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Kevin Adams Presentation for the ?D

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  • Presentation Outline
  • Benefits of Organizing Campaigns
  • Campaign examples broken down by keyword themes and weekday/weekend for different daily budgets
  • All geographical terms in one or two campaigns with metro targeting while the rest are non-geographical terms in geographically targeted campaigns
  • Examples of geographical terms
  • Target by tablet, smartphone, or desktop. Tablets are similar to desktops but smartphones are call-centric platforms and should not be handled in the same campaigns
  • Search is for Google Search as well as partners like AOL and Ask. These should be handled in separate campaigns than display.
  • The benefits of proper keyword optimization
  • The keywords match types and bids are almost as important as the keywords themselves.
  • Find the terms users found your ads by looking in the Dimensions tab
  • You can never have too many negatives
  • Quality Scores will affect your ad serving and cost-per-click
  • Click the ‘Columns’ button
  • Choose the steps in the screen to add the Quality Score column to the Keywords Tab
  • Handy note to see with your Keywords.
  • Investigate when problems arise with your keyword QS
  • Just a few tips to improve Quality Scores
  • A ‘Call Now’ ad at 1pm will not perform the same at 1am.
  • Navigate to the Campaign Settings
  • Note the basic scheduling and bid scheduling
  • Find the performance by time of day in the Dimensions tab
  • Ad Extensions are extremely powerful additions to your ads
  • The basic extensions in the Ad Extensions tab
  • Navigate to the Ad Extensions tab
  • Choose from the list
  • If possible draw the data from Google Places
  • If you don’t have your Google Places account a manual location extension will suffice
  • In this example the location extension shows the address as well as clickable directions link
  • The options for Call Extensions for smartphones are a call forwarding number generated by Google or your own number. You also have the option of not allowing clicks to your website
  • Notice the ease-of-use clickable phone link?
  • Creating sitelinks generates an average increase of 33% CTR
  • You can find hundreds of great examples of effective sitelinks
  • If you’re using a shopping feed pull it into AdWords. Use the filters based on each campaign theme
  • Notice how the product ads really stand out from the competition?
  • Google+ increases the CTR’s a lot. You must show you have authorization to use the Google+ by adding a snippet in the code on your site. The circled ‘Learn how’ will explain what needs to happen.
  • Notice how it shows how many people +’d each Google+ page under the ads?
  • The Mobile App Extension is new but quite useful if you want to push your app to your users.
  • After clicking the ‘Preview’ your users will have the option to download.
  • Too many tools rely on conversion tracking. If you’re not using it you can’t use the tools.
  • Click the ‘Tools and Analysis’ and then ‘Conversions’
  • Select ‘New conversion’
  • Name your conversion something like ‘Online Lead’
  • Always use HTTPS
  • Another type of conversion is the click-to-call. The ‘Segment’ button allows you to see the results.
  • Notice the types of clicks? Headline is the main ad, fty
  • If you’re using Call-Metrics, Google’s forwarding number, you can observe the data in the Dimensions tab
  • Goals in Google Analytics may also be imported directly into Google AdWords
  • Enhanced CPC will change your bid up or down by as much as 30% based on the likelihood of a search turning into a conversion
  • Automated Rules are extremely powerful. They can help you save a lot of time.
  • Notice the number of options?
  • This example is set to ‘Increase keyword bids to top of page CPC’ (above the organic results). I selected a lot of qualifiers in the image above. Play with them. Test them. Watch what happens. Always use the ‘Max. bid’ option.
  • Presentation pp

    1. 1. Kevin Adams• Email:• Twitter: @DallasPPCGuru• Facebook: /DallasPPCGuru• Website:
    2. 2. Account Optimization• Organizing Campaigns• Keywords/Bidding• Quality Scores• Day Parting/Ad Scheduling• Ad Extensions• Conversions Tracking• Automated Rules
    3. 3. Organizing Campaigns Benefits: Identify Success andFailures Quickly, Allotting Budgets to Proper Areas & Better Ad Serving
    4. 4. Campaign Themes
    5. 5. Campaign Cities
    6. 6. Geographical Terms
    7. 7. Device Targeting
    8. 8. Display Targeting
    9. 9. Keyword Optimization Benefits: Proper keyword matchtypes, bidding, and negatives cantake back control of your account and reduce unnecessary clicks.
    10. 10. Keyword Match Types
    11. 11. Dimensions: Search Queries
    12. 12. Adding Negatives
    13. 13. Quality ScoresBenefits: Higher Quality Scores willreduce the cost-per-click for higher positions and will allow your keywords to be triggered for a larger range of search queries
    14. 14. Add the Quality Score Column
    15. 15. Steps in the Columns Selection
    16. 16. See the Quality Scores
    17. 17. Investigate Your QS Problems
    18. 18. Tips for Improving Quality Scores• Remove keywords that consistently perform poorly• Consider turning off during poor CTR times like the middle of the night• Use Ad Extensions• Narrowly defined ad groups with specifically targeted ads• Segment out competitive geographies into different campaigns and write ads to them• Clear call-to-action, benefits, and offers• Test new ads often
    19. 19. Day Parting/Ad Scheduling Benefits: Ads served at separate times will perform differently. Scheduling right can make thatextra edge versus the competition
    20. 20. Day Parting/Ad Scheduling
    21. 21. Basic & Bid Adjustment
    22. 22. Copy to All Types of Days
    23. 23. Dimensions: Time of Day
    24. 24. Ad Extensions Benefits: One of the least understood additions to your adsthat can make immediate impacts to CTR’s and Quality Scores
    25. 25. Extension Types• Location Extensions – Adds Credibility for Local Businesses and Provides Easy Directions• Call Extension for Mobile – Mobile Users want to Call You; Help Them Do It Easily• Sitelink Extension – Can Add Value Beyond What Your Ad Can Do; Can Introduce Users to Another Aspect of Your Business• Product Extensions – Perfect for Ecommerce; Users Can Buy Quickly• Social Extensions – Improve Perceived Credibility While Growing the Advertiser’s Social Presence• Mobile App Extensions – Introduce Users to Your Mobile App
    26. 26. Navigate to Ad Extensions Tab
    27. 27. Select the Extension Type
    28. 28. Google Places Location Extension
    29. 29. Manual Location Extension
    30. 30. Location Extension Example
    31. 31. Call Extension, Call Metrics
    32. 32. Call Extension Example
    33. 33. Sitelinks Extension
    34. 34. Sitelinks Extension Example
    35. 35. Product Extension
    36. 36. Product Extension Example
    37. 37. Social (Google+) Extension
    38. 38. Social Extension Example
    39. 39. Mobile App Extension
    40. 40. Mobile App Extension Example
    41. 41. Conversion Tracking Benefits: Without Conversions Advertisers are Slower to React to Underperforming Campaigns andCannot Take Advantage of SuccessesQuickly. Difficult to Identify Keywords Having the Most Effect.
    42. 42. Navigate to Conversions
    43. 43. Create Conversion Type
    44. 44. Name & Identify Conversion
    45. 45. Provide Conversion Details
    46. 46. Segment->Filter Campaigns
    47. 47. Show Mobile Click-to-Calls
    48. 48. Dimensions: Call Details
    49. 49. Import Goals from Analytics
    50. 50. Enhanced CPC
    51. 51. Automated RulesBenefits: Powerful, Yet Free Tool to Help Bid and Budget Changes as Well as Pausing & Activation of Campaigns, Ads, and Keywords
    52. 52. Navigate to Automate Rules
    53. 53. Automated Rules Example
    54. 54. Extra Resources• Add the following code to the end of AdWords URL’s for proper Analytics Tracking: ? utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campai gn=blahblah&utm_term={keyword}• PPC Hero• Brad Geddes’ Certified Knowledge• Reddit PPC Forum