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Adv 420 final project

  1. 1. My Adidas Marketing Strategy By Aaron Robins
  2. 2. Adidas• Adidas is a successful international company that has been successful for many years and many sports• They do everything from running shoes, to basketball to football to everything with soccer (they market international stars like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo)• They need to get more into the American market though and get more like Nike (which has a monopoly on the American college sports industry and now the NFL) does
  3. 3. Goals• Adidas does many things very well in the international market but I believe they have to change the way they market sports in America• They need to make more modern and better looking football jerseys and make better commercials. They have very wide ranged clientele because sports are for almost anyone at any age so it would be easier to make commercials and slogans geared toward pretty much anyone
  4. 4. Theme• I would keep a similar theme to what Adidas is and always have been.• They started as a company that focused solely on soccer (Adidas originally stood for All Day I Dream About Soccer but the S has since changed to Sports instead of Soccer)• I like their logo and their international advertising but I just do not think they do a good job in the United States
  5. 5. Social Media• In my proposal, social media will be a very important part of Adidas.• I will have a Twitter, Google+, Facebook and maybe some others depending on how successful I am with those 3 sites and what the demand is
  6. 6. Social Media• I will use Twitter to post pictures of upcoming products to generate a buzz about them and to interact with fans around the world.• I will use Google+ in a similar fashion, I will have Google+ ‘hangouts’ to interact with fans via video and I will post some pictures and videos and things to that extent• I will use Facebook to post videos of Adidas clientele, Adidas commercials and to get feedback from fans
  7. 7. Blogging and Other Components• I will also definitely blog. Blogging is a great way of keeping fans informed on upcoming products, Adidas news and what’s going on with our Adidas stars• As far as PR is concerned, I will try and do a lot of very good, modern commercials and try to come up with a newer slogan to go with their current and awesome one: Impossible is Nothing
  8. 8. Metrics for Success• I will judge success based on not only sales but on how much buzz my products generate. I will judge success based on the amount of views on the Adidas videos and website.• I will judge it based on how many people want the products. If Adidas begins to compete with Nike in the college football landscape, I will view my strategy as successful but that is pretty much how I will measure the success of my plan.
  9. 9. Final Things• I will give my plan a budget of approximately $1- $1.5 Million. I think this will be enough to create prototypes of new and improved jerseys (not like UM’s new football jerseys last fall), new great commercials and everything I need to do to be successful.• I want to have a lot of my things done by mid summer so generate some buzz going into college football season because that is going to be the area where I want to expand and keep my focus.
  10. 10. Conclusion• This plan is exactly what I think Adidas needs to step up and be more successful and diverse in the United States sports market.• Nike has a sports monopoly in this country (most importantly with college sports and now with the NFL) which with my plan I think can start to change. Adidas does not need to get as big as Nike in the US but at least more like Under Armour which has been getting bigger and bigger in recent years.