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County background check

  1. 1. County Background CheckBackground checks are becoming more and more common amongst employers,businesses, loan officers and other organizations. Background checks help people ensurethe safety and security of their employers, members, and society as a whole. They also helpprofessionals make decisions about whether or not they want to extend privileges to certainindividuals. With background checks now becoming routine, it is important to verse yourselfin everything that goes into a background check. Here we have provided a list of resourcesfor you to check out:Accurate Background Check: It is important to realize that, like credit reports, backgroundchecks can contain inaccurate information. This is especially problematic because, unlikewith credit reports, there is no central clearing house of information where inaccuracies canbe contested. You will likely have no way of knowing the background check agency beingused by the employer, which makes the situation even worse. Still, there are a few stepseveryone should take to help ensure the background check is accurate.Background and Credit Check: When you are applying for a job, it may surprise you tolearn that the employer will require a background check. How in-depth an investigation isdepends on the hiring company and what they are willing to pay. Employers can pull yourcredit report for any type of position ranging from entry-level mailroom employees to CEOs.Background Check: Background checks are common practice amongst employers,organizations and associations looking to ensure the safety and security of their employers,members, and society as a whole. A screening process prior to employment or acceptanceinto a social group safeguards against potential risks posed by less-than-honorableindividuals by delving into public and private records, which may include: past employmenthistory, credit information, criminal history and sex offender history.Background Check California: California has instituted an automatic system to runbackground checks on people involved with certain types of public safety. The CaliforniaHealth and Safety Code requires Social Services applicants, community care residents, and
  2. 2. volunteers to undergo instant background checks. The Justice Department, whichadministers the automatic program, also requires checks on employees.Background Check Companies: Employers utilize background checks as a way to followup on applications and ensure that employees are who they appear to be. Big companiesaren’t the only ones who can benefit from using background check services, however.People who are hiring childcare workers, individuals who are looking for business partnersand small businesses all need the services of a background check.Background Check Employment: There are several careers where a background check isa standard part of employment consideration. Designed to protect people and provide anadditional layer of security against theft, background checks are becoming increasinglycommon. If you are looking for work, here are some of the jobs where you can expect toundergo a background check.Background Check Florida: Florida House Bill H0775 protects employers from litigationliability for negligence when they follow recommended screening procedures before hiringemployees. If routine background checks fail to disclose negative information about anapplicant, then companies enjoy protection from liability due to hiring negligence. The stepsemployers must follow constitute taking reasonable legal care.Background Check Form: In order for a potential employer to obtain a background checkon a job candidate, the company needs to have the candidate’s written consent. Writtenconsent is usually presented to the candidate in document form. The form contains a pre-written authorization paragraph with a signature line for the candidate. The candidate signsand dates the form to authorize the company to perform a background check on them.Background Check Free: When proceeding with a background check, the first inclinationis to find out what is available for free. When conducting a search through a search engineand using the phrase “free background check,” the results will produce millions of results.The problem is that the majority of the background checks are not free.
  3. 3. Background Check Online: Whether hiring an employee or assessing a potential date,sometimes you want some additional information about a person to make sure they’re whothey appear to be. Although numerous background check companies exist to provide thisinformation, sometimes it makes more sense to do some sleuthing on your own first. Theinternet has made it easier than ever to get information about people.Background Check Reviews: Background searches offer effective ways to protect yourproperty, business, and family members from the consequences of dealing with criminals,pedophiles or violent people. Background checks have replaced the classic practice ofcalling references that often failed to provide accurate, unbiased information. Choosing theright background check company can meet your needs and offers flexible options forcustom reports.Background Check Services: Consumers can order a single inquiry or buy a membershipthat entitles them to multiple checks. The price depends on the company, type of check,and whether an individual has a membership. Some checks only use computers, but manycompanies employ qualified investigators to supervise the gathering of data. Informationincluded in background checks depends on the investigating company’s internal policy andthe level of service customers select.Background Check Texas: Background checks prove necessary because people lie,misrepresent, and exaggerate. Often, these fabrications can pose safety risks for familymembers, associates, workers, or businesses. Texas law allows individuals and companiesto outsource background checks to outside companies or conduct these inquiriespersonally. Texas public records remain open to public scrutiny, and determined individualscould conduct research on their own.Background Check Websites: Whether the background check is performed for thepurpose of hiring new employees or it is a personal matter, finding a reliable website is notalways a simple task. Understanding the characteristics of a reliable website is the first stepof ensuring that the information provided is true, accurate and updated.
  4. 4. Background Checks: While many background check websites will have complicatedprocesses for removing personal information, others require nothing more than contactingthe company and opting out of the service. Opting out will differ slightly between companies,but usually it requires sending an email or calling the phone number to obtain help.Background Checks on People: The importance of background checks are stressed nowmore than ever. Both the benefits of them and failure to perform them have receivedsubstantial media coverage as stories about overlooked offenders surface again and againin the news. Here are some notable cases involving individuals who evaded backgroundchecks or suffered harsh consequences due to the revelation of their negative backgrounds.Background Information: International background checks are more difficult to obtain thanone done in the United States. Laws and regulations pertaining to record keeping differ fromjurisdiction to jurisdiction. The information allowable for release and the required paperworkfor obtaining background records vary from city to city. While international backgroundchecks are not foolproof, offenses committed by people in their past have a tendency torepeat themselves.Background Investigation: Background investigation capabilities have grown moresophisticated, thorough, inexpensive, and common. The increase in popularity ofbackground checks for making hiring decisions has drawn mounting criticism from socialservices agencies, minorities, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).Background Screening: A company that is planning to start hiring must work out aneffective screening process for potential employees. The background screening processshould always include the same information for all employees applying for the sameposition. By ensuring the process is organized and developed before hiring, the risk ofdiscrimination charges is eliminated.Background Screening Companies: Conducting a background check on an individual isoften a necessary part of a hiring process for any employer. The problem is that so many
  5. 5. screening companies offer services and finding the best company will require researchingthe business. Despite the time required for research, looking up specific information on thecompany will make a difference between working with the best services and gettingpotentially inaccurate results.Background Search: Growing criticism about criminal records checks and pre-employmentscreenings has influenced legislative remedies in some states. The trends of stategovernments offer contradictory signals at best. Many states limit employment screeningsfor general employers while increasing the demand for checks of job applicants in sensitivepositions.Background Searches: Background searches and checks are becoming more prevalent inthe workplace in part because of high profile, newsworthy events. One such event was thediscovery that Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson had lied on his resume. In early May 2012,Dan Loeb, a Yahoo! shareholder, vetted Scott Thompson by checking on Thompson’sclaims on his resume.Best Background Check: With so many services, advertisements and options available,getting a background check performed on any individual can seem like a complicated task.Getting the best background check will take a little time and effort, but ultimately havingaccurate information will make important decisions much easier for employers andprofessionals.Check Background: Advances in technology, expanded databases, and seamless wirelessconnections have revolutionized the background screening industry, making it moreaffordable and responsive to customer needs. Outsourcing background checks to third partyinvestigators ran $200 or more for basic screenings just a few years ago. Advancedinvestigations for sensitive positions ran considerably higher.Complete Background Check: Performing a complete background check is not always anecessity for employers or individuals. In many situations, a partial background check into
  6. 6. one or two particular categories is enough. While it is not always necessary to perform acomplete check, some situations warrant taking that extra time to find out everythingavailable about an individual.Consumer Report: Most states follow the dictates of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA),providing a measure of uniformity regarding the types of consumer reports that potentialemployers can use and the ways they may use the information they discover. Eight statesimpose stricter standards, however. Those states are California, Maine, Massachusetts,Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, and Washington.CORI: Massachusetts maintains a criminal records database unparalleled in scope. TheMassachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) details state residents’criminal history, court appearances, and dispositions. Information appears on allappearances in the state for either federal or state courts.Criminal Background Check: Since the terrorist attacks of 2001, employers haveincreasingly relied on criminal background checks to screen potential hires and vet currentemployees for promotion or retention. This created several problems. The most glaring wasuncovered in the National Consumer Law Center’s report “Broken Records,” which foundmismatched identities and violations of the FCRA to be regular occurrences. Rapid growthin the number of background check agencies and continuing problems has led states topass legislation both monitoring and expanding upon FCRA requirements.Criminal History Check: In large part, the extent of any criminal history background checkdepends on the type of organization that orders the investigation. A retailer’s criminal historycheck may be much more abbreviated than that which a health care organization requires.The decision to conduct a more extensive investigation than the law requires for specificpositions rests with individual organizations. Every organization must meet minimumstandards for covered positions, however.
  7. 7. Employee Background Check: Employers have many tools at their disposal to weed outquestionable employees, but all the information obtained is not permissible by law to use inthe hiring process. Employers who are not familiar with hiring practices often overstep theirbounds. The majority of employers are going to use all the information they have on anapplicant to make a hiring determination. Once a potential employer knows negativeinformation, it is difficult not to consider it.Employment Background Check: In this age of stiff competition, tight profit margins andnegligent hiring liabilities, you must be extremely cautious and vigilant about the people youadd to your team. A background check is a small expense, and it becomes more attractivewhen you consider the hidden costs associated with hiring someone who is unqualified,unstable or even dangerous. A smart investment in your business, employers shouldconduct background checks on every person they are considering adding to the team.Employment Background Screening: According to a study conducted by the ADP’sScreening and Selection Services, 41% of applicants who received educational,employment, and credential checks provided information that failed to match what thesource reported. Whether it’s why they left a job or where they went to school, far too manyof us are misleading our employers to get or keep our jobs.Employment Screening: Hiring new employees often requires looking into the backgroundof applicants to determine if they are qualified for the position. While many employers run abackground check on potential workers, screening is a delicate process that requires carefulhandling to avoid discrimination or negligent hiring claims. Keeping a few tips in mind willensure that federal and state laws are properly followed while potential problems areminimized.Employment Verification: A standard question on most job applications, many companieswant to know if they can contact your former employer. The question is easy to answer ifyou left on good terms, but it can get sticky if you were fired or had conflicts with a
  8. 8. supervisor. Whether you left on great terms or less than favorable conditions, you shouldknow what can and cannot be said about you as part of a background check.Fair Credit Reporting Act: In 2005, the Federal Trade Commission enacted a set ofprotections for employees and other consumers outlined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act.The FDRA covers all types of consumer reports, including credit reports from the centralagencies, criminal background checks from relevant law enforcement agencies, andcompiled reports ordered from CRAs. Employers need to be aware of FCRA regulations forcompliance purposes.FBI Criminal Background Check: The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background CheckSystem (NICS) was created to provide an efficient way to check the criminal backgroundsfor those seeking to purchase firearms or explosives. The NICS system is utilized byFederal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) to check to see if an individual attempting to purchase afirearm or explosives is ineligible to purchase the items. In the past 10 years, more than 100million checks have been performed, and approximately 700,000 denials have beenprocessed.Free Background Check: Getting a background check performed on any individual is alegal right. Employers frequently run a background check on potential employees to avoidproblems that might occur as a result of criminal history. With so many services offering freeand pay-for options, understanding the key differences and what is included in the freeservices will determine which option is best for the situation.Government Background Check: State, federal, and local government employment havealways required background checks, even for nonpolitical jobs such as working at the U.S.Post Office. The federal government conducts its own screenings for key positions, butstandard background sources of information provide universal data that private screeningcompanies or government sources use in their investigations.
  9. 9. How To Do a Background Check: American citizens and employers are within their rightsto run a background check on any individual. While it might seem tempting to use one of themany websites or services available to look up information, it is not a necessity. It ispossible to conduct a background check personally and save on finding out information.Instant Background Check: Background checks are not an instant service and consumersneed to use caution when seeking a legitimate service. The biggest red flag to look for is thepromise of instant or fast results because many records are not possible to obtain within afew hours to one day.International Background Check: The rise of global marketing means that companiesmust often establish foreign branch offices or deal with foreign customers and companiesregularly. Finding the best talent might require a global search or hiring a local manager tofacilitate business. Foreign background checks might be more critical than ever forcompanies operating blindly in unfamiliar territories. Companies need to conduct foreignbackground screenings that comply with local customs, laws, and traditions. The rules coulddiffer substantially from U.S. behavioral standards.Job Background Check: Along with criminal history, other pertinent information includedcan alert potential employers to an employee or applicant’s negative history. Employerslearn to spot repetitive patterns that have an adverse influence on an employee’sperformance in the workplace. An employer must obtain signed permission of the applicantbefore doing any kind of background check. Employers can choose the type of backgroundcheck they prefer, and should be aware that the information contained in backgroundchecks vary from state to state.Nanny Background Check: Babysitters don’t come with neon signs on their foreheadsidentifying them as potentially dangerous. Many are actually quite charming, making it easyfor them to gain your trust and unsupervised access to your children. Taking the time to doa background check will help you eliminate candidates with questionable pasts or a historyof frightening decisions.
  10. 10. National Background Check: The National Instant Background Check System (NICS)compiles information from many sources including federal, state, and local criminal recordschecks and governmental mental health services. This comprehensive information is usedto make decisions about whether federally licensed dealers can sell firearms to applicants.Nationwide Background Check: Background checks have become extraordinarilycommon. Private individuals investigate their neighbors, love interests, and businessassociates. Employers order background screenings to reduce their risk of negligencelawsuits, address violence in the workplace, limit the number of dishonest employees, andidentify the most qualified candidates for jobs.Online Background Check: A thorough but moderate background check can take severalweeks or even months when conducted using traditional routes. Most organizationschecking the background of a promising job candidate prefer not to wait that long, however.A promising job candidate can choose to accept an employment offer from anothercompany in the time that those traditional background checks require. It can be tempting toskip the background check process at times, but few companies are willing to take on therisk of that move.People Search: Suppose you lost contact with a relative, friend or someone else dear toyou and wish to identify their whereabouts so you can contact them. An online peoplesearch will enable you to obtain vital information about a person’s current location from aname or previous address. Landlords and managers also benefit from conducting onlinepeople searches because they reveal vital information that can make or break applicationapproval.Personal Background Check: Background checks are regularly performed to verify theidentities and check the histories of prospective tenants and employees. Some informationis a matter of public record and may be checked by anyone. However, there is a great dealof personal information that is confidential and cannot be released without the consent ofthe individual.
  11. 11. Tenant Background Check: Background checks are becoming common practice for manyemployers. Available to individuals, it’s also recommended that you perform backgroundchecks for nannies. Property owners should also invest in background checks on theirpotential tenants. It’s a small expense that can spare a great deal of misery, damage andliability down the road.Tenant Screening: For landlords, property managers and investors who rent property totenants, selecting good tenants to rent the property is essential to the financial success ofthe rental. Good tenants will take care of the property and ensure that the rent is paid ontime and in full. On the other hand, questionable tenants may damage property, pay rentlate or not at all.