Questioannire analasyis


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Questioannire analasyis

  1. 1. Summary Questionnaire Results. I created and distributed 20 questionnaires to 20 different people most which were teenagers. All of the teenagers who answered the questionnaire were interested in hip hop. Done by: Salah
  2. 2. 1). what gender are you? For this question 10 of the people I asked were male and 10 were female. The reason being for this is so that I have varied and more reliable results and not just biased on one gender.
  3. 3. 2). How old are you? From my results I found out that 13 people I gave my questionnaire to were 15-17, and the rest of the 7 were 21+.
  4. 4. Do you read music magazines? Out of the 20 I handed out my questionnaires to, 17 people read music magazines where as the other 3 don’t read music magazines.
  5. 5. If so, how often? Out of the 17 people that answered yes to the previous question, 8 people answered once a week, 6 people answered twice a week and only 3 people answered three times or more a week. This suggests that 47% which is almost half of the people I asked read music magazines once a week, therefore making it the most popular choice.
  6. 6. What music genre do you enjoy reading about the most? I found out that hip hop was the most popular choice out of the people that I asked. This was maybe because all of the people who I asked came from the same area and therefore they listen to the same type of music genre
  7. 7. What is the average price you would normally purchase a music magazine for? Most of the people who took the questionnaire thought the average price they would pay was between 1 pound and two pound. However there were a few people who chose higher prices which maybe because magazines that are expensive contain more information and more interesting stories.
  8. 8. What would you like/expect to see in a hip-hop magazine you would purchase? (Pick at least two) Clearly here the most popular choice is competitions and photo shoots. I found out that more people here are interested in competitions than reading gossip or gig guides.
  9. 9. What would you like to see in a double page spread on your preferred music magazine? ( Please circle the one you prefer most) Dates and information's about up coming gigs seemed to be highly popular here. Most people prefer to know about up coming gigs so that they can always be updated. General article and interviews had the same amount of votes so we can say they are equally popular.
  10. 10. Circle at least two colours you would like to see in a hip hop magazine that would make the magazine appeal more to the audience The most popular colours were red and black because they are two good colours that suit and stand out together. Purple and indigo also had the same amount of votes and we could say them two are the second most popular colours. The least popular colour is orange, maybe because its too bright and doesn't go good with main colours.
  11. 11. What are the main reasons for buying your music magazine? From this question I found out that all three choices had almost the same amount of votes, which means that none of them are really popular/stand out from the rest. We can conclude from this that a magazine should be informative, interesting and entertaining and the same time so that more people would like to read it and buy it.
  12. 12. What would influence you to buy a music magazine? Most people that I asked think that bright colours and free gifts are the most powerful influences into buying a music magazine. However other choice like dates of upcoming gigs and competitions weren't as low as the others. Cheap magazine price was the one that seemed the most popular as loads of people prefer cheap magazines like I concluded from the price question.
  13. 13. <ul><li>For question 6, the four main names that were popular and came up the most were: 50 cent, Eminem, Kenya west, and lil Wayne. An interesting thing about this is that all the four artists were on the main images of the magazine covers in question 10. </li></ul><ul><li>For question 10 the most popular magazine that people chose was the 50 cent magazine. This was because 50 cent was among the favourite artists and grabbed their attention into buying the magazine. </li></ul><ul><li>For the final question a lot of the people I asked thought that structure and the colours of the magazine were the most important thing in a good magazine. However other answers included the main image of the magazine, the font size and if the font was bold. </li></ul>