Seed village report(kharif paddy 2011-12


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Seed village report(kharif paddy 2011-12

  1. 1. PILOT PROJECT,BALASORESeed Village programme Kharif Paddy 2011-12 The seed village pro- rectly involved in the pro- from Odisha State seed gramme in Paddy has gramme. corporation Ltd.Balasore. been implemented by ARM at Baliapal Block Land coverage Use of Bio Fartilizer under the guideline of A total of 40 acres of land PSB and Azospilillum@ NABARD and (20 acres at Nayabali and 2Kg. Per acre has been KVK,Balasore 20 acres at Jamkunda used.NPK fertilizer has village) of target farmers also been used in the ra- Location has been covered under tio 32:16:16. Two villages Nayabali & the programme. jamkunda under Baliapal Use of Fungicides & block of Balasore district Seed variety pesticides have been selected for Paddy seeds of swarna the programme. variety and Pratikshya Blitox-50 and Bactri- have been used for the nashak one time and Tria- Target Group programme.52 farmers zophos one time have A total of 98 farmers (52 have used Swarna seeds been used. farmers of Nayabali and in 20 acres of land and 46 46 farmers of Jamkunda farmers have used Pratik- village) have been di- shya in 20 acres of land.Seeds are purchased Training of farmers The target farmers have been provided with pre seasonal & other demonstration training facilities in groups.Both theoretical and practical classes have been conducted by the Scientists from KVK.All farmers have participated in practical work from land preparation to harvesting.They are made aware of seed variety,bio fertilizer,pesticides and insets. Very fruitful training has been conducted under the prgramme and DDM, NABARD have also strengthen the programme for successful implementation.
  2. 2. Statement of expenditure of paddy cultivation under seed village programme in 40 Acres of land Sl.No. Items Cost(Rs.) 1. Seed 10 Qtls.@Rs.2069 20,690 2. Fertilizer 42248 3. Pesticides 23188 4. FYM 64000 5. Land Preparation 80000 6. Labour 360000 7. Certification charge 4000 Total 594126 Total Sale @ Rs.1400/qtl. 977480 Net Profit 383354* Cost per acre: Rs.29,706/-Cost comparison between traditional paddy cultivation and seed village programme in yield (peracre) Sl.No Components Cost 1. Seed 25 Kg.@Rs.12/-/Kg. 300 2. Fertilizer 1000 3. Pesticides 300 4. FYM 200 5. Land Preparation 2000 6. Labour 9000 Total 12800 Total Yield-1450 Kg. Sale price @ Rs.10/-/Kg. 14500 Net Profit 1700
  3. 3. Yield in SVPSwarna variety paddy 1620 Kg per acrePratikshya variety paddy 1871 Kg per acreYield in traditional methodSwarna variety paddy 1425 Kg per acrePratikshya variety paddy 1510 Kg per acreBenefit/Profit(one acre) Sl.No. Name of variety Yield Quantity Cost for Yield Sale price Profit 1 Swarna 1620 14853 22680 7827 2 Pratiksha 1871 14853 26194 11341Impact Farmers community have been organized and adopted skills on innovative cultivation tech- niques. New tools & implements has reduced drudgery. Scientific practices has helped in higher production and productivity. Profitable cultivation and optimum return has omproved livelihood of farmers through sus- tainable marketing channel. Other farmers have been interested to adopt the innovative techniques and skills in paddy and got information about the techniques from trained farmers.
  4. 4. PILOT PROJECT,BALASORE Project Objectives: To organize the farmers Community To introduce innovative cultivation techniques To enhances farmers’ skill and capacitiesPFA Address To introduce drudgery reduction tools and imple-ALTERNATIVE FOR RURAL MOVEMENT mentsAT/PO:Baliapal,Dist:Balasore,Odisha To demonstrate scientific package of practices forPh:06781253424 higher production & productivity. To develop a suitable marketing channel for opti-Mob:9040127260 mum return and profitable To promote Farmers club & Farm interest groups for agro enterprises Augmentation of productivity is our main mottoDDM NABARD Visitingthe SEED VillageProgramme at Nayabali