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Paroleitaliane 090531154508-phpapp01

  1. 1. Le parole italiane
  2. 2. sport
  3. 3. Alessandro del PieroBorn in 1974, del Piero plays for Juventus inTurin, in the north of Italy.Del Piero holds the goal-scoring record atJuventus, where he has scored 188 goals.He also has 91 caps for the Italian nationalteam.
  4. 4. Francesco TottiTotti was born in Rome in 1976 and hasplayed for Roma since he was in the youthteam there as a teenager. He is fiercelyproud of his home city and says he willnever leave. He has appeared for Italy 58times.
  5. 5. arte emusica
  6. 6. Luciano PavarottiProbably the most famoustenor of all time,Pavarotti was born in1935. His greatestcommercial success was‘Nessun Dorma’ which heperformed for the 1990World Cup which was heldin Italy.He died in 2007, aged 71.
  7. 7. BotticelliSandro Botticelli (1445-1510) was a famouspainter during the Renaissance period. Hismost famous painting is ‘The Birth of Venus’which can be seen in the Uffizi gallery inFlorence.
  8. 8. Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo (1452-1519) was born in the village of Vinci in Tuscany. He is probably most famous for the Mona Lisa (La Gioconda). However, as well as painting da Vinci was also a scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, sculptor, architect, musician and writer!
  9. 9. MichelangeloMichelangelo (1475-1564) is anotherfamous artist from the Renaissance period.He created a number of famous pieces,including the sculpture of David, and someof the most famous frescos (anotherItalian word!) in the history of art.
  10. 10. Madonna Madonna Ciccone (of Italian origin) is the famous American singer.However, Madonna is alsothe Italian term for theVirgin Mary.
  11. 11. Andrea BocelliBocelli is a famousItalian tenor whohas appeared inconcerts all aroundthe world. He wasborn with problemswith his sight, andbecame completelyblind aged 12, afteran accident whenplaying football.
  12. 12. vivace‘vivace’ literally means quick or lively.It is used as a musical term to indicatethat a piece of music should be playedin a lively mood.
  13. 13. operaThe art form of opera began in Italy atthe end of the 16th century. Manyfamous works of opera were written inItalian, by composers such as Mozart,Puccini and Verdi.
  14. 14. sopranoThe soprano is usually thehighest range of femalevoice(s) in an opera orchoral piece.
  15. 15. cibo
  16. 16. lasagne A dish from the Emilia- Romagna area of Northern Italy, lasagne usually consists of layers of pasta with meat sauce (known as ragù in Italian), tomato sauce, bechamel sauce and mozzarella.
  17. 17. gelato This famous dessert is thought to have originated in Sicily, an island in the south of Italy.
  18. 18. pastaThere are approximately350 different shapes ofpasta and each area ofItaly has its ownspecialities.
  19. 19. macaroniCorrectly spelt maccheroni in Italian, theseare a different shape in Italy to the smalltubes we have here. Also, macaroni cheeseis very much a British invention - I’ve nevermet an Italian who has heard of it!
  20. 20. spaghettiLong, thin strips of pasta which are eatenall over Italy. The famous spaghettibolognese is known as spaghetti con ragù inItalian and is from Bologna (hence theEnglish name!).
  21. 21. pizza It is thought (although often debated) that pizza originated in Naples, in Southern Italy.
  22. 22. paninoThe word paniniwhich we now use tomean a toastedsandwich in Englishjust means filledrolls. In Italy youwould ask for apanino.
  23. 23. bevande
  24. 24. ChiantiProbably the most famous Italian wine, thisred wine is produced in Tuscany to thesouth of Florence.
  25. 25. Asti SpumanteAn Italian (cheaper) version of Frenchchampagne which Italians drink atcelebrations - New Year, weddings, etc.Asti is town in the North of Italy wherethis wine is produced.
  26. 26. Amaretto A sweet almond liqueur, most famous here for its use in cakes and desserts.
  27. 27. cappuccinoAn espresso topped with frothy milk, andoccasionally chocolate powder. Thecappuccino is said to be named after thewhite hood (cappuccio) on the robes ofmonks.Be warned - if you just ask for a caffé inItaly you will be given an espresso!
  28. 28. cinema
  29. 29. Roberto Benigni A famous actor and director from Tuscany, Benigni’s most famous film is La vita è bella (Life is Beautiful), which won him 3 Academy Awards.
  30. 30. Sofia LorenSofia Loren was oneof the most famousItalian actresses inthe 1950s and1960s.
  31. 31. moda
  32. 32. GucciFounded by GuccioGucci (yes, really) in1921, Gucci is nowone of the mostfamous Italianfashion brands.
  33. 33. Dolce e Gabbana Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana started their famous fashion label in 1985.
  34. 34. Gianni VersaceOne of the mostinfluentialdesigners of the80s and 90s,Gianni was killedin 1997. Versaceis now run by hissister Donatella.
  35. 35. Giorgio Armani Now 74, Armani has built a fashion empire now worth an estimated 1.69 billion dollars.
  36. 36. turismo
  37. 37. PisaPisa is a town near theTuscan coast. It is mostfamous for the Piazza deiMiracoli where you’ll findthe famous Torrependente (leaning tower).
  38. 38. VaticanoThe Vatican is actually a separate statewithin a walled enclave in Rome. It is theheadquarters of the Catholic church andofficial documents are issued mainly in Latin.
  39. 39. RomaLa città eternawas founded in753 BC. As Italy’scapital city, Romenow has apopulation ofapproximately 2.7million.
  40. 40. Venezia Venice is made up of 118 islands spread across a lagoon. In recent times, Venice has suffered from a number of floods and experts agree that the city is actually sinking.
  41. 41. trasporto
  42. 42. Alfa RomeoThis famous car manufacturer was foundedin Milan in 1910. Among other things, Alfaprovide all of the cars to Italy’s carabinierior police force.
  43. 43. FerrariFounded by EnzoFerrari in the 1920s,Ferrari are now asfamous for theirFormula 1 successes asthey are for theirluxury sports cars.
  44. 44. gondolaA traditional Venetian rowing boat,gondolas were originally a form of publictransport. The are now used morefrequently as a luxury treat by tourists.