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C:\Documents And Settings\Arm\Desktop\Socio Economic Appraisal A Study Report


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Study report of women problems & prospects in rural Baliapal,India

Study report of women problems & prospects in rural Baliapal,India

Published in: Investor Relations

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  • 2. HUMAN RESOURCE PRIORITY Development of any region is dependent on effective utilization of the available resources in general and human resources in particular. An able and efficient human resource potential can well convert the available physical, natural and financial resources into productive ventures. Thus the main factor on which the development of a region depends in its human capital which in turn objectifies an egalitarian approach based on gender equity and equality. In the words of Pandit Jawahar Lal Neheru, “To awaken the people, it is the women who should be awakened, once she is on the move, the family moves, the nation move”.Thus Women’s economic independence has been recognized as the critical entry point for their integration in the mainstream development. ARM’s experiences show that women’s income has a direct bearing on the improvement of the quality of life of the family. GENDER CONCERNS: Baliapal block is agriculturally dominant and advanced among all the 12 blocks of Balasore district. The participation of women in agriculture and self employment efforts yet, is that much discouraging. About 10-15% of women are actively engaged in farm and home production decisions. The case of backward illiterate, poorer and SC/ST women in the remote rural pockets is far more miserable due to economic dependence. All this lead to women illiteracy, sick family, mal nutrition, male dominance, family disturbance and gender violence resulting in lower socio-economic growth. While women play an important role in farm and allied activities, than men, they do most of the invisible work and are paid much lower wages for the same work in the informal sector. They are devoid of the rights to land and resources in records due to their indirect involvement in the family economy so far. ARM’s APPRAISAL AND EFFORTS: Time has came; a determined effort is necessary to provide additional sources for livelihoods of women in difficult circumstances, particularly in women headed households and income earning skills to adolescent cum 2
  • 3. dropout girls to deal with gender linked deprivation of these especially vulnerable yet vital part of human population. Identifying the constraints of suffering rural backward women folks, ARM has put a lot of efforts till now to organize them into Village Women Self Help Groups (VWSHGs) in the inaccessible hamlets and arrange them education, health and empowerment measure, for their permanent upcoming and mainstreaming. The Self Help Groups to the tune of 325 nos. comprising of 4681 strong member strength are engaged in some sort of savings, employment and micro enterprise promotion but large scale of employment and commercial scale of practice necessitates. Large capital and skill training support towards utilization of the vast opportunity of agriculture and natural resources base of Baliapal block as the face of their readiness to do so. GENDER AND ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT PROSPECTS: Once a small functional SHG is formed and established, through repeated rotations of their own savings, their resource base is converted to mutual credit. It then necessity external/ large fund for expansion of income avenues through the process of micro financing. Promotion of micro enterprises among SHG members emphasis consideration on the development of entrepreneurial skills and development of entrepreneurial environment for economic activities to flourish. The human factors like motivation on the part of SHG members, positive attitude risk taking abilities interest for hard work, innovativeness, decision making and problem solving capacity have been well incorporated through imparting of SHG orientation and awareness programmes in the concerned villages by ARM volunteers. The support systems like vocational skill trainings, production systems, marketing linkage and support services are the real wants to be net forthwith to augment the already ignited women empowerment movement reach in its right locus. Strength of ARM SHG women as entrepreneurs:  Women are destined to play major role in rural socio economic improvement which has been overlooked so far  Micro lending experience in same groups demonstrate women to be better credit risk bearer and repayers than men and that poor, entrepreneurs have higher repayment rates than big bank clients. 3
  • 4.  Investing in low income women entrepreneur is a highly efficient means to achieve faster economic and social objectives  Increasingly, many households are headed by women, relying on women’s earnings as the main or sole source of family income  Women tend to be honest, practical and reliable. This results in a low % of business failures and loan defaults among women entrepreneur/loanees  Most of women place a high utility on security paying the way for large savings mobilisors of the mechanism are women friendly problems faced by women entrepreneurs as appraised by ARM study group Problems/constraint faced by ARM Women SHG entrepreneurs: 1. Family discouragement 2. Social barriers 3. Caste and religion 4. Lack of self confident 5. Psychological factors 6. Lack of practical knowledge and vocations skill 7. Problem of finance 8. Problem of marketing, linkage and liaisioning 9. Problem of middlemen 10. Lack of up to date information Training modules devised jointly by ARM SHG leaders: The Women SHG members under ARM guidance identified to require four types of training modules for effective functioning, enterprises support and marketing of products which include: 1. Training for leadership development 2. Training for entrepreneurship management 3. Training for techno-economic aspects of enterprise 4. Training for market information Potential support areas of Women Self Employment: 1. Flow of micro credit and procedure simplification for the same 2. Extension of repeat loans without much formality 3. Revolving fund assistance to WSHGs through Banks 4
  • 5. 4. Land allotment for collective farm and home activities 5. Improving micro finance and capacity building skills 6. Improve bank linkage for micro enterprises 7. Improve marketing opportunities of rural products 8. Capacity building of mother NGO on sub sectoral basis 9. Skill based vocational and entrepreneurial training 10. Identification and transfer of suitable technology, new material and designs 11. Evolution of a suitable model for marketing of rural products 12. Special drive for self employment of BPL women groups 13. Coordination with cooperative agricultural credit organization to evolve a support programme 14. Joint training for convergence of health, education and Income earning skills 15. Transfer of technology for improving productivity of micro enterprises 16. Training of Bankers in WSHG finance 17. Training modules and orientation programme for all partners and potential stake holders 18. Creation and improvement of women resource centres(i.e. Cooperative society, market interest group) for convergence and promotion of services for women development Entrepreneurial opportunities for Rural Women: Generation of livelihood opportunities for the backward rural women is an essential ingredient of any strategy for sustainable socio economic improvement of the deprived societies at large. Livelihood security depends crucially on the type and quality of employment. Therefore same of the suggestive employment opportunities for underprivileged rural women being jointly explored by ARM and its enthusiastic man of WSHG leaders are the follows: 1. Plant Nursery raising 2. Commercial fruit and vegetable cultivation 3. Vermin composting and vermin culture 4. Mushroom cultivation 5. Cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants and oil extraction 6. Organic vegetable production 5
  • 6. 7. Cultivation of off season vegetables 8. Vegetable seed production 9. Nutrition garden 10. Fertilizer and pesticides retail outlet 11. Diary cow rearing 19. Goatery 20. Broiler poultry and layer poultry 21. Composite pisciculture 22. Shrimp farming 23. Value added to fruit and vegetables 24. Baddi and pappad and curry powder making 25. Bamboo craft/basket making 26. Pottery making 27. Paddy dehusking 28. Bakery 29. Tailoring and embroidery 30. Other enterprises based on locally available resources like coir and mat making etc. CONCLUSION: One single action that will enable the poor and backward rural women to overcome the lasting poverty and subservience in the streamlining of credit flow through proper reorientation of financial institutions and credit policies. We should look at the exasperation of deprived rural mass and women in particular with renewed outlook and missionary sprit. Credit is human right and it should be treated in the proper sprit so that all other right could be easier to establish. Thus micro finance to rural poor women and capacity building at supporting organization with improvement in the support services can do wonders to the remotest of rural inhabitants in 6
  • 7. advancing their economic independence social sub servience thus helping in regional and national development . NABARD’s SHG programme is the largest effort anywhere in the world for combating poverty and unemployment towards socio economic empowerment of most vulnerable social sections through micro enterprise introductive ARM genuinely feels its submissions would galvanise the esteemed agency to redeem its faith on the voluntary sector and come forward for a functional/developmental partnership with it for the gender development mission in Baliapal block of Balasore district. RAJENDRA KUMAR RANA Coordinating Member ARM,Baliapal 7