age l Body-fat l Stress l Genetics l Height l Weight l Gender l Ethnicity l
  • 17. Elements of Individuality Nutrition Exercise Supplementation * (optional)
  • 18. Nutrition Individual Mechanisms... l Calorie Requirements l Metabolism
  • 19. Nutrition Protein Carb Fat
  • 20. Exercise - American Medical Association Council on Scientific Affairs 1991
  • 21. Exercise l Aerobic exercise Anaerobic exercise l Fat requires oxygen to be burned l Oxygen results from exercise
  • 22. Why Supplement? Modern technology depletes foods through: Pesticides / Chemicals l Cooking / Heat l Modified animal feed l l Genetically altered foods
  • 23. How to Achieve Your Goals l Focus on fat-loss instead of weight loss l Discover more about how your body works l Learn more about foods - become an expert l Design a menu for YOUR body’s needs
  • 24. How to Achieve Your Goals l Retain a fitness expert l Design an exercise program around YOU l Exercise at least 4 days per week l Chart YOUR progress - every day!
  • 25. How to Achieve Your Goals l Learn about Nutritional Supplements l Take only that which you need. Food first! l Be Consistent
  • 26. How to Achieve Your Goals Take Action!
  • 27. YOUR LOGO Thank You...!