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Mobile Marketing
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Mobile Marketing


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What you should consider when thinking of mobile marketing.

What you should consider when thinking of mobile marketing.

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  • 1. The Era of Mobile Marketing Arnab Ganguly Head – Digital Marketing Y Media Labs Inc.
  • 2. Computer Gen 1970 -2010
  • 3. Era of Smartphones and Tablets-2012
  • 4. Why Mobile?“Mobile is ramping up faster than any othertechnology we have seen in the past” Mary Meeker(Kleiner Perkins)Globally, Smartphone Market grew 61% in 2011 with total shipmentvolumes reaching 491.4 million units in 2011, a whopping increaseof over 304.7 million units in 2010! Smartphones are replacingfeatures phones at much faster rate than expected, thanks toconsistently falling pricing.
  • 5. Why Mobile?
  • 6. Why Mobile?
  • 7. Why Mobile?
  • 8. Smartphone Market
  • 9. Smartphone Market - IndiaIt is interesting to note that Nokia’s still leads the Smartphone Market share, however,it has seen a major fall in 2011. Nokia lost about 50% of its market share from 60% atthe start of the 2011 to sub 40% by the end of the year.
  • 10. What do we do?
  • 11. Where do we use? 59% Waiting in Line 40% Socializing 39% 27% Bathroom Cooking
  • 12. Action Oriented Search Engines – 77% Social Networking – 65% Retail Websites – 46% Videos/ Music – 43% General Consumer Behavior – 38%
  • 13. Variety of ActionsCalled the Business – 61%Visited a Business – 59%Looked up Business on a Map – 58%Visited the Website of a Business – 54%
  • 14. Goal of the Action Discuss Research Visit Business Purchase
  • 15. Mobile Landscape
  • 16. Mobile Landscape
  • 17. Facts79% of the Online Advertisers don’t have a mobile websiteQueries on mobile devices – Restaurants and Goods80% check their mobile leaving their bed in morningMobile sites have higher success ratesSmartphones are the next big thing
  • 18. Mobile Landing Page Keep the Layout SimpleBest Practices Design for Thumbs – Not Mice Prioritize Content Use Uniquely Mobile Features Make it easy for Conversion
  • 19. What you need to do Content viewable at arms lengthSimple Layout Rich Media and Content Low Make Search Easy (For Large Content) Note of Page Download Time Consider yourself as a User
  • 20. What you need to do Prevent Accidental ClicksDesign Issues Scrolling – Vertical or Horizontal Web 2.0 Designs Avoid Flash HTML 5
  • 21. What you need to do Key PointersContent Action Oriented Experience Site Navigation Call To Action
  • 22. What you need to doMobile Features Mobile to Store Leverage Phone Functions Facebook/Twitter Log In
  • 23. What you need to do Shorter Conversion FunnelConversion Easy to Understand Don’t Over Do Don’t Confuse between Desktop/Mobile
  • 24. Importance of being MobileIn the coming years, customers are going to find yourbusiness through mobile devices. Mobile platform willbe critical to business success.
  • 25. Keep in Mind• Mobile users have high expectation• 58% users want mobile sites to load quickly faster than desktops for sure.• 38% of the users are willing to spend 30 seconds or less to get acquainted• Mobile sites can have a negative impact if it doesn’t satisfy users• Mobile optimized in terms of Rankings and User Interface
  • 26. Keep in Mind• Understand the conflict Mobile Site vs Mobile Apps• Rendering in different devices• Mobile Analytics Data• Bounce Rate• Average time spend on mobile site• Conversion from Mobile to Desktop
  • 27. Q&A