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Presentation of the current state of OSGeo and a perspective of what we are still missing.

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  • MapFish: Integraler Bestandteil von OpenLayers Mapbender: Optional, Mapbender pflegt noch alternativ einen eigenen WMS-Viewer Wms-Viewer ist sehr schlank, es gibt viele Widgets dafür
  • Osgis 10 arnulf-christl

    1. 1. Download: http://arnulf.us/publications/OSGIS-10_arnulf_christl.pdf ./OSGIS-10_arnulf_christl.odt OSGeo Outlook Presentation Arnulf Christl OSGeo President OSGIS 10 – Nottingham, UK
    2. 2. Content <ul><li>Disclaimer
    3. 3. OSGeo Presentation
    4. 4. OSGeo Outlook
    5. 5. Thoughts on the Virtual Nature of Software </li></ul>Reality Check: Something is (still) missing Property rules the World <ul><li>Future Perspectives: Vision, Mission and Goal </li></ul>
    6. 6. Disclaimer Who am I to know anything more about the future than you? <ul><li>I have been with OSGeo when it was born
    7. 7. I am director and president
    8. 8. I am the prophet
    9. 9. I am... </li></ul>...just a humble being traveling way too much.
    10. 10. Introducing OSGeo <ul><li>OSGeo is a non-profit organization created to support and build the highest-quality Open Source geospatial software.
    11. 11. The foundation provides financial, organizational, and legal support to the broader Open Source geospatial community.
    12. 12. It also serves as an independent legal entity to which community members can contribute code, funding and other resources, secure in the knowledge that their contributions will be maintained for public benefit. </li></ul>Dor more details see the very good &quot;A not so short introduction to OSGeo&quot; slides at: http://www.osgeo.org/node/764
    13. 13. What's Hot? Software Conferences Code Sprints Local Chapters Code Sprints Conferences
    14. 14. Graduated Projects Web Mapping & SDI <ul><li>deegree
    15. 15. Mapbender
    16. 16. MapGuide Open Source
    17. 17. MapServer
    18. 18. OpenLayers </li></ul>Metadata Catalog <ul><li>GeoNetwork </li></ul>Desktop Applications <ul><li>GRASS GIS
    19. 19. OSSIM
    20. 20. Quantum GIS </li></ul>Geospatial Libraries <ul><li>FDO
    21. 21. GDAL/OGR
    22. 22. GeoTools </li></ul>
    23. 23. Incubating Projects For more Details go to the Incubation Committee <ul><li>GeoMajas – Integrated Web Mapping Platform
    24. 24. GEOS – Spatial Library in C
    25. 25. GeoServer – OGC WMS and WFS Transactional Server
    26. 26. gvSIG – Desktop GIS in Java (Status)
    27. 27. MapFish – Web Mapping Development Framework
    28. 28. MetaCRS – Meta Project for Coordinate System Libraries
    29. 29. PostGIS – Spatial Extension for PostgreSQL </li></ul>
    30. 30. Global SDI with OSGeo Software A Selection of Global SDI Use Cases <ul><li>MapFish INSPIRE Geoportal
    31. 31. Mapbender PortalU Environmental Metadata Portal
    32. 32. OpenLayers at the Whitehouse
    33. 33. GeoNetwork FAO Metadata Catalogs
    34. 34. GDAL/OGR powered Software and Portals
    35. 35. PostGIS based Spatial Database Extensions (SDE)
    36. 36. Many more at: http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Use_Cases </li></ul>
    37. 37. Web Mapping Software News Web Mapping – Tool Diversity <ul><li>MapFish enters OSGeo Incubation with OpenLayers Client, GeoExt ExtJS, REST API, Multi-Language Framework
    38. 38. GeoMajas enters OSGeo Incubation, Fully Integrated Java Web Mapping Solution
    39. 39. Mapbender integrates OpenLayers , regular Code Sprints. Google Summer of Code
    40. 40. WMS Inspector AddOn for Firefox Launched </li></ul>New!
    41. 41. Permeating standard IT: ExtJS and jQuery <ul><li>Google Trends: jquery, jquery ui, extjs </li></ul>
    42. 42. Mapfish & Mapbender uniting on OpenLayers Ext Core Ext JS jQuery jQuery UI GeoExt MapFish Client Mapbender Client Open Layers Open Layers Mapbender jQuery Plugins
    43. 43. Conferences, Meetings, Trade Fairs <ul><li>IV Jornadas SIG Libre; Girona, Spain
    44. 44. FOSSGIS 2010; Osnabrück, Germany
    45. 45. Encontre … Montreal, Canada
    46. 46. AGIT 2010; Salzburg, Austria
    47. 47. FOSS4G Conferences
    48. 48. Intergeo 2010; Cologne, Germany
    49. 49. Map World Forum 2011; Hyderabad, India
    50. 50. and many more... </li></ul>New! New! 2011: Denver, USA 2010: Barcelona, Spain 2009: Sydney 2008: Cape Town 2007: Victoria 2006: Lausanne
    51. 51. Code Sprints <ul><li>FOSSGIS 2010 Code Sprints, Osnabrück, Germany
    52. 52. Code Sprints; Toronto, Canada; New York, USA; ...
    53. 53. Spring Hack Meeting; Prague, Czech Republic
    54. 54. Convento di Bolsena Code Sprint 2010, Italy
    55. 55. LinuxHotel Web Map Code Sprint; Essen, Germany
    56. 56. INSPIRE Open Source Mash-Up, Krakov, Poland
    57. 57. FOSS4G 2010; Barcelona Code Sprint
    58. 58. and many more... </li></ul>New!
    59. 59. Local Chapter Activity <ul><li>Open Source GIS UK
    60. 60. OSGeo Japan (Tokyo, Osaka)
    61. 61. FOSSGIS / OSGeo D-A-CH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
    62. 62. OSGeo-ES (Hispano Hablante) España, Cataluña, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, México, and many more...
    63. 63. Canada (Ottawa, Chiqutimi, Victoria, Nova Scotia, ...)
    64. 64. United States of America (California, NY, Denver, Boston, …)
    65. 65. ...and many more at http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Category:Local_Chapters </li></ul>
    66. 66. Summary <ul><li>Local Chapters are the most important aspect of OSGeo
    67. 67. The Incubation process is a highly useful and accepted tool to doublecheck, create and maintain quality software
    68. 68. OSGeo Software is recognized as a quality brand
    69. 69. New projects emerge between mature existing OSGeo products and link back to mainstream IT </li></ul>OSGeo is here to stay!
    70. 70. Thank you for your Attention, and see you at FOSS4G This slide set is copyrighted to the commons Author: Arnulf Christl , Metaspatial 6 th to 9 th September 2010 FOSS4G: The Global Free and Open Source Conference for the Geospatial Domain With friendly support by: Metaspatial
    71. 71. ? Wait a moment ...something is missing!
    72. 72. What is Missing? Data! ?
    73. 73. What's Missing? Data! ?
    74. 74. What's Missing? Data! 27
    75. 75. Why is that? Because Data is perceived as a property ...as if it were a material thing. Something to sit on in a way that no one else can sit on it. This perception is wrong . Besitz! Eigentum! 27
    76. 76. The Nature of Software is Immaterial <ul><li>Software is immaterial ! It is not matter & not physical!
    77. 77. As such it can be copied at a very low cost.
    78. 78. This is a phenomenal feature because it multiplies by giving away. This is a foreign concept in a material world.
    79. 79. Software is the only good that only grows by giving it away! </li></ul>& Data are 27 Software is untouchable
    80. 80. The Nature of Software is Immaterial Software can be copied and transported using <ul><li>Tape, Floppy disk, Hard disk, Memory Stick & Card, iPo/ad
    81. 81. Wired network, Radio, Microwave, Satellite
    82. 82. Email, FTP, HTTP, SCP, SMTP, …
    83. 83. pretty much anything… even Printed Paper! </li></ul>& Data are 27 How can you restrict something that cannot be locked away?
    84. 84. Legal Restriction: By Proprietary Licenses <ul><li>You are not allowed to copy
    85. 85. You are not allowed to modify
    86. 86. You are not allowed to give away
    87. 87. You are not allowed to improve
    88. 88. You are not allowed to install
    89. 89. You are not allowed to share
    90. 90. You are not allowed to... </li></ul>27 The Proprietary (Software) License Model
    91. 91. Political Restriction: By Embargo & Laws The US Export Restriction GeoDRM may be a good thing for: <ul><ul><li>Biological, Chemical, and Nuclear Weapons, ...
    92. 92. War, Desease, Terrorism, ... </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Maybe even Money, … ? </li></ul></ul>But, as we have just learned: You cannot prevent Software from spreading anywhere! OpenStreetMap Digital Restrictions Management Maps 27 It does not Work for Software... at all!
    93. 93. But: OSGeo is Truly Globalized Therefore OSGeo respects Local Rules and Regulations and Laws and Limitations. <ul><li>OSGeo's Vision is free software and data for a better world
    94. 94. OSGeo's Mission is to Educate why this make s Sense
    95. 95. OSGeo's Goal is to make Spatial Data Accessible </li></ul>You can join efforts, whether as data Provider , User or Advocate that we 27
    96. 96. Thank you for your Attention, and see you at FOSS4G This slide set is copyrighted to the commons Author: Arnulf Christl , Metaspatial 6 th to 9 th September 2010 FOSS4G: The Global Free and Open Source Conference for the Geospatial Domain With friendly support by: Metaspatial 27