Green gram success story 2010 2011 .


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Success story of seed village programme under Pilot Project NABARD,Balasore implemented by ARM,Baliapal.

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Green gram success story 2010 2011 .

  1. 1. Success story on Green Gram(Seed Village Programme)through Pilot Project,NABARD-RO,BBSR during Rabi 2010-2011Project Facilitating Agency: Alternative for Rural Movement(ARM),Baliapal
  2. 2. IntroductionThe Green Gram under Seed Vil-lage Programme,a Pilot Pro-ject,sponsored by NABARD-RO,Bhubaneswar has been imple-mented by ARM very successfullyat Baliapal Block in Balasore Dis-trict.The project purpose is aug-menting productivity of LeadCrops(Paddy, Groundnut andGreen Gram) through adoption ofsustainable agriculture practices.LocationIn the first year the project hasbeen implemented at village Kal-rui under Jamkuna GP at BaliapalBlock In Balasore district, OrissaTarget Group 46 farmers of Kalrui village have been provided training orientation in the first phase. Land overage 20 acres of fellow land after harvesting of paddy has been covered under the programme. Seed variety Green Gram PDM-139 Seed Supply & Certification Under seed multiplication programme foundation seed has been supplied and certified by the Odisha State Seeds Corporation Ltd. after necessary verifi- cation.TrainingThe farmers have agreed to bear the 50% of the programme cost.Rest50% has been provided from project grant. Parameters for augmentationof productivity have been selected as soil testing and soil amendment .useof organic manure, balance fertilizer, bio pesticides, feromontrap and trico-card etc. Pre-seasonal training has also been conducted. 2
  3. 3. Land PreparationFarmers have learnt about how to use FYM and paper mill sludge at thetime of land preparation.Seed treatmentGreen Gram variety PDM 139have been supplied to farm-ers.Farmers have been pro-vided training on seed treat-ment to control seed bornediseases.Seeds has beentreated with carbendazin @ 2gm /Kg seed.Fertilizer applicationBasal application of fertilizerDAP-100 Kg and MOP 38 Kgper ha have been applied.Pest problem Neem based pesticides were sprayed for sucking pest. En- dosulphan @2ml. Per lire has been applied for leaf eating cater pillars. Pesticides has been provided to the farmers. Cropping period: 90 days Yield of crop Two numbers of crop cutting was conducted from different location of the patch. Average yield was 1.45 Qtl. Per acre.Sale of seedsSeeds has been sold to OSSC ,Govt. of Odisha @ Rs.7400/- / Qtl.Profit/BenefitThe farmers have earned profit of Rs 39/ from sale proceed of per Kgseed.Local sale of seed is Rs.35/- per Kg whereas they got Rs.74/- per Kg.of quality seed. 3
  4. 4. Statement of expenditure of Green Gram Seed Village pro-gramme in 20 Acres. Sl.N Components Cost in Rs. o. 1 Seed @ 10 Kg /ac X 20 X Rs.11,290 / qtl. 22,580 2. Fertilizer 12710 3 FYM 32000 4 Pesticides 5000 5 Land preparation 30000 6 Irrigation 5000 7 Registration of crop 4000 8 Labour cost for threshing & harvesting 45000 Total cost of cultivation 156290 Total Yield 28.97 Qtls. @ 7400/-/Qtl 214378 Total Gross profit 58088Impacts 46 farmers have equipped with proper skills on Green Gram in scien- tific and improved method. The programme has created sensitization among other local farmers about profitable green gram cultivation. Farmers earn more than 50% extra price than local rate by produc- ing certified seed. This has created interest among the farmers to continue the seed village programme for livelihood development. Farmers have now access to seeds marketing linkage with O.S.S.C. Farmers have also experienced on how to tackle problems like pest