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Saga Logistics Co,. Ltd.

Saga Logistics Co,. Ltd.



Saga Logistics Co,. Ltd.

Saga Logistics Co,. Ltd.



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  • Sir

    Purchase of rough Diamonds to Europe

    I represent an end-buyer of rough diamonds, requirements as follows:

    * Legal owner of diamonds (Seller) to fly diamonds to Amsterdam Schiphol airport, free trade zone via KLM or Air France
    * Diamonds held for safekeeping by KLM or Air France and deposited in Schiphol airport security vault
    * Buyer inspects goods in the company of Seller, customs officials and airline security officers

    -Commodity: Gem stones for jewellery making
    -Origin: Seller's option
    -Monthly quantity: 10,000 carats
    -Delivery terms: Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU), Amsterdam Schiphol airport INCOTERMS 2010
    -Price: Current market
    -Payment terns: Electronic transfer into Seller account simultaneous with goods release to Buyer
    -Ownership and risk transfer: Immediately upon transfer into Seller’s bank account
    -Copies of documents below to be sent to buyer before air transport

    Documents to accompany diamonds

    1. Pro-forma Invoice addressed to Buyer
    2. Certificate of origin
    3. Kimberley certificate
    4. Other export documents (as applicable)
    5. Letter of instructions to facilitate Buyer inspection

    Marius Claassen
    Mobile: +27 72 909 2782
    email: emarserv@gmail.com
    skype: emarservices
    12 May 2011
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    Saga Logistics Co,. Ltd. Saga Logistics Co,. Ltd. Presentation Transcript

    • " Logistics Solutions" Welcome Saga Logistics Co., Ltd. Saga Logistics Co., Ltd will comment to fully leveraging its corporate capabilities and offering our services that will make our name synonymous with total customer satisfaction all over the world. The achievement represents a part of the company‟s determination for sustainable development and growth in the Global Economy. We provide support to industry and trade in land operations, in world-wide air and sea freight, and in all the associated logistics services.
    • You have come to the right place for precious metals, gems stones and luxury wine products for world-wide trade. No matter whom you are: manufacturers, wholesalers, brokers, designers, goldsmith, artisans, end-users, or students, SAGA LOGISTICS is the logistics and supply chain solutions to your produce, trade, inspire, fabricate, indulge yourself, or to gain knowledge. Learn more about us and you will see why SAGA LOGISTICS is your one- stop logistics and supplier solution of Gold dust, Gold bar, rough Diamonds, cut Diamonds & luxury champagne and wine bejeweled with Diamonds or Swarovski Crystals and Gold for world-wide trade.
    • Saga Logistics Mission Reputation We work hard to set standard of excellence. We place a high value on our lives. We perform professionally in order to overcome all challenges. We are perceived as a leader whose quality of work has been achieved by practice. We see ourselves and our business partners as upholding Thai industries progress Devotion We believe that success is the result of effort. We strive our highest succeed. We work wholeheartedly, hand in hand, and share difficulties to eliminate obstacles together. We are satisfied with our mission and look forward brighter future Knowing Our knowledge and know-how distingue us from the rest and help us stay ahead. We create and develop the best technologies solution. We know how and we know why. We never stop learning and develop ourselves, because the best is yet to come. Going-Forward We look to and through the future. We are ahead in all businesses that we undertake. We take forward strides with confidence, We compare ourselves to our own recent successes and we will make the better.
    • Overview We receive privileges from Ministry of Industry, The Customs Department, and Office of Board of Investment to help saving time and lowering the cost of management and production as well as to increase business opportunities. We prepares standard infrastructure with environmental conservation scheme such as flood prevention system, high technology communication system, EDI system “Paperless Systems”. Customs Card Clearing Card
    • N W O S
    • N About Africa W O S
    • N W O S
    • N Sierra Leone a Guinea W O S
    • N Liberia W O S
    • About Thailand Thailand is situated in the heart of the Southeast Asian mainland, making it a natural gateway to Indochina, Myanmar and Southern China. It covers an area of 513,115 sq km and extends about 1,620 kilometers from north to south and 775 kilometers from east to west. With advantages – superiority in geographical location, plentiful resources, stable politics, surging economy, complete supply-chain, skilled workforce, enormous marketplace, and hospitable tourist spot – over her neighbors, Thailand is the best place to work, live, learn, shop and play. History Thailand is in the region south of China occupying the central Sino-Tibetan Peninsular dividing the Indian Ocean and South China Sea. Previously called Siam for hundreds of year, the country was united under the Rattanakosin Dynasty since 1782. Under the reign of King Chularongkorn Rama V, Siam was transformed into a modernized country, evolving to become one of the more prominent nations of the region, free from western colonization. During the reign of Rama VII, Siam has been politically reformed into a democratic country with constitutional monarchy and, in 1939, renamed Thailand.
    • Economy Modern Thailand has developed into one of the leading dual sectors economy of the region. Agriculture is the main mechanism of the society, until recently that industrialization has accompanies other sectors as the driver of GDP. For hundreds of years, Thailand has been a leading agric-based economy of the region. Rice is the main crop of the country, and now the number one producer of rice in the world. Currently, Thailand is also known as “kitchen of the world” because it exports an enormous percentage of meat, poultry, fruits, and vegetable. On the other hand, Thailand is also expanding its industrialized economy. Processed foods, high- tech products, automobiles are part of the government export policies. The Land of Smiles “Sawasdee”, the Thai way of greeting and farewell, is spoken with a “wai” gesture. “Wai” is generally offered first by the younger of the two people meeting, with their palms pressed together, fingertips pointing upwards as the head is bowed towards the hands, usually coinciding with the spoken word “Sawasdee“ Cultures The culture of Thailand incorporates a great deal of influence from India, China, Cambodia, and the rest of Southeast Asia. Like most Asian cultures, respect towards ancestors is an essential part of Thai spiritual practice. Thais have a strong sense of hospitality and generosity, but also a strong sense of social hierarchy. Seniority is an important concept in Thai culture. Elders have by tradition a significant role in family decisions or ere monies. This makes Thailand hospitable and comfortable, a safe and foreigner friendly place to settle.
    • Why Thailand 5 reasons why Thailand is the place for GOLD DUST, BAR, ROUGH DAIMONDS, CUT DAIMONDS: A base to connect It is a tactical move to setup your business base in Thailand. From Thailand, you can efficiently connect your business operation in the region. A place to invest According to Bank of Thailand, economic stability of Thailand remained satisfactory. This makes Thailand the next most favored investment destination after China. A place to manufacture Thailand is the ideal place for high-end gems and jewelry manufacturing. This is because Thailand has everything: raw material, highly skilled workforce, production facilities, and the marketplace. A place to market With over 3.5 billion people in the region, Thailand serves as the gateway to the massive exposure of over half world population. A place to enjoy Thailand draws more visitors than any other country in Southeast Asia with its virtually irresistible combination of breathtaking natural beauty, renowned hospitality, world standard healthcare, amazing outdoor activities, robust cuisine, warm beaches, grassy golf courses, ancient city attractions and shopping extravaganza.
    • As our success in Gemopolis Mall Phase 1 and 2 considering the high demand on factory condominium in the m. impotently, the main factors that the customers decided to invest in our previous projects were because they are confidence and see the high potential market in Gemopolis. The idea was to be the best showrooms with factory that suits every size of investment. It will support the expansion of trading and manufacturing of diamond, gems, and jewelry industry as well as related business nearby the new Suvarnabhumi airport. As a result, Gemopolis has recently launched a new project "Free Zone" which is the new project for the new dimension of investment since investors will be able to start their business only 3 million baht, and they will have a horizontal space to run the production line within one floor.
    • Gemopolis Free Zone consists of 2 buildings, 7-story factory condominium designed to have various size of spaces to serve different kind of business. The first floor can be arranged for trading and services such as gems and jewelry showrooms, retail shops, logistic, and so on. Moreover, the 2nd-7th floor simply suits the investor requirement since the production line can be managed completely within one floor. Available space starts from 60 square meters to 6,000 square meters with the long pedestrian mall connecting between phases 1 and 2, extending to the Free Zone. Permitted business activities •Trading, commercial, services and manufacturing • Sub-contracting & outsourcing • Permanent showcase & distribution for finished products & raw materials • Exhibiting, showing, demonstration to public or client for finished products, merchandise or raw materials • Assembling, sorting, re-packing & distributing for both export and domestic • Repair work & services
    • Superb Location GEMOPOLIS is situated in currently Bangkok‟s most talk about commercial zone. Only 4 km away from the newly built airport, the Suvarnabhumi Airport (to be opening on September 2005), the airport proximity will transform to be a new town with advance infrastructure and diverse public facilities.
    • Besides, amenities also include prime location which is just 10 minutes away from the new Suvarnabhumi airport, supply-chain cluster, skilled labors pool from Gemopolis Training School (GTS), verdant atmosphere as our concept "factory in the park”, 24 hours bounded security, and other business supporting facilities such as bank, customs office, bonded warehouse, logistic company - Brink's, Saga, Malca - Amit, G4S, RN Ornament, and insurance agent - Anglo East and so on. Thailand at a glance Geography: In the heart of the Southeast Asian mainland, covering an area of 513,115 sq km and extends about 1,620 kilometers from north to south and 775 kilometers from east to west. Neighboring countries:  Myanmar - west and north  Lao P.D.R. - north and northeast  Cambodia - southeast  Malaysia - south
    • Topography: Thailand is divided into 4 natural regions:  The mountainous North, with its profusion of multi-colored orchids, festinating native handicrafts and winter temperatures are sufficiently cool to permit cultivation of temperate fruits such as strawberries and peaches;  The high Northeast Plateau, which still jealously guards its many archaeological and anthropological mysteries;  The Central Plain, one of the world's most fertile rice and fruit-growing areas with colorful traditional culture and way of life as well as the sandy beaches of the East Coast and vibrant cosmopolitan Bangkok;  The peninsular South where the unspoiled beaches and idyllic islands complement economically vital tin mining, rubber cultivation and fishing. Religion: Buddhism (95%), Muslim (4%), others (1%) Capital City: Bangkok Language: The national and official language is Thai, while English is widely spoken and understood in major cities particularly in Bangkok and in business circles.
    • Government: Constitutional monarchy since 1932. Parliament is composed of 2 houses, The House of Representatives and the Senate. Both representatives and senators are elected by the people. A prime minister elected from among the representatives leads the government. Head of State: H.R.H. King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX of the Chakri Dynasty) Administration: 76 provinces, each subdivided into Amphoe (district), Tambon (sub-district) and Muban (village) Business hours: Most commercial concerns in Bangkok operate on a five-day week, usually from 8 am to 5 pm. Many stores open seven days a week from 10 am to 10 pm. Government offices are generally open between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm with a noon to 1 pm lunch break, Monday to Friday except on public holidays. Banks are open Mondays to Fridays from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm except on public holidays.
    • GDP: 142.3 billion USD or 5 904.4 billion baht (2003) GDP per capita:2 240.5 USD per year or 92 982.0 baht per year (2003) GDP annual growth: 6.3% (2003) Inflation Rate: 1.8% (2003) Interest Rate: 1.25% at the end of 2003 (14 days repurchase rate) Currency Exchange Rate (as of 30 Jan 04):  39.35 THB/USD  72.02 THB/GBP  49.19 THB/EUR  37.38 THB/100JPY  23.35 THB/SGD  05.10 THB/HKD Imports: 72.6 billion USD or 3 014.2 billion baht (2003) Exports: 77.6 billion USD or 3219.9 billion baht (2003) Current Account: 7.9 billion USD or 328.7 billion baht, 5.6% of GDP International Reserve: 41 255.1 million USD at the end of November 2003
    • Fiscal Year: October 1 – September 30 Public Debts: 2 892 732.19 million baht at the end of October 2003 (48.99% of GDP), 24.56% of which were foreign debts, whereas 75.44% were domestic debts. Short-term debts stood for 18.44% and long-term debts were at 81.56% Population (End 2003): 63.36 million persons 0-14 years: 24.2% (male 7,955,597; female 7,604,652) 15- 64 years: 68.8% (male 21,819,445; female 22,362,085) 65 years and over: 7% (male 2,081,768; female 2,441,729) Literacy Rate: 96% of total population 97.5% of Male 94.6% of Female Workforce: 35 million persons (approx.) Majority under 30 years of age Unemployment Rate: 0.69 million persons or 2.0% of the total labor force at the end of 2003 Minimum Wages: 8000.00 Bath
    • Base in Thailand Just a few hours away from neighbors Thailand is located in the natural prime area of Asia, serves as the hub of northern, southern, south-eastern and eastern Asia. This advantage makes Thailand the best operational base for business in the East. Abundant natural resources Topographically, Thailand is flat and fertile. Aside from the somewhat arid Northeast, the entire country is blessed with an abundance of water, both in its 2,600 km. coastline, and in the many rivers and canals which nourish its crops. Such topographical advantage makes Thailand an agricultural country. Thailand is nick named “the Kitchen of the World because yearly it cultivated billion tons of food supplying the entire world. Thailand ranks among the top ten exporters of the following food commodities:
    • • World's largest exporter of canned pineapple, pineapple juice and concentrates. • World's largest exporter of frozen shrimps • Second largest exporter of seafood (especially tuna) • One of the top ten exporters of frozen chicken • One of the world's leading producers of rice, producing about 24 million tons • One of the world's largest suppliers of sugar, tapioca Thailand earns about US$10billion annually from food manufacturing alone. In 2001, the food export of Thailand was worth 444.706 million baht which was about 15.0% of the country's 2.89 trillion baht exports. World standard public infrastructures In the past 30 years, Infrastructure had been developed continuously and Infrastructure has been the important factor to support national economic, social, and quality of life development. So far, Thailand has invested in Infrastructure projects at the average of 5 to 6 percent of GDP. At present the status of infrastructure development in transportation, energy, communications and public utility sectors have been vastly improved. Basic and essential utilities such as electricity, water, telephone are continuously upgraded to meet demand and to technologically advance in line with industrial countries. Main road networks are mostly reinforced concrete roads and asphalt concrete roads. Bangkok-Chon Buri Motor Way and the Eastern Outer Bangkok Ring Road are now completed to improve transport efficiency. The route length of the train network is nearly 4,000 km. Waterway access in the East-West corridor on the Mekong Delta links Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam and China.
    • Invest in Thailand The inflation and unemployment rates stayed low, and the current account continued to be in surplus. At the same time, foreign reserves remained high while the external debt level was on a declining trend. To read about Bank of Thailand analysis... Foreign direct investment is welcomed and encouraged by the Thai government. Thailand provides an attractive environment for FDI with: • its central location in Asia, • good infrastructure and efficient transportation, • affordable wages, • adaptable labor force, • reasonably low real estate and construction costs, • commitment to trade and investment liberalization with ASEAN, APEC and other countries. The Board of Investment (BOI), the investment regulatory agency of Thailand, has various investment incentives for potential investors looking to set up a business in Thailand. The BOI also provides investment promotion services and aims to be a one-stop shop for all investment related services.
    • Invest in Thailand Thailand has all you need for high-end gems and jewelry. It is the place where gems and diamonds are made and trade. It is the place where jewelries are designed and produced. It is the place where artistry is part of the daily life. It is the place where people are optimistic about life and friendly towards foreigners. Huge community of this industry exists in Thailand and grows over time. There is enormous circulation of raw materials, inventories, workforce, capital and transactions with the value over 4 billion US dollars (or over 160 billion baht) yearly. Color Stones Specialist Color For decades, the Thai know-how and technology in heat treatment on color stones helps attract huge amount of raw materials. Furthermore, accessibility of Thailand also helps facilitate the flows of merchandise, suppliers, manufacturers, traders, and consumer to the country. This makes Thailand the world producer and market place for gems.
    • High quality diamond cutting center With the capability of gems cutting, Thailand has extended its know- how to cut and polish diamonds. This evolution has opened its door to the world of diamond manufacturing over the past twenty years. Artistic jewelry producer for hundreds of years, Thai people are keen on delicacy and miniature creation. The skill of Thai workforce is meticulous and artistic. All these reflect in the Thai arts and lifestyle, such as sculpture, architecture, artistry and foods. To learn more about these artisans, click here. Tolerating workforce – the Thai values Thais generally take a "sabai" or "relaxed" view of life, tolerating others' fault and inconsistencies. As Buddhists, they recognize the transistorizes of life, an attitude evident in the phrase "mai pen rai", translated as "it doesn't matter" or "no problem". Thus, Thai skilled workforce retains conscientiousness, trainability and pleasantness that are assets of the people. Thai workers are well-known for their diligence, craftsmanship, meticulous but not demanding. Foreign employers who have previously hired Thai manpower are satisfied with its skills and discipline.
    • Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Market from Thailand The world is becoming smaller and moving towards free-trade oriented economy. Thai government now emphasizes a proactive role in the international trade and economic arena. It heads the region on this issue by pushing for the Free- Trade Agreement (FTA) in a multidimensional level: • A. Multilateral level in the WTO • B. Bilateral level in the international relations • C. Regional level in the economic community Such role helps creating Thailand one of the most accessible free-trade ports of the region. Gateway to a gigantic market place Thailand is strategically located in the heart of East, Southeast and South-Central Asia. The economy of this region is currently the world most productive and emerging. With over 1,500 million people in East Asia, 500 million people in Southeast Asia, and 1,500 million people in South-Central Asia, the region is also a gigantic consuming market for all kind of products. For instance, to explore the high-end gold market, a simple mathematical 5% potential prospect of 3.5 billion people is already 175 million people huge direct target group.
    • Intelligent marketing strategies Successful marketing requires additional factors – right products at the right price, right place, right time, and right message. Thailand has all you need: • High quality products through skilled labor • Competitive cost, therefore, inexpensive price • Regional distribution hub with high accessibility and efficient outlet • Communicative promotion campaign at lowest cost Know-who Huge target group and right marketing strategies are insufficient. Good relationship and good „connection‟ also play an important part in marketing success. Thailand is a multicultural country with zero-racism. Despite different religion and culture, Thais are warmly welcome by all countries of the region. This is because over 50% of Thai people are mixed Chinese or Indian whom are strongly bonded and connected with mainland Chinese and Indian business people and government officials.
    • About Bangkok Free Trade Zone Is generally toward manufacturing, trade, logistics and distribution providing special freedom for business and trade activities which can be called “Free Zone” in the same area of this zone. Bangkok Free Trade Zone is represented by Chaiyanan Bangplee Parkland Co., Ltd. Bangkok Free Trade Zone is situated in the industrial area consisting of approximately 1,000 rais. The company was established since 1993. Services • Logistics center of air, sea, and land transport • Provides full service activities to make it a “One Stop Service” such as: - Logistics Services - ICD (Inland Container Depot) Services - Warehousing Services - Distribution Services - Consolidation & Packaging Services
    • Superb Location At Bangkok Free Trade Zone: Bangna-Trad Road, km.23, Bangsaothong, Samutprakarn Thailand Address: 88/2-4 Moo 15, Bang Sao Thong, Samut Prakarn 10540 Thailand • 17 km away from Suwannabhumi New International Airport • 27 km away from Bangkok Port • 90 km away from Lamchabang Port
    • Privileges of Free Trade Zone Under the supervision of Board of Investment (BOI), the investment regulatory agency of Thailand, company who qualifies will entitle to privileges that help waive major taxes, such as corporate income tax and value-added tax, over a period of 5 or 8 year, depending on type of license granted. With such support, setting up production facilities in Free Trade Zone will receive the maximum tax privileges as follows: • Exempt from corporate income tax for at least 5 or 8 years* • Exempt from import duties and VAT on imports of raw materials • Exempt from import duties on imports of machineries • Exempt from income tax on dividend incomes received for at least 5 or 8 years* • Exempt from VAT for sales within Free Trade Zone • Exempt from VAT for sales to all BOI promoted and bonded warehouse zone • 100% own land and property within Free Trade Zone under foreign entity • Bring in foreign expatriates and skilled labors to work in the kingdom
    • This significant benefit obviously helps easing cash-flow, reducing cost, and increasing efficiency. * The range of time receiving privileges depends in investment decision: • To relocate production facility into Free Trade Zone – privileges received 8 years • To setup new production facility in Free Trade Zone – privileges received 5 years • To expand production activities - privileges received 5 years only on the expansion phases
    • Suvarnalhumi Airport Established on 27 February 1996 as a juristic entity according to Civil and Commercial Code, the New Bangkok International Airport Co., Ltd. is a state enterprise under the supervision of the Transport Ministry, with the Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited. (Former the Airports Authority of Thailand) and Ministry of Finance as its shareholders. Facilities • 130 passport control checkpoints for arrivals, 72 for departures. • 26 customs control checkpoints for arrivals, 8 for departures. • 22 baggage conveyor belts. • 360 check-in counters. There are 100 additional counters for passengers without luggage. • 107 moving walkways. • 102 elevators. • 83 escalators.
    • Capacity The airport has 2 parallel runways (60 m. wide, 4,000 m. and 3700 m. long) and 2 parallel taxiways to accommodate simultaneous departures and arrivals. It has a total of 120 parking bays (51 with contact gates and 69 remote gates) and 5 of these are capable of accommodating the Airbus A380 aircraft. With a capacity of handling 76 flight operations per hour, both international and domestic flights will share the airport terminal but will be assigned to different parts of the concourse. In the initial phase of construction, it will be capable of handling 45 million passengers and 3 million tons of cargo per year. Between the airport hotel and the terminal building are the two 5-storey car park buildings with a combined capacity of 5,000 cars. Airport Hotel Above the underground rail link station and in front of the passenger terminal building is the 600-room hotel operated by Accor Group under the Novotel Suvarnabhumi brand. Long-term plans Long-term plans for four runways flanking two main terminals and two satellite buildings with a combined capacity capable of handling up to 100 million passengers and 6.4 million tons of cargo a year are on the drawing board. The second phase of airport expansion involving the construction of a satellite building.
    • Stay in Thailand One of Thailand's chief attractions for the visitor is its rich culture, evident in its art, its spiritual attainments, and its enduring social values. Thais have used the wealth their land produced to create stunning art, architecture, and dance/drama. The range of its artistic production is not limited to architecture of palaces or temples but extends into arts and crafts. TAT Chairman Mr. Somsak recently said, "Thailand is becoming increasingly popular as a place for long-stay visitors because of its good weather, inexpensive cost of living, high quality of medical services and recreational facilities." The World Tourism Organization predicts Thailand has the potential to attract 32 million visitors by 2020. The average length of stay is about 8 days over the past 10 years. This fact illustrates that Thailand is the ideal place for longer stay. Friendly people Thailand is often called the "land of smiles", and rightly so because you will see more smiling people here than anywhere else in the world. Most Thais are not only friendly, polite and tolerant; they are also remarkably kind and patient. Adhered to the famous Thai smiles, there is a special word 'Sanook', used to express a sense of pleasure while souls having a fine time or enjoy being in good mood. 'Mai Pen Rai' means "never mind, it doesn't matter", it's another popular expression visitors will often hear, and one which serves well to illustrate the apparent ambivalence of the Thai people's nature. Visitors are highly esteeming the pleasing and often smiling hospitality of Thai people that normally behave toward foreigners like as saying: "Don't be a stranger in Thailand" Indeed, their smiling faces make it very easy to establish contacts.
    • Healthcare Thailand is also well-known for medical treatment. Thailand has more than 450 private hospitals staffed by doctors and specialists who are internationally trained. They can offer an affordable alternative to the west. Treatments include heart surgery, cosmetic surgery, laser eye surgery and complex dental procedures. Moreover, alternative treatments are also available, namely, healing massage, meditation, acupuncture, herbal treatment, spas, etc. International schools Moving to Thailand with children is not a problem. They are over 50 international schools whose curriculums are acceptable by institutions overseas. Photos of Thailand Economy Farming Farming Diamond
    • Tourism Phi PhiIsland Golf Course Ancient Ruin Phuket Diving in Thailand Floating Market Elephant Trekking Floating Market Chang Island
    • Religion Thai Buuddist Monk Bhudda Statue Bhudda Statue Culture Arts Grand Palace Bangkok Grand Palace Bangkok Thai Arts Thai Arts Nature Erwin Fall