The Labour Party Manifesto 2010
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The Labour Party Manifesto 2010

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Real plans for the Green Future

Real plans for the Green Future

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  • 1. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 A future fair for all
  • 2. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Contents Foreword Introduction Securing Britain’s future from Gordon Brown Rebuilding our economy Chapter 1 1:1 Chapter 2 2:1 Growth: Living standards: Building the high-growth Prosperity for all not economy of the future just a few Protecting public services and strengthening society Chapter 3 3:1 Chapter 4 4:1 Chapter 5 5:1 Education: Health: Crime and immigration: Excellence in education: World-leading Strengthening our every child the chance healthcare: a patient- communities, securing to fulfil their potential centred NHS our borders Chapter 6 6:1 Chapter 7 7:1 Chapter 8 8:1 Families and older Communities and A green recovery: people: creative Britain: A green future Supporting families Creative Britain: for Britain throughout life active and flourishing communities A new politics Chapter 9 9:1 Chapter 10 10:1 Democratic reform: A global future: A new politics: renewing Meeting the challenges our democracy of the new global age and rebuilding trust 50 steps to a fairer future for all 11:1 0:1
  • 3. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Foreword from Gordon Brown This General Election is fought as our troops This is a Manifesto about the greater progressive are bravely fighting to defend the safety of the change we need because of the tougher times we British people and the security of the world in are living through. There are no big new spending Afghanistan. They bring great pride and credit commitments, but there is a determination for to our country: we honour and will always every penny to be used wisely, and, as present support them. plans make clear, to give the maximum protection to frontline public services. At the same time the world has been rocked by the first great crisis of the new global economic age. This is a moment to show greater boldness in response to what Britain has gone through and In Britain, the political crisis caused by expenses the toll it has taken. We reject a ‘business as usual’ has undermined the bond of trust between the mentality because we have to re-build and re- people and the politicians elected to serve them. balance the economy, as well as renew our society So this cannot, and will not, be a ‘business as and politics. Reform cannot stand still – not least usual’ election or Manifesto. In this Manifesto we because we need to get more value and delivery set out plans to address the main future challenges from public services in a period of public spending we face in our economy, our society and our constraint. Our Manifesto charts an optimistic politics. We will rebuild the economy to secure course in tougher economic times. It builds on and the recovery and invest in future growth and jobs. takes forward the reforms we have undertaken We will renew our society to further strengthen since 1997. the communities that bind our country together. I love Britain and want the very best for our And we will restore trust in politics with greater country. This Manifesto is my pledge of a future transparency and accountability in a system fair for all. battered by the expenses scandal. This programme for further national renewal meets the big challenges of the age. Our Manifesto is ambitious but affordable, bold but Gordon Brown realistic, and learns from the lessons we take from Prime Minister our experience to date. Over the next ten years we will confront major challenges - intensive global competition, climate change, an ageing society, and bringing stability to Afghanistan. This is a moment for good judgement and serious purpose to meet the challenges ahead. Our aim is a modern, progressive Britain based on fairness, respect, decency and openness. 0:2
  • 4. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Introduction The argument of this Manifesto to the world as it was then. Parliament properly accountable. is that to deliver a future fair We changed our party so that In all these decisions, we offer for all we need to rebuild our it connected to the hopes and progressive solutions in tough economy, protect and reform aspirations of the British people. times. We do not measure the our public services as we We changed our country because boldness of our programme by strengthen our society and we rejected the philosophy how much we spend but the renew our politics. We, Labour, of the 1980s which said that results we achieve. By taking are the people to carry out this government should just get out hard decisions, being guided at next stage of national renewal of the way and that we were in it all times by a sense of fairness, because of our values and just for ourselves. we believe that we can continue our understanding of the role We are proud of our record to advance towards the good of government: to stand by but today we are running for society in which we believe. ordinary people so they can the future. We have to address change their lives for the better. There is a big choice at this a world that is very different It is our belief that it is active, election about whether we now, with major new challenges reforming government, not confront these challenges and we must confront: fighting for absent government, that helps build the kind of economy, our economic future in a tough make people powerful. society and politics we believe competitive world, tackling in, or duck them. But to be able We are proud of our country climate change, improving to meet these future challenges, and the way it has changed public services amidst financial there are some immediate since 1997. It is just too easy to constraint, confronting the decisions we need to get right forget. Our public services were reality of international terrorism, now. Above all, we need to a byword for decline; today they adjusting to an ageing society secure the economic recovery. have been transformed. Our so people can live longer and Get it right and we can go on to large cities were reeling from two happier lives, and restoring trust build a strong economic future. savage recessions; today, despite in politics. Get it wrong and we will slip the global economic crisis, they The global financial crisis back into recession. have a renewed prosperity and shows we need to be bolder civic pride. People were paid Labour believes we must about reforming our financial £1 an hour; today the minimum not put the recovery at risk markets and building our wage and tax credits provide by reckless cuts to public economic future on fairer, more the dignity of a living income. spending this year. solid foundations. To build on The welfare state simply did success in our public services, From the autumn of 2008, not understand working women we need to protect investment big calls had to be made. We and families. Today, with family- in the front line and also be bold nationalised Northern Rock, friendly working and better about putting citizens genuinely protected people’s savings, cut childcare it has at last begun to in control. And we must be VAT to stimulate our economy, do so. bold reformers of our politics: put in place job guarantees to These changes happened seizing this once in a generation get people back to work, and because we applied our values opportunity to make our stepped in to stop repossessions. 0:3
  • 5. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 It is working. The banking confidence to allow a return to fair way with a combination of a system has been stabilised. the same old ways. There is a return to economic growth, cuts Our economy is showing desire not simply to correct for to lower priority programmes signs of returning to growth. what went wrong, but to seize the and fair tax rises. Responsibility Unemployment has, so far, risen opportunity to build anew. at the top means people paying by over 500,000 less than people their fair share and we believe Financial services have been an expected this time last year. it is right that those with the essential job creator in Britain Repossessions are at around half broadest shoulders bear the and will continue to be so. But the level of the 1990s. greatest burden of paying down our financial institutions left to the deficit. The question at this election is themselves have undermined whether people think the choice our economy. We are enacting Labour believes we should we made was the right one sweeping banking reform to protect frontline spending and whether we use the power prevent a repeat of the past; on childcare, schools, the of government to help sustain ensuring new support for the NHS and policing, and recovery, or allow it to be snuffed high-tech industries of the reform our public services out. Every government of the future, such as green industries; to put people in control. major developed economies – of and taking action to forge a Millions of people working in Left and Right – recognises the new culture of long-termism in our public services embody the need to support the economy business. best values of Britain, helping while growth is still fragile. We It isn’t markets or governments empower people to make the will not cut spending this year, that create wealth – people do, most of their own lives while but instead support the economy through their own effort and protecting them from the risks to ensure recovery is established. hard work. So we will do more they should not have to bear Labour believes we should to support enterprise and to help on their own. Just as we need rebuild our economy in new those who want to build up a to be bolder about the role of ways: with more high-tech business and get on in life. Those government in making markets business, fairer rewards who can work must do so and it work fairly, we also need to be and responsibility from all, needs to be properly valued. We bold reformers of government. including at the top. will end for good the concept of For a decade we have combined a life on benefit by offering all The world changed out of all investment and reform and those unemployed for more than recognition in 2007 with the improved our public services. two years work they must accept, onset of the global economic Now we need to rise to the and we will make work pay better crisis. Major British banks, the challenge of achieving even with the goal of a minimum wage custodians of our savings and higher standards in a period of rising at least in line with average livelihoods, ran out of money constrained resources. We will earnings and a guarantee that because of the recklessness of drive forward our programme people will be better off in work those in charge. This Manifesto to strip out all waste, improve than on benefit. makes the case that there should efficiency and get the most out of be no return to business as usual. As we more than halve the fiscal every pound spent. We recognise People have suffered too much deficit over the next four years, that investing more in priority with their jobs, livelihoods and we will ensure that we do so in a areas will mean cutting back in 0:4
  • 6. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 others. Above all we will build fathers will have more time off In 1997 New Labour met the public services that are more to spend with their kids. There call of national renewal. In personal to people’s needs: with will be greater protection for the our politics and economy over clear guarantees about standards, local institutions people value, the last 18 months, we have the best providers taking over like local post offices and pubs. witnessed seismic events. In this others where they don’t make In everything we do, we will election, the first of the post-crisis the grade, and with new ways demand the responsibilities that era, we stand as the people with of organising services such as must come with rights: to work the experience, values and ideas mutuals. when you can, not to abuse your to help our country through the neighbour or neighbourhood, next phase of national renewal. In health, this means if we don’t to show respect for Britain as a meet our guarantees, for example This task has always relied newcomer, to pay your fair share on waiting lists, the NHS will fund on optimism. Our principle of tax. you to go private. In education it opponents, the Conservatives, means that if the local school is Labour proposes radical offer a fundamentally pessimistic underperforming it will be taken reform of our democracy to vision of national decline: about over; and parents who believe reconnect politics to the people Britain today and in the future. their school is not good enough it should serve. Just as the global Their only real prescription for can trigger a ballot to change the economic crisis was a shock the good society is a smaller leadership. And in policing, where to our economic system; the state and the decisions they seek communities are being let down expenses crisis created turmoil in to make for our country would by forces we will enable them to our political system. It revealed favour the privileged few over be taken over by others. not just unacceptable behaviour the many. They would isolate by some MPs but also that our Britain, cutting us adrift from the Labour will strengthen closed political system had lost alliances and influence that will our society, by protecting touch with people. Once again, enable us to succeed as a country. the things people value the response cannot be to try and and demanding rights and This is a Manifesto that return to business as usual. responsibilities from all. is idealistic about what is We need fundamental reform possible but realistic about Our society is not broken; it is of our politics to make it more how to achieve it. This is not strong in many different ways. But accountable. We will let the a conservative moment. It is a it is changing fast. Changing with people decide how to reform progressive moment. We speak immigration, changing as people our institutions and our politics: for the ordinary people of this move more frequently, as young changing the voting system and country who work hard, want people grow up more quickly and electing a second chamber to their kids to do better than older people live longer. replace the House of Lords. But them, and worry about the We will protect the things we will go further, introducing economic, environmental and people value: families, strong fixed-term parliaments, banning social challenges we face. We communities, local institutions. MPs from paid second jobs are on their side, it is their voice, We will create a new settlement in that pose a conflict of interest, needs and hopes that shape this our country on how we care for and providing for a free vote programme. the elderly through the creation in Parliament to widen the of a National Care Service, and franchise to 16 and 17 year olds. 0:5
  • 7. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Securing Britain’s future The plans set out in this Manifesto take full account of the fiscal position we face. We will protect frontline public services while meeting our commitment to halve the deficit over the next four years. We are now emerging from the global financial crisis. It has had a lasting effect on tax receipts, here in the UK and across the world. We are sticking to our spending plans this year so that support for families and businesses remains as we secure the recovery. But from 2011-12, as growth takes hold, spending will be tighter. The Manifesto reflects the tough choices that we will make to secure Britain’s future in a way that is fair to all: • Tough choices for £15 billion efficiency savings in 2010-11. • Tough choices on cutting government overheads: £11 billion of further operational efficiencies and other cross-cutting savings to streamline government will be delivered by 2012-13. • Tough choices on pay: action to control public-sector pay including a one per cent cap on basic pay uplifts for 2011-12 and 2012-13, saving £3.4 billion a year, and new restrictions on senior pay-setting. Tough decisions on public sector pensions to cap the taxpayers’ liability – saving £1 billion a year. • Tough choices on spending: £5 billion already identified in cuts to lower priority spending. • Tough choices on welfare: our reforms will increase fairness and work incentives, including £1.5 billion of savings being delivered. • Tough choices on assets: £20 billion of asset sales by 2020. • Tough choices on tax: a bonus tax, reduced tax relief on pensions for the best off, a new 50p tax rate on earnings over £150,000 and one penny on National Insurance Contributions. 0:6
  • 8. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Building the high-growth economy of the future Growth
  • 9. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Growth The challenge for Britain The engine of growth is private enterprise: we will give business our full support in creating To secure the recovery and learn the right lessons wealth and jobs. Strong and from the global economic crisis, laying the foundations sustained growth is fundamental for sustained growth: reforming banks, modernising to a credible strategy for infrastructure, and as we pay down the deficit, keeping the public finances on a providing the right support to the private sector to stable long-term footing. build a diverse, high-tech industrial economy. The Tories would threaten recovery with cuts this year, and fail to To be successful, business invest in our economic future. needs stability, but to achieve stability after the seismic shock The next stage of national renewal of the global banking crisis, the governance of our economic • Secure the recovery by supporting the economy and financial institutions must now, and more than halve the deficit by 2014 through be radically reformed. economic growth, fair taxes and cuts to lower priority spending. And to support business • Realise our stakes in publicly controlled banks to secure in securing prosperity for the best deal for the taxpayer, introduce a new global future generations, an activist levy, and reform the rules for banking to ensure no industrial strategy is needed: repeat of past irresponsibility. learning the lessons from those nations that have succeeded • Create UK Finance for Growth, bringing £4 billion in developing advanced together to provide capital for growing businesses, manufacturing and leading- investing in the growth sectors of the future. edge service industries. In • Build a high-tech economy, supporting business and these countries the role of industry to create one million more skilled jobs and government is not to stand modernising our infrastructure with High Speed Rail, a aside, but to nurture private- Green Investment Bank and broadband access for all. sector dynamism, properly supporting infrastructure and • Encourage a culture of long-term commitment to the sectors of the future. sustainable company growth, requiring a super-majority of two-thirds of shareholders in corporate takeovers. Securing the recovery We have taken the tough As the economy steadily creating infrastructure and decisions to get Britain through recovers, there will be no return enterprise, accompanied by the the downturn. We have done to business as usual: financial diversification of our industrial so with fairness in mind: we institutions cannot continue the base, Britain will not emerge have not allowed the recession practices of the past. Radical from the recession ready for a created by the financial crisis change is needed. Without stronger, fairer future. to become a depression, or long-term investment in wealth- 1:3
  • 10. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Growth stood aside and allowed grave this through a combination of: deficit reduction plan and to damage to be inflicted on our fair tax increases; a firm grip sustain the services that matter society as it was in the 1930s on public spending including most to families. and 1980s. The Tories argue cuts in lower-priority areas; that public spending should and strategies for growth that We will not raise the basic, be cut immediately, but this increase tax revenues and higher and new top rates of position is out of step with every reduce spending on benefits. tax in the next Parliament and other G20 government, right Over the next Parliament the we renew our pledge not to or left. If governments do not structural deficit will be cut by extend VAT to food, children’s provide support when families more than two-thirds. clothes, books, newspapers and businesses most need help, and public transport fares. We growth is set back, jobs are The huge global recession and will maintain tax credits, not lost, and the country builds up our efforts to counter it have cut them. And we have made more debts – paying a higher required us to make tough our choice to protect frontline price in the future. To cut now choices, including on tax. We investment in childcare and would push the economy back have made our choice in ways schools, the NHS and policing. into recession, not reducing the that put the greatest burden deficit but increasing it. on those with the broadest Tough choices shoulders. Bankers have On public spending, we will be We will continue to support faced a bonus tax, tax relief relentless in making sure that the economy while growth is on pensions for the best off the public gets value for money still fragile, sticking with our will be reduced, and we have for every pound spent. We targeted increase in public introduced a new 50p tax rate will overhaul how government spending over the next year to on earnings over £150,000. As works: cutting back-office sustain the recovery. Our focus part of our plan to ensure we and property running costs; for the stimulus is strategic protect frontline services while abolishing unnecessary arms- investment, putting in place halving the deficit over four length-bodies; sharply reducing the new digital, transport and years, we have announced that spending on consultancy energy infrastructures that National Insurance will rise by and marketing; and cutting will support the return to one penny. This will not happen lower-priority spend. We have sustainable growth. until next year, once growth already shown in Budget 2010 is firmly established. This is how these steps will help us to Deficit reduction and fiscal the fairest way to protect key achieve savings of £20 billion sustainability frontline services. Our National a year by 2012-13, on top of Insurance changes will mean Once the recovery is secure, the £15 billion savings that are that no-one earning under we will rapidly reduce the being delivered this year. £20,000, or any pensioners, budget deficit. We have set out will pay more. It is fairer than a clear, balanced and fair plan We will take a tough stance alternative options like VAT – to more than halve the deficit on public-sector pay, saving which we have not increased over the next four years and we over £3 billion by capping since 1997. Our commitments will stick to it. We will achieve public-sector pay rises at allow us credibly to deliver our 1:4
  • 11. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Growth one per cent in 2011-12 and banking system must support If there is evidence of bonus 2012-13. We have agreed domestic businesses, including rules being evaded, we will act. tough reforms to public-sector start-ups and entrepreneurs, pensions, which will make as well as mortgages. We have We will ensure greater significant savings and ensure agreed lending targets with those competition in the banking that pensions for the public- banks in which we have a stake, sector, breaking up those banks sector workforce are secure and and there will be consequences in which the Government sustainable in the long term. for executive remuneration if currently has a controlling stake. Any government-controlled targets are not met. The proposed Office of Fair appointment involving a salary Trading review into how City over £150,000 will require Learning the lessons of the markets operate is welcome. ministerial sign-off. Savings crisis means ensuring that far We value the role of building from our tougher approach will greater responsibility is taken societies owned by their help realise a fair rate of pay for risk in the boardroom. We customers and the strength and for all those working for central will compel banks to keep more diversity that a healthy mutual government. capital and create ‘living wills’ sector brings to our financial so that should they fail there services, and we will consult on As we prepare for the upturn, will be no danger of that failure measures to help strengthen fiscal responsibility and spreading. Because the banking the sector. As one option for monetary stability will be the crisis demonstrated the global the disposal of Northern Rock, foundations on which we build. nature of financial instability, we will encourage a mutual We have made the new fiscal we will continue to work with solution, while ensuring that the responsibility framework legally our international partners to sale generates maximum value binding, and we will maintain require all banks to hold more for money for the taxpayer. our inflation target of two per and better-quality capital, cent so that mortgage rates can to ensure counter-cyclical Rebuilding our industrial be kept as low as possible. protection, and to introduce a base: new industries, new global levy on financial services jobs, new knowledge Rebuilding our banking so that banks across the world Britain is the sixth largest system contribute fairly to the society in manufacturing economy in the which they are based. The international banking world. Because of substantial system played a key role in investment since 1997, the UK In the UK the new Council for fuelling the most severe global has an excellent research base Financial Stability will monitor recession since the Second and is already strong in some and help address asset bubbles World War. We are determined world-leading sectors. But if we and financial imbalances. We to support our financial make the right decisions as a will give the FSA additional sector and for it to be a major country in the coming years – powers if necessary to employer and wealth creator, through a new industrial policy, constrain and quash executive but there will be no return to stronger infrastructure and a remuneration where it is a the excesses of the past – banks renewed partnership between source of risk and instability. will face tighter regulation. The business and government – we 1:5
  • 12. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Growth can be leaders in the emerging – a lower rate of corporation emerging markets of China, industries of the future. tax to encourage UK-based India and Brazil. innovation – supporting the After the financial crisis, we will UK’s strengths in new industries We must seize the opportunity ensure that growing companies and sectors. to develop education, in can access the investment they particular higher education, need to expand. Finance must Investing in science and as a great export business. be at the service of industry, research Universities will be encouraged as new public channels are to develop international links Britain is among the best places built to deliver private funds and research partnerships, and in the world to do science, to innovative and fast-growing we want the Open University having massively increased companies. The new UK and learndirect to reach the investment in research and Finance for Growth Fund will global market in distance development as a proportion bring together a total of £4 learning. We will develop a of national income. We are billion of public funds and new gateway for the export of committed to a ring-fenced combine it with private money NHS intellectual property and science budget in the next to channel equity to businesses cutting-edge services. spending review. To help us looking to develop and grow. do better in turning research Within this, the Growth Capital Restoring full employment outputs into innovation, Fund will focus on SMEs we will provide focused We expect our growing which need capital injections of investment for Technology and economic and sectoral between £2 and £10 million, Innovation Centres, developing strengths to create at least one while the Innovation Investment technologies where the UK has million skilled jobs by 2015. Fund will focus on the needs of world-leading expertise. These jobs of the future will high-tech firms. increasingly come from the We will also support university new growth sectors in which Business investment in physical research through the Higher we are investing – low-carbon, capital will play a key role in Education Innovation Fund, digital and creative industries, a balanced and sustainable and through the development life sciences – and professional recovery. The Strategic of a new University Enterprise services in business, healthcare Investment Fund is supporting Capital Fund. The proceeds of and education. important new investment in success will flow back into the the nuclear and renewables higher education sector. There will be greater prosperity industries. We will provide for every region of the UK incentives for companies to As we create a more diverse economy. A regional growth invest through R&D tax credits, economy, we will strengthen fund will be established by and protect and increase the support for exporters to help the Regional Development size of capital allowances that us increase our market share Agencies with regional ministers help to grow key sectors such as with our traditional markets in given an enhanced role, and we manufacturing. We will ensure a Europe and the United States, will help our core cities and city competitive regime through the while breaking further into the regions to become powerhouses development of the patent-box 1:6
  • 13. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Growth of innovation and growth, with We will also create a new Small establish a Green Investment a major devolution of power to Business Credit Adjudicator Bank to invest in low-carbon shape local transport and skills. with statutory powers ensuring infrastructure, with the that SMEs are not turned down Government’s stake funded by Championing an enterprise unfairly when applying to banks the sale of infrastructure assets. economy for finance. The Government will seek to match its contribution with at At the heart of our approach We will help to create a new least £1 billion of private-sector to building a strong and fair generation of entrepreneurs, investment. Britain is a commitment to ensuring that those studying support enterprise. We will The newly formed for vocational skills are offered back those who want to get Infrastructure Planning the opportunity to learn how to on, work their way up, and Commission will – within a start and run a business, while generate wealth. We will keep democratically determined the Flying Start programme business taxation competitive framework – help streamline will do the same for final-year at the same time as we increase and speed up decision-making university students. capital allowances to encourage on major projects. We now investment. propose to extend the public We will continue to simplify interest test so that it is regulation and avoid There is no substitute for applied to potential takeovers unnecessary red tape. If it is the drive and ambition that of infrastructure and utility used correctly, regulation can entrepreneurs bring. We will companies. help drive innovation, as well as support small businesses and protect workers and consumers. help with their cash flow by Broadband Britain We will seek to reduce the costs continuing our Time to Pay of regulation by more than Britain must be a world scheme that has already – £6 billion by 2015. leader in the development of through tax and NICs deferral broadband. We are investing – helped thousands of firms; 21st Century in the most ambitious plan of offering a one-year holiday infrastructure any industrialised country to on business rates for small ensure a digital Britain for all, businesses; widening support for The key to creating the extending access to every home training and apprenticeships; industries of the future and business. We will reach the and in recognising the special is renewing the national long-term vision of superfast contribution of entrepreneurs infrastructure on which broadband for all through a we are doubling the firms rely. To ensure Britain’s public-private partnership Entrepreneurs Relief lifetime infrastructure needs are in three stages: first, giving limit to £2 million. properly resourced, we will virtually every household in the work in partnership with country a broadband service of the private sector, reforming at least two megabits per second the regulation of energy to by 2012; second, making improve incentives for the possible superfast broadband private sector to invest. We will for the vast majority of Britain 1:7
  • 14. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Growth in partnership with private from the West Midlands to prevent such bids benefiting operators, with Government London will be as little as passengers and taxpayers. investing over £1 billion in the 31 minutes. We will consult fully next seven years; and lastly on legislation to take forward Tackling road congestion is a reaching the final ten per cent our high-speed rail plans within key Labour priority. We will using satellites and mobile the next Parliament. extend hard-shoulder running broadband. on motorways, alongside High-speed rail is not just targeted motorway widening Because we are determined about faster journey times. including on the M25. Too that every family and business, It will free up capacity on much disruption is caused not just some, should benefit, existing intercity rail lines, by local road works: we will we will raise revenue to pay enabling more rail freight, increase tenfold the penalties for this from a modest levy commuter and local services on utilities who allow work on fixed telephone lines. And We will press ahead with a to overrun. We rule out the we will continue to work with major investment programme introduction of national road business, the BBC and other in existing rail services, hugely pricing in the next Parliament. broadcasting providers to improving commuter services increase take-up of broadband into and through London, Heathrow is Britain’s and to ensure Britain becomes a and electrifying new rail-lines international hub airport, leading digital economy. including the Great Western already operating at full Main Line from London to capacity, and supporting Rebuilding our transport South Wales. We will complete millions of jobs, businesses and infrastructure the new east-west Crossrail line citizens who depend upon it. in London adding ten per cent We support a third runway Britain needs to invest in to London transport capacity. at Heathrow, subject to strict modern, high-capacity and low- conditions on environmental carbon transport infrastructure. Rail passenger numbers impact and flight numbers, but At the heart of our growth have increased by 40 per we will not allow additional plan is the commitment to cent in the last ten years and runways to proceed at any other a new high-speed rail line, punctuality and quality of airport in the next Parliament. linking North and South. Built service are improving steadily. in stages, the initial line will We will encourage more Through our investment, link London to Birmingham, people to switch to rail with Labour has put Britain at the Manchester, the East Midlands, an enforceable right to the forefront of electric and low- Sheffield and Leeds, and then cheapest fare, while trebling carbon vehicle manufacturing. to the North and Scotland. the number of secure cycle- To promote the rapid take-up By running through-trains storage spaces at rail stations. of electric and low-carbon from day one, cities including We will welcome rail franchise cars, we will ensure there Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle bids from not-for-profit, mutual are 100,000 electric vehicle and Liverpool will also be part or co-operative franchise charging points by the end of of the initial network. Journey enterprises and will look to the next Parliament. times will be slashed – those remove unfair barriers that 1:8
  • 15. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Growth Corporate governance There should be a higher reform threshold of support – two- thirds of shareholders – for To build strong businesses securing a change of ownership we need skilled managers, and the case for limiting votes accountable boards, and to those on the register before committed shareholders the bid should be examined. – all with a culture of long- term commitment. We will Creating a shareholding strengthen the 2006 Companies society Act where necessary better to reflect these principles. We want Britain’s workers to The UK’s Stewardship Code have a stake in their company for institutional shareholders by widening share ownership should be strengthened and and creating more employee- we will require institutional owned and trust-owned shareholders to declare how businesses. We want to see they vote and for banks to put a step change in the role of their remuneration policies employee-owned companies in to shareholders for explicit the economy, recognising that approval. many entrepreneurs would like to see their companies in Too many takeovers turn out the hands of their employees to be neither good for the when they retire. We will review acquiring company or the firm any outstanding barriers to the being bought. The system needs formation of more employee- reform. Companies should be companies like the John Lewis more transparent about their Partnership. long-term plans for the business they want to acquire. There needs to be more disclosure of who owns shares, a requirement for bidders to set out how they will finance their bids and greater transparency on advisers’ fees. 1:9
  • 16. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Prosperity for all not just a few Living standards
  • 17. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Living standards The challenge for Britain In today’s world, every worker needs to be able to upgrade their skills in order to get on. As To grow together as a country, rewarding those who well as good career prospects, work hard so they can do well and look after their people want to know that their families: returning Britain to full employment, enabling living standards and quality people to get higher-paid and better jobs, and widening of life will improve. So we access to home ownership. The Tories have no plan for will enable more people to get fairness; their decisions would make our society more on the housing ladder; offer unequal and unjust. a helping hand to build up savings; and secure a fair deal The next stage of national renewal with the banks to strengthen • 200,000 jobs through the Future Jobs Fund, with a job or people’s personal finances. training place for young people who are out of work for six months, but benefits cut at ten months if they refuse A modern welfare state to take part; and anyone unemployed for more than two for all years guaranteed work, but no option of life on benefits. We will build a personalised • A National Minimum Wage rising at least in line with welfare system that offers average earnings, and a new £40-a-week Better Off in protection for all those who Work guarantee. need it, increases people’s control over their own lives, and • More advanced apprenticeships and Skills Accounts for is clear about the responsibilities workers to upgrade their skills. owed to others. Getting more • No stamp duty for first-time buyers on all house people into employment purchases below £250,000 for two years, paid for by a increases tax revenues and five per cent rate on homes worth more than £1 million. reduces spending on benefits. Our intensive help for people • A People’s Bank at the Post Office; a Universal Service out of work – starting from Obligation on banks to serve every community; a day one – has already kept clampdown on interest rates for doorstep and payday unemployment more than half loans. a million lower than predicted during the recession, saving As the British economy returns Our job guarantees will £15 billion over the next five to growth, we will ensure that put an end to long-term years. everyone who is willing to unemployment and a life on work shares fairly in renewed benefits. No one fit for work We are determined that no-one prosperity. We will support the should be abandoned to a life should be scarred for life by recovery so that we see a swift on benefit, so all those who can joblessness. No young person return to full employment, with work will be required to do so. in Britain should be long-term more chances to get on at work At the same time, we believe unemployed: those out of work and a fair distribution of growth that people should be able to for six months or more will throughout Britain. earn enough to live and be be guaranteed employment better off than on welfare. 2:2
  • 18. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Living standards or training through the £1 radically reforming how Job Departments, within their billion Future Jobs Fund, with Centre Plus helps lone parents: allocated budgets, to follow mandatory participation after providing extra help with the lead of those who already ten months. The fund will childcare, training and support pay the Living Wage. This will support 200,000 jobs. All those to find family-friendly work, be supported by measures to who are long-term unemployed while requiring those with address high pay in the public for two years will be guaranteed children aged three to take steps sector - reducing pay-bill a job placement, which they will to prepare for work and actively pressure in the years ahead. be required to take up or have to seek employment once their benefits cut. their youngest child is seven To ensure that work pays, years old. we will guarantee that when More people with disabilities someone who has found it and health conditions will Our goal is to make difficult to get into work comes be helped to move into work responsibility the cornerstone off benefits, their family will from Incapacity Benefit of our welfare state. Housing be at least £40 a week better and Employment Support Benefit will be reformed to off. This is our Better Off in Allowance, as we extend the ensure that we do not subsidise Work guarantee: together the use of our tough-but-fair work people to live in the private National Minimum Wage and capability test. This will help to sector on rents that other tax credits should always make reduce the benefit bill by £1.5 ordinary working families could work pay. And we will consult billion over the next four years. not afford. And we will continue on further reforms to simplify We will reassess the Incapacity to crack down on those who try the benefits system and make Benefit claims of 1.5 million to cheat the benefit system. sure it gives people the right people by 2014, as we move incentives and personal support those able to work back Making work pay to get into work and progress in into jobs. their jobs. The National Minimum Wage is one of our proudest For those with the most serious We want everyone to have achievements. It protects conditions or disabilities who better prospects in work. and sustains millions of low- want to work there will be a We will give the Low Pay paid workers. To ensure that new guarantee of supported Commission additional the lowest paid share fairly employment after two years on responsibilities to report in rising prosperity, the Low benefit. We will seek to ensure on productivity and career Pay Commission’s remit will that disabled people are able to progression in low-skilled, low- have the goal of the National lead dignified and independent paid sectors, bringing together Minimum Wage rising at least lives, free of discrimination and representatives from the in line with average earnings with the support to which they business community and social over the period to 2015. are entitled. partners. To underline our commitment The lone parent employment to helping the lowest paid rate has increased by over 12 we will ask all Whitehall per cent since 1997. We are 2:3
  • 19. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Living standards Getting ahead: investing Improving your living Fairness at work in you standards We will strive to ensure fairness As we restore full employment Our aim is to put more wealth at work for all employees, to the British economy, we in the hands of the British continuing our crackdown will seek to make work more people. We have done all we on exploitative gang-masters fulfilling and secure. That can to keep mortgage rates and rogue employers. In all means helping people to low – at 0.5 per cent during sectors the law must be upheld, improve their skills. this recession compared to 15 properly enforcing safety and per cent in the 1990s – and employment rights, and tackling We have rescued the will continue to do so in the tax avoidance. We will extend apprenticeship system future. The direct tax and the licensing approach to labour supporting more than 250,000 benefit measures introduced providers in the construction places a year, and we will since 1997 mean that in 2010- industry if the evidence now expand technician-level 11, households will be £1,450 shows that is the best way to apprenticeships to ensure a year better off on average. A enforce employment rights. We Britain has the skills it needs for family with one child and one have strengthened HMRC’s the future. person working full time will enforcement of the minimum have a minimum income of wage. In future it will co- We have legislated for a right £310 a week in October 2010 - operate more closely with local to request time for training 27 per cent higher in real terms authorities to enforce minimum and will continue to invest in than in 1999. Tax credits will be wage legislation. We are workplace training through increased not cut. enacting the Agency Workers Train to Gain. New Skills Directive to offer additional Accounts will enable every As family budgets are under protection to agency workers in worker to make choices that greater pressure, we will do relation to pay and conditions. drive improvement and quality more to help people with the in the skills system. Accounts cost of living. Council Tax New legislation and the will help learners know what increases have fallen to their Equality and Human Rights training they are entitled to, the lowest ever rate and we expect Commission will ensure that level of funding available and them to stay low. There will people are not held back at the benefits of training for their be more help with energy bills work because of their gender, careers. But good work is about through the Social Tariff and age, disability, race and more than just skills. Stronger Winter Fuel Payments, and we religious or sexual orientation. employee engagement improves will work with the regulator to The new Equality Act will be innovation and productivity: we promote greater competition enforced, promoting fairness will continue to promote more and diversity in the supply across our society. The public effective employee engagement of energy to ensure falling duty to promote equality of in the workplace. wholesale prices get passed onto opportunity is being extended. households in lower bills. We will encourage employers to make greater use of pay reviews and equality checks to eliminate 2:4
  • 20. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Living standards unfair pay gaps, including Our highly popular Home Buy buy. We believe local authorities inequalities in pay between men Direct scheme will continue. should be able to play their and women. We will work with Housing part in providing social Associations to develop a new housing in the future; and we Modern trade unions are an form of affordable housing will reform the council house important part of our society targeted at working families on financing system to enable and economy, providing modest incomes who struggle local authorities to maintain protection and advice for in the private sector and rarely properties at the Decent Home employees, and working qualify for social housing. This standard and to build up to for equality and greater will focus on enabling working 10,000 council houses a year by fairness in the workplace. We people to rent an affordable the end of the next Parliament. welcome their positive role in home at below market rates Tenant involvement in the encouraging partnership and while they build up an management of social housing productivity. equity stake. properties will be strongly encouraged. More home ownership We have acted decisively to make repossession the last Better housing Owning your own home is the resort, helping over 330,000 aspiration of most families. We This Government has led the families stay in their homes so want as many people as possible way in making sure that British that repossessions are running to share in the benefits of home homes are greener homes at around half the rate of the ownership, and to have a stake through our world-leading early 1990s recession. We will in an affordable home. That commitment to all new homes now strengthen regulation to everyone has access to a decent being zero carbon by 2016 ensure consistent standards home at a price they can afford and the construction of new of consumer protection from is a central Labour ambition. eco-towns, which will have repossession, making the FSA the highest standards of green responsible for the regulation We will widen home ownership: living yet seen in Britain. of all mortgages. This means over 160,000 households have transferring second charge been supported into ownership Local authorities now have loans such as debt consolidation through government action greater flexibility over the loans, which are often issued since 1997. We will exempt allocation of social housing in by sub-prime lenders, into purchases below £250,000 order to promote mixed and the FSA’s tougher regime – from stamp duty for the next sustainable communities. We guaranteeing equal protection two years, benefiting more will guarantee the three million for homeowners. than nine out of ten first-time households who rent from a buyers. This will be paid for by private landlord the right to We are investing £7.5 billion increasing stamp duty to five a written tenancy agreement over two years to 2011 to build per cent for homes worth more and access to free and impartial new houses, delivering 110,000 than £1 million. advice; and we will establish additional energy-efficient, a new National Landlord affordable homes to rent or Register. 2:5
  • 21. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Living standards We are committed to ending Gateway account for people on banking, we will transform rough sleeping by 2012, and lower incomes will be available the Post Office into a People’s we will tackle the problems to over eight million families Bank offering a full range of faced by homeless people with from July 2010, providing a competitive, affordable products. multiple needs. We will provide match of 50p for each £1 saved This will help sustain the homeless 16 and 17 year olds up to a limit of £300. We will network and boost competition with Foyer-based supported extend this approach even in banking. The universal postal accommodation and training further, giving a boost to savings service delivered by the Royal including help with parenting for more people on middle Mail connects and binds us skills. Once there is enough incomes. To help encourage together as a country. We are provision to provide universal the savings habit among firmly committed to the 28 coverage we will legislate to young adults, we will develop a million homes and businesses change the law so that for 16 matched savings account for all across the country receiving and 17 year olds the right to 18-30 basic-rate taxpayers, as mail six days a week, with the housing is met solely through set out in the Budget. promise that one price goes supported housing. everywhere. The Royal Mail For the next generation we will and its staff are taking welcome Our regeneration policies protect – not cut – the Child and needed steps to modernise have transformed previously Trust Fund – the world’s first work practices. For the future, neglected communities, and universal savings policy for continuing modernisation and our great cities are among young people, already giving investment will be needed by the the best in the world. We will 4.8 million children a nest Royal Mail in the public sector. make savings in regeneration egg for the future. We will funding and focus on tackling contribute an additional £100 We will introduce a universal worklessness, transforming the a year to the Child Trust Funds service obligation on retail prospects of those areas most of all disabled children. banks, so that all consumers disconnected from the wider with a valid address have a economy. A new deal on personal legal right to a basic bank finances account, and a right to redress Support with saving if this is refused. Banks will In the post-crisis economy, we have to publicly report on We will do more to support will fight for consumers and the extent to which they are saving and spread wealth across stand up to vested interests that under-serving communities. more families. The annual treat people unfairly, whether in And we will introduce a new limits for Individual Savings the private or public sector. We levy on the banks to help fund Accounts have been raised to want a fair deal for all. a step-change in the scale of £10,200 and will be index- affordable lending by third- linked. The Pension Credit The Post Office has an sector organisations, including capital disregard will increase invaluable role to play in a new partnership with the Post from £6,000 to £10,000. our communities and in Office, offering an alternative serving local businesses. To to loan sharks and high-cost The pioneering Savings promote trusted and accessible doorstep lending. 2:6
  • 22. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Living standards Over the lifetime of the next Parliament, as more affordable lending becomes available, we will clamp down on the interest rates and other fees charged by instant loan companies and payday or doorstep lenders, tackling the very high cost lending that hits low-income communities hardest. We will introduce a single regulator for consumer finance to restore confidence and trust with responsibility for the supervision of all unsecured lending being passed to the Financial Services Authority. And new rules governing how financial products are sold will be introduced with a crackdown on unfair terms in contracts. Finally, we will seek to promote competition in high-street banking by introducing portable bank account and cash ISA numbers that stimulate switching where consumers are dissatisfied, along with consistent, easily understood labelling of financial products. 2:7
  • 23. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Excellence in education: every child the chance to fulfil their potential Education
  • 24. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Education The challenge for Britain because of sustained investment and reform, it is just one in twelve, with standards rising To raise standards, promote excellence and narrow fastest in disadvantaged areas. achievement gaps by giving the best school leaders Nearly 100,000 more children and federations more schools to run, and by giving each year leave primary school parents new rights and clear guarantees of high-quality secure in reading, writing and teaching and support for every pupil — underpinned by maths. School buildings, once increased spending. The Tories want to gamble with characterised by leaking roofs our children’s education, putting school improvement and second-class facilities, are at risk and taking away the guarantees of an excellent being transformed. The quality education for all. of teaching is the best ever and teachers have the status and respect they deserve. The next stage of national renewal • Spending increased on frontline Sure Start and free Frontline spending on Sure childcare, schools and 16-19 learning. Start, childcare, schools and 16- 19 learning will be increased, • An expansion of free nursery places for two year olds safeguarding our priorities and 15 hours a week of flexible, free nursery education such as an additional 41,000 for three and four year olds. teachers and 120,000 teaching • Every pupil leaving primary school secure in the basics, assistants. But funding will not with a 3Rs guarantee of one-to-one and small-group rise as fast as in recent years, tuition for every child falling behind; and in secondary making tough choices necessary school, every pupil with a personal tutor and a choice of to focus resources on the front good qualifications. line, with £950m saved through collaboration and efficiency • A choice of good schools in every area – and, where in back office functions and parents are not satisfied – the power to bring in new procurement and £500m from school leadership teams, through mergers and take- quangos and central budgets. overs, with up to 1,000 secondary schools part of an accredited schools group by 2015. The range and reach of • Every young person guaranteed education or training innovative school providers will until 18, with 75 per cent going on to higher education, increase, spreading excellence or completing an advanced apprenticeship or technician to all schools. We will strive to level training, by the age of 30. get the best people into teaching and give parents new rights Education is the key to personal background or circumstances. to secure good schooling for fulfilment, economic prosperity their children. Participation and social mobility. Our goal In 1997, half of our secondary in post-school learning will is educational excellence for schools were below the basic expand, with more and better every child, whatever their minimum standard. Now, apprenticeships, improved 3:2
  • 25. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Education vocational education, and wider greater choice over when people into teaching, from the access to higher education. children start school. We will most committed graduates also explore allowing parents to to the highest calibre career The early years carry over their free hours of switchers. Teach First will be nursery education from year to extended to attract more of the Good play-based early learning year. Childcare vouchers will best graduates into teaching, gets children off to a flying start, be retained, with all families including teaching in primary so that they begin school ready receiving income tax relief at schools. to learn and achieve. We have the basic rate, and childcare expanded high-quality early standards will be raised by a We have invested heavily in the learning and childcare, which more qualified workforce. professionalism and expertise also supports parents to work of the workforce, and will build when they have young children We want to strengthen parental on this success with a new right and improves family living engagement with Sure Start for every teacher to continuous standards. Children’s Centres. Some professional development; voluntary and third-sector in return they will have to There are now over 3,500 organisations already run demonstrate high standards Sure Start Children’s Centres networks of Centres, and of teaching to maintain their and every three and four year we will now pioneer mutual licence to practise. We will old has access to free nursery federations running groups of promote new Teacher Training education, which is rising to local Children’s Centres in the Academies and £10,000 15 hours a week. Children’s community interest. ‘golden handcuffs’ to attract Centres will become the the best teachers into the most bedrock of a new national Excellence for all: every challenging schools. under-fives service: ‘one-stop school a good school shops’, open to all families, While the number of low- offering excellent affordable Every parent wants their child performing schools has childcare, healthcare and to attend an excellent school – decreased dramatically, we parenting advice. The number with the best possible teaching cannot tolerate any coasting of free early learning places for and facilities. So for pupils and or persistently poor schools. disadvantaged two year olds will parents we will set out in law Over the last decade, we have be expanded, on the way to our guarantees of the excellent developed a cadre of world-class long-term goal of universal free education and personal support head teachers, radically opened childcare for this age group. they can expect. up our school system to new providers, and worked with local Flexible childcare No school can be better than authorities and school governing the quality of its teachers. We Busy working parents will bodies to drive up standards. have the best generation of have more flexibility over teachers ever, supported by the hours their children have Our task now is to devolve teaching assistants and the access to nursery education, more power and responsibility wider workforce. But we must such as taking them over two to strong school leaders and continue to get the very best full working days, as well as to spread excellence, with 3:3
  • 26. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Education up to 1,000 schools, through bullying. They will provide disabilities in special schools will mergers and take-overs, part information on the progress be increased. of an accredited school group being made by all pupils, not by 2015 – a new generation of just by some. We will consult on Primary schools: no child not-for-profit chains of schools giving every school an overall left behind with a proven track record. grade for its performance. More children than ever leave These will include excellent primary school secure in the school leaders from the We reject a return to the 11- basics. Every primary school maintained sector, universities, plus or a free-for-all admission now offers whole-class teaching colleges, faith schools, academy system. Our commitment to of English using phonics, and chains and independent schools. fair admissions is essential we are introducing specialist We now have 200 academies to liberating the potential of teachers to achieve a similar and over 50 National Challenge every child. Ensuring all pupils step-change in Maths. But Trusts, with another 200 make progress also requires a every parent rightly wants academies in the pipeline. And fair funding system, so we will far more, so our primary we are pioneering new co- introduce a local pupil premium curriculum reforms will create operative trust schools where to guarantee that extra funding more flexibility for teachers parents, teachers and the local to take account of deprivation to offer a broad, challenging community come together to follows the pupil. Barriers to and engaging education, with help govern their local school. social mobility will be tackled opportunities to play sport, and by giving disadvantaged families to take part in arts, culture and More power for parents free access to broadband to music, including the chance support their child’s learning. Where parents are dissatisfied to learn a musical instrument. All parents will be guaranteed with the choice of secondary As part of these reforms, all online information about their schools in an area, local primary schools will teach a child’s progress and behaviour. authorities will be required modern foreign language. We to act, securing take-overs of will create a specialist Mandarin We have high expectations poor schools, the expansion of teacher training qualification, for children with special good schools, or in some cases, so that many more primary educational needs and schools entirely new provision. Where schools have access to a will be held to account for how parents at an individual school qualified primary teacher able well they meet the needs of want change, they will be able to teach Mandarin. these pupils. We are expanding to trigger a ballot on whether the number of specialist to bring in a new leadership Parents will be given a ‘3Rs dyslexia teachers and improving team from a proven and trusted Guarantee’ that every pupil teacher training for children accredited provider. who falls behind at primary with autism. The statementing school and early in secondary process will be improved to give School Report Cards will give school will receive special one- more support to parents, and every parent clear information to-one or small-group catch-up the supply of teachers with the on standards, levels of parental provision. This will include specialist skills needed to teach satisfaction and behaviour and up to 40,000 six and seven pupils with severe learning 3:4
  • 27. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Education year olds benefiting from extra education to the aspirations and access to ICT, sports and the tuition in English and Maths aptitudes of individual pupils. arts. through ‘Every Child a Reader’ All secondary school pupils and ‘Every Child Counts’, and will have a Personal Tutor of Zero tolerance of poor 300,000 receiving ten hours Studies, and we will work with behaviour of one-to-one tuition in both schools to extend one-to-one The vast majority of schools English and Maths when they or small-group tuition to pupils have good or outstanding are older. in the run-up to their GCSEs. behaviour. But no child should Such an education should no have their learning disturbed For primary-age children, we longer be the preserve of the by poor discipline in the are guaranteeing childcare and wealthiest few, but a central part classroom. Teachers have constructive activities from of the curriculum. strong new powers to ensure 8am until 6pm in term-time at order and discipline and we their own or a neighbouring More young people will be able will support their use. Home school; this entitlement will to study single science subjects School Agreements will be particularly help busy working and modern foreign languages. strengthened, making clear parents juggle work and family Diplomas will strengthen the the responsibilities of families life. We are extending the status and quality of vocational and pupils. Every parent will provision of free school meals study and bring together agree to adhere to the school’s so that an additional half a academic and vocational behaviour rules, signing million primary school children programmes. And the Gifted contracts each year facing in families on low incomes and Talented programme will real consequences if they fail will benefit from healthy and be reformed and improved, to live up to them, including nutritious food, and we are guaranteeing additional the option of a court-imposed trialing free school meals for personalised support. We will parenting order. Safer School all primary school children in review the qualifications system Partnerships will be extended to pilot areas across the country. in 2013, with any changes every school where the head or Together, these schemes will taking place in the Parliament parents demand it. thoroughly test the case for after next. Meanwhile, the new universal free school meals, independent exam regulator Alternative education for with the results available by will ensure that standards are excluded pupils will be autumn 2011. being maintained. transformed. New providers will be encouraged to take over Secondary schools: Because the learning existing Pupil Referral Units, excellence for all, personal environment itself matters, pioneering approaches that to each we will take forward our bring order and discipline back Building Schools for the Future Our secondary schools have to young people’s lives. More programme to rebuild or been transformed by great will be invested in anti-bullying refurbish secondary schools, school leaders, teachers and interventions including tackling giving our children first- support staff. We will build on homophobic bullying. rate facilities that support these achievements, tailoring inspirational teaching and 3:5
  • 28. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Education Cadet forces will move and colleges, increasingly change: raising the education increasingly into state schools co-locating wider children’s and training leaving age to 18. and we will expand spare time services with schools. Early All young people will stay on activities for young people, intervention programmes in learning until 18, Education doubling those available – with a proven impact will be Maintenance Allowances including sport – on Friday promoted. We will continue will be retained and there and Saturday nights, with to reduce teenage pregnancy will be an entitlement to an neighbourhood police teams rates, with compulsory, high- apprenticeship place in 2013 for closely involved in areas quality Sex and Relationship all suitably qualified 16-18 year where youth crime is highest. Education. olds. Teacher training institutions will be asked to provide Ensuring all children are safe Further education colleges specialist courses for teachers in from abuse and harm will are the backbone of our post- promoting pupils’ resilience and remain a top priority. The new school education system and responsibility. Vetting and Barring system they are leading the way with will protect children without new Diplomas, working with All children safe being unduly burdensome or schools. We will introduce and thriving interfering in private family greater freedom for all colleges arrangements. Social work to respond to local community Living in a family on a training will be radically needs and free them up from low income, having special overhauled, raising the status red tape. Students will be given educational needs or disabilities, and standards of the profession, clearer information on the and being in care all remain and we will establish a National quality of courses on offer, with strongly linked to children College of Social Work. We will a ‘traffic-light’ grading system failing to achieve. We are publish detailed Serious Case for all courses and colleges. To determined to narrow the gap Review summaries that explain complement vocational learning between these children and the facts, but keep full reports for 14-19 year olds in schools their peers, and to continue out of the public domain in and colleges, we will pioneer to invest in specialist services, order to protect children’s University Technical Colleges including short breaks for identities. and new Studio Schools that disabled children. Learning offer innovative curricula from the best systems around Staying on to get ahead involving practical learning and the world, we will improve paid work. foster and residential care. We Staying on rates at age 16 are will expand specialised foster increasing, thanks in part to our Advanced apprenticeships will care for the most vulnerable school leavers’ guarantee of be radically expanded, creating children and the Care2Work a place at sixth form, college, up to 70,000 places a year. programme for all care leavers. training or an apprenticeship. These provide well-respected routes into high-skilled careers Through Children’s Trusts, But to ensure a new wave and further study at university children and youth services of social mobility, we are and will support our ambition will work closely with schools committed to an historic that three-quarters of young 3:6
  • 29. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Education people enter higher education The review of higher education and to science, technology, or complete an advanced funding chaired by Lord engineering and mathematics apprenticeship or equivalent Browne will report later this degrees, as well as applied technician-level qualification year. Our aim is to continue the study in key economic growth by the time they are 30. New expansion of higher education, sectors. The choices and views apprenticeship scholarships will widening access still further, of students should play an enable the best apprentices to while ensuring that universities important part in shaping go on to higher education. and colleges have a secure, courses and teaching. All long-term funding base that universities will be required We will open up opportunity protects world-class standards in clearly to set out how they will for people from families on low teaching and research. Ahead ensure a high-quality learning incomes to enter professions like of the review, we have provided experience for students. the media and law, expanding universities with funding to paid internships for students. recruit an extra 20,000 students To increase social mobility, this year. careers advice for young people, including for younger children, Universities must continue to will be overhauled, ensuring raise their game in outreach much better information and to state schools, widening guidance. participation and boosting social mobility. We will World-class higher guarantee mentoring and education support for higher education applications to all low-income Higher education is pupils with the potential for fundamental to our national university study, with extra prosperity. Demand for high- summer schools and help level skills is strong and growing, with UCAS applications; and the supply of good and expand programmes graduates is an increasingly to encourage highly able important factor in global students from low-income economic competition. backgrounds to attend Russell Group universities. We support We have eliminated up-front universities that already widen fees paid by parents and access by taking into account students, and ensured that the the context of applicants’ repayment of loans is related achievement at school. to ability to pay. The higher education participation rate In the coming years, priority in for young people from the the expansion of student places most disadvantaged areas has will be given to Foundation increased every year since 2004. Degrees and part-time study, 3:7 .
  • 30. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 World-leading healthcare: a patient-centred NHS Health
  • 31. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Health The challenge for Britain But to safeguard the NHS in tougher fiscal times, we need sustained reform. To prosper in To build a better health service by protecting NHS the future, the NHS will have spending and by shifting to more preventative and to respond to the challenges personal care, clear patient guarantees and greater care facing healthcare systems across in the home. The Tories will not introduce the necessary the developed world: new cures reforms, would fail to guarantee access to services, and breakthrough treatments, usher in a care postcode lottery, and put the interests of an ageing society, an increased patients second. number of people with long- term conditions, ever higher The next stage of national renewal public expectations at the same • Legally binding guarantees for patients including the time. right to cancer test results within one week of referral, and a maximum 18 weeks’ wait for treatment or the So we will be tougher in offer of going private. ensuring value for money, more determined in demanding the • Preventative healthcare through routine check-ups for highest standards of care and in the over-40s and a major expansion of diagnostic testing. shifting rapidly to preventative • More personal care, with the right in law to choose from care. Above all, the interests any provider who meets NHS standards of quality at of the patient will come first. NHS costs when booking a hospital appointment, one- No longer passive recipients to-one dedicated nursing for all cancer patients, and of care, patients will be active more care at home. partners with enforceable guarantees, real choice, and • The right to choose a GP in your area open at evenings direct control over services. and weekends, with more services available on the high-street, personal care plans and rights to individual These changes are essential budgets. to maintain the principle at • Access to psychological therapy for those who need it. the core of the NHS: of care provided on the basis of need, not ability to pay. The NHS embodies our values remain a universal health Protecting the NHS and of fairness and social justice service, not a second-rate safety investing in the front line – for 60 years it has been the net. Only 15 years ago, the embodiment of what it means very existence of the NHS was In 1997, health spending as to be British. We will always put in doubt. Now with sustained a share of national income the NHS first. In an insecure investment and reform, the was the second lowest of world, people need first-class NHS is delivering high-quality all the major industrialised healthcare they can rely on. healthcare in safer and more countries. The resulting failures Under Labour, the NHS will convenient ways. were visible to all: long waits, 4:2
  • 32. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Health outdated buildings, too few Getting the most from do so we will look to alternative doctors and nurses. NHS resources: sustained provision. investment and reform Since then, investment and Patient power will be increased. reform have turned around the We will continue to press Patients requiring elective public’s experience of the NHS. ahead with bold NHS care will have the right, in law, A generation of new hospitals reforms. All hospitals will to choose from any provider has been built, entirely new become Foundation Trusts, who meets NHS standards of services created, and long waits with successful FTs given the quality at NHS costs. And we eliminated. We are undertaking support and incentives to take will also increase year-on-year fundamental changes to over those that are under- the payments made to hospitals community services, tough performing. Failing hospitals linked to patient satisfaction and decisions on pay, and a shift in will have their management quality outcomes – up to ten per care from the hospital to the replaced. Foundation Trusts will cent of payment. community. be given the freedom to expand their provision into primary Prevention and early As we complete our once-in- and community care, and to intervention a-generation programme of increase their private services hospital building, we will refocus – where these are consistent The NHS must be as effective capital investment on primary with NHS values, and provided at preventing ill health as it and community services so that they generate surpluses that are is at treating those in need of we rival the best healthcare invested directly into the NHS. care. Prevention and early systems in the world with our intervention will be at the heart ability to identify disease early. We will support an active role of our plans for a reformed for the independent sector healthcare system offering The reforms of recent years will working alongside the NHS more for every pound we allow us to do more than ever in the provision of care, spend, significantly improving to release savings by cutting red particularly where they bring survival rates for cancer, heart tape and directing resources to innovation – such as in end-of- disease and strokes so that we where they matter most. We life care and cancer services, are among the very best in the will scale down the NHS IT and increase capacity. We world. programme, saving hundreds of will be uncompromising in millions of pounds, and over the expecting high standards from We all have a responsibility next four years, we will deliver all NHS services – and in the to look after our own health, up to £20 billion of efficiencies coming period we will expect supported by our family and in the frontline NHS, ensuring PCTs to challenge all services our employer. The ban on that every pound is reinvested in to achieve the highest quality. smoking in public places will frontline care. Where changes are needed, we be maintained. Wherever will be fair to NHS services and necessary, we will act to protect staff and give them a chance to children’s health from tobacco, improve, but where they fail to alcohol and sunbeds. 4:3
  • 33. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Health GPs will be encouraged to keep The NHS will benefit from • The health-check guarantee their patients healthy through a period of organisational will ensure that everyone exercise and healthy eating stability: we will make no top- between 40 and 74 will advice. The ambitious Change down changes to the structure be guaranteed routine 4 Life programme will support of Primary Care Trusts or health checks on the NHS, a more active, health-conscious Strategic Health Authorities preventing up to 10,000 heart country. during the next Parliament, and attacks and strokes each year. we will ensure stability in the • The GP access guarantee will We will pioneer better mental hospital payment system. ensure everyone has the right health care and tackle the to choose a GP in their area scourge of mental illness. Over Real guarantees and real offering evening and weekend the next Parliament more than choices for patients opening. 8,000 new therapists will ensure People rightly want public access to psychological therapy services that are not just A personal NHS for all who need it as we seek to universal but also personal to change our society’s attitudes to We will ensure the NHS suits their needs. We will expand mental illness. the lives of busy families patient choice, empowering expanding further the patients with information, and Empowering NHS staff and availability of GP-led health giving individuals the right to enabling Mutuals centres open seven days a week determine the time and place ‘8 til 8’ in towns and cities. Central to our agenda of treatment. At the heart of NHS organisations will offer for improvement is the this will be new legally binding telephone and online booking hardworking NHS workforce. guarantees enshrined in the via the NHS Choices website. We will continue the process of NHS constitution: Online patient comments about empowering staff – freeing them • The waiting-time guarantee the quality of any NHS service from bureaucracy and ensuring will ensure that treatment will inform people’s choices. they get proper support. begins within 18 weeks of A new national 111 telephone seeing your GP, or the NHS number will make non- We will expand the role of NHS will find you to go private. emergency services far easier for nurses, particularly in primary people to access and book. care, in line with the best clinical • The cancer guarantee will evidence. And across the NHS ensure that all patients see a We will bring the NHS closer we will extend the right for staff, cancer specialist within two to people through a major particularly nurses, to request to weeks of GP referral and expansion in care available at run their own services in the not- that all cancer tests will be home, including chemotherapy for-profit sector. To strengthen completed and the results and dialysis. More services local accountability, we will received within just one week – will be available from GPs and increase the membership of helping save tens of thousands through local pharmacists. Foundation Trusts to over three of lives over the next ten years. Patients will have the right to million by the end of the next register with a GP anywhere Parliament. they choose, including near 4:4
  • 34. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Health their place of work. Choice of for patients: patients who fail national standards of infection when and where you are treated to turn up for pre-booked control that get tougher every will be extended whenever appointments will not be year and which every hospital patients are booking routine guaranteed fast-track treatment. and ward must meet. The safety appointments. The NHS Constitution will regulator will have the power guarantee the legal rights of to close wards, impose fines We will offer more personal patients, wherever they live, or order cleaning wherever healthcare. All cancer patients to all treatments and drugs necessary. will be offered one-to-one approved by NICE for use in dedicated nursing for the the NHS. We will continue duration of their care and to improve the process of we will work with Marie approving new drugs and Curie Cancer Care and other treatments so that these can be providers to guarantee everyone made available to NHS patients who wants it the opportunity to more quickly. We will ensure receive palliative care in their all leading drugs available own home at the end of their internationally are assessed lives. by NICE and those which are deemed effective will be Everyone with a long-term available within six months of condition, such as those with referral. diabetes, will have the right to a care plan and an individual We will establish a new budget. National Care Service working in partnership with the NHS All women will have the right, to transform the way care is wherever it is safe, to a home- provided to the elderly and birth, and every expectant disabled people. mother will have a named midwife providing continuity Safety and cleanliness of care. More mums and We will ensure all hospitals dads will be offered single are clean and safe for both rooms if they need to stay patients and staff. More than in hospital overnight, and 3,000 matrons across the NHS post-natal care will be further will have the power to manage expanded so that every area wards, order deep cleaning, of the country has a Family and report problems directly Nurse Partnership, supporting to hospital boards. Every families in greatest need. patient who comes into an NHS hospital will be screened With new rights to treatment for MRSA. We will establish come new responsibilities 4:5
  • 35. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Strengthening our communities, securing our borders Crime and immigration
  • 36. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Crime and immigration The challenge for Britain Britain is far safer now than when the Tories left office. Crime is down by more than a To reduce the fear of crime by protecting frontline third; violent crime is down by policing while making the police more responsive and over 40 per cent, and the risk of accountable, and taking faster action on anti-social being a victim of crime is the behaviour. The Tories talk tough but vote soft on lowest since 1981. But people issues from gun crime to DNA retention; would cut are still worried about binge police and PCSO numbers; and favour political police drinking, problem families and chiefs over real reform. We will control immigration anti-social behaviour. We are with our new Australian-style points-based system — committed to tackling these unlike the arbitrary Tory quota, which would damage problems, not talking them up business and growth. to run Britain down. The next stage of national renewal We understand people’s • Provide the funding to maintain police and PCSO concerns about immigration – numbers with neighbourhood police teams in every about whether it will undermine area, spending 80 per cent of their time on the beat their wages or job prospects, or visible in their neighbourhood; improve police put pressure on public services performance through online police report cards and or housing – and we have acted. ensure failing forces are taken over by the best. Asylum claims are down to the levels of the early 1990s and • Intervene earlier to prevent crime, with no-nonsense net inward migration has fallen. action to tackle the problems caused by 50,000 We will use our new Australian- dysfunctional families. style points-based system to • Guarantee fast and effective action to deal with anti- ensure that as growth returns social behaviour, including a right to legal injunctions for we see rising employment and repeat victims, funded by the police or council who let wages, not rising immigration – them down. but we reject the arbitrary and unworkable Tory quota. • Expand tough ‘Community Payback’ for criminals who don’t go to prison, giving everyone the right to vote on Protecting frontline the work they do. policing • Control immigration through our Australian-style There are now record numbers points-based system, ensuring that as growth returns of police officers – nearly we see rising levels of employment and wages, not 17,000 more than in 1997 – rising immigration, and requiring newcomers to earn backed up by 16,000 Police citizenship and the entitlements it brings. Community Support Officers. We are committed to giving the police the resources to maintain these numbers, with funding 5:2
  • 37. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Crime and immigration assured for the next three Early intervention and We will expand joint working years. To protect the front line preventing crime between police and the we are making tough choices probation service to supervise We need to do more and act elsewhere: continuing to cut prolific young offenders after earlier to stop children going bureaucracy and inefficiency in they get out of prison, and the down the wrong path. So we procurement, IT and overtime. use of mentors including vetted will expand Family Nurse ex-prisoners to meet offenders Partnerships to all vulnerable Every community now has a ‘at the gate’ so they don’t slip young mothers, reducing neighbourhood police team back into crime. And alcohol future crime and behavioural committed to spending at treatment places will be trebled problems. For the 50,000 least 80 per cent of their to cover all persistent criminals most dysfunctional families time on the beat visible in where alcohol is identified as a who cause misery to their their neighbourhood, and cause of their crimes. neighbours, we will provide responding to non-emergency Family Intervention Projects issues within 24 hours. To We need to try new approaches – proven to tackle anti-social ensure that communities to solving the most intractable behaviour – a no-nonsense can determine local policing problems. So we will pioneer regime of one-to-one support priorities, neighbourhood police Social Impact Bonds, with tough sanctions for non- teams will hold monthly beat encouraging private investors compliance. meetings - at which local people to support social entrepreneurs will have a right to hold senior and the third sector – and Youth reoffending is now commanders to account. harnessing additional falling, and the numbers in investment for crime prevention youth custody have fallen by We will protect the police at minimal cost to the taxpayer. 30 per cent. We will expand from politicisation, but take We have shown that Restorative US-style street teams which swift action where they are not Justice can increase satisfaction use youth pastors and vetted performing. Online crime maps for victims and the police, and ex-offenders to reach out to now give everyone monthly we will bring in a Restorative disaffected young people; information on crime in their Justice Act to ensure it is Youth Conditional Cautions area, and we have supported available wherever victims which focus on rehabilitation the Policing Inspectorate in approve it. and reparation; and we will publishing new online ‘report introduce a preventative cards’, comparing how forces On drugs, our message is clear: element for all Anti-Social perform. Where a police force we will not tolerate illegal Behaviour Orders for under or local Basic Command drug use. We have reclassified 16s. To ensure there are more Unit consistently fails local cannabis to Class B and things for teenagers to do we people, we will ensure either banned ‘legal highs’. More will double the availability of that the senior management addicts are being treated, with organised youth activities on team including the borough a higher proportion going Friday and Saturday nights. commander or chief constable on to drug-free lives. We will is replaced, or it is taken over by switch investment towards those a neighbouring force or BCU. programmes that are shown 5:3
  • 38. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Crime and immigration to sustain drug-free lives and Labour is proud to be the concerns; all PCSOs will have reduce crime. party that legislated first to stronger powers to tackle ASB; criminalise incitement to racial a ‘Respect’ standard for the Tough action on crime and hatred, religious hatred, and private rented sector will be anti-social behaviour homophobic hatred – and we introduced; and local ASB will reverse the Tory attempt to champions will make agencies Crime continued to fall during undermine this latest legislation, work together to tackle cases. the recession, in marked invoking the Parliament Act if contrast to the recessions of the necessary to force it through. Enforcement will also be 1980s and 1990s. Homicides are strengthened: we will ensure at the lowest level for a decade – To tackle the binge drinking that the great majority of gun murders are at their lowest which can leave people reluctant applications for ASBOs for 20 years, and our gun laws to venture into town centres take under a month and are among the toughest in the at night, we have banned that whenever an ASBO is world. We have strengthened irresponsible promotions breached there is an expectation the law on knife crime with jail and strengthened police and of prosecution. And when more likely, sentences longer, council powers to close down someone suffers repeated ASB and more police searches and rowdy pubs and clubs, cracking and the police, council, courts scanners – and knife crime has down on under-age and public or other agencies fail to act, fallen. We are tackling territorial drinking. We have brought in a there must be a stronger form youth gangs with specific police right to petition local authorities of redress. So we will legislate powers, and new approaches to end 24-hour licensing where to give people financial support that confront gangs while problems arise. to pursue legal injunctions, with supporting those who want to the costs met by the agency that leave gang life. There were no specific powers let them down. against anti-social behaviour in Domestic violence has fallen 1997. Now there are ASBOs, Using technology to cut by over 50 per cent since parenting orders and dispersal crime 1997, reporting of rape has powers. Because we know doubled, and rape convictions We will continue to make people want faster action on have increased by more full use of CCTV and DNA ASB, we will guarantee an than 50 per cent. But we are technology: new weapons initial response to any complaint committed to zero tolerance deployed to strengthen our fight within 24 hours. Local of violence against women, so against crime. We are proud of authorities and other agencies we will continue to drive up our record on civil liberties and will be required to give people prosecution rates, tackle causes, have taken the DNA profiles of a named case worker who will and raise awareness – as well children off the database and report back on progress, and as maintaining women-only tightened the rules around the escalate action if the problem services including a Sexual use of surveillance – but we are persists. All relevant agencies – Assault Referral Centre in every also determined to keep our not just neighbourhood police area. streets safe. teams – will hold monthly public meetings to hear people’s 5:4
  • 39. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Crime and immigration CCTV reduces the fear of Punishment and reform To help protect frontline crime and anti-social behaviour. services, we will find greater We have provided over 26,000 We have funded cameras in savings in legal aid and the more prison places since 1997. nearly 700 areas, and brought courts system – increasing the There are more criminals in in a new power for people to use of successful ‘virtual courts’ prison – not because crime is petition their local authority for which move from arrest, to trial, rising but because violent and more CCTV . to sentencing in hours rather serious offenders are going than weeks or months. We will to prison for longer. We will Advances in DNA technology use the tax system to claw back ensure a total of 96,000 prison have been critical in solving from higher-earning offenders places by 2014. More EU and serious crimes – last year alone a proportion of the costs of other foreign prisoners will be there were 832 positive matches prison. Asset confiscation transferred abroad, and we will to the DNA database in cases of will be a standard principle work to reduce the number of rape, murder and manslaughter. in sentencing, extended from women, young and mentally Labour will ensure that the most cash to houses and cars. Every ill people in prison. Any spare serious offenders are added to community will have the right capacity generated will reduce the database no matter where or to vote on how these assets costs while protecting the public. when they were convicted – and are used to pay back to the retain for six years the DNA For offenders not sentenced to community. profiles of those arrested but not prison we have brought in tough convicted. new ‘Community Payback’: Terrorism and organised hard work in public, wearing crime The new biometric ID scheme orange jackets. We will extend Our counter-terrorism approach which already covers foreign nationwide the right for local is one of the most sophisticated nationals will be offered to people to vote on what work in the world, and investment an increasing number of offenders do to pay back to the has trebled since 2001, with British citizens, but will not be communities they have harmed. thousands more counter- compulsory for them. It will terrorist police and a doubling help fight the growing threat of We will always put the victim of security service numbers. identity theft and fraud, as well first in the criminal justice as crime, illegal immigration system. We are creating a We will continue to give the and terrorism. In the next National Victims Service to police the tools they need to fight Parliament ID cards and the ID guarantee all victims of crime terrorism while giving Parliament scheme will be self-financing. and anti-social behaviour seven- and the courts oversight to The price of the passport and day-a-week cover and a named, ensure these powers are not ID cards together with savings dedicated worker offering one- overused. We condemn torture, from reduced fraud across the to-one support through the trial and our police and security public services will fully cover and beyond. The compensation services will not co-operate with the costs of the scheme. offenders have to pay to victims those who use torture. We will has been increased, and we develop our Prevent strategy to will now ensure victims get this combat extremism. payment up front. 5:5
  • 40. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Crime and immigration We will continue to make Our new Australian-style points- services should keep funding Britain a hostile place for based system is ensuring we for translation services to a organised criminals, harassing get the migrants our economy minimum. Many public-sector them with asset seizures, tax needs, but no more. We will workers are already required investigations and other powers; gradually tighten the criteria to meet minimum standards of strengthening the Serious in line with the needs of the English; we will build on this to Organised Crime Agency and British economy and the values ensure that all employees who encouraging police forces to co- of British citizenship, and step have contact with the public operate across force boundaries up our action against illegal possess an appropriate level of and international borders; and immigration. There will be English language competence. responding quickly to new no unskilled migration from threats including cybercrime. outside the EU. Skilled jobs are Because we believe coming now advertised here first for to Britain is a privilege and Strong borders and four weeks with more vacancies not a right, we will break immigration controls going to local workers, and the automatic link between public procurement will in staying here for a set period We are committed to an future give priority to local and being able to settle or gain immigration system that people. The points-based citizenship. In future, staying promotes and protects British system will be used to control will be dependent on the points- values. People need to know migration with limits for high- based system, and access to that immigration is controlled, skilled workers and university benefits and social housing will that the rules are firm and fair, students. As growth returns increasingly be reserved for and that there is support for we want to see rising levels of British citizens and permanent communities in dealing with employment and wages, not residents – saving the taxpayer change. rising immigration. hundreds of millions of pounds each year. We will continue Our borders are stronger than We recognise that immigration to emphasise the value we ever. A new Border Agency can place pressures on housing place on citizenship, and the has police-level powers and and public services in some responsibilities as well as rights thousands more immigration communities so we will expand it brings, through the citizenship officers, 100 per cent of visas the Migration Impact Fund, pledge and ceremony, and by are now biometric, and new paid for by contributions from strengthening the test of British electronic border controls will migrants, to help local areas. values and traditions. be counting people in and out by the end of the year. Asylum We know that migrants who claims are back down to early are fluent in English are more 1990s levels, and the cost of likely to work and find it easier asylum support to the taxpayer to integrate. So as well as has been cut by half in the last making our English test harder, six years. Genuine refugees will we will ensure it is taken by all continue to receive protection. applicants before they arrive. Local councils and other public 5:6
  • 41. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Supporting families throughout life Families and older people
  • 42. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Families and older people The challenge for Britain Our society is ageing as many more of us live long and fulfilling lives, active in To support all families in a rapidly changing world that our communities as we enjoy places new and rising demands on all of us. We will help retirement. Retired people bring families to realise their aspirations — whatever their great strengths to our society – circumstances — and we recognise the huge contribution as carers for family members, older people make to society and to family life. The active grandparents, and pillars Tories propose a marriage tax allowance that is divisive of local civic life. and unfair, will neglect growing care needs among frail elderly people and disabled adults, and prioritise only Substantial challenges still the privileged few. remain. Today, tough financial times are placing extra pressures The next stage of national renewal on families – adding to the daily • More help for parents to balance work and family life, challenges many already face with a ‘Father’s Month’ of flexible paid leave. in going out to work to earn a decent income, look after a • A new Toddler Tax Credit of £4 a week from 2012 to give home, and care for children or more support to all parents of young children – whether older relatives. In many families they want to stay at home or work. these pressures fall particularly • The right to request flexible working for older workers, on mothers. And like every with an end to default retirement at 65, enabling more industrialised country across the people to decide for themselves how long they choose to world, we need to adjust to an keep working. ageing society – where demand for health provision will grow, • A new National Care Service to ensure free care in the and where the need for care will home for those with the greatest care needs and a cap rise rapidly. on the costs of residential care so that everyone’s homes and savings are protected from care charges after two We need services that help years in a care home. families manage these new • A re-established link between the Basic State Pension pressures without creating huge and earnings from 2012; and help for ten million additional costs. We need to people to build up savings through new Personal Pension go further to secure fairness in Accounts. later life and ensure that those who plan and save for their retirement are rewarded for doing so. The additional costs Strong families are the bedrock communities are built. Today, and burdens of old age must not of our society. Secure and stable parents have rising aspirations fall disproportionately on those relationships between parents, for their children and greater who have made provision for their children, grandparents choice about how they lead themselves and their families. and other family members are their family and working lives. the foundation on which strong 6:2
  • 43. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Families and older people Strengthening family life focused and family-centred. A better work-life balance Parents who are clear their Children thrive best in families More than ever, families want relationship has broken down in which relationships are support in balancing the and cannot be restored need stable, loving and strong. We pressures of work and home. To more help to reach agreement support couples who want to get help parents strike this balance about future arrangements early married and for whom marriage we will extend real choice to on in the process, for the benefit offers the best environment parents over how they organise of their children. to raise children. Marriage is their parental leave. fundamental to our society, No child left behind in but financial support should We have already increased poverty be directed at all children, not paid maternity leave to nine just those with married parents. No child should have to grow months. We continue to believe We reject proposals that would up in poverty. The current that one year’s paid leave in skew resources to the wealthy, or pressures on the personal the baby’s first year would penalise loving and committed finances of families make the be of great benefit to parents adults who, for whatever reason, goal of ending child poverty and their children. However, are not married, and stigmatise more urgent than ever. So we in the current economic their children. will continue to make progress circumstances, progress will towards our historic goal of inevitably be tougher. So we In today’s fast-changing world, ending child poverty by 2020, will introduce more flexibility parents want to be confident building on the 2010 Child to the nine months’ paid leave they have the information Poverty Act. that mothers currently enjoy and choices they need to – allowing them to share this protect their children. We will In the next Parliament, we will entitlement with fathers after a continue to promote internet focus on helping families into minimum of six months. safety for children, building on jobs and out of poverty. Where the recommendations of Dr parents, especially mothers, want We will introduce a new Tanya Byron’s review. We will to stay at home or work part- Fathers’ Month, four weeks support parents who challenge time we will do more to help of paid leave rather than the aggressive or sexualised families with younger children, current two. We will also work commercial marketing. We reducing poverty in those vital with employers on how this can will ask Consumer Focus to early years of a child’s life. We be taken flexibly – for instance, develop a website for parents will ensure that work always pays two weeks around the birth, and to register their concerns about for hard-working lone parents. the remaining two weeks taken sexualised products aimed at The child element of the Child flexibly over the first year of the their children. Tax Credit will be increased baby’s life, including the option by £4 a week for families with of sharing these extra weeks We have established the Family children aged one and two from between parents. This will be Justice Review to examine 2012, paid regardless of the paid for as savings accrue from reforms to the family justice marital status of the parents – housing benefit through our system making it more child- a Toddler Tax Credit. reforms. 6:3
  • 44. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Families and older people Our new agenda for families Helping older people who Parents who are able to call must reflect the change in want to work on grandparents to help working patterns that has with childcare, or during Age discrimination in the emerged over the last 20 years. emergencies, know how workplace has been banned. A high proportion of parents essential their support is to a As well as promoting flexible no longer work the traditional strong family life. Grandparents working, we will now proceed day, while increasing numbers who give up work to help care to end default retirement at 65, of families depend on part-time for their grandchildren must with a review to establish the work to manage their caring not lose out, so they will receive right way in which to support and job responsibilities. Many National Insurance Credits more people to work longer still struggle to find quality part- towards their state pension. We should they choose to do so. To time jobs that use their skills, so will remove the requirement expand the choices available we will promote the creation of on grandparents to apply for for those wishing to work after more highly skilled, quality jobs the court’s permission before retirement, we will enable for parents who choose to work making an application for people aged 60 and over to more flexibly. contact with their grandchildren claim Working Tax Credit if and we will ensure that they work at least 16 hours a We created the right to request grandparents and other family week, rather than 30 hours as flexible working for parents members are always given first at present. and carers so that millions of consideration for adoption or individuals and their families fostering. A good quality of life in could exercise more choice older age about how to balance their Better pensions for all, work and caring responsibilities. The vast majority of older tackling pensioner poverty But as the burden of caring people are well and active, Our commitment to fairness increases in our society we helping to strengthen our has put pensioner poverty need to go further. By the end families, communities and at the top of our agenda for of the next Parliament we will wider society. Many charities, Britain. Older-age poverty has ensure that the right to flexible voluntary organisations and been dramatically reduced working is extended for older schools value and rely on the compared to a generation ago. people, recognising that many, contribution of older people We recognise that it is right including grandparents, want and we support the growing that pensions should rise in line to vary their hours to the number of excellent initiatives with the nation’s wealth. So to benefit of their families and creating greater understanding increase security in retirement, to accommodate changing across the generations. We we will restore the link between lifestyles. We will consult on the will continue to support older the basic state pension and age at which this right should people in getting involved in earnings from 2012 – a link apply. their community by providing broken by the Tories in 1980. matched funding for community Pension credit, which ensures projects. that no pensioner need live on less than £132.60 per week 6:4
  • 45. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Families and older people or £202.40 for couples, and obliging employers to provide will be transformed; unfair supports the income of 2.7 access to a pension for all postcode lotteries removed; million pensioner households, employees. We will continue to more people will be looked after will also rise in line with protect pension schemes when at home; and family homes earnings. Six in ten pensioners a firm’s company scheme goes and savings will be protected currently pay no income tax. bust. We are also introducing from catastrophic care costs. more flexibility to make it easier To provide independence and We will continue to provide help for companies to run good control for everyone with a care to pensioners, with the Winter schemes. need we will continue to expand Fuel Payments (maintained the use of individual budgets. this winter at £250 for those Between now and 2020 the And to drive up standards, we over state retirement age and State Pension Age for woman will develop a skilled and highly £400 for those aged 80 or over); will rise to 65; and between motivated workforce. concessionary public-transport 2024 and 2046, it will rise to fares; free TV licences for the 68 for both men and women, The first stage of reform will over-75s; and free eye tests and helping to keep state pensions be to create a step-change in prescriptions. affordable in the long term. the provision of services in the The reforms we are making to home and in our communities. Saving for pensions public-sector pensions will keep From 2011 we will protect more them sustainable and affordable than 400,000 of those with the As a country, we need to over the long term. greatest needs from all charges save more for retirement – for care in the home, and we individuals, employers, and The National Care Service will create a national physio the Government will all need and an age-friendly NHS support service helping people to play their part. We will in every area of the country to support ten million low-and The cornerstone of a fair future regain their independence and middle-income people to build is ensuring everyone who needs confidence after a crisis or the up savings through automatic care and support, whether first time they need care. These enrolment in occupational through old age or disability, services are essential if we are to pensions and new Personal is properly looked after. We ensure more people are looked Pension Accounts, ensuring that will establish a new National after in their homes and overall everyone in work is entitled to Care Service and forge a new costs are to be controlled. They matched contributions from settlement for our country as will be funded through savings employers and government. enduring as that which the and efficiencies in the health Labour Government built after budget and in local government. We will continue to make 1945. It will be a new settlement pension saving more attractive for all those who need care, During the next Parliament, for individuals through for the carers who devote their the second stage of reform favourable tax treatment. And time and energy for the good of will centre on the development we will promote stakeholder others, and for families across of national standards and pensions offering simple, low- the country. The care of both entitlements to ensure high- cost and flexible products, older people and disabled adults quality care for all, and an end 6:5
  • 46. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Families and older people to the unfair postcode lotteries implementation of the third that affect too many families. stage of reform after 2015, once We also want to remove the these proposals have been put to fear that families will lose the the public at a general election. family home in order to pay for care bills. So, from 2014, Across the NHS we will improve the National Care Service will and personalise care for the cap the costs of residential care elderly and their families. This so that everyone’s homes and will mean more NHS services savings are protected from care available in the home, with charges after two years. We greater use of tele-care and will pay for this through our personal nursing; reform of decision to freeze Inheritance the GP contract to help ensure Tax Thresholds until 2014-15, those with late-life depression by supporting more people over and anxiety are diagnosed and the State Pension Age to stay supported; and better services in work if they so wish, and for those with dementia and through efficiencies across the Alzheimer’s so that every area NHS and the care system. of the country has access to psychological therapy, The final stage of reform, after counselling and memory clinics. 2015, will be a comprehensive There will be an end to the age- National Care Service, free at discrimination that has too often the point of use not just for seen older people disadvantaged older people, but all adults with in the provision of health an eligible care need whoever services. they are, wherever they live and whatever condition leads to them needing care. At the start of the next Parliament we will establish a Commission to reach a consensus on the right way of financing this system. The Commission will determine the options which should be open to individuals so that people can have choice and flexibility about how they pay and to ensure that the National Care Service is funded in a fair way. The Commission will make recommendations in time for 6:6
  • 47. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Creative Britain: active and flourishing communities Communities and creative Britain
  • 48. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Communities and creative Britain The challenge for Britain institutions that we most cherish, and protecting those areas of our public life that To build on the renaissance that British sport, culture embody the common good. and the arts have enjoyed in the last decade in the new climate of financial restraint. The voluntary and 2012: creating an community sector has a new lease of life, but needs its Olympic generation potential to be fully harnessed. The Tories have always neglected the arts and sport, regarding them as an easy Hosting the 2012 Olympics target for cuts. provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase our The next stage of national renewal country’s great sporting talent. The eyes of the world will be • A golden decade of sport with the 2012 Olympics as a on us as Team GB inspires great national and world-wide celebration. enthusiasm and national • Registered Supporters Trusts enabled to buy stakes in pride. Our aim is to achieve their club bringing mutualism to the heart of football. outstanding medal success at the Olympics and Paralympics, • Operational independence for major museums and with a talent development galleries, with more lottery funding returning to the system striving for excellence, arts, sport and culture after 2012. and successful British athletes • Protection for the post offices and pubs on which spanning all disciplines and community life depends. events. • The BBC’s independence upheld; and Britain The Games will deliver a equipped with a world-leading digital and broadband golden legacy for future infrastructure. generations, ushering in a new era of sporting excellence. The Olympics are already inspiring a new generation of British volunteers: over a quarter of The sporting, artistic and to showcase Britain, getting a million young people have cultural life of Britain is rich more people playing sport and signed up to help run the and diverse, internationally attracting more visitors to the Games. renowned, and as vital to our UK. quality of life as it is to our We will ensure that the national prosperity. Since Culture and the arts are vital to Olympics are delivered on time 1997, our creative industries, a modern economy. But they and on budget, to the highest arts and sport have become stand for more than material standards. Britain will be the the envy of the world. As the success, reminding us that first Olympic hosts to create a 2012 Olympics draw near, society is not just a marketplace. world-class sports system, from we will make the most of our Promoting well-being means elite level to the grass roots. The place in the world’s spotlight sustaining the community 7:2
  • 49. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Communities and creative Britain impact of the Olympics will apply to join one of the tens competitions to Britain, be felt throughout the country, of thousands of sports clubs beginning with our current helping to boost the UK tourist receiving public funding. And partnership with the English FA industry. there are over half a million to bring the 2018 World Cup to more adults taking part in England. Sport for All regular sporting activity than a decade ago. Arts, culture and museums We approach 2012 with a proud record. Investment in We have made unprecedented Protecting the integrity of sport has increased eightfold. investment in Britain’s cultural professional sport is vital: We have begun a renaissance of life, widening access by we will toughen measures competitive sport in our schools, introducing free admission to to combat cheating and the investing as never before in our museums and galleries. Every use of illegal substances in sporting facilities. Taking part in child and young person should sport. We will work with sport uncovers talent, improves be entitled to five hours of art, governing authorities to physical fitness, and encourages music and culture per week, ensure that professional important social skills. We are through learning to play a clubs are accountable to providing more resources to musical instrument, visiting their stakeholders, and run give every child the opportunity local museums and joining film transparently on sound to do at least five hours’ sport clubs, or taking part in local financial principles, with per week. This will be provided theatre. Through Creative greater involvement of through extended schools, Partnerships we are ensuring local communities and community sports clubs and that young people in the most supporter representation. 3,000 new Olympic-inspired deprived parts of the country Sports governing bodies will sports clubs. We will invest in a are able to fulfil their artistic be empowered to scrutinise new national network of school talents by working with local takeovers of clubs, ensuring sports coaches to increase arts and cultural organisations. they are in the long-term the quality and quantity of interests of the club and the coaching in some of the most We have provided the first sport. We will develop proposals deprived areas. nationwide programme of free to enable registered Supporters theatre to young people; now Trusts to buy stakes in their This will be backed by a Pupil we will build on the success club. Guarantee ensuring that every of the National Theatre’s pupil should have access to £10 Season to work with The 2010s promise to be a regular competitive sport along theatres and sponsors to golden decade for British sport: with coaching, a choice of provide reduced-rate tickets for as well as the 2012 Olympics, different sports, and pathways theatrical productions around we will host the 2013 Rugby to elite and club development. Britain. Our national cultural League World Cup, the 2014 We will continue our investment life and creative industries can Commonwealth Games, and in free swimming for children prosper only by developing the 2015 Rugby Union World and the over-60s. People young artistic talent. Creative Cup. We aim to bring more of all ages and abilities can Bursaries will support the most major international sporting 7:3
  • 50. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Communities and creative Britain artistically gifted young people National Lottery funding is these to all new government- in their early professional more in tune with people’s funded building programmes. careers. priorities than ever. We will promote greater public Protecting community life So that our cultural facilities involvement in the way that remain world-class, charities, National Lottery proceeds Strong community life also businesses and cultural are spent on good causes. A depends on protecting the organisations must collaborate proportion of Lottery funding places in which people come more closely in the future. We is going to the Olympics. After together. To give families access will review how incentives for 2012, this proportion will return to good recreational facilities, philanthropic support can to culture, heritage and sport. we are investing £235 million be strengthened. Our major to create new or refurbished museums and galleries should play spaces and adventure Improving your community be operationally independent of playgrounds. We will protect government, so we will legislate The nature of the places the Post Office network, so that to ensure their managerial and in which we live matters it can fulfil its historic role as a financial autonomy. enormously. We are happier, trusted institution serving the more engaged and better able community. We will maintain our to enjoy family life where there commitment to free admissions, are safe and welcoming public The local pub and social club encouraging people of all spaces, good local amenities are also hubs of community ages and a wide range of and buildings in which we can life. Too many pubs have closed backgrounds to visit. Every take pride. that could have been sustained child will have lifetime library by local people. We will support membership from birth. Britain’s towns and cities have pubs that have a viable future Britain is enriched by its undergone a renaissance in the with a new fund for community unique historical heritage. last decade. Our great cities ownership in 2010-11. Councils We will review the structures have been rebuilt and revitalised must take full account of the that oversee English Heritage, and dilapidated schools and importance of pubs to the local putting mutual principles at hospitals replaced with modern community when assessing the heart of its governance so buildings. We will continue proposals that change their that people can have a direct to promote excellence in use, and we will make it more say over the protection and architecture and design, helping difficult to demolish pubs. maintenance of Britain’s built to foster civic pride and build Restrictive covenants applied by historical legacy. world-class places in which pub companies to property sales people want to live and work. will be curbed and flexibility for We will give public institutions pubs to provide related services new rights to borrow works of We have introduced new design promoted, making it easier art from the national collection, standards for schools, to ensure to have live entertainment so that more people can benefit the very best architecture and without a licence. A non-tie from access to our national building design; we will extend option should be available for artistic heritage. pub tenants; we will act if the 7:4
  • 51. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Communities and creative Britain industry fails to make progress community – helping more to a mutually owned co-operative. on this. get off the ground. We will promote the use of community shares that support To protect the character of We will extend the right investment in football clubs, their areas, local authorities of public-sector workers pubs, renewable energy and now have greater powers to to request that they deliver shops. reject applications for lap- frontline services through a dancing clubs and we will social enterprise. Public-sector A vibrant voluntary sector give councils new powers to workers in the NHS currently Britain has among the highest oppose gambling licences if enjoy this right. We will extend levels of voluntary membership there are too many betting this to more public services, in the world. We strongly shops operating in a high street. including social care, with value the independence The ‘cleaner neighbourhoods’ greater community involvement of the voluntary and legislation will be used to clamp in their governance. community sector, including its down on litter, fly-tipping and campaigning role, and will act vandalism. We will extend the The new mutualism to maintain it. There will be use of participatory budgeting There is growing interest greater support for third-sector to give local people a stronger in co-operative and mutual organisations in competing for say. Community Land Trusts organisations that people trust, public-sector contracts, ensuring enable local people to purchase and that have the capacity there is a level playing field with and run local amenities and to unleash creativity and the public and private sectors. assets in their area such as innovation, creating new jobs We will consult on putting the youth facilities, parks and open and services – particularly in Compact Commission – which spaces. We will promote the disadvantaged neighbourhoods sets guidelines for effective transfer of buildings and land where traditional approaches partnership working between to the ownership or control have failed in the past. We government and the third sector of voluntary and community want to see more local in Britain – on a statutory groups. organisations run on co- footing, and ensure greater operative principles with an support for the Compact at Supporting social expansion of Community local level. enterprise Interest Companies and third- The Social Investment Bank sector mutual organisations All young people should be will make additional capital that reinvest profits for the active and engaged in their available to social enterprises public good. We will promote communities, so that it becomes with an initial endowment of this through the Co-operative a normal part of growing up £75 million funded by dormant Party, Business Link, enterprise to undertake service in the accounts alongside existing education and the Regional community. We are taking funding streams. We will Development Agencies. To give forward plans for a National promote the creation of more more people a stake in a highly Youth Community Service, with social enterprise hubs in every valued national asset, British the goal that all young people Waterways will be turned into contribute at least 50 hours to 7:5
  • 52. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Communities and creative Britain their communities by the age Film Council to establish a maintaining plurality in of 19, building on citizenship single body to promote film regional news provision. We education and community production and film heritage. will fund three regional news engagement in schools. Subject to state aid clearance, programme pilots from the we will introduce a tax relief for digital switchover under-spend Faith is enormously important the UK video games industry. in the current licence-fee to millions of people in Britain, We will support film festivals period. shaping their values and the around the country, and way they live. We respect the establish a new biennial Festival The digital revolution is importance of belief and of Britain, beginning in 2013, transforming the world of welcome the contribution that showcasing our major cultural broadcasting. We are working people of faith make to our achievements and young British with the BBC and Digital communities and society more talent across all of our creative UK to ensure that TV’s widely. We will actively combat industries. digital switch-over takes place extremist groups who promote smoothly by 2012, providing fear, hatred and violence on the The BBC is the most admired financial support and helping basis of faith or race. and trusted broadcaster in the elderly people and the most world: respected internationally vulnerable households in the Britain’s creative for its objectivity and its creative UK. To ensure we preserve industries excellence, and here in Britain competition and protect as a pillar of our cultural life. children and consumers on the In every nation and region of We support an independent and Internet, we will safeguard the Britain a wealth of creative world-class BBC at the heart of independence of Ofcom. talent – in industries ranging a vibrant public broadcasting from film to fashion, design and system. Our strong support for We are extending broadband video games – has flourished, its editorial independence and access to every business and and creative industries now the licence fee that finances home, ensuring universal access account for ten per cent of the the BBC’s programmes and within a decade to high-speed national economy. activities will continue. The broadband across the country. BBC Trust should fully involve We will update the intellectual The strength of Britain’s film the public in decision-making. property framework that is industry is a source of pride. The licence-fee is guaranteed crucial to the creative industries Through Labour’s film tax for the ten-year Royal Charter – and take further action to credit we have ensured that that took effect on 1 January tackle online piracy. Britain – with its unique range 2007. of skills and facilities – is the right place to invest in film Channel 4 will continue as production. So that films can a public-service broadcaster be enjoyed more widely too, providing distinctive we will maintain the film tax competition to the BBC, credit and create a merged alongside ITV and Channel British Film Institute and UK 5. We are committed to 7:6
  • 53. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 A green future for Britain A green recovery
  • 54. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Green recovery The challenge for Britain distinctive landscapes while enabling environmentally sensitive development. To be on track for the transition to a low-carbon economy in a way that is fair, secure and helps create Labour’s environmental agenda the jobs of the future, as we protect and enhance our reflects our values. Only active natural environment and quality of life. For the Tories government can shape markets the environment has been all about image — by failing to prioritise green growth and to deliver on our renewable energy targets, reversing job creation. Environmental our planning reforms and giving up on our new sustainability cannot be left to industrial strategy, they would put Labour’s low-carbon individuals and businesses acting revolution in jeopardy. alone. We believe that people have the right to a healthy The next stage of national renewal environment. That means giving • Achieve around 40 per cent low-carbon electricity by everyone access to the beauty 2020 and create 400,000 new green jobs by 2015. and amenity of natural places; we want to make it easier to live • Make greener living easier and fairer through ‘pay as in a sustainable way whatever you save’ home energy insulation, energy-bill discounts your standard of living. for pensioners and requiring landlords to properly insulate rented homes. We believe in local community • Move towards a ‘zero waste’ Britain, banning action – enabling both elected recyclable and biodegradable materials from landfill. councils and community and social enterprises to provide • Link together new protected areas of habitat; maintain environmental benefits to local the Green Belt; increase forest and woodland areas. people. We are internationalists • Ensure fairness for food producers through EU reform too: only co-operative global and a Supermarkets Ombudsman; and support post action – including a strong offices, shops and pubs in rural communities. European Union – can tackle climate change and protect the Britain is a transition This is a huge challenge, world’s precious environments. economy: from high carbon not just for Britain but for to low carbon. To avert the the world. Living within our Towards a green economy catastrophe of unchecked environmental means will We have established low-carbon climate change we have begun require a dramatic shift using policy as one of the principal the shift to a different kind of resources more efficiently and engines of our economic economic future. Our vision is reducing waste. We will need recovery and future growth. of a society where economic to find new ways of balancing Our aim is to create 400,000 prosperity and quality of life the multiple uses of land: new green jobs by 2015. come not from exploiting the safeguarding food security at The foundation of Labour’s natural world but from its the same time as enriching our approach has been leadership defence. natural environment; protecting 8:2
  • 55. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Green recovery on climate change. The 2008 Clean energy and storage technology with a Climate Change Act made levy to fund them. We are the This Government is Britain the first country in the only Government in the world revolutionising Britain’s energy world to put its carbon targets to have banned new unabated policy. We are building a clean into law. coal-fired power stations. energy system which will reduce Britain’s dependence Internationally, we will continue To secure this investment – on imported oil and gas and to work for an ambitious, fair likely to be worth around £150 increase our energy security. and legally binding climate billion over the next decade – We are planning for around change agreement, building we have reformed the planning 40 per cent of our electricity to on the Copenhagen Accord to system to reduce delays for come from low-carbon sources limit global temperature rises major infrastructure. We will by 2020 – renewables, nuclear to two degrees Celsius. In the now reform the regulatory and clean fossil fuels. A major next Parliament, we will use our system to provide the certainty drive for energy efficiency leadership in the EU to push that investors need, and create a will be enhanced by a ‘smart for a strengthening of Europe’s Green Investment Bank to help grid’ using new information 2020 emission reductions from finance this transformation. technologies. 20 to 30 per cent by 2020 as part of an ambitious global In stimulating the sustainable We are committed to meeting deal. This would mean the UK use of resources, we will 15 per cent of our energy increasing its current target move towards a ‘zero waste’ demand from renewables by of a 34 per cent reduction. As Britain, banning recyclable 2020. We already have more part of the negotiations, we and biodegradable materials offshore wind-power than any believe Europe should agree from landfill and continuing the other country in the world, and a second Kyoto commitment move towards universal water our plans could see this increase period, provided all countries metering in areas of water stress. up to 40 times, alongside other are brought within a clear legal renewable technologies such framework. Our industrial strategy will as tidal and marine, solar and ensure that the drive to green sustainable bio-energy. We Developing countries need help our economy will create jobs will make a decision early in to adapt, reduce deforestation and businesses in Britain in the the next Parliament on the and emissions. From 2013 we manufacture and installation of feasibility of alternative options will provide climate assistance low-carbon and environmental for a tidal energy project on the additional to our commitment technologies. Severn, taking full account of to provide 0.7 per cent of the environmental impacts. national income in overseas aid. No more than ten per cent of We have taken the decisions our aid will be counted towards to enable a new generation of climate finance. nuclear power stations, and a programme of four clean coal plants with carbon capture 8:3
  • 56. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Green recovery Making green living easier insulated. We have legislated for the introduction of ‘recycling and fairer compulsory contributions from on the go’, with separated energy companies to protect the public bins on the street and in Everyone can play their part in vulnerable. shopping centres. reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment. To deliver the fairest deal for We have championed the Through our requirement that consumers, we will ensure increasing desire of many energy companies provide greater competition in the to grow their own food, subsidies for insulation, we will energy supply market. And we encouraging local authorities ensure that all household lofts will review the role of the water to provide more allotments and cavity walls are insulated, regulator, Ofwat, to ensure and getting kids to learn about where practical, by 2015. By customers get the best deal and growing food in school. We 2020 every home will have a their voice is heard in price- will work with community smart meter to help control setting. organisations to make it easier energy use and enable cheaper to find and use sites for ‘grow tariffs; and we will enable seven Encouraging greener living is your own’ schemes. million homes to have a fuller about communities, not just ‘eco-upgrade’. individuals. We will devolve Valuing nature for power to local councils to hold everyone We will legislate to introduce energy companies to account ‘Pay As You Save’ financing For millions of people the for community energy efficiency schemes under which home- British countryside, and the programmes, and give them energy improvements can parks and commons of our powers to develop local energy be paid for from the savings towns and cities, provide solace systems such as renewables they generate on energy bills. from the pressures of modern and district heating. We want Already with our new ‘feed- life. The riches of Britain’s local people to have a stake in tariffs’ and incentive for biodiversity – our native species, in local renewable energy renewable heat, households both rare and commonplace – projects such as wind farms. fitting micro-generation depend on them. So we will support community technologies such as solar organisations, co-ops and social can earn financial rewards We are committed not only to enterprises to provide energy from the energy they generate protecting but also to enhancing services, meaning lower prices themselves. our natural environment, and through bulk purchasing, and enabling it to be enjoyed by all. the development of small-scale Labour is determined to end The area of Green Belt has renewables. fuel poverty and create a fair increased over the last decade – energy system for all. We and we intend to sustain it. We We have made it far easier will introduce a new Warm will maintain the target that 60 for everyone to recycle. From Home Standard for social per cent of new development nine per cent when we came housing and regulate landlords should be on brownfield land. to office, now 37 per cent of so that privately rented municipal waste is recycled or accommodation is properly composted. Next we will drive 8:4
  • 57. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Green recovery We have created two National measures. We will campaign An economically viable and Parks in the New Forest and internationally to end illegal environmentally sustainable South Downs, and given the trading in ivory and to protect fishing industry is vital for our public a Right to Roam our species such as polar bears, seals coastal communities. We will mountains, moors and heaths. and bluefin tuna, as well as for an push for fundamental reform We will now extend this to the EU-wide ban on illegally logged of the EU Common Fisheries whole English coastline. timber, banning it domestically if Policy. this does not succeed. Competing pressures – from Thriving rural communities greater food production to Sustainable farming, Those who live in rural housing and natural flood healthy food areas are entitled to excellent defences – are making the We want British farming to be amenities and services, as are management of land resources profitable and competitive. We those who live in towns and ever more challenging. We will need our farmers to produce cities. Rural communities introduce a new framework more food, nurturing our face unique challenges. We for managing our land that countryside and biodiversity. are committed to continued can more effectively reconcile We will continue to seek reform investment in frontline services these pressures. We will put of the Common Agriculture in rural areas. forward new areas for protected Policy (CAP) to facilitate the landscape and habitat status, creation of fairer and better- Already £3.9 billion is being focusing on green corridors functioning agricultural spent on support for the rural and wildlife networks to link markets, enabling farmers to economy and we will continue up existing sites. And we will return a reasonable profit from to provide specific support commit to increasing the food production at lower cost to to rural businesses. We are area covered by forest and the consumer. building 10,000 homes in woodland. rural areas up to 2011. We are In order to protect farmers protecting rural bus services Our air, rivers and beaches are and food suppliers from unfair and making it more difficult for now the cleanest they have been and uncompetitive practices by rural schools to be closed. since the height of the industrial major retailers, we will create revolution. We will continue a Supermarket Ombudsman. Rural businesses and to ensure progress. Having Consumers have the right to communities must have the doubled spending on flood know where food comes from. broadband connections they defence over the last decade we We are working with the food need. We are committed to will bring forward legislation industry and retailers to ensure universal broadband access, to improve floods and water proper food labelling, including irrespective of location. The management. tougher and clearer ‘country of levy on fixed phone lines will origin’ information. This will pay for expansion of fast We have banned foxhunting also help to level the playing broadband connections to rural and animal testing for cosmetics field for British farmers. areas. and tobacco, and we will bring forward further animal welfare 8:5
  • 58. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Green recovery Rural villages should never be left without essential services. Councils now have to ensure that the importance of local services to the community is taken into account before granting planning permission to change their use, and we will strengthen this to protect viable shops, pubs and community facilities. We will continue to encourage and support imaginative solutions in rural communities to the provision of locally owned services. 8:6
  • 59. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 A new politics: renewing our democracy and rebuilding trust Democratic reform
  • 60. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Democratic reform The challenge for Britain MPs who are found responsible for financial misconduct will be subject to a right of recall if To forge a new constitutional and political settlement Parliament itself has failed to in Britain so that we restore trust in politics, and our act against them. The House political institutions are properly held to account by of Lords and the new Second the people. The Tories oppose any real reform of the Chamber will be brought political system that has let the public down. Their under the aegis of IPSA. policies would result in a postcode lottery based on We will create a Statutory ‘free-for-all’ localism rather than genuine empowerment Register of Lobbyists to ensure and a future fair for all. complete transparency in their activities. We will ban MPs from The next stage of national renewal working for generic lobbying • Referenda, held on the same day, for moving to the companies and require those Alternative Vote for elections to the House of Commons who want to take up paid and to a democratic and accountable Second Chamber. outside appointments to seek approval from an independent • Improved citizenship education for young people body to avoid jobs that conflict followed by a free vote in Parliament on reducing the with their responsibilities to the voting age to 16. public. • Legislation to ensure Parliaments sit for a fixed term and an All Party Commission to chart a course to a But this is only the start. Written Constitution. People want a greater say in how the country is governed • A statutory register of lobbyists, with MPs banned and for politicians to be more from working for lobbying companies and required to accountable to those they serve. seek approval for paid outside appointments. So while we are proud of our • Stronger local government, with increased local record of devolving power and democratic scrutiny over all local public services. reforming the constitution, we believe that further and more radical reform is imperative if we are to renew our democratic We face a deep crisis of Cleaning up politics public life. Britain needs a new trust in politics following the constitutional and political We acted swiftly to clean parliamentary expenses scandal. settlement for a new era. up politics by creating an Faith in our political institutions Independent Parliamentary was seriously eroded by the A new politics Standards Authority (IPSA) to abuses of the expenses system. set pay and pensions for MPs, To begin the task of building Only radical change can begin as well as their allowances. And a new politics, we will let to renew our democracy. we will take further measures the British people decide on to restore trust in our politics. whether to make Parliament 9:2
  • 61. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Democratic reform more democratic and to chart a course to a Written Stronger accountability accountable in referenda Constitution. We are proud to A new politics also means on reform of the House of have brought in the Human strengthening the power of Commons and House of Lords, Rights Act, enabling British Parliament to hold the executive to be held on the same day, by citizens to take action in British to account. We have supported October 2011. courts rather than having to changes to how Parliament wait years to seek redress in functions in order to strengthen To ensure that every MP is Strasbourg. We will not repeal Select Committees and to give a supported by the majority of or resile from it. stronger voice to backbenchers. their constituents voting at The public will be given a new each election, we will hold a Our society rightly demands right to petition the House of referendum on introducing the respect from young people. At Commons to trigger debates Alternative Vote for elections to the same time, society should on issues of significant public the House of Commons. respect young people’s views concern. Parliament must better and aspirations. The success reflect the diversity of modern We will ensure that the of elections for local Youth Britain. Labour already has a hereditary principle is removed Mayors and the UK Youth higher proportion of female from the House of Lords. Parliament strengthens the and black and ethnic minority Further democratic reform to case for reducing the voting MPs than any other party. We create a fully elected Second age to 16, a change to which will take forward the proposals Chamber will then be achieved Labour is committed. However, of the recent Speaker’s in stages. At the end of the next we believe that prior to this Conference so that the House Parliament one third of the happening, we need further to of Commons properly reflects House of Lords will be elected; improve citizenship education the diversity of modern Britain. a further one third of members in schools so that young people will be elected at the general are better prepared for their We strongly support measures election after that. Until the democratic responsibilities; a that improve the transparency final stage, the representation of report will be commissioned of parliamentary institutions all groups should be maintained on how best to achieve this so and government, and want in equal proportions to now. that we can raise standards to see this principle extended We will consult widely on these in citizenship education, throughout public life. To proposals, and on an open-list before providing a free vote encourage freedom of speech proportional representation in Parliament on reducing the and access to information, electoral system for the Second voting age to 16, for which we we will bring forward new Chamber, before putting them will make government time legislation on libel to protect to the people in a referendum. available. the right of defendants to speak freely. To further strengthen our democracy and renew our The cost of politics to the constitution, we will legislate for taxpayer must be minimised, Fixed Term Parliaments and but we reject using this as set up an All Party Commission 9:3
  • 62. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Democratic reform an excuse to gerrymander with public services built These reforms provide the constituency boundaries in the around users, scrutinised foundations for fundamental interests of one political party. by democratically elected change. In contrast to ‘no frills’ We will establish a non-partisan local councils, and with clear councils that charge twice for all Parliamentary Boundaries rights of redress for citizens but the most basic services, we Review to examine the rules – will strengthen support for believe that local government for constructing parliamentary collectively provided services, must further empower residents constituencies. We have while driving efficiency and to hold it to account and deliver already legislated to enable the effectiveness in expenditure. better, more personalised individual registration of voters. services. Alongside enhanced We will now act, legislating scrutiny powers for councillors, Local government and its further if necessary, to end the we are introducing petitioning partners in public services unacceptable situation where powers for local residents to are already pooling budgets three million eligible voters demand action, and extending across localities. Our radical cannot vote because they are neighbourhood agreements Total Place agenda will take not registered to do so. where citizens set out the this further, giving local areas standards of services they additional freedom to achieve We believe that the funding expect locally. better services and more of political parties must be savings, cutting bureaucracy reformed if the public is to We will also extend the powers and management costs, while regain trust in politics. Our available to our major city- placing a greater on early starting point should be the regions, building upon the intervention. Ring-fenced Hayden Phillips proposals pioneering arrangements in budgets, central targets and of 2008. We will seek to Greater Manchester, Leeds indicators will be cut back. reopen discussions on party- and Birmingham. City- funding reform, with a clear regions will be able to gain Local government is at the understanding that any changes additional powers to improve forefront of tackling the major should only be made on the transport, skills and economic challenges our society faces, basis of cross-party agreement development and acquire from climate change to ageing. and widespread public support. greater borrowing flexibility. Increasingly, councils are the Where new city-region motors of economic growth Devolving power authorities are created, we will and regeneration, particularly give residents the opportunity to The new politics also means in our great cities. We will trigger a referendum for directly radical change to local public give local government new electing a Mayor, with London- services. Our goal is for much powers to lead in the provision style powers. More towns greater local flexibility and and financing of social and should be encouraged to apply responsiveness, so that services affordable housing, tackle for city status and have the are shaped around the personal climate change and work with chance to acquire it in future needs of citizens, not the silos the NHS in our new National competitions. of government departments. Care Service. Greater accountability – 9:4
  • 63. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Democratic reform Our towns and cities need will establish a cross-party on them by public agencies, modern, sustainable transport commission to review the future so that people can use and infrastructure. We will support of local government finance to control their own personal tram schemes into the major ensure it is meeting our goals data in their interaction with cities, including upgrades to of accountability, equity and service providers and the wider the Manchester, Nottingham, efficiency across the country. community. Birmingham and Tyne & Wear light-rail systems, a modern Public services in the Opening up government – trolley bus in Leeds, and more digital age central and local – in this way Oyster-style electronic ticketing offers huge potential for Britain. Citizens expect their public promoting cheap and easy We can use new technologies services to be transparent, interchange between public to give people a say on policy- interactive and easily accessible. transport in cities. making; enable citizens to carry We will open up government, out more of their dealings with embedding access to We recognise that buses are government online; and save information and data into the a lifeline, having doubled money for taxpayers as we very fabric of public services. investment since 1997. We will switch services over to digital- Citizens should be able to provide punctuality data on all only delivery. compare local services, demand bus routes so passengers can improvements, choose between hold services to account. We Digital government also providers, and hold government want greater use of London- demands digital inclusion. So to account. style powers to regulate bus we will build on our network routes where local bus services of UK Online centres and We have led the world with are not serving communities public libraries to spread free the creation of, well, and we will work with the internet access points within the putting over 3,000 government Competition Commission to community, and develop new datasets online. Entrepreneurs ensure that the bus companies incentives for users to switch to and developers have used do not make excess profits at online services. these datasets to unleash the expense of passengers. social innovation, creating Protecting the UK and applications and websites for We have increased funding supporting the Union citizens from local crime maps for local government by 45 to new guides to help find Devolution has strengthened per cent in real terms since good care homes or GPs. We the UK, preserving the 1997. Through tough capping will now publish a Domesday union on the basis of a fairer powers and efficiencies, this Book of all non-personal partnership. The UK is strong year we have seen the lowest datasets held by government enough and flexible enough to Council Tax rises on record and its agencies, with a default devolve power while retaining and we expect them to stay assumption that these will the benefits of staying together. low. Excessive rises will be be made public. We will capped. We will not hold a explore how to give citizens The Scottish Parliament and Council Tax revaluation in direct access to the data held the Welsh Assembly have put the next Parliament and we 9:5
  • 64. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Democratic reform more power in the hands of marriage to Roman Catholics local people. All the evidence and the primacy of male is that devolution works, and members of the Royal family. is popular. We will implement However, any reform would the recommendations of need the agreement of all the the Calman Commission, Commonwealth countries including giving the Scottish of which the Queen is the Parliament additional tax- Sovereign. raising powers, and seek ways to build consensus behind these changes. In Wales, we will work with the Welsh Assembly Government on a referendum to enhance the powers to make laws affecting Wales in Wales; and to ensure that Wales is not disproportionately disadvantaged by the application of the central government funding formula. For the first time, Northern Ireland can look forward to a stable and prosperous future as a result of the Good Friday, St Andrews and Hillsborough Agreements. Supported by unprecedented public funding, we will continue to invest in the institutions of devolution, so that the Unionist and Republican traditions can work together for all the people of Northern Ireland. Our constitutional monarchy is the source of deep pride and strength for our country. We believe that there is a case for reform of the laws concerning 9:6
  • 65. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 Meeting the challenges of the new global age A global future
  • 66. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 A global future of more than 40 other nations. The challenge for Britain They are a credit to the country and an example to To harness our strengths and values, as we develop the world. We have met every Britain’s world role in a global era, using our alliances request for extra equipment and networks in order to promote security, economic for Afghanistan: in the last prosperity, development and to safeguard the four years we have doubled the environment. The contrast with the Tory view could not number of helicopters, and be starker: they are stuck in the past, spurning alliances spent £1.7 billion on 1,800 new in Europe and helpless to defend our interests or secure vehicles – including the Mastiff, the global change we need. brought into service in record time and saving lives with The next stage of national renewal world-leading protection against mines and roadside bombs. • Conduct a Strategic Defence Review to equip our Armed Forces for 21st Century challenges, and support our Our forces are working to troops and veterans. a clear strategy – to protect • Use our international reach to build security and the Afghan people and train stability – combating terrorism and extremism, curbing Afghan security forces. The proliferation, preventing and resolving conflict, and London conference in January tackling climate change. 2010 agreed there should be 300,000 Afghan Army and • Lead the agenda for an outward-facing European Union Police by the end of 2011, that delivers jobs, prosperity and global influence. with British forces and other • Re-energise the drive to achieve the Millennium countries shifting more of their Development Goals, supporting sustainable growth and effort into training to begin combating poverty. the process of handing over responsibility for districts and • Reform the UN, International Financial Institutions, provinces to Afghan forces later the G8 and G20, and NATO to adapt to the new global this year. challenges. Afghanistan is not a war Afghanistan: our stable Pakistan means a safer without end. Together the commitment Britain: if Afghanistan fell to military and civilian effort the Taleban, Al Qaeda could is designed to create the There is no greater regroup, and Pakistan’s stability conditions for a political responsibility than to commit and our national security would settlement that keeps Al Qaeda our troops into action. That is be threatened. out, reconciles tribal interests, why we take our responsibilities and involves Afghanistan’s in Afghanistan and to our Our Armed Forces are serving neighbours. It will lock in the Armed Forces so seriously. with incredible courage and long-term gains delivered by A stable Afghanistan and a skill alongside representatives our aid programme since 2002 10:2
  • 67. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 A global future – with millions more children, providing £18 billion in total so on operations abroad, while especially girls, going to school, far and an estimated £5 billion strengthening our support for big reductions in child mortality, in the next year. their welfare. Service families and better access to basic can now retain their place on healthcare. It requires stronger Despite this continued NHS waiting lists when they are local administration and less investment, acute cost pressures deployed to another part of the corruption, combined with a remain in long-term defence country. Further education is way back for former fighters projects. We are reforming free for those leaving the forces who are prepared to renounce defence procurement, making with six years’ service or more. links to Al Qaeda and abide by further reductions in civilian the Afghan constitution. staff, and cutting lower-priority We have invested hundreds of spending on headquarters costs, millions of pounds to reverse Strengthening our Armed travel and consultancy. a legacy of decades of neglect Forces and national of forces’ accommodation, security A Strategic Defence Review and we are helping service will look at all areas of defence, personnel get onto the housing The first duty of government but we will maintain our ladder. Homelessness among is to protect the security of independent nuclear deterrent. service leavers has been sharply its citizens. We have created We will fight for multilateral reduced, and the law changed Britain’s first ever National disarmament, working for a to give them better access to Security Strategy to strengthen world free of nuclear weapons, social housing. our response to fast-moving in the Non Proliferation Treaty and interconnected threats, Review conference and beyond The new Queen Elizabeth from terrorism and nuclear – combining support for civilian Hospital in Birmingham will proliferation to new challenges nuclear energy with concerted have a military-run ward like cybersecurity. We have action against proliferation. and the largest single-floor trebled investment in counter- critical care unit in the world. terrorism at home, combined We are committed to a strong Headley Court and the new with multilateral action against Navy based on the new aircraft Army Recovery Capability will terrorism and extremism carriers, an Air Force with two continue to offer world-leading abroad, not just in the Afghan- state-of-the-art fast-jet fleets as support to those rehabilitating Pakistan border areas – still the well as additional helicopters, after serious injury. We main source of the threat – but transport planes and unmanned have doubled the lump-sum also in Yemen and Somalia. drones, and a strong, high-tech payments for the most seriously Army, vastly better equipped injured to £570,000, and Our commitment to defence than it was in 1997. increased the lifetime-income is non-negotiable. Defence payments by up to a third. spending has increased by ten The growth in the core defence per cent in real terms since budget has also enabled us As a sign of our continued 1997. Funding for Iraq and to guarantee fair pay for all commitment to the military Afghanistan is additional to our forces, including the first community, we will introduce that, with the Treasury Reserve ever tax-free bonus for those a Forces Charter to enshrine 10:3
  • 68. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 A global future in law the rights of forces, any attempt to renegotiate or with the leading global powers their families, and Veterans. unravel social rights for the in each region of the world. A Veterans ID card will help British people, and believe that Veterans access their improved economic strength and social On climate change, the EU has benefits and will be free to protection go hand-in-hand – a critical leadership role to play service leavers. We will continue a modern EU must enhance in securing a legally binding to strengthen mental health competitiveness and growth UN agreement, reducing its provision in partnership with while guaranteeing security and emissions by 30 per cent on the Combat Stress charity, and fair rights at work. 1990 levels in the context of an roll out our Welfare Pathway to ambitious global deal. It must give personnel and their families Fundamental reform of the also offer stronger leadership on better support and advice. EU budget remains necessary, global poverty reduction. with further changes to the A strong Britain in a Common Agricultural Policy We will strengthen co-operation reformed Europe on the way to ending export with our EU partners in subsidies. Transfers within the fighting crime and international We are proud that Britain is EU must target those areas that terrorism, and support practical once again a leading player are least well off. On the Euro, European co-operation on in Europe. Our belief is that we hold to our promise that defence, in partnership with Britain is stronger in the world there will be no membership of NATO. To symbolise its when the European Union is the single currency without the commitment to global peace strong, and that Britain succeeds consent of the British people in and justice, and energise its when it leads in Europe and sets a referendum. young people, we propose a the agenda for change. Sullen European Peace Corps. resistance and disengagement We support the enlargement achieve nothing. of EU membership to include The poverty of the Tory vision Croatia, and believe that is summed up by their false Stronger competitiveness all Western Balkan states choice between an alliance must be Europe’s economic should open negotiations on with the United States and priority. Europe will only EU accession by 2014 – one one with Europe. In Europe grow and prosper if it is hundred years after the start of they are not just isolated, dynamic and knowledge-based, the First World War. Turkey’s but marginalised – in a tiny with excellent universities, future membership is a key test group of far-right parties that competitive companies, and of Europe’s potential to become endorses extreme views and is thriving start-ups, underpinned a bridge between religions and stuck in climate-change denial. by a modern infrastructure of regions; there must be continued Elsewhere in the world their digital communications and progress on its application to anti-European attitudes are low-carbon transport. The join the EU. In its foreign policy, seen as undermining British EU should strive to improve Europe should play a key role influence. They are helpless to the regulatory environment, in in conflict resolution and the shape change, or defend our particular for small and medium promotion of security, and work interests. sized business. But we reject bilaterally to achieve its goals 10:4
  • 69. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 A global future Strengthening global advocate a new international We will work with Greece and security and preventing convention to enable the Turkey for long-term stability in conflict prosecution of perpetrators of Cyprus; and continue to support genocide and crimes against bilateral efforts by India and We strongly believe in co- humanity. Pakistan to improve relations. operation between nations The two countries have for a safer world. We will There is no more important profound ties to the UK, which continue to press for stronger part of the world for global we are determined to nurture. international action against security than the Middle East. We will keep up the pressure for terrorism and learn the lessons We support the creation of a the release of Aung Sang Suu of recent experience to prevent viable Palestinian state that can Kyi and a return to democracy and defuse conflict and build live alongside a secure Israel. in Burma. stability and the rule of law in All the countries of the region places that would otherwise have a role to play in delivering We strongly support shelter terrorist networks. We the vision of the Arab Peace reconstruction and have shown in Afghanistan and Initiative – normalised relations reconciliation in Sri Lanka. We elsewhere that our military, between Arab states and Israel believe that both the LTTE diplomats and development in return for a Palestinian state. and the Government of Sri staff can set an international They also have a shared interest Lanka must be held to account standard for joint working, but in preventing the acquisition for the loss of civilian life, and we will not put the aid budget of nuclear weapons by Iran. we will continue to urge the Sri under military control. We This is the gravest nuclear Lankan Government to fulfil its will spend at least half of our threat to global security since commitment to a full and fair new bilateral aid in fragile and the foundation of the Non- investigation into war crimes conflict-affected states. Proliferation Treaty in the committed in the final months 1960s. We support engagement of the civil war. Having played a leading role and pressure on the Iranian in the international agreement regime; it is threatening its own Human rights and democracy to ban cluster bombs, we are people as well as the security of are a central feature of our leading the campaign for a the region and the world. foreign policy for a simple legally binding global arms reason – we believe human trade treaty in 2012. In Africa, Labour has made rights are universal, and it is aid, trade, conflict prevention the job of strong and mature We will continue to drive reform and good governance a priority. democracies to support the of the humanitarian agencies We will support the final development of free societies at the UN and work to build stages of the Comprehensive everywhere – while upholding an international consensus on Peace Agreement in Sudan, our own legal and moral ‘responsibility to protect’, while and maintain the pressure for obligations. supporting the International Zimbabwe to transition back Criminal Court in bringing to democracy as quickly as previously untouchable possible. criminals to justice. We will 10:5
  • 70. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 A global future The global poverty Our leadership on debt schemes, we will work closely emergency: our moral cancellation has freed 28 with NGOs and developing duty, our common interest countries from the shackles countries to eliminate user fees of debt. We will continue to and promote healthcare and Labour’s international drive this agenda, building on education free at the point leadership on development legislation to clampdown on of access. We will encourage has helped transform the lives vulture funds. other countries to ratify the of millions across the world. ILO conventions on labour Yet too many people still live Access to health, education, standards, as we have done. in extreme poverty, die from food, water and sanitation are treatable diseases, or are denied basic human rights. We will Trade can lift millions out of the chance to go to school. spend £8.5 billion over eight poverty. We will work with the years to help more children go private sector, trade unions We will lead an international to school; maintain our pledge and co-operatives to promote campaign to get the Millennium to spend £6 billion on health sustainable development, Development Goals back on between 2008 and 2015 and £1 quadruple our funding for fair track. We remain committed billion through the Global Fund and ethical trade, and press for to spending 0.7 per cent of to support the fight against a fair World Trade Organisation national income on aid from HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria; deal, with no enforced 2013, and we will enshrine this fight for universal access to liberalisation for poor countries, commitment in law early in the prevention, treatment and and increased duty-free and next Parliament. Our aid will care for HIV/AIDS by 2010; quota-free access. target the poorest and most and deliver at least 30 million excluded – spent transparently additional anti-malarial bed- Reforming global and evaluated independently. nets over the next three years. institutions We will fight corruption, investing more to track, freeze, In today’s world, power is We will provide £1 billion and recover assets stolen shifting, flowing downwards and for water and sanitation by from developing countries. outwards towards new non-state 2013, driving this issue up the Further action will be taken to actors, networked by modern international agenda, and over strengthen developing countries’ communications. Governments £1 billion on food security and tax systems, reduce tax evasion, and global institutions must agriculture. We will push for improve reporting, and crack respond to this change – and the establishment of a Global down on tax havens. To increase reform to meet new challenges. Council on Child Hunger. We accountability, we will allocate at They need to be more effective will help save the lives of six least five per cent of all funding but also more inclusive. To million mothers and babies by developing country budgets for secure global change, we will 2015 and, because international the purpose of strengthening make the case for: focus on the needs of women the role of Parliaments and civil and girls is vital, we will double • The extension of the G8. society. core funding to the new UN • A clearer mandate for the Women’s agency. While the World Bank to focus on the Tories would favour private 10:6
  • 71. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 A global future poorest countries and promote low-carbon development; and for the IMF to focus on financial stability, with both becoming more inclusive. • Radical UN reform, including new membership of the Security Council, budgetary reform, and an overhaul of UN agencies. • Continuing reform of NATO and stronger international co-operation to tackle security challenges, while building the capacity of regional security organisations including the African Union. • The enduring role of the Commonwealth – a unique organisation for fostering understanding and trust, spanning a quarter of the world’s population. International commitments and a voice for Britain in global affairs are not an optional extra for Labour. They are central to our vision of a better Britain. We have strengthened our international alliances and will continue to do so in ways that speak to our deepest values as a nation. 10:7
  • 72. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 50 steps to a future fair for all 1. Secure the recovery by supporting the economy now, and more than halve the deficit by 2014 through economic growth, fair taxes and cuts to lower priority spending. 2. Realise our stakes in publicly controlled banks to secure the best deal for the tax-payer, introduce a new global levy, and reform the rules for banking to ensure no repeat of past irresponsibility. 3. Create UK Finance for Growth, bringing £4 billion together to provide capital for growing businesses, investing in the growth sectors of the future. 4. Build a high-tech economy, supporting business and industry to create one million more skilled jobs and modernising our infrastructure with High Speed Rail, a Green Investment Bank and broadband access for all. 5. Encourage a culture of long-term commitment to sustainable company growth, requiring a super-majority of two-thirds of shareholders in corporate takeovers. 6. 200,000 jobs through the Future Jobs Fund, with a job or training place for young people who are out of work for six months, but benefits cut at ten months if they refuse a place; and anyone unemployed for more than two years guaranteed work, but no option of life on benefits. 7. A National Minimum Wage rising at least in line with average earnings, and a new £40-a-week Better Off in Work guarantee. 8. More advanced apprenticeships and Skills Accounts for workers to upgrade their skills. 9. No stamp duty for first-time buyers on all house purchases below £250,000 for two years, paid for by a five per cent rate on homes worth more than £1 million. 10. A People’s Bank at the Post Office; a Universal Service Obligation on banks to serve every community; a clampdown on interest rates for doorstep and payday loans. 11:1
  • 73. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 11. Spending increased on frontline Sure Start and free childcare, schools and 16-19 learning. 12. An expansion of free nursery places for two year olds and 15 hours a week of flexible, free nursery education for three and four year olds. 13. Every pupil leaving primary school secure in the basics, with a 3Rs guarantee of one-to-one and small-group tuition for every child falling behind; and in secondary school, every pupil with a personal tutor and a choice of good qualifications. 14. A choice of good schools in every area – and, where parents are not satisfied – the power to bring in new school leadership teams, through mergers and take-overs, with up to 1,000 secondary schools part of an accredited schools group by 2015. 15. Every young person guaranteed education or training until 18, with 75 per cent going on to higher education, or completing an advanced apprenticeship or technician level training, by the age of 30. 16. Legally binding guarantees for patients including the right to cancer test results within one week of referral, and a maximum 18 weeks’ wait for treatment or the offer of going private. 17. Preventative healthcare through routine check-ups for the over-40s and a major expansion of diagnostic testing. 18. More personal care, with the right in law to choose from any provider who meets NHS standards of quality at NHS costs when booking a hospital appointment, one-to-one dedicated nursing for all cancer patients, and more care at home. 19. The right to choose a GP in your area open at evenings and weekends, with more services available on the high-street, personal care plans and rights to individual budgets. 20. Access to psychological therapy for those who need it. 11:2
  • 74. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 21. Provide the funding to maintain police and PCSO numbers with neighbourhood police teams in every area, spending 80 per cent of their time on the beat visible in their neighbourhood; improve police performance through online report cards and ensure failing forces are taken over by the best. 22. Intervene earlier to prevent crime, with no-nonsense action to tackle the problems caused by 50,000 dysfunctional families. 23. Guarantee fast and effective action to deal with anti-social behaviour, including a right to legal injunctions for repeat victims, funded by the police or council who let them down. 24. Expand tough ‘Community Payback’ for criminals who don’t go to prison, giving everyone the right to vote on the work they do. 25. Control immigration through our Australian-style points-based system, ensuring that as growth returns we see rising levels of employment and wages, not rising immigration, and requiring newcomers to earn citizenship and the entitlements it brings. 26. More help for parents to balance work and family life, with a ‘Father’s Month’ of flexible paid leave. 27. A new Toddler Tax Credit of £4 a week from 2012 to give more support to all parents of young children – whether they want to stay at home or work. 28. The right to request flexible working for older workers, with an end to default retirement at 65, enabling more people to decide for themselves how long they choose to keep working. 29. A new National Care Service to ensure free care in the home for those with the greatest care needs and a cap on the costs of residential care so that everyone’s homes and savings are protected from care charges after two years in a care home. 30. A re-established link between the Basic State Pension and earnings from 2012; help for ten million people to build up savings through new Personal Pension Accounts. 11:3
  • 75. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 31. A golden decade of sport with the 2012 Olympics as a great national and world-wide celebration. 32. Registered Supporters Trusts enabled to buy stakes in their club bringing mutualism to the heart of football. 33. Operational independence for major museums and galleries, with more lottery funding returning to the arts, sport and culture after 2012. 34. Protection for the post offices and pubs on which community life depends. 35. The BBC’s independence upheld; and Britain equipped with a world-leading digital and broadband infrastructure. 36. Achieve around 40 per cent low-carbon electricity by 2020 and create 400,000 new green jobs by 2015. 37. Make greener living easier and fairer through ‘pay as you save’ home energy insulation, energy-bill discounts for pensioners and requiring landlords to properly insulate rented homes. 38. Move towards a ‘zero waste’ Britain, banning recyclable and biodegradable materials from landfill. 39. Link together new protected areas of habitat; maintain the Green Belt; increase forest and woodland areas. 40. Ensure fairness for food producers through EU reform and a Supermarkets Ombudsman; and support post offices, shops and pubs in rural communities. 11:4
  • 76. The Labour Party Manifesto 2010 41. Referenda, held on the same day, for moving to the Alternative Vote for elections to the House of Commons and to a democratic and accountable Second Chamber. 42. Improved citizenship education for young people followed by a free vote in Parliament on reducing the voting age to 16. 43. Legislation to ensure Parliaments sit for a fixed term and an All Party Commission to chart a course to a Written Constitution. 44. A statutory register of lobbyists, with MPs banned from working for lobbying companies and required to seek approval for paid outside appointments. 45. Stronger local government, with increased local democratic scrutiny over all local public services. 1687_10 Promoted by Ray Collins, General Secretary, the Labour Party, on behalf of the Labour Party and reproduced from electronic media supplied by The Labour Party all at 39 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0HA. 46. Conduct a Strategic Defence Review to equip our Armed Forces for 21st Century challenges, and support our troops and veterans. 47. Use our international reach to build security and stability – combating terrorism and extremism, curbing proliferation, preventing and resolving conflict, and tackling climate change. 48. Lead the agenda for an outward-facing European Union that delivers jobs, prosperity and global influence. 49. Re-energise the drive to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, supporting sustainable growth and combating poverty. 50. Reform the UN, International Financial Institutions, the G8 and G20, and NATO to adapt to the new global challenges. 11:5