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What disorders can be cured by saffron supplements
What disorders can be cured by saffron supplements
What disorders can be cured by saffron supplements
What disorders can be cured by saffron supplements
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What disorders can be cured by saffron supplements


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  • 1. FitnessWhat Disorders Can Be Cured By Saffron Supplements
  • 2. FitnessSaffron has multiple uses. It adds a distinct yellow color to food, textile and various otherproducts. It is deemed as one of the world’s priciest spices by weight. They are costly becausemainly because of the significant amount of labor that harvesting saffron stigma requires.Saffron’s medicinal properties are plentiful and much talked about since ancient times. Saffronextract is sold in dietary supplement form.Medicinal uses of SaffronDepressionStudies have shown that sufferers of major depression notice alleviation in symptoms aftertaking particular saffron extracts for 6-8 weeks. Some studies also indicate that saffron extractmay be as effective as consuming a low-dose prescribed antidepressant. Taking saffron tea isalso said to regulate mood.Premenstrual syndrome and menstrual discomfortMany clinical research shows that consuming saffron substantially improves symptoms of PMSafter two menstrual cycles. Products that contain saffron, anise and celery seed also exhibit theability to decrease the severity and duration of menstruation.Suppress cancerEarly research reveals that carotenoids present in saffron have cancer-suppressing, mutation-preventing, immune- boosting effects.
  • 3. FitnessAnti-agingSaffron is known to be a potent antioxidant, and thus it can help you avoidpremature aging of cells by scavenging and neutralizing free radicals.Weight lossIt is also used as a weight loss aid. Saffron extract is considered to help curb cravings. Someexperts also suggest that saffron helps improve brain levels of serotonin, a chemical proven tocontrol mood, which therefore can help prevent compulsive overeating.Eye careStudies show that saffron enhances vision and is considered to be an effectual preventivesolution against the most common cause of blindness among old people - macular degeneration.What are the benefit of saffron extract?It is still unclear how saffron exerts its putative curative properties. Safranal, which is an organiccompound isolated from saffron, is an effective anticonvulsant agent and is thought to haveantidepressant properties. The safranal compound is also toxic to cancer cells. It also exhibitsfree radical scavenging activity. Crocin, yet another carotenoid chompound found in saffron, is apowerful antioxidant and exhibits anti-cancer properties, too.Safety concerns
  • 4. FitnessSaffron is safe to use when consumed as recommended. Some probable side effects includenervousness, changes in appetite, and hypersensitive reactions. You must not take thissupplement during pregnancy and if you are breastfeeding. People diagnosed with bipolardisorder should refrain from using supplements that contain this plant extract as well.Where to find itSaffron supplements can be found online or in a lot of natural-food stores.