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Individual presentation

  1. 1. A BRIEF INTRODUCTION OF RADIO WAVES• Radio waves are a part of the electro-magnetic spectrum, they are used for; • AM broadcasting • FM broadcasting • Television broadcasting • Mobile Phones • Wi-Fi • Radar
  2. 2. ELECTRONMAGNETIC SPECTRUM• Radio waves are one of the lowest sets of frequencies within the spectrum.
  3. 3. MOBILE PHONES• Mobile phone technology uses radio waves to send and receive data• This was first introduced through a 2G network (which could handle SMS and voice calls), but as phones became more powerful, in terms of computing, and the network infrastructure was upgraded 3G began in 2001.• The mobile phone communicates via a base station, which would be close by as mobile phones have a very low transmitter and receiver so therefore there needs to be a large amount of transmitters based around urban areas. These are then divided into “cells”.
  4. 4. WI-FI• Wi-Fi is short for wireless fidelity• Wi-Fi uses 5 radio wave channels within a frequency of2.4GHz. This enables a small/large local area networks (LAN’s) to exist, which is broadcast from a router (for example; in a house, or urban area).• One advantage of Wi-Fi is that now nearly every portable computing device will now be supplied/built-in with a wireless receiver, and the cost of the chipsets in continuing to fall.• One disadvantage is that radio waves will always struggle to travel through walls and around buildings, so range is always an issue (e.g. Wi-Fi “not- spots”).
  5. 5. MEDICINE• Radio waves are used within medicine with MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) scanners.• “The body is largely composed of water molecules. Each water molecule has two hydrogen nuclei or protons. When a person is inside the powerful magnetic field of the scanner, the average magnetic moment of many protons becomes aligned with the direction of the field. A radio frequency transmitter is briefly turned on, producing a varying electromagnetic field. This electromagnetic field has just the right frequency, known as the resonance frequency, to be absorbed and flip the spin of the protons in the magnetic field. After the electromagnetic field is turned off, the spins of the protons return to thermodynamic equilibrium and the bulk magnetization becomes re- aligned with the static magnetic field. During this relaxation, a radio frequency signal is generated, which can be measured with receive coils.” [1]
  6. 6. THE FUTURE USE OF RADIO WAVES ?• Due to the digital TV switchover, parts of the broadcast spectrum are being freed up. This is because digital TV waves take up less space that traditional Analogue TV waves.• This “white space” (defined by Ofcom as; “The technology works by searching for unoccupied radio waves called white spaces between TV channels to transmit and receive wireless signals”[2]), is now being auctioned off in 2012.• This free space will be bought mainly by the mobile phone networks, which will be used for the 4G roll out.• 4G mobile technology with enable much faster speeds via cellular networks – on average 7 times faster.
  7. 7. CONCLUSION• Radio waves are always going to be vital to communications system and flow of information that we use within out modern lifestyle (e.g. radio, TV, internet, mobile phones), radio waves will be continued to be used as the medium for out data until we find a more efficient way of sending information.• With advances of technology we are becoming more portable and so we are become more and more “internet-junkies”, who cannot go without checking Facebook for more than 5 minutes, and so radio waves have enabled us to have this freedom, as this is why they are important.
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