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  • 1. 10/11s Humanities
  • 2. China Past and Present Unit 1: Culture Study  What are traditions? What traditions are important to you?  What is culture?  How can we be open-minded when learning about culture?  What are some elements of modern China?  Communicating with Chinese students  Chinatown Trip  Culture Murals  Studying Cultural Artifacts  China Search Project
  • 3. China Past and Present Unit 2: Geography  What is geography?  What are important elements of Chinese geography?  How does the geography of China influence the culture of China?  3-D Mapping  Geography Stations  3 Gorges Dam study
  • 4. China Past and Present Unit 3: Chinese Inventions  How do inventions affect culture, our lives, the world, history?  How can we understand history and a culture by researching an object?  In what ways have Chinese inventions impacted the world?  Research Essays  Making Paper  Exploring Inventions
  • 5. China Past and Present Unit 4: Leadership  What makes a good leader?  What are the characteristics of good leaders?  If you were a leader, what would you do?  How do leaders help maintain/change culture and traditions?  Who are some Chinese leaders who have helped shape China’s history?  Leadership Debate  Red Scarf Girl
  • 6. China Past and Present Unit 5: Immigration  What is immigration?  Why do people immigrate?  Why did the Chinese immigrate?  When you move to a place that is foreign, how do you preserve your identity/culture and how do you adapt?  What does it mean to be an American?  Trip to MOCA (Museum of Chinese in America)  Literature Circles  Becoming American – The Chinese Experience -PBS Documentary
  • 7. Literature Mock Newbery Books Connections to Social Studies (Year of the Dog, Red Scarf Girl, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, The Monkey King) Literature Circles Consistent Independent Reading
  • 8. Writers’ Workshop Memoirs Folktales Essays Poetry Choice writing We use a Writer’s Workshop Model to teach editing and revision skills.
  • 9. Trips Camp Jewell (Community and Leadership Skills) Chinatown (Chinese Culture) MET (Chinese Art – Silk Painting) Chinatown (Immigration) Scholar’s Garden at Snug Harbor
  • 10. Art Integration Culture Comparisons Construct Inventions Chinese Calligraphy Lessons Making Paper Silk Painting/Poetry