Cba Ta Jan 2012


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Cba Ta Jan 2012

  1. 1. CBA’s Technical Analysis and Trading Behavior WorkshopCorporate bridge is a Leading provider of instructor-led training programs to world’s topcorporate and academic institutions in diverse areas of finance, marketing, BusinessCommunication, Strategy and Self-development. Our philosophy is to provide access toindustry best practices and high quality training with programs being by most up-to-dateinformation and resources. We work with our clients to understand their trainingrequirements text] customize to their specific needs- whether it’s a full day training programs, [Type anda 1- week crash course or a 1-month to 1-year intensive course.
  2. 2. “Very participatory and brilliantly adjusted to the needs of everyone " AnkurMinz , ICICI Prudential What is Technical Analysis? Training Details: Technical analysis is a security analysis discipline for forecasting the direction of prices through the study of past market data, *Requirement - Laptop primarily price and volume. While fundamental analysts examine Batch Details: (Mumbai) earnings, dividends, new products, research and the like, technical analysts examine what investors fear or think about those  Only Sundays: developments and whether or not investors have the wherewithal 4 Days Training Program Starting to back up their opinions; these two concepts are called psych from 22nd January 2012 (psychology) and supply/demand. Technical analysis employs models and trading rules based on price and volume transformations, such as the relative strength index, moving averages, regressions, inter-market and intra-market price Special Discount Offers!! correlations, cycles or, classically, through recognition of chart patterns.  Register for Course of Equity Course Description Research and Investment Banking The course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the online and get Webinar / Webcast essential concepts and techniques of Technical Analysis as Series Absolutely FREE. practiced today by many fund managers, asset allocation strategists and traders in the capital markets. Of particular focus in  Register for Online Sector Modeling the course will be the increasing importance of inter-market and get Financial Modeling with technical and quantitative analytical tools. Excel Free. Course Highlights Technical Analysis course Certification. Highly experienced  Register for an Online Course on faculty members who carry a rich trading experience. The course Investment Research worth Rs. will provide an insight into important concepts of Technical 18,000/- and get a Webinar / Analysis with the help of Examples & cases. Webcast absolutely FREE. Target Audience  Register for an Online + Books The course is designed to provide a supplementary set of skills Course on Investment Research and techniques for those seeking greater understanding of worth Rs. 25,000/- and get Webinar / underlying market dynamics and trading strategies. Webcast on PE, TA, CR worth up to The course will familiarize participants with knowledge about Rs. 30,000 FREE. various trading and charting concepts used in technical Analysis. Call: 922- 287-738 / 39, 922-3233-569 Percentage of Participants Enrolled in various Courses with CBA / 659, 022 – 322250 58 /62 Prices are subject to change without prior notice “Thank you too for you patience and enthusiasm in trainingthe participants. You have taken them to the bridge that they neededto cross and have showed them how. Like for everything else, it is theFIRST STEP that counts, we appreciate you being a part of the firststeps of a few who wish to cross the bridge in their own pace (walking,running flying, whatever); As far as feedback on the training modulesand content, we are one satisfied customer and you have delivered asper our requirements and expectations, let me put this in writing foryou! I will also gladly recommend your name to people looking forsimilar training solutions [Type text]All the best to you and your organization!”SoubaCapvent India, Private Equity Firm
  3. 3. “Definitely a great training workshop! Great materials, good topics, excellent presentation! " Ravi Singhania , Bank Julius Baer, Singapore Who can attend it? Students/Housewives Course Structure Day Traders Day 1: Technical Analysis (Basics Course) Risk Managers  Introduction to technical Analysis Fund Managers Session 1  Users of Technical Analysis Analysts The rationale for studying  Principles of Technical Analysis Technical Analysis (TA)  Contrast between Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis Equity strategists Commodity traders Intermediate-term  Meaning, Types of Trend, Trend lines, trend Lengths Session 2  Charting as foundation of TA traders  Principal Chart types: Line Chart, candlestick charts, point & figure, Bar Technical Trends & Charts. Fundamentals of  Chart Patterns: Head and Shoulders, Cup and Handle, Double Tops and Our Advisory Team: Charting and Patterns Bottoms, Triangles, Flag and Pennant, Wedge, Gaps, Triple Tops and Bottoms, Rounding Bottom  Dr. T. R. Madan Mohan (Ex Prof. IIM Bangalore) Session 3  Importance of Support & Resistance, Role Reversal.  Prof. B. K. Mohanty(IIM Foundation of trend  Volume & its significance Lucknow)  Moving averages as foundation of trend analysis.  Prof. A.K. Mishra (IIM analysis Support & Resistance, Volume, &  Types of moving Averages: Simple Moving Average (SMA), Lucknow) Exponential Moving Average  Prof. Pranay K Swain Moving Averages (IIM Calcutta)  Romil Pant (National  How to establish your business and Trading Goals Head, Future Capital Session 4  Advanced Money Management strategies Financial) Personal Trading Plan  How to properly critique your own performance and adjust Team at Corporate your trading plan on market condition Bridge Academy:  DheerajVaidya(IITD, Day 2: Technical Analysis (Expert Level) IIML)  Gaurav Singh (IITD,  Market Strength: Introduction Session 5  Market Strength: Advancers to Decliners IIMC)  Market Strength: Relative Strength Comparison  S. Premananda(IITD, Market Strength &  Market Breadth: Introduction IIMC) Market Breadth  Volume Studies  K. Kayideni(IITD,  Accumulation/Distribution & The Chaiken Oscillator IIMA)  Study on present Market  Bharat Rathi(IIMI)  KavishSarawgi(IIML)  Introduction to Dow Theory Session 6  Basic Principles of Dow Theory Dow Theory &  Dow Theory Specifics40+ faculty from IIT‐IIM Principles  Current Relevance of Dow Theorywith significant experience inInvestment Banking, Equity  Explanation of the basics of Elliot Wave theory Session 7  The Basic Wave PatternResearch, Private Equity, Elliott Wave Theory &  Elliott Wave: The Basic Sequence, Rule & GuidelinesRisk Management etc.  Fibonacci relationships Cycles  Elliott Wave Basics - Corrective Patterns [Type text]  Question & Answer Conclusion / Q & A  Practical application  Trading
  4. 4. “Never having had an I-Banking Internship, I was still able to land an interview at a top tier Investment Bank and feel completely confident about any technical questions they may ask me. With my completion of the program, there should be absolutely no doubt as to my ability to perform at the same level or above as somebody with previous I-Banking experience.Obrigado!” -Suresh Vasamshetty , Vidyalankar Inst. Of Mgmt. Sakinaka, Andheri BENEFITS!! Day 3&4: Technical Analysis (Expert + Advance level) IIT and IIM venture Certification from Session 1 Corporate Bridge  Review of TA - 1894-2000 Academy Expert Theories on  Views from Livermore, Gann. ,Elliott Live case studies and Technical Analysts  Darvas - Turtle ,Break out excel based training  Hurst- Cyclicity Personal attention to every delegate Session 2  Linda - reversal Expert Idea on Modern  Dr Bill Williams – chaos Weekend Program Technical Analysis  Larry William - master trader model suitable for all –  Martin Pring - Momentum Guru professionals or Session 3  Introduction to Indicators & Oscillators students  Types of Indicators: Accumulation / Distribution Line Average, Intensive step-by-step Advance Indicators Aroon, Moving Average Convergence-divergence, Relative and oscillators Strength Index, On-Balance Volume, William %R, use of classroom training Momentum : RSI – WILLIAM % R in detail. program to understand capital markets Session 4 Advance Technical  Use Of TA In Commodity/F& O/ Forex Analysis in  Question & Answer Case study Commodity Trading Intensive step-by-step classroom training program to understand Session 5  Day Trade Technique capital markets VOLATILITY: DEFINE  Stop loss DAY –UP OR DOWN Dynamic, highly  Advanced price action analysis practical & interactive training program with Session 6 real life case studies SHORT TERM  Cut down risk TRADE  Understanding , Set Up, Entry & Exit Decode financial jargon and uncover popular misconception Session 7  Requestee, risk-reward  Entry, trade follow up Over 200 hours of Position Trading  Swing & Position training. Be Competitive and differentiate yourself in  Solve all doubts pertaining to this training program Conclusion / Q & A the world of competition [Type text]
  5. 5. “Wonderful Session to sum up! I must say that this Advanced Finance training at my place in UK (London) may result in a big dent in my pocket, guess 5000 Euros! Congrats CBA. I look forward to an exciting Day 2 Webianr. " Elizabeth Garber , Webinar Participant, London Current Webinar Trainings Advance Financial 3rd Dec 2011 to 22nd Jan 2012 Modeling Master Classes Technical Analysis and 26th Nov to 25th Dec 2011 Trading Behavior Wealth Management Starting January 2012 The Course Fee: Rs. 15,000 (including taxes) You can avail Early Bird Discount of 10% discount on registrations done 10 days before the start of the Training Corporate Bridge Academy You can avail 15% Discount for a group of 3 or more participants and 25% discount for a group of 5 or more A- 318, Sagar Tech Plaza, participants. Andheri Kurla Road, Near Sakinaka Junction,How to make PAYMENTS? : Andheri East, Mumbai-72, IndiaYou can pay via Online / Net Banking by login on / OR Email us at:; info@cbacademy.inVia Cheque / Demand Draft (DD) addressed"Corporate Bridge Consultancy Pvt. Ltd" bearing the price ofcourse and mailed to our Head office. Website: , ,Or by depositing the same in our Account www.cbjobs.inBank Account Name: Corporate Bridge Consultancy Pvt. LtdBank Name: ICICI Bank ( Mulund Vikas Paradise Branch) For More Details Call: 922-2287-738 / 39Branch Address: Vikas Paradise, Bhakti Marg, Opp.Balreajeshwar Temple, Mulund (W) - 400 080Type of Account: Current Account Join us on Facebook:Account Number: 124405000117 Number/ Sort Code: 021000021Swift Code: ICICINBBNRIRTGS/NEFT IFSC Code: ICIC0001244 [Type text]