Know the rules but play your own game


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Speaking Engagement July 2012- PowerPoint presentation for the L.E.I Conference

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  • Living Your Legend blogAlways be ready to make your 30 sec pitch and PRACTICE IT, REFINE IT….
  • Host your own focus groupAsk friends and colleagues for feedbackCall old colleagues for feedback – try to balance the good with the bad
  • Breakfast meet-upLunch brainstorming and ask others to submit topics for discussion or things that are keeping them up at nightStart a book club at work, with friends, etc.Handwritten notes – Thank you cards when I leave a position/companyInterns are now professors at universities, clients and sub-contractors
  • Be fiercely passionate about something – a cause, your family, self-improvement, Austin…How will your passion make a difference? Why will it matter?Experience at the optometrist – What are you passionate about? How do you spend your free time? SAILING…Be known as someone that makes dreams come true – example: New Year’s Eve ‘bucket list’
  • Watch Caine’s Arcade on Vimeo Games are played on a field and with rulesArtists choose their ‘box’ with a canvas, building, etc.Architects have to work with a given space, building restrictions and more
  • Know the rules but play your own game

    1. 1. Know the Rules But Play Your Own Game: How Self-Branding and Entrepreneurial Thinking Can Advance Your Career Leadership Empowerment Institute July 27, 2012
    2. 2. “I‟m Not a Businessman;I‟m a Business, Man!” Writeyour business plan Why should someone invest in you? Know how to tell your story
    3. 3. The Basics Have strong written and verbal communications Understand your Emotional Intelligence Be self-aware and constantly seeking improvement Learn how to take feedback READ:
    4. 4. Relationships Relationships will outlast jobs, businesses, locations and more “To Serve is to Lead”  Help others fulfill their dreams  Mentor and share your life lessons Seek out smart, creative, driven people and spend as much time as possible with them Get „a reputation‟… in a good way!
    5. 5. Passion Discoverwhat you are passionate about Make a plan to have a positive impact Know what others are passionate about and encourage them
    6. 6. See the Possibilities Job description vs. impact Colleague vs. life-long friend Caine‟s Arcade
    7. 7. Build YOUR Brand Be an expert about something! Twitter Website LinkedIn Personal email
    8. 8. Rules I Live By… If a venture capitalist or angel investor wants to give you money – take it! Never re-hire Send handwritten thank you notes Sign up for Google Alerts Be concise and don‟t waste time – you won‟t get it back! Don‟t allow your job to define you! Know your long-term goals and make sure what you are doing today will matter Every time you say yes to something you are saying no to something else… be careful! Know how to read financials but have a good accountant Have a lawyer write your contracts Know your value!
    9. 9. 72 Hour Challenge What will you do in the next 72 hours with the information you have learned this morning? Keep/Lose/Change
    10. 10. Contact Me! Rachel Armbruster 512-944-3417 @rarmbruster
    11. 11. THANK YOU!
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