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    OS - Thread OS - Thread Presentation Transcript

    • Threads Organized By: Vinay Arora Assistant Professor CSED, TU Vinay Arora CSED
    • Disclaimer This is NOT A COPYRIGHT MATERIAL Content has been taken mainly from the following books: Operating Systems Concepts By Silberschatz & Galvin,Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles By William Stallings www.os-book.com www.cs.jhu.edu/~yairamir/cs418/os2/sld001.htm www.personal.kent.edu/~rmuhamma/OpSystems/os.html http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms685096(VS.85).aspxhttp://www.computer.howsttuffworks.com/operating-system6.htm http://williamstallings.com/OS/Animations.html Etc… Vinay Arora CSED
    • Thread Application - Set of Multiple Processes Process – An Executable File (.exe) Each PROCESS has its own Address Space, CPU Quota, Access to Hardware Resources and Kernel Resources THREAD – Function Present within Executable File Each THREAD has its own PC, Stack , Registers Vinay Arora CSED
    • Process Thread View Vinay Arora CSED
    • Process View Vinay Arora CSED
    • Thread View Vinay Arora CSED
    • Processes & Threads Vinay Arora CSED
    • User Space & Kernel Space Vinay Arora CSED
    • Multicore Programming Multi-Core Systems putting pressure on programmers, challenges include Dividing activities Balance Data splitting Data dependency Testing and debugging Vinay Arora CSED
    • Concurrent Execution on a Single-core System Vinay Arora CSED
    • Concurrent Execution on a Multi-core System Vinay Arora CSED
    • Pure User Level Vinay Arora CSED
    • Pure Kernel Level Vinay Arora CSED
    • Combined Vinay Arora CSED
    • Combined Threads Vinay Arora CSED
    • Single & Multi Threaded Process Vinay Arora CSED
    • Benefits Responsiveness Resource Sharing Economy Utilization of MP Architectures Vinay Arora CSED
    • User Thread & Kernel Thread User Thread - Thread Management done by User-Level Threads Library Kernel Thread - Supported by the KERNEL Examples Windows XP/2000 Solaris Linux Tru64 UNIX Mac OS X Vinay Arora CSED
    • Thread Library Three Primary Thread Libraries: Java Threads Pthreads Win32 Threads Vinay Arora CSED
    • Multi Threading Models Many-to-One One-to-One Many-to-Many Vinay Arora CSED
    • Many-to-One Model Many User-Level Threads mapped to Single Kernel Thread Examples: Solaris Green Threads Vinay Arora CSED
    • One-to-One Model Each User-Level Thread maps to KERNEL THREAD Examples Linux Solaris 9 and later Windows NT/XP/2000 Vinay Arora CSED
    • Many-to-Many Model Allows many User Level Threads to be mapped to many Kernel Threads Allows the Operating System to create a sufficient number of Kernel Threads Windows NT/2000 Vinay Arora CSED
    • Thnx… Vinay Arora CSED