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Open Source GeoSpatial Open Source GeoSpatial Presentation Transcript

  • Open SourceGeoSpatial Software Arnaud Vandecasteele Memorial Univ. of Newfoundland, Canada
  • How people see Open Source guys? 2/21
  • How people see Open Source software? 3/21
  • What is really Open Source ?Open source is everywhere 4/21
  • Why Open Source ?Code source remains in public domainHigh Software Quality*Security (Linus Law)InteroperabilityCreativity Source: Stevekiernan 5/21
  • What about GeoSpatial ? 6/21
  • A brief historySource: Markus Neteler 7/21
  • Organisations and Consortiums Software Standards + Support and promote the highest qualityOpen Source GeoSpatial Software and Standards 8/21
  • Open Source Gis Ecosystemweb mapping Quantum GIS Quantum GIS OSSIM UMN MapServer GRASS GIS uDig MapServer MapNik Geopublisher gvSIG deegree GeoMajas KOSMO deegree GIS desktop GIS ZOO Project OpenStreetMap MapFish GMT MapGuide OS GDAL/OGR FDOOpenLayers GeoKettle GeoServer Mapbender GeoTools GEOS PostGIS GeoNetwork Viking MetaCRS SpatialLite metadata libraries Source: Jeff McKenna 9/21
  • Desktop Applications 10/21
  • Desktop Applications 11/21
  • Programming 12/21
  • StoragePostGis @ started in 2001Based on PostgresqlA lot of functions (more than 200)Geometric and Geographic dataRaster dataMySql Spatial @ into MySQL since 4.1Geometric data (plan)No projectionFew spatial functionSpatialLite @ on SQL LiteMinimal weight (250 ko)GUI 13/21
  • Publishing on the Web - Server MapServer @ Started in 1995 !!! Language C Platforme Linux, Window, Mac Os X Can read a lot of geographic data GeoServer @ Started in 2001 Language Java Very active community Platforme Linux, Window, Mac Os X GUI WMS QGIS Server Started in 2010 Based on QGIS API Quick and easy style creation Platforme Linux, Window, Mac Os X WMS/WFS Support 14/21
  • Publishing on the Web - Client OpenLayers One of (maybe the) best API LeafLet Very active community Tile5 Based on the potentiality of HTML5 PolyMaps SVG format Modest Maps Language Flash 15/21
  • Publishing on the Web - Client 16/21
  • Open Source GeoWeb platform OpenGeo @ Whole Geographic infrastructure Community and Entreprise edition CartoDB @ Automatic Geocoding Evolutive commercial offer GeoCommons @ Data Catalogue Different rendering and analysis capabilities CloudMade @ Data Catalogue Different integrations levels (API, Iframe, etc.) TileMill @ Desktop Application Different rendering and analysis capabilities 17/21
  • Open Source GeoWeb platform CartoDBTileMill 18/21
  • Open Source dataOpenStreetMap @ 19/21
  • ConclusionMature softwareMature organisationMature standards BUT Lack of support Lack of skilled personnel Lack of visibility 20/21
  • Arnaud Vandecasteele@geotribu Questions ? 21/21