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Studio I-VI projects

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Academic Portfolio

  1. 1. Armando Hernandez
  2. 2. IndexIndoor Outdoor Theater First Year StudioMenil Library & Coffee Shop Second Year StudioNature CenterCollege of ArchitectureCommunity CenterMarket Square Art Place Third Year Studio& Tech III IntegrationBuffalo Bayou Water Pump Station& Tech IV Integration Academic Work Fall 2009-Spring 2012
  3. 3. Indoor Outdoor TheaterAbstract first year project dealing with the rela-tionship of interior, exterior, and the transitionin between those spaces. The project divides theprivate and public spaces on opposite east andwest ends.
  4. 4. Menil Library & Coffee ShopHouston, TX The project is an integra- tion of a library and a coffee shop brought to- Steel Beam gether by the landscape of the sculpture garden. The library uses a light shelve to scoop in natural daylight deeper into the lobby and reading space. Bars Reinforcement Concrete Slab Gravel Footing & Dowels East Section 0’ 5’ 20’
  5. 5. 0’ 5’ 20’West Elevation
  6. 6. Nature CenterTexas Hill CountryThe project explores the relation-ship between indoor and outdooras well as uses a sloped roof re-sponding to weather conditionssuch as blocking heat from thesouth sun. It is locted in the middleof the intersection of a bay of waterand a creak where the nature cent-ers acts as a transition space itself.The systems working together area coulum an beam systems seper-ated from the walls that provide theenclosure.North Elevation First Floor Plan 0’ 5’ 20’ North Elevation
  7. 7. Why Green Roof? Water Protection Heat Protection Island Reduction Energy Cosumption Components Plant/Grass Lightweight Soil Drain Mat Water Proof MembranceSouth Section
  8. 8. COA Community CenterUniversity of Houston, TXThe College of Architecture Com-munity Center is designed as a rest-ing/relaxing place for architecturestudents. The intention is to makethe project itself a plaza by a levelchange three feet submerged whenwalking throughout the south sideof the architecture building. Thebuildings respond to the existing cir-culation as well as the placement ofthe entrance points. The green rooflinks three of the buildings provid-ing students with a private yet openexterior space. First Floor Plan 0’ 5’ 10’ 20’ 50’ 0’ 5’ 20’
  9. 9. Market Square Art PlaceHouston, TX RestaurantThe project deals with differ-ent light strategies such as lightshelves and operable verti- Gallerycal louvers responding to thefunction of the spaces in theprogram. The art center essen-tially is a lifted mass held up by Retail floorcolumns. The columns are notcontinuous after the first floorto offset the curtain wall giving Basement Theatersthe upper floors more surfacearea.First Floor Plan
  10. 10. 25 25 15 15 Tributary Bay Area= 25 x 15 = 375sq.ft Tributary Area: 15 x 25= 375ft^2 Dead Loads: Corrugated Steel roof = 2 lbs/sq.ft x 375 = 750 lbs = .75kips Concrete Lightweight Plain = 1 lbs/sq.ft x 375 = 375lbs =.375kips Concrete Joist = 100 lbs/sq.ft x 375sq.ft x 1.5= 56250 lbs = 56.3kips x (2) 115.9kips Concrete Beam = 12 lbs/sq.ft x 55ft = 660lbs = .66kips Concrete Column = 12lbs/ sq.ft x 52ft = 624lbs = .624kipsTotal Dead Load for Bay =117.27kipsTotal Dead Load for Building =117.27kips x 20(about) = 2345.4kips Live Loads: Restaurant (4206sq.ft) = 100 lbs/sq.ft x 4206 = 420.6kips Gallery Space (6170sq.ft) = 100 lbs/sq.ft x 6170 = 617kips Theater (fixed seats)(1120sq.ft) = 60 lbs/sq.ft x 1120= 67.2kips Exterior Terrace Space (4140sq.ft) = 100lbs/sq.ft x 4140 = 414kips Retail(5100sq.ft) = 100 lbs/sq.ft x 5100 = 510kips Common Area on first floor (1500sq.ft)= 100lbs/sq.ft x 1500 = 150kips Corrugate Steel Roof (6800sq.ft) = 20lbs/sq.ft x 6800 = 136kipsTotal Live Load for Building = 2314.8kips Operable Vertical Louvers
  11. 11. Buffalo Bayou WaterPump StationHouston, TXThe pump station deals with flood levelsand its’ primary functions are to controlthe flood water from the bayou, treat thewater, and pour it back into the bayouor store it in the underground reservoir.The station also serves as a rest stop forrunners and bikers using the bike way aswell as kayak users from the bayou.Pump WaterPotable Water 500 yr 100 yr Floodway Bayou water
  12. 12. First Floor Plan 0 5’ 20’
  13. 13. Mechanical ComponentsLifted Stone Ground
  14. 14. On roof 53412 HVACMechanical System PlanWater Wall From Reservoir Structural Framing
  15. 15. Armando Hernandez1016 Nth 48th St (956)607-4160 (cell)McAllen, TX 78501 almost823@hotmail.comEducation: Awards & Recognition Sharyland High School, Mission TX · Inducted into NHS· Graduate of 2009 · DAP 2009 Graduate· Graduated rank 53/588 students · Skills U.S.A best all around boy 2008-2009· Skills U.S.A Treasure · Opening and closing ceremonies(O.C.C) 3rd place in state· Member of NHS( National Honors Society) competition 2008-2009· Transferred 36 college hours with Dual Enrollment college credits from · $500 Skills U.S.A ScholarshipSouth Texas College · $1,000 Associate General Contractors Scholarship · $1,000 School Going Green Scholarship University of Houston · $2,000 Top Ten Percent Scholarship · Accepted to The Architecture 5 year bachelors program as· Architecture major with 121 credit hours a freshman (only 180 students get accepted every year out of over· Part of NSCS (National Society of Collegiate Scholars) 1,200 applicants)· Currently 3.36 GPA · Full Residential Housing & meal plan paid by University ofArchitecture Classes: Houston Residential Housing Fall 2010-Present Work Experience:Architecture Studio I-II Architecture Studio V · Vector capitol May 2009- August 2009Survey to Architecture I-II Technology III (Quantitative Structures Sales AdvisorIntro to Arch I-II & Environmental Systems) First professional job, started off at 10% commission selling CUTCO product an Urban Environments ended as a Sales Advisor with 30% commission. Sold over $7,500 for the compaArchitecture Studio III the first three weeks.Conceptual Structures Architecture Studio VIInto to Computer Aided Design Technology IV · University of Houston Housing August 2010- Present Research in architectureArchitecture Studio IV RA (Residential Assistant) for RLH (Residential Life & Housing in the UniversiConceptual Environmental Systems Programs: Houston. Full housing and meal plan paid. Job includes guiding and inspiringCapitalism, Arch, and the City AutoCAD Adobe Illustrator dents as well as, directing meetings, programming, on call, room inspections, re Sketchup Adobe InDesign ing conflicts, desk hours, open door hours. V-Ray Adobe Photoshop
  16. 16. ndany inity of resi-esolv-
  17. 17. Armando Hernandez