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Magazine True Golfer 14 PDF Magazine True Golfer 14 PDF Document Transcript

  • Distance running is Ethiopian Airlines will be the rst airline in Africa to operatesynonymous with the the Boeing 777-200LR the longest range airplane in the world.Ethiopian culture. This aircraft will enable Ethiopian Airlines to connect the US to Addis Ababa and to more destinationsstarting from Abebe Bikila, in Asia nonstop.the winner of the Olympic with a range of up to 17,396 km, the 777-200LRMarathon gold medal in will carry more than 300 passengers inRome and Tokyo in 1960 and the most passenger preferred cabin1964 respectively,to the living of any aircraft in service. Its e cientlegend Haile Gebrselassie, design means low fuel consumption,one of the greatest distance less noise and cleaner emissions,which is Haile Gebrselassierunners in history. in sync with the Airline’s green initiatives.With 22 world records so far This technologically advanced aircraftand many more to come, will further establish Ethiopian AirlinesEthiopians dominate all major as a leader on the continent,and as an airline that takes itslong distance competitions in mission of connectingthe world. In line with this Africa to the World,tradition, Ethiopian Airlines about to establish itselfin the ultra-long distancearena as well. WWW.ETHIOPIANAIRLINES.COM
  • Fuelling Africa’s dream. As an oil company founded in Africa, Engen is providing theengergy for her growth and renewal. Through sustainable investment and development. Throughbusiness partnerships and joint ventures. Through the creation of new opportunities for allher people and, vitally, through sharing skills and knowledge. An oil companyproudly committed to driving Africa forward.
  • CONTENTS THE STARTER 8 Tee-Off Ask TG Doctor TG Notes THE GAME 14 18Grey Snow Triumphs at the KCB Golf Tournament in Kenya Indiza set for Big Task this Year Kaymer Topples Westwood to Become World Champion Grey Snow Triumphs at KCB Tour Coca Cola Launches Dasani Golf Series 2011 GAME PREVIEW 27 All Eyes on Kenya Open Sunshine Tour comes to East Africa FEATURES 36 Tracing the Origins of Golf – Part 2 The A-Z of Golf Jargon TG CHATROOM 45 TG Chats with Dr. Adriko on Golf & Business Coca Cola Launches Dasani Golf Series 2011 at UGC 22 Publisher Editorial Board Adevertising Oneline Graphics Media Score Limited Eric Stephen Mukhwana Paddy Ntalumbwa (+256) 0782 - 431150 Plot 121, 8th Street Tanda Benon Mathias Ggayi P.O. Box 7537 Paddy Ntalumbwa Design & Layout Kampala • Uganda Contributors Circulation Design Evolution (U) Limited (+256) 0414 - 668571 Sadi Atibu Milton Mukhwana (+256) 0772 - 200335 (+256) 0772 - 981804 Dr. Sebaale Kato (+256) 0703 - 648232 Prof. Herbert Nsanze Customer Service Eric Verwej Gladys Nakakande
  • MARCH - APRIL 2011 GOLF & BUSINESS 50 Conference Facilities & Accommodation Supplemennt TG SCHOOL 54 Develop your Swing with Sadi Atibu Improve your Game with the Latest Gear COURSES & TRAVEL 66 The Joy of Playing Golf in Abu Dhabi COURSE GUIDE 72 The TG Golf Course Guide to the Region 54 Sadi Atibu on Split-Handed Swing 66 A viiew of the Abu Dhabi National Golf Course Finance & DISCLAIMER COPYRIGHT NOTICE Administration Whereas every care has been All materials are copyrighted Andy Martion Munialo taken in the preparation of the and all rights are reserved. No True Golfer, Media Score Limited part of this publicaton may be24 Hours Hot Lines can not accept responsibility for reproduced, stored in retrieval (+256) 0772 - 981804 the accuracy of the information systems or transmitted in any (+256) 0782 - 431150 containd herein or any conse- form or by any means, wether (+256) 0782 - 554700 quences arising from it. The views electronic, mechanical or pho- (+256) 0752 - 996747 expressed in this magazine are tocopied, without prior written (+256) 0752 - 932880 those of Media Score Limted. permission of the publisher.
  • TEE-OFF Dear Reader, Attitude is Everything! As Herm Albright put it, a Positive Attitude may not solve all your prob- lems, but will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. I have watched golfers and I have learnt two things. They have a positive attitude. They are focused. They are so focused that they switch off their phones when playing. That is why they win on and off the greens. I remember when we started True Golfer two years ago, pessimists said that we would close within six months, but we have not. Instead we are grow- ing stronger. Attitude to succeed has brought us this far. In my career as a field salesman, I have called a string of CEOs, General Managers, Country Managers, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers and I have continuously followed them up until they have given me business. Sales people with right mental attitude (RMA) will always win orders. Customers want to give business to cheerful and happy sales people. True Golfer Team is still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation we find ourselves; because we know that the greater part of our success depends upon our attitudes and not upon our circumstances. The Publisher.ERICMUKHWANA 8 PUBLISHER TG 13 • JAN - FEB 2011 THE STARTER
  • 20THE STARTER TG 13 • JAN - FEB 2011 9
  • ASK TG DOCTORDR. SEbbAAlE, how al consistency throughout the cessive fat. As an alternative,DoES A DiET AffEcT A 18-holes (may be upto the 20th you may like to get your proteingolfER’S PERfoRm- hole) with little fluctuation. from vegetables and beansAncE? Golf nutrition gives you a instead of from animals. Golfers are mostly bad eat- body and mind for optimumers. Truly, most golfers’ diet performance. Most of the nu- To be continued in the nextis not healthy. Many of them trients required for golf nutrition issue:focus on the game, oblivious of is derived from macronutrientstheir diet. (carbohydrates, proteins, fats golfing AnD For sustenance, they stuff and water) and micronutrients cARbohyDRATES. whyinto their mouths donuts, egg (vitamins and minerals). ARE cARbohyDRATESand sausage biscuits, chips So imPoRTAnT?and assorted junk foods and whAT DoES ExERciSEconsume beer or sugar-loaded Do To ThE boDy?beverages for quenching their Golfing just like any sportthirst. breaks down body proteins Worse still, at the 19th hole, (muscle) - Skeletal musclefurther indulgence jeopardize contains about 50% of totaltheir health; making some of body protein. Both resistancethem worse-off in shape than and endurance exercise canprior to their round. induce muscle protein dam- Athletes focus on good age.nutrition for better sports Therefore before or dur-performance. The case is dif- ing golf addition of essentialferent with golf where golfers amino acids to carbohydrateregard the game as a slow- consumed immediately beforemoving activity requiring little playing resulted in increased Dr. Sebbaale is the Chiefaerobic and anaerobic energy. amino acid delivery to muscle Executive Officer of CaseAs such, they ignore the fun- and greater net muscle protein MedCare Limited. He is adamentals of good nutrition synthesis compared with con- Laparascopic Surgeon andnecessary for golfing success. sumption of the supplement at Gastroeterologist. Golf nutrition contributes to various times after exercise. He is a Senior Lecturer, De-a good diet, leading to good So it is prudent to include partment of Surgery (Makererescores. Golf is a game of ex- some protein source along University). He is a passionatetended endurance, requiring with the standard pre-play golfer and Chairman Ugandafocus, rhythm and consistency carbohydrates. Lean proteins Cricket Association.which are the fundamentals of should be favoured over higher His telephone numbers aregolfing success. fat proteins, as fat delays gas- (+256) 772 - 221101 or 752 - You need a good diet to tric/stomach emptying. 250362.provide you with adequate en- Daily golf nutrition requiresergy throughout a round. Only you to empower your bodya healthy body and mind will with energy and strengthgive you the same measure of through consuming foods highstrength, flexibility, concentra- in protein. However, animaltion and physical and emotion- protein may also give you ex- 10 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 THE STARTER
  • A WORLD AWAY FROM THE CITY Just 15 Kilometres from Kampala and 35 Kilometres from Entebbe, on the shores of lake victoria, rests a  resort of ultimate beauty, tranquility and peace. This newest addition to the Serena family is the perfect resort  to unwind and escape the stresses of city life.  The central lounge and reception The rooms and suites Maisha Mind Body and Spirit Spa The pool and garden view LAKE VICTORIA SERENA RE SO RT 11THE STARTER TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 PO Box 37761, Kampala, Uganda, Lweza-Kigo road, Off Entebbe road or Call +256 41 7121000, Fax +256 41 7121550 e-mail: 
  • TG NOTES ‘MOST HATED GOLFER’ WINS HONDA CLASSIC South Africa’s Rory Sab-batini won the Honda Classic,earning himself $5.7 million asa cash prize. This is his sixthcareer US PGA title. The fourdays tournament took placeat Palm Beach Gardens fromMarch 3rd to 6th. Sabbatiniwas reported to be the mosthated man in golf following theresults of a survey conductedby Sports Illustrated in 2007. Sabbatini, who had not wonsince the 2009 Byron Nelson Gymkhana Club Chairman,Championship, began the final Professor Mohabe Nyirabu,round with a five-stroke lead who escaped with a leg injury,and fired a par 70 to finish nine- Michael Makala and Athmanunder par 271. “I’m just beside Chiudu who are reportedlymyself. It’s fantastic. An awful injured and treated at thelot has happened since the last Muhimbili Hospital.time I won. It’s great being here Kamuzora was a senioragain.” Sabbatini said of the golfer at Gymkhana Golf Clubtriumph, which came after a and a professor at University of MAWA WINSbattle with skin cancer. Dar es Salaam. ZONE VI TRIALS Saidi Mawa capped a re- PROFESSOR DIES markable return to the national ON COURSE set-up by winning the first trial held last week to pick a nine- Shock gripped golfers at man team that will representGymkhana Golf Club when Uganda at the Africa Zone VIa tree fell and hit Professor Golf Championship due April inChris Kamuzora’s head; killing Kenya.him almost instantly on Tues- Mawa won the 126-holeday, February 1. He was pro- national trials held at the newnounced dead on arrival at Aga Palm Valley Golf Resort andKhan Hospital. Country Club, Kakungulu Es- The professor met his fate tate (54 holes) and Entebbeat the green’s No.1 hole while Golf Club (72 holes), by nineon a social golf outing in a strokes. After ascending intoteam of four players. Other the lead with a six-shot marginplayers in his company were after 54 holes, Mawa added rounds of 76, 67, 76 and 76 af- 12 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 THE STARTER
  • FROM AROUND THE...ter the four rounds held in En- rounds here,” added Katutsi, Flavia Namakula (73) and Katytebbe for an aggregate of 528 who took over the champion- Kabenge (66) won ladies’gross. “Playing 126 holes was ship leadership from January group A and B while Hermannot an easy task. But I thanks Mug winner, Dennis Mutyaba. Mutaawe led the professionals’God to have maintained the leaderboard with level 72.lead from the start to the end,” NAMAKULA TO GOsaid the 19-year-old star. Other qualifiers to the Na- TO SOUTH AFRICA DONALD BEATStional Amateur Team are Onito KAYMEROpio with 537, Ian Odokonyero Handicap-two lady golfer,with 543 Adolf Muhumuza with Flavia Namakula, will soon be544, Fred Wanzala with 548, in South Africa to play with theAbbey Bagalana with 551, Ron- continent’s best.ald Rugumayo with 557, Law- Namakula, the first lady inrence Muhenda with 560, East Africa to play handicap Robert Tumusiime with two, notes that she is not get-564, Ocici Onito with 565 and ting the kind of competitionConrad Acaye 565. The team she needs to up her captained by former profes- Playing in South Africa willsional, Stephen Kasaija who give her an opportunity todid not participate in the trials get tougher competition thatbecause busy schedules at would take her career to an-work. George Bagambisa is other level.the Team Manager while Amos South African Airways hasKamya is retained as the Team already promised to sponsorCoach. her with an air ticket. KATUTSI SHINES WAIGO COLLECTS England’s Luke Donald de- AT ENTEBBE MTN MUG feated German Martin Kaymer 3 and 2 during the World Golf Justice J.B Katutsi returned Senior golfer, John Waigo, Championships Accenturean enviable 66 nett points to resisted pressure from tough- Match Play Championship onemerge winner of the February fighting Lenard Ogembo, beat- February 27. Donald neverOrange/Castle Lite Mug at par ing him on count back after trailed in any of his six match-71 Entebbe Golf Club (EGC). both firing 75 gross to lift the es. “I am happy to be the new MTN February Mug. The event He collects US $ 1.4 mil-championship leader and I am took place at Kitante-based lion and will jump to third in thedetermined to remain there par-72 Uganda Golf Club Ki- world rankings. Kaymer wasuntil the end of the season,” tante course on Saturday, Feb- already assured of reachingsaid a jovial Katutsi, who picked ruary 26. Rwandan Stephen No.1 in the world just by reach-up 20 points from the January Katwiremu , George Egaddu ing the final, with England’s LeeMug. “I like this course. It has and Denis Batanda won A, B Westwood falling to second ingiven me great joy before and and C categories after net- the rankings.I have played many amazing ting 71, 72 and 69 respectively. 13THE STARTER TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • INDIZA SET FOR BIG TASK THIS YEAR! by TRUE golfER coRRESPonDEnT After failing to make the cutin the Dimension Data Pro-Amand in the starting list of theTelkom PGA Championship inSouth Africa, Kenya’s long driv-ing professional, Dismas Indiza,is back in Kenya to try and findhis winning touch which sawhim making a clean sweep inmost of the local events in EastAfrica. Indiza, who signed a newsponsorship deal with the giantsugar company Mumias SugarLimited at the beginning of theyear, says his suspension halfway the 2010 season becauseof an alleged wrong scoresmade him loose his form andinterest of the game. “Though I had tried my bestsince late last year, it is obviousthat I have not been able toreturn to the form as I was twoyears ago. But nothing is lost.I am back to pick up my gameeven though the competitionis getting hot and hot everyday in the KCB East Africa Tourfrom the emerging of young DISMAS INDIZA PLAYS FROM THE BUNKERand good professionals whichis good for the game’’ said In- “I have been getting up at he made the cut after finishingdiza after the second leg of the 6am every day, doing jogging, in the top 30 with impressivetour at Muthaiga. before going to the driving rounds of 70, 71 and 71. Indiza, who said he was range where I have been hit- And though he pre-qualifiedthrough with the Sunshine Tour ting between 300 and 500 for the Dimension Data Pro-until later during the year, has balls, followed by chipping and Am at the Fancourt in George,resumed serious training to put putting. I conclude my train- he shot rounds of 76 and 78;himself into shape not just for ing with an 18 holes’’ said the missing the cut by three shots.the KCB Tour, but other Inter- 43-year-old pro. He started His next stop over was Coun-national events such as the his Sunshine Tour outing with try Club Johannesburg for theBarclays Bank Kenya Open. the Zimbabwe Open where Telkom PGA Championship, 14 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 THE GAME
  • one of the prestigious eventsin the summer section of theSunshine Tour. He shot oneunder par 71 in the pre-quali-fying at the long playing Gar-dener Ross to tie with six otherplayers. During a play off, Indizamissed a close putt in the firsthole of a play off, hence miss-ing a place in the starting line-up of the event won later byGeorge Coetzee with a nearrecord of 27 under par 261. He would have wantedto play at the MTC NamibiaOpen, but that event will beheld at the same time with theBarclays Bank Kenya Openat Muthaiga where Indizabelieves he has a very goodchance of doing well this timeround. “I made a few errorsduring last year’s open whichcost me a place in the tworounds, but that was a wake-up call. I am now determinednot just to make cut this yearbut finish in a respectable posi-tion,’’ promised Indiza. Mumias Sugar sponsoredIndiza plans to play in all theKCB East Africa Tour events aswell as travelling to play in theNigeria Open later in the year.He also intends to go to Zim-babwe for the extra SunshineTour event and thereafter toZambia for the Zambia Openwhich comes soon after theKCB grand finale. Indiza hopesthat he will be among the INDIZA CONTEMPLATES HIS NEXT MOVEKenyans who will be selectedto play in the Vipingo Sunshine for putting training. formed well in the Kenya OpenTour open in June. I have been playing well as well as in the Sunshine Tour He is most grateful to Mu- though I have been making where he is currently rankedmias Sugar Chief Executive some few errors here and 66 in the Order of Merit.Officer, Dr. Evans Kidero, for there and those are some ofgiving him another chance to the things I would like to cor-prove his prowess in the game. rect before I venture into any ‘’Right now I am practicing major event here or outsideat Mumias Sugar but when the the country,’’ said Indiza. Twoopen gets nearer, I will have to years ago Indiza topped themove to Muthaiga particularly KCB East Africa series, per- 15THE GAME TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • KAYMER TOPPLES WESTWOODby TRUE golfERcoRRESPonDEnT Fluid-swinging German,Martin Kaymer, who’s been thebest player on earth in 2010has finally reached No. 1 in theOfficial World Golf Rankings;ending Tiger Woods era. Kaymer takes over theworld No. 1 position fromLee Westwood at the latestworld golf rankings releasedon March 1, 2011. He reachedthe summit after finishing inrunner-up position in the WGCMatch Play Golf Championshipthat ended on Sunday, Feb-ruary 27 in Arizona where helost to England’s Luke Donald.Westwood deposed TigerWoods on October 31 and haskept this top spot for only 17weeks. 26-year-old Kaymer be- KAYMER ADMIRES HIS TROPHYcomes the second-youngest PGA Championship won’t beplayer to capture the top rank- his last one. Kaymer holed aing since Woods did so at age 15-foot par putt on the last hole21 in 1997. (The rankings have that got him into a playoff. Afteronly been in place since 1986). Bubba Watson birdied the firstHe is the first player younger of a three-hole playoff, Kaymerthan Woods to pass Tiger in answered with a birdie on thethe rankings, which he did ear- toughest par 3 at Whistlinglier this year. Straits. What’s different this time GERMANATOR around is that Kaymer is Since he won the European nearly a decade younger thanTour’s Rookie of the Year in Woods, polished but not quite2007, he has never looked refined. His best golf could stillback. He went on to win eight be ahead of him.tournaments on the European “I want to go out and winTour, including three of the last tournaments. I want to com-four stacked-field Abu Dhabi pete, get myself in the lastGolf Championships. group on Sunday and feel weaknesses or strengths that The “Germanator” has won that heat, preferably against I have, and I can move on andseven times over the last two the best players ever, so that work on that,” said Kaymer be-years. He won a major with the I can compare myself. And if I fore he went to the tournamentkind of shots that suggest the compare myself, I can see my that gave him a new status. 16 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 THE GAME
  • TO BECOME WORLD CHAMPION! KAYMER ERA Ernie Els wasn’t kidding three years ago when he said of Kaymer, “He’s going to be something, I promise you.” From now on, it’s Kaymer, Watson, Rory McIlroy, Dus- tin Johnson and many other younger talents that will be at the top. Considering Kaymer’s resume, he is likely to keep at the top for a much longer time but obviously not for five years as Tiger Woods did. But Woods, Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els and the other golfers who commanded the game in the 2000s win again have a chance of capturing a few ma- jors along the way. But they’ll have to fight for every hole, and mARTin kAymER guys like Kaymer won’t ever coUnTRy shrink in their presence again. gERmAny The analysis is not to take DATE of biRTh away anything what Woods 28.12.1984 and the others achieved during hEighT / wEighT their heydays. Golf is now so 184 cm / 74 kgS competitive that few players TURnED PRo will come close to Mickelson 2005 AT hAnDicAP +5 and Singh’s multiple majors; and Woods’ 14 majors record is just unbreakable. KAYMER PROFILE TOURNAMENT YEAR PRIZE MONEY R1 R2 R3 R4 PAR ABU DHABI GOLF CHAMP. 2011 334.399 EUROS 67 65 68 66 -17 ALFRED DUNHILL LINKS CHAMP. 2010 580.046 EUROS 68 69 68 66 -17 KLM OPEN 2010 300.000 EUROS 67 67 66 66 -14 US PGA CHAMP. 2010 1.028.877 EUROS 72 68 67 70 -11 ABU DHABI CHAMP. 2010 250.000 EUROS 67 67 67 66 -21 THE BARCLAYS SCOTTISH OPEN 2009 579.340 EUROS 69 65 66 69 -15 OPEN DE FRANCE ALSTOM 2009 666.660 EUROS 62 72 69 68 -13 BMW INVITATIONAL OPEN 2008 333.330 EUROS 68 63 67 75 -15 ABU DHABI GOLF CHAMP. 2008 225.421 EUROS 66 65 68 74 -15 CHALLENGE DE FRANCE 2006 19.200 EUROS 67 64 69 71 -13 VODAFONE CHALLENGE 2006 19.200 EUROS 70 67 63 70 -18 17 THE GAME TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • SNOw TRIumpHS AT KcB TOuR! SnowTRUE golfER by Triumphs at KCB Tour coRRESPonDEnT Grey Snow, one of the mosttalented young professionalgolfers in the East Africanregion, is probably the manto watch in the forthcomingBarclays Kenya Open to beheld at Muthaiga Golf Clubfrom March 31 to April 3 if hisperformance during the sec-ond leg of the KCB East AfricaGolf Tour at the par 71 Muth-aiga course on March 2 to 5 isanything to go by. Snow who turned profes-sional soon after winningKenya’s Amateur StrokeplayChampionship last October,emerged the leading profes-sional in the KCB East AfricaGolf Tour’s Advantage BankingChallenge which was also thefirst of the four regional eventsin the Tour. He fired an impres-sive nine under par 275 to winthe top prize of KSh198,000 bya big margin of six shots fromthe second placed player JohnKagiri of Limuru Country Club. Using his home courseadvantage, Snow started hiscampaign with two rounds oftwo under par 69 each fol-lowed by 67 and 70 in third andfourth rounds respectively. His club-mate NicholasRokoine came up with anexcellent round of six under65 in the second round. Hotcharging Dismas Indiza with 72and 69 in the final two roundsfinished in third place behindJohn Kagiri who put up a ster- 18 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 THE GMAE
  • ling performance with a final finish fourth on one under par Although the course was inround of five under par 66 for 283 just a shot behind Indiza. an excellent condition, tough280 to finish second. Kimani, the only Kenyan pin positions denied many of Before the Muthaiga event, professional to make the sec- the players; particularly the vis-Snow had tied for second ond round cut during the 2010 iting pros a chance of finishingplace with Dismas Indiza in the Kenya Open, shot 73, 72, 71 in the money bracket. Save forfirst leg at Thika Sports Club and 74 to tie for seventh place Rwanda’s Emmanuel Ruterana GREY SNOW SWINGS ENROUTES WINNING THE 2ND LEG OF KCB TOURwhere home pro Simon Ngige with Hardeep Thethy who fired who made it in the money listshot 277 to retain his title. his only under par (69) in the with a score of 298, all the oth-Ngige did not however play final round for 290. Okello, who ers failed to make the cut.well at Muthaiga where he shot finished in second place in the Uganda’s Deo Akope, who291 to tie in ninth place with 1998 Kenya Open, started well had been expected to playRichard Ainley of Nakuru. at Muthaiga with one under par well particularly after playing At the same time, Nicholas 70 but faulted in the succeed- several events in South Africa’sRokoine who started with a ing two poor rounds when he Sunshine Tour, shot 75, 84 andpoor 78 before his magnificent shot 78 and 77. His four under 80 to finish well below the cut.65 that was followed by a 73 par 68 in the final round earned Another top pro, Jean Baptistand a closing 67, managed to him the 10th place. from Rwanda, also missed the 19THE GAME TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • cut. Because of the introduc- Club, Kampala will host the tion of a Pro-Am in the four fourth and last regional tour- regional events, the cut was nament from July 6 to 9 while moved from second to third the grand finale will take place round. The series now takes a at Nyali Golf and Country Club break to give the profession- Mombasa from August 10. als a chance to prepare for the Barclays Kenya Open. The third leg in the KCB East Africa Tour worth Sh7.6m this year will be from April 6 to 9 at Nyanza Golf Club Kisumu before it travels out of Kenya, for the first time this year, to Arusha Gymkhana Club in Tanzania from May 11 to 14. This event will be followed by another one the same month (May 25 to 28) at Kigali Golf Club Rwanda before returning NICHOLAS ROKOINE WAS to Kenya (Nakuru) from June THE 2ND RUNNER-UP 8 to 11. As usual, Uganda Golf 21THE GAME TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • COCA COLA LAUNCHESDASANI GOLF SERIES 2011by TRUE golfERcoRRESPonDEnT Over 150 players weretreated to an exciting tourna-ment after Coca – Cola stagedthe inaugural Dasani Golf Se-ries at par-72 Uganda Golf Clubon Saturday, March 12. Fourteams qualified for the GrandFinale slated for June 25. Team six comprising seniorgolfers emerged winner afterAllan Muhereza, MackenzieOgweng, Gad Gumisiriza andElly Tumwine carded 35, 36,39 and 40 points respectivelygiving them an aggregate of141 points. They were followed byTeam Eight comprising largelyexpatriates who garnered133 points, beating their ri-vals on count-back. The teamcomprised of Acutt Bary (35), COCA-COLA BRAND MANAGER, MAGGIE KIGOZI SPEAKSStanley Henning (40), Tony the teenagers sent a strong Series is intended associateGlencross (32) and Simo message to their seniors that Dasani brand with golfers. TheDubajic (26). Team Nineteen they are a team to reckon with event will move to Jinja Golf,comprising of Kiwanuka Arthur come June 11. Entebbe Golf Club, Toro GolfWHEN THE TEENS DARED THEIR SENIORS!with 36, Brian Rwabwogo with “I will be hitting the range Club, Mbarara Sports Club be-31, Paul Nuwagaba with 32 and every day after my tests at fore the Grand Finale on JuneDavid Batanda 34. school. Our team should do 11 at Kitante. The winning team Team Eleven that com- well during the Grand Finale will get an undisclosed pack-prised of teenagers had their in June,” said Ugandan-born age to spend a week abroad;name in the top four after firing Serb Marko Kostic. In the sub- playing golf on one of the besta total of 131 points Sixteen- sidiary category, Len Ogembo courses in the world.year-old Arshavin Kananathan with 39, Sydney Mpipi with 44and Chris Odur (34 points and Amanya Mushega with 37apiece) were the key players won Group A, B and C respec-for Team Eleven. Marko Kostic tively. Cecilia Lwanga and Ro-and James Odong contributed sette won the ladies Group A33 and 31 points respectively. and B categories respectively. Much as they did not According to Coca – Cola’semerge the winning team, Maggie Kigozi, Dasani Golf 22 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 THE GAME
  • sa k In k a rII eVa okatch ok el lo ocero24 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 THE GAME
  • g lorIa M bagu ta ch ar les ha Mya green t/shIrt) Fr ancIs ka ZIndukI (In 25THE GAME TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • Ma kul a Fl aV Ia n a luke kIseMbo bunk er shot at 18th hole26 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 THE GAME
  • da nIel k a l IMuZo Ma rko kostIc J.b. basa bose sheIl a kasIIMe 27THE GAME TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • All EYES ONKENYA OpEN by TRUE golfER coRRESPonDEnT In a short while, a star fieldof 156 players, including top sixamateurs, will be up and aboutat Kenya’s home of golf, Muth-aiga Golf Club for the Europe-an Challenge Tour’s BarclaysKenya Open Golf Champion-ship. They will be chasing for apurse of 190,000 euro of whichthe winning professional willtake home 30,400 euro plus achance to advance to the mainEuropean Tour International. Since Kenya Open started in1967, it has played a significantrole in producing future worldstars. Most of its winners haverarely returned to defend theirtitle because they have alwaysgone all the way to join themore lucrative European Tourand eventually to the world’sleading pro circuit, the PGAAmerican Tour. Last year’s winner, RobertDinwiddie, is now ranked 44thin the European Tour after fiveevents, thus he cannot returnto Kenya to defend his title un-less he is free from the maintour. Dinwiddie who has been inand out of the European Tourshot a final round six under par65 for an all rounds total of 12under par 272 to claim the topprize of 30,300 euro on his wayback to the European Tour. HARDEEP THETHY 28 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 GAME PREVIEW
  • OPTICIANS EYE CARE CENTRE Ophthalmic & Dispensing Opticians, Contact Lens Practitioners FOR: • Large Selection of Designers & Budget Frames • Contact lenses & Solutions • Sun glasses • Testing for Glaucoma • Visual eld analysis • Frame Repairs • All Optical Accessories Eye Examination GARDEN CITY MALL DOWNTOWN KAMPALA BRANCH New Wing, Ground Floor (Next to Stanbic Bank) Plot 3 Johnstone Street Tel: +256 41-423 7 700 / +256 31-226 5500 Tel: +256 41-425 7759 / +256 41-434 4712 +256 31-226 4400 LUGOGO MALL Fax: +256 41-425 7746 / +256 41-425 7746 Tel: +256 41-4 22 0780 / +256 31-226 4 422 Cell: 0712 / 0752 / 0772-786 400 29GAME PREVIEW TG 14 • MARCH - Website: E-mails: APRIL 2011 KAMPALA UGANDA
  • ExPECTED TURN-UP At least the top 100 play-ers in the European ChallengeTour, and some from the maintour, are likely to parade atMuthaiga where their mainchallengers will be a field of sixplayers from the Sunshine Tourin South Africa. In all, Africa will be providing50 professionals. Besides hostKenya, other African countriesexpected to provide playersin this highly billed tourna-ment will be Zimbabwe, Zam-bia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Egypt,Uganda, Rwanda and possiblyGhana. CHARAMBA IS TOUGH JAMES KAMTE FOLLOWS HIS BUNKER SHOT Expected from Zimbabweis Toongo Charamba who has IS IT KENYA’S TIME? the same form the following The year Kenya came clos- day as a number of bogeysbeen doing well in the Sun- denied him even a top 10 finish.shine Tour where he is among est to the trophy was in 1997 through Jacob Okello who was He is currently ranked third inthe top 50 players. the local Order of Merit. In this year’s Telkom PGA beaten by Gonzalez in a sud- den death playoff. Since then, However, eyes will be on aChampionship at the Country much improved Simon Ngige,Club Johannesburg, Chara- the Kenyans have tried to halt the European players domina- a Thika-based player, whomba shot 10 under par 278 to the 2010 KCB East Africa Tourtie for 28th place. He has been tion without much success. 2010 Kenya Open saw Ali champion and long hitter, Dis-expecting to do well in the mas Indiza. Ngige and DismasKenya Open to follow the foot- Kimani, a resident professional at Vet Lab Sports Club make Indiza are definitely the boyssteps of his country-man Marc that will command press fol-Cayeux, the only Zimbabwean history after firing his way to the top of the leader board on lowing in the open this far to have won the Open in Indiza is currently ranked2004. day two of the Open. He shot an impressive six under par 65 90 in the Sunshine Tour, came Marc Cayeux is the third Af- closer to winning the Open atrican, after Trevor Emmelman that included eight birdies to lead the field by two shots. Karen Country Club five years(2000) and Ashley Roestoff in ago. He was in a neck and2001 to have won Kenya Open. He did not however repeat neck battle with the leaders, Electric & Ordinary Razor Wire Fencing Computorised Vehicle Inspection Mirrors Alpha Tango Intercom Hand held I.P Camera I.P Camera Systems Metal Detactors Techinical Services & Security Systems(U)LTD. Lugogo Show Ground, Shumuk House. P.O Box 5088, Kampala, Uganda. Tel: +256 414 223 300, +256 414 370 847, Fax: +256 312 280 201 Walk Through 30 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 GAME PREVIEW
  • including South Africa’s JamesKamte, until the round wherehe hit a string of bogeys whichthrew him out of the running toeventually settle for fifth place. SPONSORSHIP Barclays Bank of Kenyais the official sponsor ofKenya Open after announc-ing a sponsorship packageof Sh39m for the next threeyears, hence the new tourna-ment title is Barclays KenyaOpen. Barclays is joined by ToyotaEast Africa, whose chairmanDennis Awori recently pre-sented a Land Cruiser Pradovalued at Sh7.6m as a specialprize for the first professional tohole out in one at the 13th hole.This is in addition, Toyota gaveone million shillings towardsthe running of the event. Kenya Open Golf Limitedchairman, Peter Kanyago, onreceiving the sponsorship said,“We are delighted to welcomeToyota on board and wishto confirm our commitmentto putting together a world-class tournament that will be ashowcase of international golf-ing standards’’. ARRANGEMENTS A casual observation of the ALI KIMANI FINISHED IN 28TH PLACE IN 2010 KENYA OPENcourse will reveal improvedtees, fairways, greens and game is in the consistency of March 31 to April 4, has grownother features on the course, its organization, playing stand- in stature over the years andmaking it a challenging but ards & the high level of profes- remains the biggest golfingnonetheless an enjoyable sionalism of the championship. event in the East Africa region.course. The event still holds pride All these have added great of place in the Challenge Tourvalue to the continuous efforts and KOGL intends to honourmade to make the course a this recognition by providingpreferred choice, for not only better layouts for access tothe Kenya Open but other the event taking into accountupcoming prestigious regional the ongoing work on the Thikaand international golf tourna- Road Highway. The event,ments. The attraction to the whose 2011 edition is set for 31GAME PREVIEW TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • by TRUE golfER event is scheduled for June 22 part of the tour’s effort to putcoRRESPonDEnT to 25 and is expected to bring together a strong African con- together a field of 150 profes- tinental tour. Wilson believes A Sunshine Tour event will at sionals mainly from the South- that Africa has a big number ofleast take place in East Africa ern Africa’s tour. talented professionals who areand on Kenyan soil for that It will be the 35th tourna- capable of winning any ma-matter, thanks to the manage- ment in the series which has jor event in the world. Wilsonment of Kenya’s newest golf tournaments in Swaziland, Na- praises African golfers: “ WeEstate, the Vipingo Ridge. The mibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia have proved our ability to playKenya Classic will be the first in addition to those held within and win any international eventSunshine Tour tournament at South Africa. Affirming the Sun- anywhere in the world but ourthe Baobab Course at Vipingo; shine Tour’s commitment for players do not have to wonderabout 30km north of Mom- the inaugural event, Sunshine around all over the world look-basa off the Mombasa - Ma- Tour Chief Operating Officer ing for events to play. They canlindi Road. The 1,200,000 rand Grant Wilson said the event is do it right here in Africa and it is 32 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 GAME PREVIEW
  • our responsibility to come up this time been assured of thewith events for them’’ he said. prize-money and sanction feeHe re-affirmed the Sunshine and as soon as he finalizes tel-Tour’s support for the inaugural evision issues, he will travel toVipingo Ridge’s Kenya Classic. Kenya to inspect the course. Last year, the Sunshine Tour, “We are very excited bywhich has for years wanted this development because itto co-sanction Kenya Open, has always been the wish ofwas to sanction the KCB East the tour to have an event inAfrica Tour’s grand finale at the East Africa and Kenya in par-tough playing Nyali Golf and ticular’’ said Wilson. He said itCountry Club in Mombasa but was most unfortunate that lastfailed because of the costs year’s KCB East Africa Tour’sinvolved. However, the Sun- grand finale could not be partshine Tour boss said he has of the Sunshine Tour. 33GAME PREVIEW TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • SIDE VIEW OF VIPINGO RIDGE CLUBHOUSE “I know Kenya has very grow the game in Africa and ably one of the most challeng-good facilities which can stage we are willing to assist those ing and yet very exciting golftour events and this is one countries which would like to course capable of hosting anyof the reasons why we have partner with us for the benefit international event’’ said Kamtebeen very keen to partner with of the game of golf’’ added last year. It will be interesting toKenya to develop the game to Wilson. He said two more see how the pros fare in Junean international level as this is events will be added in Zimba- particularly after the long rainspart of Sunshine Tour’s vision,’’ bwe with one set to take place which are likely to make it evensaid the Sunshine Tour boss. in the Victoria Falls areas. harder come June.Opportunity for East African Back at the Vipingo Ridge,golfers. arrangements are in advance The fact that some of Ken- stage for the June event whichya’s own professionals such will be the first full fledgedas Dismas Indiza, Anil Shah professional event to be heldand recently Hardeep Thethy at the challenge course con-have featured in the tour; this structed over 140m above seawill be an opportunity for them level. Last year South Africanto display their talents on their pro James Kamte had a roundhome soil thus giving them- on the course prior to par-selves chances of advancing in ticipating in the KCB Classic atthe tour. Nyali and he commended the The Sunshine Tour has also course owners for putting upbeen in touch with the Nigeria such a magnificent course. HePGA with the view of incorpo- said that the course was fit torating some events in that part host an international event anyof the continent. ‘’Our aim is to time in the year. ‘’This is prob- 34 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 GAME PREVIEW
  • MTAC MANAGEMENT TRAINING AND ADVISORY CENTRE For Enterprise DevelopmentWhat is MTAC?Management Training and Advisory Centre (MTAC) was established initially as a joint project betweenGovernment of Uganda and ILO/UNDP in 1965. MTAC was established by an Act of Parliament (1969) toprovide Management Training, Entrepreneurship Development, Consultancy and Research.MTAC Mandate ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT & TECHNOLOGYTo promote enterprise development and sound TRANSFERmanagement practices through advisory, trainingand entrepreneurship development services to 1. Enterprise Developmentbusiness and public enterprises MTAC o ers a comprehensive entrepreneurship development programme, where entrepreneurialVision Statement: competencies are indentified and help participantsA world of job creators and e ective managers to acquire the orientation necessary to start and rununderpinned by professionalism, and steering their own businesses, to develop their own businesspeople to prosperity; plans.Mission Statement: 2. Technology Transfer“To improve management performance and MTAC is a member organization of an African Smallpromote entrepreneurship for sustainable and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Net work calleddevelopment”. TECHNONET Africa is a partner in providing appropriate technology transfer to SMEs throughCOURSES OFFERED the UNDP supported South-South Global and1. Business Diploma Courses conducted in Technology Exchange (SS-Gate) System. For detailsCollaboration with the Association of Business contact and Administrators (ABMA), UK, March &September intake . MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY2. Performance Improvement Short Courses. MTAC‘s highly competent and experienced3. Information Technology Courses. management consultants are trained to meet the4. Professional Courses needs of both private and public enterprises • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), UK • Certified Public Accountants, Uganda CPA (U): • ICSA Registration is in Progress For more Information please contact: Marketing and Public Relations o ce, P.O.Box 4655, Kampala, Uganda Tel’+256 414 221011/2/3 or +256 756 221012, +256 773 132113. Fax: 256 414 223853 Email: or, 35 GAME PREVIEW TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • TRACING THE ORIGINSOF GOLF - PART TWO FRANCE - THE BIRTHPLACE OF NOBLE BALL GAMES SOCIETY, SHEPHERDS AND SPORTS - CA 1250 - 1480by michAEl ing the brief reign of Julian and stability, while giving birthflAnnERy Apostate, the name Paris was to the noble lines of Spain,AUThoR of Golf adopted. Until well into the Portugal and Brazil. When theThrouGh The AGes – early Middle Ages, Paris was Capets hit town, Paris was kick600 YeArs of GolfinG little more than a simple pro- started on its way to becomingArT, AnD A mEmbER vincial centre, but that was to the greatest city in Christen-of ST AnDREwS golf change radically when it be- dom – the centre of art, archi-clUb. came the capital city of the Ca- tecture, culture, scholarship FRANCE,THE BIRTHPLACE pets. Hugues Capet, first king and, of course, the recreationsOF NOBLE BALL GAMES SOCIETY, SHEPHERDS ANDSPORTS - CA. 1250-1480 In Part I, Was Scotland theBirthplace of Golf, we sawthat the famous 1457 edict byKing James II, had nothing todo with golf but was, instead,directed at the violent hockeyand football-like games thathad raged on the continentsince the thirteenth century,and become a threat to or-der and archery in Scotland.Peaceful club and ball targetgames had, however, longbeen documented in France.In this chapter, we’ll draw uponunknown documentation andbeautiful images to tell thestory of the emergence of PHILIPPPE IV (CENTRE), KING OF FRANCE WITH HISearly golf-like and other impor- DAUGHTER ISABELLE (IMMEDIATE RIGHT), QUEEN OF ENG-tant ball games in the Kingdom LAND (MARRIED TO EDWARD II) AND PRINCE LOUIS Xof the Franks. (IMMEDIATE RIGHT) Our story begins in Paris, of modern France (987 to 996), and ball games that made lifewhich derives its name from was founder of the Capetian worth while. But, ambitiousa Celtic tribe called the Parisii, dynasty in which the crown of projects, a handsome life stylewho pitched camp on the France passed directly from and the odd war, requiredbanks of the Seine about 250 father to son for eight centu- big budgets and the Capets,BC. The Romans, who con- ries. like many other parsimoniousquered the city in 52 BC, called Unparalleled in Western monarchs, were often obligedit Lutetia Parisiorum, Lutetia of history, the reign ensured to dip deeply into their citi-the Parisii. Around 360 dur- enormous wealth, influence zens’ pockets to pay the tabs. 36 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 FEATURES
  • In 1292, scraping the bottom ness, had suffered many. La opponent put it, ‘He is neitherof his royal coffers, the spend- Taille de Paris (The Tax of Paris) man nor beast. He is a statue.’thrift King Philip IV of France came as no surprise to his Unmoved, Philip imposed simi-(1268–1314) launched the most cynical subjects, who knew it lar taxations starting in 1296comprehensive taxation ever was only a question of time be- – painful for his citizens, butimposed on the Parisians, who, fore the perennially broke king together with La Taille of 1292,as le Bon Dieu would bear wit- put the squeeze on. One fierce a sport-historical bonanza. 37FEATURES TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • The detailed documentation beard-trimmers trailing in the in which are collected the rar-that resulted offers extraordi- dust. est fruits of every country. Kingnary insight into the popula- The prolific letter writer, John of Bohemia (1296–1346)tion and sophistication of early Petrarch (Francesco Petrarcha called Paris ‘the most chival-French ball games. To give the 1307–1374), father of lyri- rous residence in the world’,king his due, running the big- cal poetry and Italy’s earliest vowing he could not bear togest metropolis in the Western Renaissance Humanist, put live outside it – nor, as it turnedWorld, with a population of200,000 to 300, 000 – com-pared to thirteenth centuryLondon with around 70,000residents – was a complex andexpensive job. Paris not onlyhad a new city wall, but pavedstreets, ports and Les Halles, acovered market that would re-main in the same location until1969. The infrastructure wasbejeweled with the most beau-tiful architecture in Christen-dom, including Sainte-Chapelleon the _le de la Cité, the cathe-dral of Notre Dame de Paris,and the Saint Denis Basilica. PARIS - “THEMOST CHIVALROUSRESIDENCE IN THE WORLD” On the academic front, thedynamic medical faculty at theUniversity of Paris (incorporat-ing La Sorbonne) attracted TWO BAREFOOT BOYS, ONE WITH HIS CROSSE INVERTEDstudents from throughout the CONTEST A LARGE BALL. SILVER GILT ENAMELLED EWERWestern World with a range of (BURETTE), PARIS 1330disciplines including surgicalstudies. pen to parchment to record his out, would he. At the Battle of Graduates were enfran- initial reactions to Paris: I spent Crécy, August 26, 1346, fiftychised to vie for the profitable no little time there, in open- year old John led his knightsmarket controlled by Paris’ 151 mouthed wonder; and I was so in a valiant but vain attack onbarbers, who offered not only full of interest and eagerness the English line. As Froissarta shave and a haircut for two to know the truth about what related, the king (who had lostdeniers, but pulled teeth, gave I had heard of the place that his eyesight to opthamalia)enemas, performed blood let- when daylight failed me I even burned to strike a blow againstting and wound surgery. The prolonged my investigations the English knights.University’s curriculum was into the night. ‘The king … was so farappealingly packaged in the In another letter, he ob- forward that he strake a strokeholistic Hippocratic-Galenic served: At the same time, (Par- with his sword, yea and moreview of medicine – academic is) contains the most learned than four, and fought valiantlyglitz, which long-term left the men, and is like a great basket and so did his company; and 38 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 FEATURES
  • they adventured themselves one woman paumiere, pos- Pierre), makers of the hockeyso forward, that they were sibly the keeper of a court. In stick-like club, the crosse,there all slain, and the next day one instance, members of a takes us another big step to-they were found in the place large family all made balls in a wards establishing the exist-about the king, and all their single atelier. Jehan, Thomas, ence and popularity of multiplehorses tied each to other.’ Guiart, Jehan le veil (the elder) early golf variants. What was it about Paris that and Thomas la Fillatre (son ofmade it so special in the me- Thomas), all registered outsidedieval world? Thanks to Her- the city walls at La Queste du BEING FRENCH,cule Pierre Joseph François Temple, were taxed individually NOT ONLY BALLGéraud, who in 1837 edited acopy of the original manuscript as paumiers. The existence of two gen- GAMES BUT FOODcontaining Le Rôle de la Taille, erations of paumiers is par- AND DRINK WEREwe have a clear picture of a ticularly interesting, since it WELLhighly advanced culture – a indicates that the tradition ofvital basis for sophisticated ball ball making dated back at least one generation before 1292. The Taille, which includes a The first evidence of early According to the Frenchdetailed listing of addresses, historian, Jusserand, the cro-trades and professions, is a setier’s task was to meet thegodsend as a historical start- needs of the game as playeding point in tracking down the on streets, lawns and of early ball games, Depending on the size and na-including tennis, billiards and, ture of the ball and the type ofof course, golf. The statis- the game – i.e. hockey-like ortics, anything but dry, reveal a target – different forms of play-great deal about the lifestyle of ing instruments were required.medieval Parisians, its quality, ‘The crosse was the principaland the importance of sophis- instrument used in the menu ofticated recreation, evidenced games in the Middle the number and variety of The playing club with aartisan club and ball makers. curved head preceded theThis booming mini-industry racket and the mallet; itsemployed 17 full-time masters transformations and varietiesand assistants to provide ad- were infinite’. Illustrations fromequate supplies of tennis balls the twelfth through the nine-(éteufs), for jeu de paume (the teenth century show a vastgame played with the palm), diversity of crosses, confirming MATCHES OF THE LONG Jusserand’s thesis.and specialist clubs for ground VARIANT OF PALLEMAIL IN Being French, not only ballbilliards, the hockey-like game LOIRE VALLEY games but food and drink,of crosse and its target vari-ants. golf is in the form of a single were well-represented trades Thanks to precise 700 billardier (named Nicolas) who in the great city. Paris, in 1292,year-old documentation, we made long-shafted clubs for was home to 21caterers/res-have our first concrete proof of billiards which, until about 1480, taurateurs, 35 brewers, 3 winethe existence of professional was played on the ground, the brokers, 2 sellers and 4 vint-equipment makers for precur- ball propelled through arches ners; 41 fishermen/fishmon-sors of noble games which with a push shot. Confusingly, gers, 36 butchers, 49 poultrywould be played throughout this trade also made another sellers, 43 vendors of cookingWestern Europe for centuries. type club known as the billart, oil, 94 public bakeries, 23 fruit An analysis of the sporting which was used in golf-like and 18 cheese sellers, 68 pas-trades reveals thirteen male target games. The presence try makers, 7 prepared saucepaumiers or ballmakers, and of two crosetiers (Thomas and sellers, 10 mustards makers, 39FEATURES TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • and 7 each, sellers of cooking at the end of the thirteenth reasons why France emergedherbs and salt & pepper. There century Paris had 7 soap as the cradle of sophisticatedwere also vendors of garlic (9), makers, 22 registered bath ball games. These includedonions, tripe, eels, peafowl and proprietors, 151 barbers, 199 not only tennis and billiards,baked pies. chambermaids, 43 laundry which we have mentioned, but The hardware and trappings workers and a token dish- cricket, bowls, pall-mall, andof war and chivalry were sup- washer. Literacy and art were other early club and ball target served by 13 manuscript/pic- games that led to golf. ture illuminators, 24 painters The tantalising similarity be- and sculptors, 8 book sellers, tween playing clubs illustrated 17 bookbinders, 19 parchment in medieval texts and the crook makers, one female ink seller has always encouraged sup- and 24 scriveners. position about the role of the Clothing and fashion were shepherd as the ‘inventor’ of catered to by 47 tailors and 46 hockey and golf-like games dressmakers, 214 leather and – usually met with knee-jerk fur sellers, 81 makers of leather, dismissal by academics. silk and silver belts; artisans for The authors of 100 Jahre buttons, lace, gloves, mittens Golf in Deutschland, the of- and buckles; felt makers and ficial German golf history, for silk spinners. example, wrote: ‘Let’s take There were a staggering leave from a further univer- 226 Cordovan-leather shoe sally beloved legend: It wasn’t makers. Jewellery and acces- the shepherds in their natural sories to set off la mode were environment who in their free crafted by 116 goldsmiths and time experimented with club 6 gold beaters; 4 gilders and and ball, and in an idyllic early 5 enamellers. To round off phase of golf had the idea to Géraud’s list were 49 Lom- drive their ball to a pre-deter- barts, as bankers, lenders, and mined goal, and in no case, money changers were known; (did they) steer it into a hole. 2 fouchieres or priest’s concu- Golf, in its first centuries was an bines, 26 coffin makers (22 of aristocratic game since it was them, curiously, women), and expensive.’ a single, doubtlessly over- Academic omniscience in worked, hangman. full flower! In one brief para- graph the authors demon- strate unique insider knowl-plied by 8 bow makers, 5 mak- FRANCE edge of how shepherds did orers of crossbows, 41 diverse EMERGED AS THE didn’t while away their hours;armour and helmet makers; 15squires and their wives, 1deco- CRADLE OF establish that a hole was the target goal in early golf (itrated shield maker, 4 pike mak- SOPHISTICATED wasn’t); and, with no support-ers, 35 sword re-furbishers,and 24 knife or blade makers, BALL GAMES ive documentation, conclude that the early game was bothcomplimented by 52 sheath aristocratic and expensive. A By now, the reader couldand scabbard makers. Trum- little knowledge… be forgiven for saying – ‘Getpeters three, a batallier and It was only when games of on with it!’, but there are good10 champions – professional the people were adopted by reasons for emphasising theseconds for duels – rounded their vastly better-off social relatively advanced economicout the offer. superiors, to be played with and cultural climate of Paris, Unlike their unwashed custom-made equipment on compared to the rest of me-brethren across the Channel, purpose-built playing courts, dieval Europe – fundamental 40 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 FEATURES
  • that they became expensive. were of no interest to the ar- standardized and codified.Golf, in its early days, like other iracy they are un-documented. Had it been possible to flygames played by the common Therefore, to answer the ques- in an observer from the 21stpeople, made do with what- tion about the role of peas- century, there would haveever was at hand for its equip- ants generally, and shepherds been no medieval ‘Eureka’ mo-ment and playing areas. specifically, in developing golf- ment when he could have said: ‘Courses’ could be a road like games, we must use our ‘That’s golf!’ But, over centu-or path, clearing, grazed field, imagination and extrapolate ries, a golfer would have notedpark, dry moat, town square or from what we know. Fit, lonely a constant stream of detailsbuilding or some sort. Cathe- and bored, any boy anywhere, and practices that he woulddrals, with seemingly endless over long months of herding have been able to associatesmooth vertical and horizon- his sheep or goats, would have with the game that eventuallytal surfaces (and dry inside), established the playing proper- emerged from Scotland.proved irresistible to medieval ties of his crook. With a certain Nonetheless, it’s safe toball players. In 1385, confront- swing he could roll a stone or assume that prior to the lateed with the increasing popular- nut in a given direction; with 1300’s, the violent hockey-likeity of St Pauls Cathedral for ball another, strike it in the air to a variant of crosse (forbidden ingames, Robert de Braybrooke, target; and with a third – let- 1457, under the name ‘golf’, inthe Bishop of London, saw red: ting out the shaft – drive it long Scotland) held sway in France, ‘There are also others – distances. Competing against as it would continue to do ininsolent, idle persons answer- other shepherds would have Britain and the Low to no-one, troublemakers been an inevitable extension of Evidence for the ‘Shepherdby nature, who would rather man’s compulsion to measure Theory’ comes from numer-cause mischief than make skills against his peer group. ous medieval documents andthemselves useful – who throw Although there are manu- illustrations.or shoot stones, arrows, and In 1277, an English manu-various other missiles at the script refers to a tragic end of acrows, pigeons and other birds game between two boys play-that nest or perch in the walls ing hockey (ad pilem ludendoand recesses of the church. altercantes). One, Geoffrey, aNot only that, but they play shepherd and son of le Pasteurball-games inside and out- (in English, ‘the Shepherd’),side the church, and engage accidentally killed his friendin other destructive games, Robert with a blow behind thebreaking or seriously damag- ear. In another fatal ball gameing the glass windows and the accident, a fourteenth centurystone carvings in the church … French Letter of Remissionand also expose their souls to relates: ‘Nothing more thangrave danger.’ bad luck was behind the blow script illustrations of peasants with a crook (in French: crosse and shepherds with crooks or masselote) which the cow-FOR AN OBSERVER playing the hockey-like vari- herd, Pierre Columbard deliv-FROM TODAY, THE ant of crosse – basically finger ered to Jehanin Ravinal, who CREATION OF wagging to remind the viewer that this violent sport was died eleven days later.’ The earliest comprehen-GOLF WOULD NOT forbidden by both temporal sive records of ball games HAVE HAD A and ecclesiastical authorities – there is no picture of a golf- are found in French medieval Lettres de Remission (legal “EUREKA” like game until 1400. Early golf, documents drawn up to plead MOMENT like food, drink, music, cloth- for clemency in royal courts). ing, transportation and most Jean- Michel Mehl, who ana- Since the simple, intuitive other things in life, took its own lysed tens of thousands ofgames played by commoners, sweet time to evolve, become these letters, concluded that 41FEATURES TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • in 6-7% of all cases the deaths strokes to get there. In other a convenient landmark. Earlyand injuries which had resulted forms of competition, matches golfers, in some instances,in sentencing were caused by were decided by the longest insisted on playing to an elevat-ball games. drive – a practise that we will ed target – sometimes a mark These documents offer an see continued in pall-mall. Both on a tree trunk or a church orinvaluable source of insight into singles matches and teams of graveyard door.the status of the players, man- as many as 6-8 players were In a prayer book illustratedner of play, terminology and popular. in Paris about 1400, for theequipment. While most of the Mehl notes that players first time we see a game inearliest records refer to brutal were obliged to play around which each player has his ownhockey-like games, the DNA of obstacles or turn them to their club and ball, playing a matchgolf was well established. The advantage, which as we know, without physical opposition.skill needed to strike a station- is easier said than done. This The two players, a young manary object accurately to a tar- is possibly the reason why, in (left) and an older, white-hairedget was part of the shepherd’sjob description. Violett le Duc, the architec-tural historian who rescuedCarcassonne from ruin, thensupervised its restoration,wrote: ‘Until the XIVth cen-tury, shepherds carried a clubterminating in a large end, orcrook, in order to strike clodsof earth to drive breakawaylambs back to the flock’. In 1933, the brilliant youngGerman sport historian Albre-cht Wettwer, concluded thatthe genetic material for bothhockey and golf was presentin fourteenth century gamesplayed with a crosse and arelatively small, solid ball. INSTRUMENTS FOR MAKING BALLS AND RACKETS By the turn of the fifteeenth FOR JUE DE PAUMEcentury, we read of the firstflowerings of golf in judicial 1398, a match begun at mid- man, are dressed in simpledocuments that reveal a day ended at sunset. The hal- tunics indicating their peas-fledgling game that was both lowed rule of golf – playing the ant status. Their ball and clubsexperimental and evolutionary. ball where it lies – found favour (the crosse) are crude, lack-In 1426, a letter of remission with early French golfeurs. ingthe finesse of artisan-maderecords that the purpose of In 1384, in the bailiwick of products, but the young man’sa game of Grande or Longue Melun, a player whose drive swing is practiced, handsBoule (the long ball game) was had strayed into a pile of together on the shaft, wriststo reach a neighbouring village stones, brazenly attempted cocked. The older man has‘with the fewest strokes of the to replay the shot. The ensu- his right hand raised, signallingwooden ball’ (avec le moins de ing dust-up confirmed that caution – a silent Fore. Therecops de la boule de bois). this was a breach of playing are too few clues to enable us A 1449 document reveals etiquette. Before the emer- to decipher the message anda more flexible variant: the gence of man-made goals, its symbolism.winner could be either the first first illustrated in 1450, the ulti- Sixty years later, ca. 1460,player to reach a distant goal, mate scoring stroke was often we hit pay dirt – the first une-or the one who took the fewest played to a boundary stone or quivocal depiction of early golf 42 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 FEATURES
  • being played in both a short on a green in Flanders). The of the game, by the mid- 1470’sputting variant and a multi- mail, the first known two-piece depictions of Pallemail long game. For the next golf club, has an exotic shape Perhaps the end of the Hun-20 years several more images and an equally exotic descrip- dred Years War (1337-1453)surface, all from La Touraine, tion. It is a socket-joint paral- that had raged over La Patrie,best known for its paradisiacal lelepiped, the wooden head devastated the countryside,Loire Valley. There is a satisfy- composed of three sets of led to occupation and terroring symmetry to finding the nearly parallel planes. A simi- at the hands of mercenariesearliest evidence of golf-like lar club appears as a putter in and outlaws, had encouragedgames in the Loire region, for the second seminal image of new forms of harmonious andwhile the Capets governed early golf, the February calen- refined sports. Perhaps the be-from Paris, La Touraine was the dar page of the same prayer nevolent effects of the Renais-traditional residence of the Ca- book, dedicated to celebrating sance accelerated evolutionpetiennes lords and their allies, Candelmas and the arrival of of club and ball target games,home to France’s most beauti- Spring (in the Middle Ages, 2 through new concepts andful and famous châteaux. February). improved equipment that ex- These decorate an exqui- But here, it is only one of tended their prayer book known as two variants being used in a Whatever the reasons, theLa Duchesse de Bourgogne multi-club game, together with next stage of evolution, from(The Duchesse of Burgundy), our old friend, the crosse. The about 1480–1700, was arguablya former owner, and are at- club with the curved head is the richest and most diversi-tributed to Jean Fouquet and used to play the initial drive fied in golf’s history, manifestedan anonymous Master of the (volée) and elevated approach in two very different formsSchool of Tours, the cultural shots, while the mail is re- of early golf. One was Flem-centre of the Loire, and capi- served for putting. Two teams ish Colf, a single-club gametal of the Touraine. The first of four men, each with its own played only with a crosse; theearly golf game illustrated is ball, are shown putting to other, Jeu de Mail/Pall-Mall,a putting variant of Pallemail, piquets. Another team of four was played with a woodenshown in the context of a Na- plays up to the green from the ball and mallet. Known as ‘Thetivity. Two shepherds holding distant background. Game of the Upper 10,000’,clubs stare upward in wonder Mail/Pall-Mall would captivateat the Herald Angels announc- European society and produceing the Virgin Birth, while three IT MAY BE THAT the grandest and most beauti-others, each with his round THE END OF THE ful courts and alleys ever builtwooden ball and putter – a mailor billart, compete in a peace- HUNDRED YEARS – their name lingering today in the word ‘mall’.ful contest on a smooth path, WAR These two games wouldputting to an elevated ‘green’cropped close by grazing ENCOURAGED bequeath golf a number of its priceless characteristicssheep. GENTLER including the concept of har- The pin – known as a PURSUITS monious cross-country play,‘piquet’ – has been fiendishly refined equipment, a diversityplaced just off the path on a Captured in time, five and of shots, putting to a hole, andpoint of the green where, with half centuries ago, we have our rules and etiquette – an endur-the difference in height, the ball first clear picture of an early ing blueprint for popularity andis bound to spring off course. form of golf, a multi-club game, pleasure.The purpose of the game (like each team with its own clubsboules, which probably had a and ball, playing a stationaryformative influence) is to leave ball without physical oppositionthe putt as near as possible to over long distances, to termi-the pin. (It’s not until 1500 that nate in a putting stroke to awe see, for the first time, a hole pre-agreed target. Mysterious-being used as the target goal ly, despite the apparent appeal 43FEATURES TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • THE A-Z OF GOlFING TERmS & JARGONSby Tg mAgAZinE g gRoUnD UnDER REPAiRconTinUED fRom Tg 13 If an area of the course is gilligAn under maintenance and your E The opposite of Mulligan. ball lands there, you can re-EAglE When gilligans are agreed in a move your ball without penalty. match, your opponent has the Normally, identified by stakes Two under par score on the right to ask you to play a shot or a line.table. again – typically a good drive or h f a long putt holed. hAlf ShoTfAiRwAy gimmiE Reduced swing when tak- The short-grass area be- Very short putt close to a ing a shot. Used for shortertween the tee and the green. hole, awarded by other play- shots or when extra control isFollow-through. The latter part ers. Only used in match play or required.of the swing from striking the in friendly golf – in stroke playball to completion of the mo- everything must be holed out. holE oUTtion. To finish a hole by getting gRAin the ball in the cup or hole.foRE Direction in which blades of Usually done with a putt, but Warning shout when a shot grass grow and influence the sometimes with a chip frommay endanger another player speed and roll of the ball on the off the green, and occasionally putting green. When looking with a full short.foUR-bAll “into the grain,” a green will Group of two pairs of golfers appear darker, and “with the honoURrecording the better ball score grain,” it will appear lighter or Given to the player scoringof each pair based on gross or shinier. When putting “across lowest on the last hole; andnett scores. the green,” the ball will move granting the right to tee-off first left or right. on the next.foURSomE Group of two pairs of golfers gREEn hookplaying shots alternatively with Area of course around Shot that curves stronglythe same ball. The partners the hole with short grass for from right to left (or the oppo-drive at alternative halls; so one putting. site, if you play left handed).will drive the even numbersand the other one the odd gREEn ScoRE hoSElnumbers. The total number of actual Hollow part of clubhead strokes played within a round where the shaft is attached.fREE DRoP before handicap is taken into Sometimes called the “neck.” When a player is entitled to account.make a drop without a penaltystroke. 44 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 FEATURES
  • ISSUE 14 /MARCH - APRIL 2011 / UGX 8.000 KSH 300 /TSH 5.000 / RWF 2.700 /OTHER US$ 5in PlAy A shot that comes to rest PLAY GOLF • ENJOY LIFEwithin the boundaries of thecourse (the opposite of “out-of-bounds). MARTIN KAYMERinTERlocking gRiP RULES THE A right-handed player us- THE GAME COURSEing this grip will interlock the COCA COLA LAUNCHES DASANIlittle finger of his right hand GOLF SERIESwith the index finger of his left PREVIEWhand (vice versa for lefties). A SUNSHINE TOURgood grip for players with small SPONSORS KENYAhands. Used by Tiger Woods CLASSIC 2011and Jack Nicklaus, among oth- TG CHATROOMers. DR. ADRIKO ON GOLF & BUSINESSin ThE lEAThER A ball that lies very close to IMPROVE YOUR GAME WITH THE LATEST EQUIPMENTthe hole, so called because itwas measured by the leatherof the putter grip. In friendly SUBSCRIBE AND GET A BONUS COPY!play, a putt, “within the leather” YES! I WOULD LIKE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR 6 ISSUES 12 ISSUESis often conceded. J PERSONAL PARTICULARSJiggER Name of an old club with TITLE: SURNAME:similar loft to a modern 4-iron.Confusingly, it was also some- NAMES:times used to describe a shortpitching club niblick, or lofting COMPANY:iron, roughly equivalent to amodern pitching wedge. TELEPHONE: MOBILE NO: E-MAIL: DELIVER TO: All payments should be made to MEDIA SCORE LIMITED P.O. Box 7573 • Kampala • Tel: (+256) 0414 - 668 571• Mob: (+256) 45 - 981 804 0772
  • TG CHATROOM is laid on youth golf develop- ment through golf academy; local competitions designed to sync with world professional tours and upgrading of golf infrastructure in the country. Do you see Uganda pro- ducing a world champion by 2020 as you envisaged dur- ing your reign? How? Definitely yes. We have great talent which can be harnessed to achieve this goal provided we are organized and work as a team. Uganda is the birthplace of golf in East Africa and perhaps even Central Africa. However, Kenya has gone far ahead of us in the sport. What are we doing wrong? We lack good organiza- tion and discipline. Discipline and seriousness in the gifted players is also a challenge. The Corporate base on which golf depends for sponsorship is not as big in Uganda and even then not cultivated well enough for their support. UGU is planning to regis- ter Uganda Open as a lim- DR. ADRIKO WATCHES HIS TEE SHOT AT KITANTE COURSE ited liability company. Advise on how the coming Uganda The Union adopted Vi- GOLF Open Ltd should be managed sion 2020 Corporate Plan; a to make it more appealing You were at the helm of comprehensive statement of to golfers in East Africa andUganda Golf Union between objectives and strategies to beyond.2008 and 2009. What con- produce a Ugandan PGA win-tributions are you proud of ner by year 2020. It called for The formation of Ugandaduring your reign? radical changes in the percep- Open Limited is one of the tion of golf such that emphasis 46 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 TG CHATROOM
  • DR. ERIC ADRIKO plete my academic career through a practical profes- sional occupation. Justifying yourself as an Engineer so to speak. Like Medical Doctors, you are not a Doctor until you complete your internship. It so happens that the impact you make on society is so much more. Give us an insight into the businesses you have created in your full career as an entre- preneur. I am a Consulting Engineer. I DR. ADRIKO AND STAFF OF WESTNILE DISTILLING have set up manufacturing en- COMPANY AT ONE OF THE PRODUCTION UNITS terprises; a distillery from Ger-actions called for in VISION under its worldwide golf de- many producing portable spirit2020. This is not a new innova- velopment fund has activities under the brand name “adrikostion per-se but an alignment which it can fund if presented Hunters Gin” and adrikos Hunt-to best practice elsewhere in to it. The Union has promoted ers Rum”. Mineral Water Plantthe world. It is work in progress visits of Golf Professionals to under the brand name “Sun-and it will succeed only with Schools to teach golf; in addi- shine” Natural Mineral Water”.the active support of the tion to holiday teaching at the We also have a plant which willCorporate sector. I am sure clubs. I believe the Union is soon produce “Glucose”.the Management of UGU has building on this foundation andthis in mind and we should call intensifying the attraction of What tenets have madeon the Corporates to support golf to school children. Indeed you a successful entrepre-them. the fulfillment of the objectives neur? of Vision 2020 depends on the It is a true statement that success of such a programme. The word successful doesthe future of golf lies in the not exist in my vocabulary.hands of the youths. What ENTREPRENEURSHIP Everything is relative. There is ashould be done to attract continuous battle to add valueyoungsters, especially those After graduating as an En- and be infinitesimally ahead ofin school, to the game of gineer in the 1970s, you chose the competition. My old schoolgolf? the intricate path of entrepre- had a motto “Gakyali Mabaga” neurship instead of getting a and I always derive inspiration I have already answered well paying job in government. from it. I have had to fight mythis question in the affirmative. Why? way up, and indeed you had toThe Union has a programme to if you had my background.construct a Junior Golf acad- No, I did not choose theemy in conjunction with Royal path of entrepreneurship per Scholars say that entre-and Ancient (R&A). The R&A se; it was my desire to com- preneurship has ups and 47TG CHATROOM TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • Uganda. Tell us more. Yes, Blue-chip Companies in Uganda. I thank them for the opportunity to serve. Why are you preferred on boards? It is best you ask them. Do you find being a board member beneficial or a waste of your precious time? My tenure in these Boards has greatly enriched my un- derstanding of the corporate world. Golf, boardroom, family, entrepreneurship, Chancellor DR. ADRIKO AT HIS WESTNILE DISTILLING OFFICE at Kyambogo University. Ar-downs. Explain to True Golfer ing for my first Degree and for range in order of preference.readers how you came out of PhD, the subject of my Thesisone of the critical downs of was “Flow in a 2-Dimensional Eric!! You cannot say head,your enterprises. Heated Turbulent Jet”, which is stomach, legs, which one do I had to learn this from Cor- a hybrid between Mechanical you prefer. Commitment to allporate Boardrooms by adopt- and Aeronautical Engineering. your statutory responsibilitiesing appropriate Continuity of and most importantly to yourBusiness Policies. Besides, You once said that educa- shareholders takes place atEngineers are very literate in tion has enabled you to dine the time of choosing to acceptdesigning to “fail safe”. It is inte- with kings and queens, presi- or not to accept the offer to begral in their training. dents and prime ministers, a Director. commons and non-commons How has golf helped you in of the world. What did youfurthering the entrepreneurial mean?career? My experience is that when In golf, it is not often appar- you lead in academics, it isent that your primary oppo- perceived you can lead every-nent is the course while the where. Rightly so.other balls provide companyand arbitrage. You have to be What books do you read?honest with yourself and notbe greedy if you have to bring Biographies if I have timeback a good score to #19. but mainly contemporary ma- terial online. ACADEMIC BOARDROOM What did you study? You are a board member I read Mechanical Engineer- in a number of companies in 48 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 TG CHATROOM
  • ADRIKOS Westnile Distilling Company Limited Hunters Gin P.O Box 5402, KAMPALA. TELEPHONE: 0414 270513. Web. E-mail: 100% Nature Of Purity Not for sale to persons under 18 years of age. Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your healthTECHNOLOGY PRICING AND PACKAGING CUSTOMERSDistillery Data Customer Open DaysMade in Germany Pricing • See for yourself and come visit Commissioned in 1991 Good for all pockets Distillery at Lungujja on customer Output open days97% v/v ENS (ETOH) Packaging • Guard against counterfeitBatch process Adaptable • UNBS Certified 60ml, 200ml, 750ml and 10ltrsExperienceDistilling since 1972Leading BrandsAdrikos Hunters Gin NATURALAdrikos Hunters Rum MINERAL WATER MANUFACTURERS OF GLUCOSE & DEXTROSE 49 Kampala Metal Working Company THE STARTER TGSpecial WhiskyAdrikos Hunters 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • IDEAL CONFERENCE FACILITIES& HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONby Tg mAgAZinE ence halls with seating capaci- systems, Satelite TV, Intercom ties ranging from 20 - 3000 and Internet services participants. The conference We can handle any need HOTEL AFRICANA rooms are Internet ready with a that comes with conferences. Conveniently located just dedicated high speed wireless We also have a state-of-the arttwo minutes away from the connection to the internet. hall for all conference, wed-city centre with panoramic dings and banqueting serv-view of the city skyline and ices.the surrounding hilltops; and OTHER SERVICES For reservations, call 256 Tele-conferencing, Inter-neighbouring the eastern side 414 777500 or email africana@ pretation booths, In-built PAS,of Uganda Golf Club, Hotel Infra powered communicationAfricana has over the years be-come a symbol of excellence,sophistication and high qualityservice.ACCOMMODATION All rooms are fully equippedwith an individually controlledair condition system, attachedwith a full private bathroom, abalcony overseeing the spec-tacular view, satellite television,Radio, fridge, wire and wirelessinternet access. With 233 rooms comprisingof 5 suites, 103 deluxe roomsand 117 twin bed rooms and 8Apartments, offering splendidviews. CONFERENCE FACILITIES Over 1000sqm have beenallocated to a functional place,air conditioned; and with thevery best in-built systemssuch as sound, audio, projec-tion, lighting, wire and wirelessinternet access. Seating over2500 people, the place is idealfor conferencing, workshops,mega wedding receptions,exhibitions and concerts. Thehotel has over 14 fully furnished A CROSS-SECTION OF ONE OF HOTEL AFRICA’Swell air-conditioned confer- CONFERENCE ROOMS 50 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 GOLF & BUSINESS
  • Plot 2-4 Wampewo Avenue. P. O. Box 10218, Kampala - Uganda 51 Tel: 256 414 777 500. Fax: 256 414 348 090/1. Mob: 0752 896179/ 0772 439 955.GOLF & BUSINESS TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 Email: Website:
  • FAIRWAY HOTEL of the hotel on the main block IMPERIAL HOTELS Fairway Hotel is a hotel in a overlook the golf course and The Imperial Group currentlygarden, the unique setting with the Kololo hill residential area comprises of six hotels offeringthe main building surrounded and lush Kitante Valley. luxury accommodation in totalby trim lawns, flower bushes, in excess of over 1000 bed-shady trees and magnificent CONFERENCE rooms.palm trees which were planted All of the hotels are locatedsome 45 years ago. The Hotel FACILITIES in key business centres of Fairway Hotel has three ma-is located on a four and a half Kampala and Entebbe. These jor conference halls uniquelyacre plot with the rooms hav- full service, value for money named Viewpoint Terraceing magnificent views of lush hotels cater for the needs of located above the restaurantKitante valley, Kololo hill and the discerning global business and with the capacity of 80par 72 Uganda Golf Club. & vacation traveler offering People, Vista Solarium, a 250 contemporary facilities in a seater overlooking the Pool warm and friendly environ-ACCOMMODATION and Palm Garden and Lower ment. Fairway Hotel offers self Promenade that is locatedcontained rooms with double near to the Palm and Greenlocking systems, direct dialing Gardens sitting 250 people IMPERIAL ROYALphone, air conditioning and/or electric fans, refrigeration, In addition, the hotel has two HOTEL committee rooms sitting be- It is one of the most luxu-satellite TV and a reading desk tween 20 and 60 people Fair- riant hotels in Kampala cityand chair. 90% of the rooms way Hotel has over the years centre with state-of-the-artare with balcony, table and been preferred by golfers for conference facilities and ac-chairs. The rooms at the front the dinners and meetings. commodation. All bedroomsOur Range of Services: Rooms from $76, Inludes All Taxes, Breakfast, Pool & Gym, Airport Shuttle... P. O . Box 4595, Kampala. Tel: +256 (0) 414 257171/2, Fax: +256 (0) 414 234160, 52 Email:, Web: GOLF & BUSINESS TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • are all fully air-conditioned andare exquisitely furnished tothe latest international stand-ards. Each luxurious roomhas a work desk, large plas-ma screenTV with in-housevideo and satellite cable pro-grammes, direct dail phoneand en-suite bathrooms withseparate shower cabin. Imperial Royale Hotel is re-nown in Uganda for its modernconference facilities with a totalof 21 conference rooms andbanqueting halls suitable forbusiness conventions, wed-dings and banquets. The rangein size from 20 seater to 2,000seater conference rooms. IMPERIAL GOLF VIEW HOTEL Located within the vicinityof Entebbe Golf Club, ImperialGolf View Hotel is one of thefinest convention centres inUganda and is a global land-mark offering technologically Eng. A.R. Ruttaadvanced conference facilities looking at his shotoverlooking the magnificentLake Victoria. The facility offers a com-plete conference packageincluding special buffet menus,fully organized outdoor cater-ing service, outings, syndicaterooms and audio visual equip-ment. Think of hosting your nextexecutive corporate retreator family reunion, internationalconference for 300 people orhistory making reception for1,000. 53GOLF & BUSINESS TG 14
  • TG SCH L wiTh SADi ATibU • hEAD of golf clUb PRofESSionAlS • UgcA SPliT hAnDED gRiP EncoURAgES A TRUE RElEASE! wiTh SADi ATibU 1 54 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 TG SCHOOL
  • The split handed grip you good swing. I suggest it to all From the set-up, with thesee here makes for a great of you, as it allows to work on a hands a couple of inches aparttraining exercise that enlivens golf swing indoors in front of a on the grip, you will experienceall the sensations you should mirror – perfect for fine-tuning a full hingering or setting ofbe looking for in making a at this time. both wrists as you swing the Full Hingering or Hands appear in A sense of hitting setting of both the middle of your down and through wrists occurs chest at this point. the ball is key for by the time hand solid iron shots. pass waisthigh. 2 3 55TG SCHOOL TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • club up in the course of the tend to overlook, but it’s im- released at speed, the rightbackswing. portant that you appreciate the hand overtakes the left as the At the halfway position, mirror-image quality of a good hands pronate and the wristshighlighted here (inset right), repeating swing. hinge up once again to shapethe hands should appear in Once the ball has been the follow-through the ball, andthe middle of your chest, while struck, and the club head it’s extremely worthwhile youthe butt-end of the club shouldpoint between the ball andyour feet. There it’s said to be A full extended Right hand over-in plane – a key checkpoint tomake. right arm release takes the left as But it’s on the release is what this drill the club is re-through the ball that I want will give you. leased pouring fullto focus your attention in this power on the ball.article. This is something we 4 5 56 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 TG SCHOOL
  • rehearsing this to train your club head speed and your abil-wrists to work efficiently. ity to square the clubface cor- When you get the knack rectly to the back of the almost create a snappingof the wrists through impact PhotograPhy on these and the PreceedIngthat massively boosts your two Pages by elk arne clausen Club comes up Full finish of the through the left swing. shoulder-a mirror image of the back swing. 6 7 57TG SCHOOL TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • IMPROVE YOUR GAMEWITH THE LATEST GEAR! The recent Golf Europe fairway woods, hybrids, irons looking, all-carbon push trolleyexhibition in Munich offered a and putters. ‘PVD’, standing for from German company Ti-Tec,sneak preview of some of the Physical Vapour Deposition, and you have golf kit fit fornew equipment that will sup- is the industry buzzword now Darth Vader.posedly change the game play in every catalogue, referring Other dark drivers for 2011in 2011. Among the latest tech- to the method of applying the include the Titleist 910, Adamsnologies are shaft length ad- tall, dark and handsome effect 9064LS and MacGregorM85justability, ‘dual groove’ wedge which some companies even Tourney, all set to challengesystems and exotic new driver incorporate into the name of Taylor Made’s equally darkhead materials. the club itself. R9 Super Tri, already a major Black is most definitely the Among Callaway’s new driv- winner in the hands of Martinmust-have colour scheme ers is the Diablo Octane Black, Kaymer.for golf gear in 2011 - not just soon to be joined by Nike’sgraphite shafts and driver rival SQ Machspeed Black DRIVERScrowns, but increasingly, and Adams’ Idea Super Black adjustability goes to newclubfaces to match. Of course, hybrid. You could complete lengths... Adjustability contin-black, gunmetal and other the set with Cleveland’s Black ues to be a flagship feature fordusky finishes are not new, but Pearl irons, the latest Odyssey many of the latest big sticks.what started out with a few Tour Series Black putter and While moveable weightsanti-glare wedges has turned a sleeve of the new Maxfli C3 started the trend, the fashioninto a fully-fledged fashion Black balls (even if they’re ac- has shifted strongly towardsstatement available standard tually white). Throw in a black adjustable face angles, as wellthis year on a flood of drivers, Motocaddy S3, or the sinister- as loft and lie angles, usually 58 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 TG SCHOOL
  • by means of a high-tech hosel apart from a new face insert a new range of aerodynamicthat you ‘turn and click’ with a and a thinner crown which look RZR Hawk metalwoods.supplied wrench. set to surpass the success of The most novel variation the excellent 909. IRONSon the theme is the Adams Those looking for face turning ‘feel’ into a sci-Speedline 9064LS (£249) angle adjustment should also ence... MacGregor has anwhere the shaft length can be consider what amount of entirely new range acrossvaried by sliding different sized variation they might need. For every club category, havingmetal spacers into the hosel example, while most models now sold all the stock remain-section (and compensating for offer a one-degree difference ing from the controversial Gregthe change in swing weight by as you go between open, neu- Norman era. US design guruswitching a colour-coded sole tral and closed, the MacGregor Jeff Sheets has done a greatscrew). You can only go be- M85 Tourney (£249) provides job of reviving the famous VIPtween 45, 45.5 and 46 inches, a bolder, two-degree panacea iron several decades after itsbut that should be enough to for more extreme hookers and heyday. The 2011 model is afind your ideal tradeoff be- slicers. blade-style forging with a for-tween the speed advantages It’s early days, but perhaps giving recessed cavity retailingof a longer shaft, and the con- the most notable driver devel- at £550. Even more playable istrol benefits of a shorter one. opment is in the area of exotic the MacGregor Tourney M85i Meanwhile, the new Titleist head materials with Callaway (£450), a modern cavity back910 series impresses for the ditching graphite in favour also assembled at the Golf-way it truly separates the ad- a special forged composite smith HQ and offered in graph-justability of the driver’s loft and material that is more malleable ite or 115g KBS Tour steel.lie angle. In rival models the and efficient for concentrating The elusive feel factor istwo parameters cannot be set weight to the corners of tita- increasingly backed by seriousindependently due to the way nium clubheads. The famous R&D. Mizuno leads the waythe shaft enters the hosel at a Fusion sub-brand has been with Harmonic Impact Tech-single angle. dropped, with this new mar- nology which ensures that the Titleist’s technicians have riage of materials debuting sound frequency profile of thegot round this with a nifty Sure- in the (European only) Diablo impact acoustics is scientifi-Fit ‘dual angle’ hosel - quite Octane Black driver (£249) and cally consonant (a.k.a. pleasing 59TG SCHOOL TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • to the ear). The new Mizunos phenomenal success of its tion. Most notably, Cleveland,outperform their predecessors Idea Pro Black hybrid on tour who have a comprehensivethrough a Diamond Muscle this season, Adams is extend- new range for 2011, with somedesign and V-shaped milled ing the line to include the Idea technically and aestheticallypocket cavity. These redis- Black Super, an (even) more impressive highlights in everytribute weight to the edges user friendly version with a category.for more forgiveness and yet ½-inch longer shaft and aa 360-degree grind cleverly wider flange with deeper WEDGESreduces the effective width weighting. New groove rules fail toof the sole and the top edge, Meanwhile, the Adams stifle innovation... While wedgeparadoxically improving the Idea Tech V3 (can it really be designers now have to operateoverall aesthetics. their 15th generation of hybrid within much tighter protocols, Those seeking the sleekest inspired full sets?) is available they are still finding exotic newmusclebacks should check- in three combinations of hybrid groove configurations thatout Wilson’s FG 62 blades that woods, transition mid-irons conform within the R&A’s rulescontrast starkly with the more and more workable shorter on new models that start onplayable Control and Distance irons, all a contemporary Jan 1st. Mizuno’s MP T-11 Quadmodels. Meanwhile, the Di11 jet-black finish. Other great- Cut is unique in having two dif-iron is claimed to be the long- looking rescues include MD ferent groove styles to opti-est Wilson has ever produced, Golf’s Seve Icon Hybrids with mize spin within the range.helped by wide sole and wide their shiny black gloss finish, The 50-54 degree lofts haveshaft-tip technology which Callaway’s RAZR X and Mac- narrower, deeper groovesreduces twisting on off-centre Gregor’s MH Tourney Hybrids appropriate for fuller, squarerhits. Not forgetting the strong (£99) that also inspire the M75i strikes; while the 56-64 degreelofts - the PW is down to a combo package (in the 3-4-5 models have wider, shallowermeagre 43 degrees, meaning before generous cavities kickin grooves that better comple-you might need not one but at the 6-iron) ment those shorter, partialtwo Gap wedges…. There are a handful of other strikes where the golf ball does great hybrid designs this year not fully compress (but where HYBRIDS which are currently subject spin rates have been most Including cutting edge to a media embargo tighter affected by the rule changes).Combo sets... Following the than a celebrity Super Injunc- MD Golf have enjoyed a brisk 60 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 TG SCHOOL
  • trade with their line of Seve of controversy, conforming centre of the golf ball and isIcon wedges, and now add a grooves. available in Odyssey’s best-Santander model whose lead- loved designs, including theing edge is ground completely PUTTERS 2-Ball and Dave Pelz’ Back-straight (rather than traditional- Lining up the next gen- stryke that has proved such aly curved) for those that prefer eration... Alignment issues hit in its first year.a much squarer alignment look dominate the latest flatsticks, Meanwhile, Mizuno’s Lineat address. MD’s other star whether through outlandish 90 series has a novel se-wedge line, the Norman Drew head shapes or on-board fea- quence of lines placed par-signature, adds a cobalt finish tures and cosmetics. allel to the putter face (andoption. Leading the way is Ping with therefore perpendicular to the The Ping Tour-S wedges its Scottsdale range, already main ‘down-the-line’ graphic).have already hit the headlines a winner on tour with Miguel Carefully positioned on a steelfor the Oosthuizen connec- Angel Jimenez and Jose medallion above the blade, thetion, and the smart shape, Manuel Lara. While six of the lines are designed to encour-machined face and more fourteen matt-black models age acceleration throughsophisticated custom tuning are more traditional heel-and- impact, as well as lining upport looks set to be a hit with toe weighted styles, another square to the target. The fiveamateurs, too. However, for all nine are seriously Sci-Fi mal- models (priced at £89 andthe modern designs, arguably lets mixing influences from the named after volcanoes, ap-the most talked about wedge company’s own Craze-E to the parently in appreciation of theirat Munich was the new ver- sharp ‘teeth’ of the rival Odys- Lava Orange Mid Size Winnsion of the now legendary Ping sey Sabertooth. grip) have a CNC-Milled faceEye2 wedge. Over at Odyssey, the and a heavier swing weight to Named the Eye2XG, it has Mickelson Masters replica discourage an over-active wristthe same distinctive shape and (ProType PT-82) will woo col- action.Elsewhere, with the tagcontouring of the 1980s model lectors, but the most important line “Lock And Roll”, Wilson’sthat won majors with Bob Tway development is the £129 DART Vizor putter has a channeland Mark Calcavecchia, but series, standing for Direction in the roof of the mallet overoffers a precision- milled face, And Realignment Technology. which you must directly setanti-glare satin finish and, of This new visual triangular aid your eyes, with any margincourse, after such a history focuses the eye toward the of error easily corrected by 61TG SCHOOL TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • amending your stance so as to Stewart Golf, better known for to test-drive their trolleys.obscure the colours either side its Porschelike FI Lithium and Batteries of all sorts con-of the inside of the groove. X5 Remote models. tinue to improve all the time, Alignment aside, Advance The Stewart Z1 still has the as illustrated by the LitePowerPutter Technologies have a slick style and design that company that makes mod-unique method of manufac- you’d expect from Stewart, els to suit every trolley on theturing involving the high com- with a simple two-step folding market. Cris Simpson, the golfpression of powdered metals, mechanism and three quick- industry’s battery king, ex-including steel, brass, copper release wheels that downsize plained how many lithium bat-and tungsten. By working with it into a tiny space. It has a teries use the more chemicallythese different densities they height-adjustable handle with active lithium cobalt, or lithiumcan create heads of identi- various accessory holders and magnesium, that run off 14.7cal shape but with different adjustable bag jaws designed volts, requiring a trolley’s typi-weights without resorting to to hold any bag - including cal 12-volt motor to be precon-adjustable weighting. Stewart’s own new range for figured to avoid it alighting too For a healthy price premium, next season. In the powered fast and tipping over. In con-they will customize a model market, the trend is towards trast, LitePower uses the morewith the precise weight dis- greater customization of vari- stable lithium phosphate in itstribution across the clubhead ous elements. Taking a leaf out genuine 12-volter that comes in(heavier toe, etc) to suit your of FootJoys’ MyJoys shoe ven- at 1/4 of the weight and 1/3 ofstyle of stroke. Endorsement ture, Motocaddy (with their S1 the size of a cumbersome leadfrom the German branch of the and S3 Digital) and Golfstream acid. Its small foot print fits anyDavid Leadbetter Academy is (Revolution) will be offering trolley and should deliver 1,000bringing immediate credibility online personalization of frame rounds of golf, complete with ato a revolutionary idea. colours, finishes and graphics, 24-month guarantee (double as well as accessory stations that of most rivals). TROLLEYS and battery choice. Motocad- Push, power and personal- dy, incidentally, has dramati- BALLSise... Ironically, the most inter- cally upped its rental fleets at Softly softly... With Srixonesting new push trolley for 2011 clubs around the country, giv- golf balls having notched upis from powered specialist, ing golfers the perfect chance some 33wins on the tour this 62 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 TG SCHOOL
  • season (highlighted by Ryo APPAREL, SHOES, wristbands were also doingIshikawa’s stunning 58, in May, a roaring trade now that topand Jim Furyk’s FedEx Cup BAGS AND golfers like Ian Poulter are join-victory) Japanese parent com- GADGETS... ing celebrities like Beckham,pany SRI Sports announced Golfing GPS technology has Ronaldo and Di Caprio in wear-plans for a new golf ball pro- reached a new level in 2010. ing the latest must-have, Newduction factory in Indonesia to After the space-age SkyCad- Age silicone trinket claimed tocope with sales pricing at over die SGX comes the rival Golf increase flexibility, strength and15 per cent a year. The Srixon Buddy World Platinum GPS. balance.range is being substantially up- While not quite as sophisticat- Meanwhile, offbeat innova-graded for 2011, starting with ed as the SGX in terms of the tions continue with the Golf-refined versions of the popu- highly detailed green-mapping holic electronic hand warmerlar Soft Feel featuring amore feature offering distance to the size of an iPod (possiblyresilient blended cover for low mid-green ridges, the Golf- rechargeable from the USBspin and greater distance, and Buddy has one huge attrac- socket on a Motocaddy S3 –a softer 68 compression ideal tion. It requires no membership they’re currently testing it) thatfor slower swingspeeds. Inci- package to access the data. It won the Golf Europe prize fordentally, the 59 compression comes pre-programmed with Best Accessory.of the new Soft Feel Lady is the 40,000 other glamorous gadg- But for sheer minimalistlowest that Srixon has ever of- ets that include the Insight satisfaction, the Sumi-G met-fered, while sharing the same iTrainer, a magic box that clips alwood headcover, designedupgraded 324 dimple pattern onto the shaft of your club and and made in Utah by a formerfor a stronger, higher trajec- delivers instant swing analysis Ogio bag expert, did it fortory. A mention, too, for the on swing shape and club face me. No more wrestling withbest-selling Srixon AD333 that angle as well as various dy- those dangling sock-like at-now comes in a bright orange namic data. tachments, or dropping youroption after the success of yel- Top new shoes for 2011 favourite lion or tiger head onlow Srixons (even on tour) this include the Ecco BIOM, bio- the last tee. Simply slide theseason. mechanically designed with clubhead effortlessly into the Bridgestone have had con- minimal bulk to improve con- snug cradle and click the shaftsiderable success with their tact with, and support from, into the specially fitted groove.B330 balls as played by Fred the ground (which many golf In so far as any golf club head-Couples and Matt Kuchar but, shoes have lost in recent cover can be considered sexy,for 2011, are simplifying the years). Despite the pared- this is it.models into two (rather than back padding, they still felt very Reported with kind per-three) categories of swing comfortable on our first try in mission from Dominic Pedlerspeed. If you’re above 105mph, Munich and we look forward to reports - Europethe choice is between the a full ‘road test’. Puma are alsomore distance-oriented Tour upping their game followingB-330 or softer B-330RX; if their take-over of Cobra lastyou’re below, the equivalent year, and launch the Cell Fu-balls are the ionomer-covered sion shoes, complete with theirTour B-330S or the higher- distinctive high-traction Smartspinning, urethane-covered Quill cleats, as worn by Puma330RXS. poster boys, Rickie Fowler and Maxfli make a welcome re- Johan Edfors.turn with their three-piece, ure- Even more trendy arethane C3 Gold & Black balls; Mizuno’s new Aerolite bags,while, at the premium end, we some with funky, silk screenhear Callaway are making sub- skull graphics, confirming thetle refinements to their Tour iX company’s new upbeat mar-and iS balls that were unveiled keting stance as its worldwidein Orlando in January 2011. profile evolves. Power BalanceTG SCHOOL TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 63
  • TG Classified Canaansites l i m i t e d CANAAN SITES .....we settle you WELL PLANNED AND ORGANIZED ESTATES WITH MAILO LAND TITLES, WATER AND POWER RABBAI REAL ESTATES Well surveyed plots with ready Mailo Land Titles. 1. GAYAZA, ZILOBWE ROAD 50x100ft – 2.6m 1. VICTORIA GARDENS ALARM SYSTEM On the shores of L. Victoria, 100x100ft – 5.2m 1.5 km from tarmac 2. GAYAZA-ZILOBWE 60x100ft @ 20m 1Km from tarmac 70x100ft @ 24m 50x100ft - 3.6m 2. KITENDE GARDENS 100x100ft – 7.2m 700 metres, off Entebbe Road, 3. BULOBA- MITYANA RD well planned and developed 2Km from main road neighbourgood. 50x100ft – 4.5m 100x100ft @ 48m 100x100ft – 9m 70x100ft @34m 4. SEETA- BEHIND 60x100ft @ 30m Namilyango College 3. ENTEBBE – VICTORIA 50x100ft – 4.5m ESTATES 100x100ft – 9m Running up to the shores with 5. ENTEBBE RD. KITENDE beautiful view of L. Victoria and developed neighbour- Near former Entebbe Univ. HOME AUTOMATION 3Km from main road hood. 50x100ft – 8m 50x100ft @ 13m 100x100ft – 16m 60x100ft @ 16m 6. NABBINGO-KITEMU, 4. KAJJANSI ESTATES Masaka Rd 50x100ft @ 13m 50x19ft – 6.5m 70x100ft @ 19m 100x100ft – 13m 5. GAYAZA – KIRA ROYAL 7. SEETA-GULAMA ESTATE With lake view All tarmac from Kampala to 50x100ft – 12m estate with mail land titles. 100x100ft – 24m 50x100ft @ 8m 70x100ft @ 11.5m 8. WAKISO NEAR DISTRICT 100x100ft @ 16m HEADQUARTERS 50x100ft – 3.6m TRAFFIC BARRIERS 6. KISUBI – LAKE VIEW 100x100ft – 7.2m ESTATE 50x100ft @ 10m 9. GAYAZA ROAD, kijjabijo 70x100ft @ 14m 50x100ft – 4.5m 100x100ft – 9m 7. NKUMBA RESORT ESTATE 50x100ft @ 9m 10.KAWEMPE TOWN 70x100ft @ 13m 700metres from main road 50x100ft – 16m 8. ABAITA - ABABIRI ESTATE 100x100ft – 32m With developed neighbour- hood 11. MUKONO 50x100ft @ 9m 50x100ft – 6m CCTV 70x100ft @ 13m 100x100ft – 12m 9. MUKONO SATELITE ESTATE 12. NANSANA KAYUNGA – MPOMA 50x100ft – 11m 200 metres from tarmac. 100x100ft – 22m 50x100ft @ 5m 13.NAMUGONGO – NSASA 70x100ft @ 7m 50X100FT -11m 100100ft – 22m • Well located Residential Estates 13. MUKONO • Easily Accessible 50 x 100ft - 6m • Water, Roads and 100 x 100ft - 12m Electricity • Land Loan Financing CONTACT US ON: • Mortgage Financing Mob: 0776-400666, • Free Inspection on Mob: 0702-400666, Appointment Tel: 0414-690527. Zescom E-mail: Zescom Technologies Limited Tel: 0772 459 555 Location: SILVA House, 0414 349 397 Ground Floor, Rooms B13 & B12 Plot 39A Lumumba Avenue, Opposite YMCA, Plot 62 Bombo Ground Floor-Mukwasi Hse Location: Rainbow Arcade Road, Wandegeya. Tel: 0312 260 765, Building, 1st Floor, Opp. Agip 0414-250 815, Mob: 0752 693174 House, Plot2, Kampala Road. Email: 64 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 THE STARTER
  • VICTORIA ENGINEERING LIMITED Tel: 0752 932 880/ 0704 625 793/ 0772 981804/ 0703 648232M NOW IN STOCK • GENERATORS For supply, installation, service, maintenance.M 10KVA, 15KVA, 20KVA, 30KVA, 55KVA, 110KVA,Y 150KVA, 220KVA, 275KVA We also carry-out:Y • Hot Dip Galvanizing • Fabrication of tractor, trailer, vehicle bodies, water/fuel, bowsers, palisade fences. • Crankshaft grinding Email: • Engine Reboring • Lathe work • Line boring • Milling Plot 7/8/11, Mulwana Road, Industrial Area P.O. Box 620, Kampala. Tel: 0414 346740, 0312 264 998/7 Fax: 0414 342 917 Email: Website: TG CLASSIFIED The most Convenient & Effective way Bukasa - Muyenga; 0754 490 368 of Advertising Airmasters Travel Ltd. a diffe rence We gu arantee Golf Towels Golf Flags TG Classified Hanging Banners Flying Banners Pull-Up Banners ers Golf Tees nn Markers Ba Golf Tours ing Fly Balloons ALL ITEMS BRANDED Airline Reservation & Ticketing Corporate Car Rentals Hotel and Lodge bookings world wide Tour Packages Airport Pick ups & Drops Training Packages Visa Handling Checking in online For your reservation Contact: Kimathi Avenue Impala House Ground Floor P.O. Box 5649, Kampala-Uganda Tel/Fax: +256 414 342831. Tel: +256 414 342831/ 414 662467. Cell: +256 702 504645/ +256 772 506399/ +256 714 555558/ +256 704 506399. 65 THE STARTER TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 Email: Website:
  • THE JOY OF plAYINGGOlF IN ABu DHABIby TRUE golfER ABU DHABI CLUBHOUSE AS SEEN FROM THE 9TH HOLEcoRRESPonDEnT course, which will once again and shrubs maintained to the Seven hours from London, challenge the pros in the Abu highest standard, thanks toin the heart of one of the most Dhabi Golf Championship, part an extensive irrigation systemrapidly developing regions of of the European Tour. which also feeds its seven salt-the world, Abu Dhabi is the This luxurious golfing com- water lakes.largest of the United Arab plex is located in Sas Al Nakhl, In fact, the course is soEmirates, with Abu Dhabi City just outside the city and only green that it is hard to imagineas its capital. ten minutes from the airport, you are in one of the most arid Although it holds some ten which makes it an ideal golf- areas of the world. It takes twoper cent of the world’s known ing venue for people on short million gallons of water a day tooil reserves, Abu Dhabi is very business trips or those in tran- keep it that way!much looking to the future, sit. It boasts two Peter Harra- On the first tee, with a largetrying to diversify its economy dine-designed courses: the 18 lake on your right and the clev-and enhance its environment, hole National Championship erly placed fairway bunkers, it’sand is therefore keen to attract Course and the more forgiving hard to keep your mind on yourtourism. They are making sure 18 hole Garden Course (2x9 game as you look at the aston-all the best hotels and the best holes, off different tees). There ishing clubhouse designed inworld class golf courses are are also unrivalled practice the shape of a falcon swoop-there. facilities, with the Gulf’s longest ing down on a golf ball. driving range. The course has some very Completed in 1998, the long par 4s. The 468 yard 5th THE NATIONAL picturesque Abu Dhabi Na- is a tough hole, especially as COURSE tional is fully mature and offers it often plays against the wind The National at the Abu all golfers a wonderful game and there is a lake to driveDhabi Golf Club by Sheraton is of golf. It meanders through over. Longer still is the 14th, aa world-class and tough golf palms and ornamental trees 475 yard long par 4, although 66 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 TG COURSES & TRAVEL
  • it is less dangerous. But you floors of restaurants, a piano Owned and managed by Abuneed all your strength and bar offering beautiful views of Dhabi Airport Duty Free, Alconcentration for the 454-yard the National from the ‘belly of Ghazal Golf Club opened in9th: there’s water and trees to the falcon’ and a fully equipped November 1997 and is anbe avoided and strategically executive meeting room. (See 18-hole, par-71 layout regardedplaced bunkers protecting the image gallery at right) as the leading desert golf course in the world and measuring 6,487 yards off the white tees. Any transit passenger is provided a transit visa and given transport between the airport and club. Once at the club, all golfing equipment can be rented, making it easy for transit passengers to play a round between flights. Sand golf is a whole new experience and this is a fun course to play, as many of the top European pros - includ- ing Colin Montgomerie, Nick Faldo, Padraig Harrington, Paul McGinley, Miguel Angel Jimen- ez and Ian Poulter - discovered during the World Sand Golf Championships (won by Greg Owen in 2004 and Thongchai Jaidee in 2005) hosted here by Abu Dhabi Duty Free. Instead of ‘greens’, in sand golf there are ‘browns’, which are created by compacting a LOOKING TOWARDS THE CLUBHOUSE FROM mix of sand and oil, a concept THE 1ST GREEN pioneered in the 1940s. Spe-green. Two par 3s are particu- Non-golfers will enjoy the cific rules and etiquette alsolarly memorable: the 196 yard leisure facilities on offer which apply to sand golf. Spikes are7th and the 183 yard 12th. The include a swimming pool, ten- not allowed, to avoid damag-7th is one of the most dramatic nis and squash courts, and a ing the browns which must beholes on the golf course re- health club with sauna, spa swept after every group hasquiring accuracy and distance and jacuzzi. The atmosphere putted out, providing a perfectcontrol as it has water from tee is excellent, the Club manages surface for the group green and again over the to make you feel very special Whenever possible, youback of the green. The 12th is and the staff couldn’t be more should enter and exit the greenthe signature hole, with water helpful. on the same path as yourto be carried and a landscaped playing partners; this will saverock wall back drop with date THE AL the sweeper a lot of work andtrees and shrubbery - club speed up play. As to putting,selection is critical here.After 18 GHAZAL SAND the browns are surprisinglychallenging but fair holes, you GOLF COURSE firm and very true, althoughcan relax in the luxury of the Abu Dhabi is one of very few their pace - the ball begins toextraordinary ‘falcon’ club- international airports world- roll very fast but pulls up quick-house, which features three wide with its own golf club. ly - takes a little getting used 67TG COURSES & TRAVEL TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • THE VIEW TOWARDS THE 9TH GREEN, WITH ITS SPECTACULAR BACKDROP to. However, once you have - the equivalent of being in the pale sand, a coloured ball is the hang of it, it is great fun and rough on grass - you must play easier to spot. It is also much guaranteed to bring out a few it as it lies and may find your better not to follow immedi- laughs. ball among small stones or in ately behind the buggy in front Because there is no grass, the burrows of ‘dhubs’, the lo- of you, or you will get even when on the designated cal spiny-tailed desert lizards dustier. ‘fairway’ - indicated by marker which can grow up to 85 cm The front nine holes are built posts - you play off a small, long and eat the sparse desert around an archaeological site, portable Astroturf mat, so vegetation. which is out of bounds, while you always have a perfect lie. We also discovered that, the back nine are on flatter re- However, if your ball lands out- because of the difficulty in claimed land. The feature holes side the fairway marker posts making out the ball on the very are the 1st, 16th, 17th and 18th, Ebenezer Limited. CLINICAL LABORATORYOur mission is to provide accurate, timely, reliable and We offer routine and specialized clinical laboratory servicescost effective clinical laboratory services and biomedical in the disciplines of; Haematology, Clinical Chemistry,Research to the people of Uganda and the Great Lakes Immuno-Chemistry, Microbiology, Serology and VoluntaryRegion. Counseling and Testing Head Office: Plot 1 Bombo Road, Sure House Building, 1st Floor. Branch Office: Plot 26/28 Ben Kiwanuka Street, (Opp. Old Taxi Park), Rms 12-13. Phone +256 41 342255, +256 31 262355, Fax: +256 41 230674 Or Email: 68 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 TG COURSES & TRAVEL
  • THINGS TO DO WHILE THERE There is an embarrass- ment of choice, depending on how adventurous you feel, from dune buggy riding (also called wadi-bashing, from the dry creek beds or wadis along which you drive), quad biking, hot air ballooning, rock climb- ing and caving, to falconry dis- plays and also superb organ- ised desert safaris.We were given a taste of the desert only 45 minutes from the city limits, begin- ning with an afternoon ride up and down the sand dunes in a 4x4. Once off the tarmac roads, the tyres were deflated, the seat belts tightened and we held onto our hats. What a thrilling ride over undulating sand dunes and their shift- ing sands! The experienced driver clearly relished hearing INTERIOR VIEWS OF THE ABU DHABI NATIONAL our shrieks as he acceler- CLUBHOUSE ated down or up a dune, as the sand engulfed the slid-several of which have water your swing plane. An amus- ing 4x4 on the side of a dunehazards.The Al Ghazal club- ing quirk is that the practice at a 90-degree angle or ashouse, designed in traditional ground is on grass whereas we watched in awe what theEnglish style, has a large ter- the course is entirely sand, other car was doing, knowing itrace offering great views of the but rugby tournaments are would be our turn next. Won-course and Abu Dhabi city. The also organized here, so that derful fun, but definitely not forwelcome here is very friendly may explain it. On your way the faint-hearted!and you get a pleasant feeling to the academy, do not miss Then it was on to the desertof unpretentious simplicity. the thirty gazelles (gazelle = ‘al camp, with a stop en route, at The Club possesses a ghazal’ in Arabic) fenced in by a camel and goat ‘farm’. Thehealth club with a gym, jacuzzi, the 2nd. smiling shepherds sleep on asauna and steam room. There Al Ghazal Golf Club boasts rudimentary roofless platformis also a swimming pool, three top of the range facilities at which is elevated to protecttennis courts and two multi- affordable prices, and on the them from the wild life (al-courts where basketball, five- way is a new 200-room hotel though we weren’t told whata-side football and volleyball and a 9-hole grass layout. The wild life!).can be played. course is great fun to play but Once you get to the camp, For those eager to improve, also undoubtedly presents an you can have a go at ski-it features a golf academy with exciting challenge. Playing here ing or sand-boarding downsome of the most advanced is a memorable, almost surreal a dune, that’s if you’ve gotgolf teaching technology in golfing experience, one not to the energy to climb up it first!the world: a Royle Golf Visual be missed. You may choose to avoid this,Communication system and but camel-riding is a must; aalso Durnian frames to perfect 69TG COURSES & TRAVEL TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • short, gentle ride that makes forward-thinking metropolis in facilities in an opulent settingfor a good photo opportunity, just over fifty years. which, while possibly not toespecially if it coincides with a Yet everything is not futur- everyone’s taste, has to bebeautiful sunset. istic skyscrapers, huge shop- seen to be believed! ping malls and international The hotel has 302 rooms luxury hotels. Abu Dhabi has (park- or sea-view) and 92 HORSE RIDING IN successfully fought against ‘regular’ suites, not to men- THE SAND the odds of a hostile climate tion the extraordinary Palace You can have your hands or thanks to a desalination plant suites, often used by privilegedankles decorated with a tem- which supplies 75 per cent of guests of the Sheikh. Add toporary henna design, which its water. There are no hose- that 1,3 km of private beach,will attract plenty of interest pipe bans here and water- an on-site marina with privatewhen you get home, and an- ing goes on all day long! The berths and other facilities tooother traditional activity to be city features twenty beautiful, numerous to mention, and theenjoyed is the chance to puff well-maintained public parks, word ‘palatial’ is, for once, notaway on a shisha pipe. Shisha tree-lined streets, lush private an smoked all over the Middle gardens and highways that are The restaurants are, natu-East and is invariably part of bordered for miles by oases of rally, in keeping with the rest ofthe desert safari experience. green won over the desert and the hotel, and we would singleSmoked through a pipe at- tended by armies of garden- out in particular the Sayad Fishtached to a glass orb filled with ers. Restaurant, not just for thewater, the tobacco comes in a The following examples succulent, fresh seafood, butvariety of flavours, from apple of Abu Dhabi’s heritage and for its almost eerily underseato mint. culture are all well worth visit- decor (see photos in image It will be very dark by then ing: Al Husn Fort, The Cultural gallery above). The Vendômeand you can admire the beau- Foundation, Sheikh Zayed bin Brasserie, with its architecturaltiful clear sky while eating a Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque, The blend of Arabian and medievaldelicious selection of traditional Women’s Handicraft Centre French, is also a feast for thedishes: barbecued meats, and The Heritage Village. And eye, never mind the stomach.ouzi (rice with minced lamb you really should take a walk - If you choose to indulgeand vegetables) and mezzeh or even a cruise - along at least yourself at the Emirates Pal-(a selection of appetisers) and part of the famous 8km long ace, a friendly word of warning:listening to traditional music Corniche (above). once you leave your room forblasting from loudspeakers. If you’re short of time, a meal or to go out, try not to To the regret of some, organized tours are the ideal leave anything behind and bethere was nothing interest- way to see the attractions of sure to respect the dress codeing to wash it down with, but Abu Dhabi and its surrounding (no shorts, even for breakfast)we were told that will soon areas. Tours can be arranged - believe us, you don’t want tochange. Then it is belly-danc- by your hotel or the local tour have to go back to your rooming time and you are invited operators. join in and try your hand, or Most airports have shorterrather your belly, at the hip- corridors than this amazing ho-swiveling art. It all makes for WHERE TO STAY tel, and it’s always a very long Among the numerous in-a memorable evening, and a way back! ternational hotels open at thewonderfully relaxing one. time of writing, we can recom- mend: ABU DHABI CITY The ‘Versailles of the Middle From a humble Bedouin East’ – The Emirates Palace. Aand fishing village beginnings, showcase of Arabian heritagethe island city of Abu Dhabi and culture opened in 2005,has developed, thanks to its the Emirates Palace is thehuge oil profits, into one of ultimate in luxury and style. Itthe world’s richest and most combines resort and meeting 70 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 TG COURSES & TRAVEL
  • Love, see and enjoy Uganda. YOUR JOURNEY AROUNDHoliday256 is indigenous tour company and a wholly UGANDA.owned division of White Lines Holdings in Uganda. Uganda is a destination so special in terms of climate and naturalThe company is steadily growing and is largely dealing resources. The country has a lot of natural resources. We are proudin domestic tourism. We focus on local participation in of the rich Eco-systems that provide excellent viewing of wildlife important for Tourism development. We boast of the 10 National parksTourism placing major emphasis on; School Groups, including:Company Employees and Corporate Executives within 1. Bwindi impenetrable forest National parkE.Africa. 2. Kibale Forest National park 3. Mgahinga National park.The mighty River Nile Sun rise 4. Queen Elizabeth National park 5. Murchison Falls National park 6. Lake Mburo National park 7. Semliki National park 8. Rwenzori Mountains National park 9. Kidepo Valley National park 10. Mount Elgon National park. Gorilla viewing isAccommodation, Love, see and enjoy Uganda. possible In BwindiLodges, impenetrable forest Hippos chattingGuest houses, National park happily at the hippoTents, This time you may have pull.Bandas. access to the Batwa of Murchison Fall National park south western Uganda. Holiday 256 P.O Box10882 Kampala , 1st Floor room 2 next to American Embassy, Gaba road. Mob +256776222504 +256775954442/ 0312-114523 71 TG COURSES & TRAVEL TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • cOuRSE GuIDE Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort P.O. Box 84383, Mombasa, Kenya Phone: (+254) 40 320 3624 or 320 2620 Fax: (+254) 40 320 2046 Website: E-mail: Description: Holes: 18 • Length 6.084 Meter • 6.632 Yards • Par 72 Machakos Golf Club P.O. Box 148, Machakos, Kenya Phone: (+254) 145 21778 Fax: Website: E-mail: Description: Holes: 9 Mombasa Golf Club P.O. 90164, Mombasa, Kenya Phone: (+254) 11 228531 Fax: Website: E-mail: Description: Holes 9 • Front Nine 2.888 • Back Nine 2.949 Yards Nyali Golf & Country Club P.O. Box 95678, Mombasa, Kenya Phone: (+254) 11 471589 Fax (+254) 11 472632 Website: E-mail: Description: Holes 18 • Length 6.510 Yards • Par 71 Muthaiga Golf Club P.O. Box 41651, Nairobi, Kenya Phone: (+254) 2 762414 Fax (+254) 2 761268 Website: E-mail: Description: Holes 18 • Length 6.893 Yards • Par 71 Windsor Golf & Country Club P.O. Box 45587, Nairobi, Kenya Phone: (+254) 020 862300 Fax: (+254) 020 860160/1 Website: E-mail: Description: Holes 18 • Length 7.277 Yards • 5.580 Yards • Par 72 The Golf Park P.O. Box 40373 Nairobi Phone: 020-573994/573923 Fax: 0202573871 Website: E-mail: Description: Holes 9 • Length 6.612 Yards • Par 7072 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 TG COURSE GUIDE
  •  Plot 26 Jinja Road P. O. Box 7867 Kampala—Uganda. Tel: +256 414 342057, Fax: +256 414 342062 E-mail:,, Classic Sofas We make Customized Kitchen Units Grand Designed Beds UNRIVALLED COMFORT .. FULFILLED LIVINGFire proof Safes Stackable Tables & Chairs Order today and rs In Stock live fulfilled Chai fice Excellent Office Furniture e Of tiv ecu Home Range Ex R—Trend Range Trendy Outdoor Furniture We are open 8.00 - 6.00 P.M. Monday - Friday9.00 - 5.00 P.M. on Saturdays & all Bank Holidays s Chair tarial Outdoor Furniture Secre Visit us Today Executive L Tables & Chairs Comfortable Guest Chairs 73 THE STARTER TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
  • Royal nairobi golf club P.o. box 40221, nairobi, kenya Phone: (+254) 2 725769 fax: (+254) 2 712520 website: E-mail: Description: holes 18 • length 7.021 yards • Par 72 Railway golf club P.o. box 40476, nairobi, kenya Phone: (+254) 2 721859 fax: website: E-mail: Description: holes 9 • (18 tees & 10 greens) length 7.021 yards • Par 72 karen country club P.o. box 24817, nairobi, kenya Phone: (+254)-2-882801 / Professional: (+254)-2-884089 fax: +254 20 884088 website: E-mail: Description: holes 18 • length 6.951 yards • Par 70 Entebbe golf club P.o. box 107, Entebbe, Uganda Phone: (+256) 414 322067 fax: website: E-mail: Description: holes 18, Par 71 Jinja golf club P.o. box 678, Jinja, Uganda Phone: (+256) 43 20169 fax: website: E-mail: Description: holes 9 • length 5.926 yards • Par 72 Uganda golf club P.o. box Phone: (+256) 414 236848, or (+256) 414 233911 fax: website: E-mail: Description: holes 18 • length 6.112 yards • Par 72 To be continued!74 TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011 TG COURSE GUIDE
  • 75 True Golfer in 2010 3THE STARTER TG 14 • MARCH - APRIL 2011
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