Essential Oils 101

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A One to One Presentation on the benefits of essential oils

A One to One Presentation on the benefits of essential oils

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  • 1. Essential Oils 101
  • 2. Leaves  Respiratory conditions  Perspective  Focus  Perception Eucalyptus, Pine, Niaouli, Tea Tree, Ravensara
  • 3. EUCALYPTUS • Antiseptic • Decongestant • Anti-viral. • Dispels melancholy and revive the spirits, working to restore both vitality and a positive outlook.
  • 4. CYPRESS • Astringent (supports eliminating excessive fluids) • Vasoconstrictor (hemorrhoids, varicose veins) • Deodorant • A great oil for times of grief and difficult transitions. Soothing and positive. • Protective, Righteous, Wise, Direction, Patient, Trustworthy,
  • 5. NIAOULI • Bactericidal, anti-viral • Immune tonic • Supports respiratory and digestive system • Promotes circulation, antirheumatic • Balsamic
  • 6. TEA TREE • A necessity in your medicine cabinet; • Extremely effective against bacteria, fungus, yeast, and many other microbial infections • Restrains Infection • Promotes tissue repair: shingles, herpes, warts, cuts wounds • Restrains infections of the mouth, gums and teeth
  • 7. RAVENSARA • Restoring • Benefits the skin, promotes tissue repair: shingles, herpes, warts, athlete's foot • Strong immune support • Nervous debility, melancholy • Benefits the sinews: muscular stiffness- aching
  • 8. Spices  Digestive Warming Improve circulation Gracious Seductive Practical Fennel, Cardamom, Ginger, Cinnamon
  • 9. CARDAMOM • Warms the body • Aids all pulmonary infections • Creates an appetite for life • Aids concentration • Soothes digestion • Evokes enthusiasm. Is encouraging “Whenever we feel deprived of opportunity or generosity… Cardamom oil reminds us of life’s true abundance…” - Gabriel Mojay, Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit.
  • 10. GINGER • Analgesic • Antispasmodic. • Eases colds and flu • Assists with nausea, motion sickness, morning sickness (put a couple of drops on a tissue and breathe) • Useful with muscle aches and pains • Stimulates circulation • Soothes arthritic pain
  • 11. FENNEL • Stimulating • Revitalizing • Restorative • Eases the digestive system • Appetite suppressant • Diuretic. • Clearing, Resolute, Enlightened, Encouraging
  • 12. Woods Nervous System Chronic Conditions Calming Motivating Persistent Stability Palo Santo, Cedarwood, Rosewood, Sandalwood
  • 13. PALO SANTO • Anti-inflammatory for muscles and joints • Decongestant, reduces nasal mucus production and swelling • Nervous system tonic. Sedative
  • 14. CEDARWOOD ATLAS • Promotes rest and ease from nervous tension • Produces a calm, meditative state of mind • Stimulates circulation and metabolism. • Stimulates excess moisture and fat in tissue
  • 15. FRANKINCENSE • Astringent • Sedative • Immune tonic • Pain relieving • Assists in regenerating tissue • Increases awareness and understanding and promotes welcoming atmosphere.
  • 16. Flowers Attractive Beautiful Passionate Confident Sensitive Feminine Clary Sage, Lavender, Geranium, Ylang Ylang
  • 17. YLANG YLANG • Reduces stress and tension • Helps to relieve feelings of frustration, anger and depression. • Great aphrodisiac and sleeping aid • The perfect aroma for the bedroom
  • 18. CLARY SAGE • Helps with nervous tension • Soothing • Relaxing, warming • Assists with PMS • Anti-inflammatory • Balancing for any feminine condition
  • 19. LAVENDER • Analgesic • Antidepressant • Antiseptic • Antispasmodic • Cicatrizing • Diuretic • Sedative, Relaxing
  • 20. GERANIUM, ROSE • Uplifting, balancing • Astringent, tonic • Improves circulation • Calms agitation and eases frustration and irritability • Feminine
  • 21. Citrus Joyful Lymphatic Happy Circulation Digestion Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon, Litsea Cubeba, Orange, Mandarin
  • 22. MANDARIN • Promotes rest and digestion • It is diuretic and tonic • Wonderful for restless sleep • “The children’s remedy” • Safe for babies and pregnant women
  • 23. ORANGE • Uplifting • Comforting • Detoxifying • Digestive • Helps to eliminate emotional confusion and increase one’s sense of humor and well-being
  • 24. LEMON • Antiseptic and anti- bacterial • Stimulates the immune system • Helps to eliminate emotional confusion and increase one’s sense of humor and well-being.
  • 25. MAY CHANG • Refreshing • Rejuvenating • Stimulating and balancing • Inspires an opening to allow fresh energy
  • 26. HOW TO USE Aromatherapy Diffuser/Burner For mood enhancement and upliftment. It disinfects the air. Fill bowl with water, add 5-15 drops of essential oil, light candle and enjoy.
  • 27. HOW TO USE STEAM INHALATION Add about 3 drops of essential oil blend to a bowl of warm water and inhale for around 10 minutes to ease blocked sinuses, chest complaints and colds. Close eyes and cover head with towel. Care should be taken to ensure not to burn with water or steam.
  • 28. HOW TO USE QUICK INHALATION Place 3-4 drops of essential oil on a tissue. Place under nose and inhale. Great for a quick calming or energizing effect.
  • 29. HOW TO USE PILLOW For a better sleep, put 4 drops of Essential Oil on a cotton pad and tuck it under the pillow case. For a deep and restful sleep: SERENO Sleep Time Essential Oil
  • 30. HOW TO USE HUMIDIFIER An effective method of use with a sick child. Add 10 drops of chosen essential oil to water, run overnight. Note, there’s a slight risk essential oils may damage a humidifier
  • 31. HOW TO USE COMPRESSES Useful to allow essential oils to penetrate in a particular area of the body. Helps ease pain from strained muscles, menstrual or stomach cramps. Mix 5 drops of essential oil(s) and 1 tablespoon salt in an empty bowl Fill bowl with hot or cold water, soak a piece of cloth, wring it out and cover the affected area. Repeat this process for 5 to 15 minutes, as needed.
  • 32. HOW TO USE BATHS One of the most important and effective forms of treatment in aromatherapy. Especially beneficial for stress, insomnia and tired, sore muscles. Fill bath with warm water, add ¼ cup of the Andean Bath Soak of choice. Let the tension melt! You can also mix a total of 10 drops of essential oil with ½ cup unscented salt.
  • 33. HOW TO USE FOOTBATH Essential oils are absorbed quickly by the skin on the soles of the feet. Very effective method for colds, insomnia and circulation problems. Fill foot pan with warm water, add 1 tablespoon of Andean Bath Soak of choice. Place feet up to ankles in hot water for 20 minutes before going to bed. Mix a total of 10 drops essential oil with 1 teaspoon sea salt and add it to the water.
  • 34. HOW TO USE SITZBATH A bath in which only the pelvis and abdominal area are placed in water with the upper body, arms, legs, and feet out of the water. The water can be warm or cool. Invaluable in lessening discomfort associated with any painful condition in pelvic area like cystitis, hemorrhoids, vaginal discharge or stitches after childbirth. Mix 4 drops of essential oil or oil blend with 1 teaspoon of sea salt. Run a bath with warm (not hot) water to the level of hips, add the salt/essential oil mixture and sit for 10 minutes.
  • 35. HOW TO USE GARGLES Very effective for sore throats, respiratory problems and loss of voice. In an empty glass mix ½ teaspoon salt with 6 drops of RESPIRO Immune Support, RESPIRO Allergy Calm, Niaouli or Tea Tree essential oil. Add the juice of one lemon and ½ cup warm water. Stir well, gargle and spit it out. Gargle twice daily
  • 36. HOW TO USE MASSAGE WITH CARRIER OILS This therapy combines the healing powers of touch with the soothing properties of essential oils working on the mind, body and emotions. Combine 3 drops of essential oil with 1 teaspoon of carrier oil. _______ ml ÷ 2 = ______ drops Example: 120ml ÷ 2 = 60 drops 1ml = 20 drops