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Digital Media & Family Relationships
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Digital Media & Family Relationships



What is the role of digital media in modern family life?

What is the role of digital media in modern family life?



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Digital Media & Family Relationships Digital Media & Family Relationships Presentation Transcript

  • Digital MediaandFamilyBy: Jessie ArmourImage: Family Photo
  • From the noise ofdigital media,emerges a newmoral panic.Image: Moreno Berti
  • The fear that our useof technology isnegatively impactingour search for identityand relationships withpeopleImage: Iamdogjunkie
  • “The littledevices most ofus carry aroundare sopowerful thatthey changenot only whatwe do, but alsowho we are”- Sherry TurkleImage: Jose Izquierdo
  • “We have sacrificedconversation for mereconnection”- Sherry TurkleImage: Andrew and Hobbes
  • Ultimately it isargued that thedigital media webwe’ve createdhas made us...Image: www.FranceHouseHunt.com
  • More disconnected than connected.Image: ejbSF
  • “We have gotten used tothe idea of being in atribe of one, loyal toour own party”– Sherry TurkleImage: Malakhi Helel
  • But despite thistheory of socialisolation, whichhinders our ability tomake meaningfulhumanconnections...Image: Fey Ilya
  • digital media both links andreinforces familyrelationships.Image: Kristian Vinkenes
  • “70%ofparents with achild at home usethe Internet,compared to 53%of non-parents”Image: GSCSNJSource: Katherine Allen, Pew Research Center, 2002
  • “78% of teens now have a cellphone…95% of teens use theInternet”Image: Alex AkopyanSource: Mary Madden, Pew Research Center, 2013
  • So families are clearlyonline andconnected.Image: Nicola since 1972
  • + 1Digital MediaThe so-called nuclear family hasexpanded by one through its adoptionof digital media.Image: aussiegall
  • “In these hurried times it’s getting harder and harder tobalance work, family & technology. Years ago it wasjust work and family.” Image: Aaron Stidwell
  • But managedproperly, socialmedia can solve theage-old search forwork-familybalance.Image: Hayden Vink
  • “What’s awesome about technology is that Ican be productive no matter where I am.Social media really helps mebridge the gap between mypersonal life and work.”Image: Inês Cardoso
  • Essentially, digitalmedia enablesresponsiveness towork issues whileallowing familymembers to bephysically presentat homeImage: Jeff Balke
  • Digital media also “provides the glue” formaintaining family relationships that crossborders.Image: spelio
  • Why do consumersuse socialmedia?Image: Robert S. Donovan
  • “At the top of the list,with 70%, [is] theaim of connecting withfamily and friends.”Image: Sara CiminoSource: IBM, CRM Study, 2011
  • The beauty ofthe use oftechnologies is thatthey createlivingcommunicationchannels Image: clarisseclarina
  • A channel that cankeep familiesupdated throughpictures, Tweets andemails, almostinstantaneously.Image: SalFalko
  • Digital media helps to strengthenthe ties within family units......even from far away.Image: Kai Nicolas Schaper
  • Lastly, digital mediareconnects families throughshared experiences.Image: Nicola since 1972
  • “Computers simply provide a new set ofactivities families can enjoy together,whether it’s planning a vacation or watchingviral clips. It harkens back to 20 years agowhen families watched more TV together”Image: Ben Rogers
  • “[YouTube is a] ‘latterday version of watchingI Love Lucy together’”Image: Ian Lennox
  • So perhaps digital mediadoes not disrupt physicalhuman connections andisolate to the extent thatsome would argue.Image: Shandi-Lee Cox
  • Rather as digital media is now fully integrated into dailylife, used with the right intentions, it can actuallybenefit Modern familial relationships.Image: Melissa_JMH
  • Creditsa. All images from Flickrb. slides 4,5,8 - Source:Turkle, Sherry. "The Flight From Conversation - NYTimes.com." The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia. N.p., 21 Apr. 2012. Web.14 May 2013. <http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/22/opinion/sunday/the-flight-from-conversation.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0>.c. slides 15, 17 - Source:Silver, Curtis. "Social Media & Family: Finding the Balance." wired.com . N.p., 27 Aug. 2009. Web. 14 May 2013. <http://www.wired.com/geekdad/2009/08/social-media-family-finding-the-balance/>.d. slide 19 - Source:Pornwasin, Asina. "Social media provides the glue for one very well-connected modern family." Asiaone. N.p., 13 May 2013. Web. 14 May 2013. <http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/Science%2Band%2BTech/Story/A1Story20130513-422112.html>.e. slides 26, 27 - Source:Wollman, Dana. "Is Technology Tearing Apart Family Life?." LAPTOP Magazine - Product reviews, tech news, buying guides, and more. N.p., 24 Mar. 2009.Web. 14 May 2013. <http://www.laptopmag.com/mobile-life/is-technology-tearing-apart-family-life.aspx?page=2>.Image: @Doug88888