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Kolling Foundation Newsletter October 2012

  1. 1. Research for Better HealthKOLLING CONNECTIONNewsletter | October 2012 Treatment to combat chronic nerve medication, allowed Steve to get his pain under control and start thinking about his life again. During pain offers hope this time Steve also enrolled in the ADAPT program. This intensive three week program, led by Prof Michael After sustaining a lower back injury at work, Steve Nicholas, aims to reduce reliance on pain medication, Archibald had to cope with severe chronic pain every help with mood and sleep disturbances and rehabilitate day. However, after enrolling in a program through the participants so they can return to work and resume their Pain Management Research Institute (PMRI), a division normal lives. of the Kolling Institute, Steve has been given a new lease on life. He now has the tools to manage his pain “The ADAPT program gave me the tools to manage my and get his life back on track. pain from day to day. Pain management and pain relief are two separate things. I’m not cured, however I feel I One in five Australians will suffer chronic pain in can manage the really bad days thanks to the program,” their lifetime and up to 80 per cent of people living Steve said. with chronic pain are missing out on treatment that could improve their health and quality of life. Chronic Since completing the ADAPT program Steve has been pain is classified as severe pain that occurs daily and able to move forward with his life. His mood and continues for more than three months, even after the motivation have improved significantly and his daily patient has healed from an injury, surgery or another activities have increased. He’s also well on the way to condition. changing his career path by attending university. Not only does chronic pain affect patients physically “My ability to concentrate for long periods of time and but it can often have much more damaging effects motivation required for university is a direct result of the on their mental health due to loss of purpose and treatment I received at the PMRI. There is a future for motivation. Almost a third of adults with chronic people with chronic pain,” says Steve. pain experience high levels of psychological distress and one in five chronic pain sufferers experience For more information about the ADAPT program visit depression or other mood disorders. www.sydney.edu.au/medicine/pmri/patient-services/ adapt/index.php With a career spanning more than 14 years as a Petty Officer Clearance Diver in the Royal Australian Navy To help people like Steve please make a donation at and also serving in the Army Special Forces, Steve’s www.kolling.com.au job was his life. Following his injury he was told he couldn’t resume his career. Up to 80% of “My chronic pain completely changed my life. Day to people living day I was in severe pain and I lost my job,” he said. “I had exhausted almost all avenues to relieve my with chronic pain. I succumbed to a life of high doses of pain pain are medications and this was not the answer.” missing out on During the three years since the injury, Steve had treatment that undergone various surgeries and treatments including could improve opioid medications, anti-depressants and sleep their health medication. This had a huge affect on his mental health and he became withdrawn and removed from and quality of daily life. life. - National Pain After being referred to the PMRI Steve’s life started to turn around. His treatment began with the installation Strategy, 2010 of a spinal cord stimulator, which he found very beneficial. The stimulator, used in conjunction with Steve Archibald’s life is back on track. KOLLING FOUNDATION | ABN 83 128 360 174 | Registered Charity Number 15752 Level 12 Kolling Building, Royal North Shore Hospital, Reserve Rd, St Leonards NSW 2065 OCTOBER 2012 1 Ph 1300 KOLLING (1300 565 546) | Fax 02 9926 5928 | foundation@kolling.com.au | www.kolling.com.au
  2. 2. From the CEO on our behalf with all of these hats on and ensured that our research is better understood by the general community. We are delighted to have Sheryl Taylor from Network Ten as a guest MC for the Kolling Knowledge series and we hope to encourage many others to join our team in 2013. As we draw to the end of this year we enter a wonderful, exciting new phase with the opening of the NEW Royal North Shore Hospital. The link bridge between the Kolling building and the new hospital is symbolic and meaningful for researchers and clinicians alike, as together we aim to use our work in the lab to improve treatments for patients at the north shore’s largest teaching hospital. Welcome to the October issue of Kolling Connection. How do we define research and share our story? We are grateful to all our supporters for your ongoing Increasing our knowledge by proving and disproving commitment and look forward to sharing more stories theories on what can benefit patients is our aim with you in the future. here at the Kolling. To share this knowledge with the community we need partners – patient ambassadors, Helen Connealy communicative experts and celebrity ambassadors. CEO, Kolling Foundation We are so grateful to Dr John D’Arcy who has spoken h.connealy@kolling.com.au Greenwich Sports Club Kicks for Kolling In a great example of the role local sports clubs play in our community, on Friday 20 July Greenwich Sports Club, a 76 year old club on Sydney’s lower north shore, hosted its first Kick for Kolling penalty shoot out to raise funds for the Kolling Foundation. With online donations by teams and individuals and the proceeds from the barbeque, cake stall and canteen, more than $5,000 was raised and a great night was had by the 250 strong crowd who attended on the night. A huge thank you to the wonderful members of the Greenwich Sports Club and their families and friends for supporting medical research that can change lives. Kolling Foundation CEO, Helen Connealy, is presented with a cheque - a tremendous The kids from Greenwich Sports Club having a great time fundraising effort! Kicking for Kolling.2 OCTOBER 2012
  3. 3. SCIENTISTS IN THE SPOTLIGHTDr Csilla Hasovits As a doctor working in medical oncology, the insights gained in the laboratory to patient care. Dr Csilla Hasovits saw first-hand how How will your research impact on treatments and breakthroughs in the laboratory were patient outcomes? translated into improved patient care. As a My research is designed to address an ongoing result Dr Hasovits realised the importance of problem in lung cancer care - tumours developing being personally involved in research so she resistance to our current treatments. I’m attempting could offer her patients the best treatments to identify the best ways in which to administer and based on advances in cancer research. Dr sequence therapies in order to delay or overcome this resistance. The ultimate goal is to design more effective Hasovits is now a member of the dedicated treatment strategies to prolong the life expectancy team at the Bill Walsh Cancer Research of our patients while minimising the side effects of Laboratories, which are part of the Kolling treatment. Institute, and conducts research in the field of lung cancer. How will your research in lung cancer impact on other areas of cancer research? My research brings into focus the need to understand “Lung cancer where improvements in our cancer treatments need to occur based on the outcomes and treatment journeys research has of our patients. It also highlights the importance made rapid of determining the best ways in which to use and progress administer currently available treatments in order to improve patient outcomes. over recent years and has What do you see as the greatest advances in lung revolutionised cancer research in the last 5-10 years? Lung cancer research has made rapid progress over the way we recent years and has revolutionised the way we view view and treat and treat the condition. We continue to identify an the condition.” ever-growing number of genetic changes that drive the growth of cancer cells and develop new agents that specifically target these changes. This research is increasingly enabling the individualised selection of Lung cancer is frequently the forgotten cancer in our treatment for each patient based on the specific community even though it remains the largest cause of genetic mutations of their tumour, resulting in more cancer death in Australia, with approximately 8,000 effective treatment being administered with fewer side deaths every year. Many patients present with advanced effects. disease that makes surgery impossible. New treatments and earlier diagnoses are urgently needed to improve What do you see as the greatest challenges in lung outcomes. cancer research in the coming years? With the increasing personalisation of lung cancer In the area of lung cancer research, what project are treatment based on individual patient and tumour you currently working on? characteristics, a major challenge is to ensure that all My research involves identifying challenges in the lung cancer patients can access this individualised treatment of our lung cancer patients, in particular treatment. This requires advances in technology to tumours developing resistance to our current identify and characterise tumours. It also requires therapies. This involves reviewing patterns of lung ongoing efforts to determine the optimal ways to cancer care in Australia to understand the journey of deliver our currently available treatments and further patients from lung cancer diagnosis to treatment and research into the development of new targeted identifying areas for improvement. I’m also undertaking therapies. laboratory-based research to identify the optimal ways in which to sequence different cancer treatments If you’d like to support Kolling Cancer Research in order to delay or overcome the development of please visit www.kolling.com.au resistance, with the ultimate goal of being able to apply or phone 02 9926 4904. OCTOBER 2012 3
  4. 4. TENMINUTESWITH... DR JOHN D’ARCY We’re so grateful for your involvement, as ambassador and MC, in the 2012 series of Kolling Knowledge. What has been the highlight for you? Family physician, renowned The highlight has been the great interest by people in so many of the different issues Kolling has presented. broadcaster and Kolling It’s so rewarding to see the close contact of doctors Knowledge ambassador, and their patients and to come to understand what Dr John D’Arcy, reflects on [patients] see as the issues. Often those issues are not what the doctors have in mind. It helps to understand the Kolling Knowledge series why health literacy is so low in the community. As of free health forums and doctors, we think that people know what we are talks about his very successful saying, when in fact there is still great confusion. Kolling Knowledge goes a long way to sorting that out. and longstanding career mixing medicine with media. As an experienced physician with a career spanning more than 40 years, is there anything new you’ve learnt during this series?4 OCTOBER 2012
  5. 5. The Vietnamese have a saying, “forever learning”, were producers there.and that is surely the case with medicine. It’s such an One [producer] rang me and told me the Pope hadongoing situation. I remember my professor saying been shot and asked me to talk about it on thethat if you listen to the patient they will push you morning news program. Within three years I wascloser to the answer to a health dilemma and this has mixing and matching medical practice with both TVbeen reinforced throughout these events. and radio and that’s the way it’s been since that time.Is there an area of medical research that you find You’ve had such a successful career in Australianparticularly interesting? broadcasting and you’ve become a household name.I’m especially interested in the management of What has been the highlight of your career in media?patients who are growing older. I have learnt that 80% I’ve had the opportunity to be associated with theof the things which shorten life and disrupt it have military and experienced with them the horrors ofa strong degree of preventability to them. To truly Rawanda, the tsunami in Sumatra and the strugglesaccept that and understand that small steps can lead in Timor. Current affairs television presented meto a healthier life is rewarding. with opportunities to see and do things I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to experience.What health topics do you think Kolling Knowledgeshould address in 2013? What do you love most about being a familyThere is no doubt that the crisis of obesity needs physician?sorting out. People have no understanding of why What I love most is the privilege of association. Thistheir weight is on the rise and no appreciation of the involves coming to understand how each familygenetic causes of such. works, sharing with them the good things and the bad and being able to talk through options. Nothing could be more rewarding. “As doctors, we think that For a daily dose of quality health advice you can read people know what we are Dr D’Arcy’s blog at www.drjohndarcy.com or keep saying, when in fact there is an ear out on your local radio station for his regular still great confusion. Kolling programs, Health Matters and Health Check, which are broadcast across 80 regional and metropolitan Knowledge goes a long way to radio stations around Australia. sorting that out.” If you’d like information about sponsoring future Kolling Knowledge events please contact Helen Connealy at h.connealy@kolling.com.auDo you remember your very first job?I was a resident at RNSH and not a very good one. Igot into medicine by being very good at history andgeography and science was not my forte. I must havebeen very good at the bedside but not so good in thescientific breakdown that often followed.You were the first medical practitioner appointed toan Australian newsroom. How did that come about?When I was younger I had thought about a careerin journalism but naturally put it aside as I studiedand later practiced medicine. Nonetheless I had theidea of putting all the great information that doctorsreceived into print so we could share it with ourpatients.My association happened in 1981 after my wife andI had returned from Vietnam, PNG and a three yearworking spell on the Isle of Wight in the UK. I boughtinto an established practice at Epping which was closeto Channel Seven and many of my younger patients OCTOBER 2012 5
  6. 6. Half Marathon Milestone for Cancer Survivor Super fit Sam about “I don’t want to think about where I would be without to embark on the Kolling’s hard work and intensive research. Now half marathon. it’s time for me to give back to a team of dedicated professionals who have helped me, and most importantly, have the potential to help thousands of others.” Sam completed the run in 2 hours, 3 minutes and 6 seconds and raised more than $1,800 for the Kolling Foundation, which will go towards funding life changing medical research. “A few years ago, I couldn’t run to catch a bus,” Sam said. “Today I think how lucky I am to be fit and well In September 2011 Sam Colden was diagnosed with enough to [run] after two cancers, two surgeries and a thyroid cancer for a second time in the same year. As long road to recovery all in one year.” she embarked on immediate surgery and treatment, Sam showed her true strength by successfully beating Sam also hosts a blog, appropriately titled ‘The the cancer again, with the assistance of Kolling Annoyed Thyroid’ (www.theannoyedthyroid.com) clinicians. providing readers with delicious recipes, her workout routine and stories about her life post-cancer, giving During her recovery, Sam focused her energy on hope to others. exercise and healthy eating, which became a genuine passion of hers. Profoundly affected by her cancer Sam’s strength and determination is an inspiration, battle, Sam decided to run the half marathon (21km) “Today I redefine my impossible. And I get a medal for in the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival to raise it!” she said after making it across the finish line. much needed funds for research into this disease. Concert for a Cause with James Morrison One in five Australians suffers chronic pain. The Pain Management Research Institute (PMRI) at Royal North Shore Hospital is dedicated to improving the treatment of pain and giving hope to many Australians. Show your support for this great cause and enjoy an unforgettable evening with legendary jazz virtuoso James Morrison and The Metropolitan Orchestra. Proceeds from ticket sales will go directly to the PMRI. When: Saturday 3 November 2012 at 7:30pm Where: The Concourse Concert Hall, Chatswood Tickets: A Reserve tickets are being organised at the ‘group rate’ of $84.50 compared to the published Ticketek rate of $92.50. To book your A Reserve tickets call Shaan on (02) 9929 5566 or email pmri.verco@hotmail.com Bookings can also be made at An astonishing entertainer and true legend of his craft, www.trybooking.com/BSPI don’t miss this truly special evening with James Morrison.6 OCTOBER 2012
  7. 7. Buy Art Union Tickets to Support Kolling! The 2012 ASX Thomson Reuters Charity Foundation Art Union has fantastic prizes on offer: 1st PRIZE: A luxury Lexus IS 250 Prestige Automatic valued at $70,144. 2nd PRIZE: A stunning AUTORE pearl and The ASX Group and Thomson Reuters Australia diamond pendant valued at $8,990. joined forces in 1999 to form a Charity Foundation with the objective of helping Australian-based 3rd PRIZE: A three night Captain Cook Murray children’s, disability and medical research charities by River Discovery Cruise for two people valued at organising fundraising events in conjunction with the $2,512. Financial Markets. Tickets are $20 each or $100 for six. Prizes will be Funds are raised by holding an annual golf drawn on March 13 2013. tournament, dinner, auction, art union and a charity sailing regatta. To date the combined funds If you’re interested in buying tickets or volunteering distributed to a wide range of charities totals just to help us sell tickets, please contact Sharne on under $22 million. 02 9926 4904 or email foundation@kolling.com.au The Entertainment Book is a local restaurant and activity guide providing hundreds of 25% to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers from fine restaurants, cafes, attractions, activities and accommodation. The Kolling Foundation is delighted to offer Entertainment Books online and your purchase of this great value book will ensure that 20% of the cost of each book is donated back to research at Kolling. To purchase your book visit: www.entertainmentbook.com.au/orderbooks/2091w31You can follow Kolling’s news and events on Facebook and Twitter www.facebook.com/KollingResearch www.twitter.com/KollingResearch OCTOBER 2012 7
  8. 8. “thank you” TO ALL OUR SUPPORTERS Kolling Foundation donations over $1,000 Kolling Institute Seminar Sponsors For privacy reasons we are not listing names of individual DKSH Australia Pty Ltd major donors but thank each and every one for their great Edwards Group Pty Ltd generosity in supporting our research. GE Healthcare Genesearch Organisations HD Scientific ASX Thomson Reuters Charity Foundation Life Technologies Ernst & Young POCD Scientific King & Wood Mallesons Sapphire Bioscience Pty Ltd Sarstedt Australia Community Organisations Sigma Aldrich Cherrybrook Quilters Inc Thermo Fisher Scientific Australia Greenwich Sports Club Donations in memory Hilton Hicks Donations in celebration Drs Keith & Eileen Ong’s 25th wedding anniversary Isabella Jones’ christening Kolling Knowledge Partners To make a donation please visit www.kolling.com.au or fill out the form below and return to Kolling Foundation. My contact details My area(s) of interest Title: First name: Kolling Mother & Baby Kolling Diabetes Last Name: Kolling Cancer Kolling Heart Kolling Bone & Joint Address: All medical research at Kolling Email: Phone: I would like information about making a gift in my will. My donation details Donations of $2 and above are tax deductible. Thank you for your support. Donation amount $ My cheque/money order made payable to Kolling Please complete this coupon and mail it to: Foundation is enclosed Kolling Foundation Level 12 Kolling Building OR Please deduct the above amount once monthly Royal North Shore Hospital Reserve Road, St Leonards NSW 2065 from my Visa Mastercard Amex ph: 1300 KOLLING (1300 565 546) Card number e: foundation@kolling.com.au www.kolling.com.au Expiry date CCV No. Cardholder’s name Signature Research for Better Health8 OCTOBER 2012