Sas demo v1.0


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This is a brief presentation of the Students Administration System by UWT.

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Sas demo v1.0

  1. 1. Web based system designed for primary, senior schools and colleges
  2. 2. OVERVIEW OF FEATURES Student Admissions Teacher Management Attendance & Timetable Students & Parents Login Report Card & Grades Fees & Billing
  3. 3. BASIC SETUP • Set up Notice Board • Academic Year , Semester etc. • Calendar • Periods • Programs/Courses
  4. 4. Enter the basic settings of the system- namely, periods, timings, calendar, academic year, semester, program, courses etc.
  5. 5. A kind of digital notice board, used to enter instructions to be given to teachers, students, parents etc. It will be visible to them at the time of login
  6. 6. Indicate the academic year-starting and ending months of the year, decide on semester, quarters, exams schedules etc.
  7. 7. Declare the working and non working days. Enlist and upcoming planned events, holidays etc. These will be visible as alerts to the users at the time of login.
  8. 8. Decide on the class timings and duration
  9. 9. Enter the details of the courses, sections etc.
  10. 10. Enter the different courses. Option to divide them between groups, sections etc. Schedules the classes of different subjects.
  11. 11. STUDENTS SETUP • Add Students • Edit Students Info • Admission Report • Print Letters
  12. 12. Enter the complete details of the student, contacts, qualifications class etc. The complete admission form is created.
  13. 13. Access the admission form anytime to update the student records
  14. 14. Students Admission Report-easily export to Excel Sheet
  15. 15. USERS SETUP • Add and Manage Users • Manage Permissions of Students, Parents Teachers, Administrator etc. • Manage and Create Profiles
  16. 16. Section to add a new user and manage username, passwords etc.
  17. 17. Section to manage the permissions to different roles- Admin, Teacher, Students, Parent etc.
  18. 18. SCHEDULING & TIMETABLE SETUP • Schedule Students to Classes • Group Admit and Drop Students from Classes • Generate Timetable • Print Class Lists
  19. 19. Assign group of students to different classes and periods
  20. 20. Generate Time Tables, Class Lists etc
  21. 21. GRADES & REPORT CARD • Input Final Grades • Input Assignment Grades, Interim Semester Results • Generate Report Cards and Transcripts • Generate Reports: • Students Grade Breakdown • Class Rank List • Teacher Completion
  22. 22. Assign Grades & Percentage. Input Comments to be part of Report Card. Include performance in semester, quarter, assignments etc.
  23. 23. Generate Report Cards & Transcripts- with grades input earlier
  24. 24. Comprehensive Reports available Teachers not entered grades Teachers performance- number of first, second etc. Students performance in a class
  25. 25. ATTENDANCE • Take Attendance • Manage Missing Attendance • Generate Reports: • Students Attendance History • Detailed Attendance by Class, Period, Semester • Average Attendance • Teacher Completion
  26. 26. Take Attendance for any period. Enter Comments. Export to Excel for archive
  27. 27. Comprehensive Reports available Class Attendance Report Report on Teachers not taken attendance
  28. 28. BILLING & FEES MANAGEMENT • Accept Fees Individually, Bulk • Accept in installments, by year, semester, quarter etc. • Manage Sponsored Fees and Grants • Generate Reports: • Students Payment History • Fees Default Report • Daily Collections Report
  29. 29. Accept fees from students. Different types of fees, installments, mode of payments etc.
  30. 30. Comprehensive Reports available Fees Collections Report for any time period Export to Excel for further analysis Acknowledgement Receipt given to Student
  31. 31. Student Statement Report-giving the detailed history of all payments received and the dues pending
  32. 32. KEY BENEFITS OF UNO SAS Web based-access anytime, anywhere Gain Financial Control User Friendly-Extremely easy to use Open Source Software- minimal software and hardware Remote Management- Control all functions from your PC Lowest TCO-1/4thcost of comparable software
  33. 33. THANK YOU!! For Further Details, Please Contact: