Tips for traveling with mom
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  • 1. 1. Sleep will undoubtedly cause some friction. You see it as a necessary andrestorative 12 to 14 hours; your mother sees it as a freak biological mutationstanding in the way of a nonstop bonding session with her only child. The besttime to address this issue is during the brief overlap in awake time the two of youwill enjoy between the hours of 3 and 8 p.m.2. You may be under the impression that, as an 18-year-old legal adult capable ofvoting for a president and fighting in a war, you are ready to monitor your ownTips for Traveling With Mom
  • 2. sunscreen application without your mother’s input. You are wrong. Your motherwill have unearthed the only tube of SPF 150+ ever manufactured in NorthAmerica, and she will insist on nervously brandishing it at you every 10 minutes.It’s easier not to put up a fight.3. Don’t be alarmed when, over dinner, your mother stares searchingly into youreyes and murmurs “So how is college, really?” in the soothing yet stern tone of a“Law & Order” detective trying to coax a reluctant witness to talk. She may thendivulge some highly disturbing freshman-year tales of her own in a misguidedattempt to get you to talk. Don’t fall for it. Just smile politely and eat your pasta.4. Refrain from commenting when your mother refers to the resort staff as “thehelp.” She is from another era. You are not going to be able to change her. Justbreathe and let it go.