Organ transplant


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Organ transplant

  1. 1. ( TransplantKidney TransplantBone Marrow TransplantKidney Transplant Kidney transplant is a surgical procedure in which a kidneyfrom either a healthy living donor or deceased donor (cadaver) isimplanted in to the renal failure patient.The Kidney Transplant Program at our hospitals is a very activeprogram with a well established team being involved in Multi-organ transplants.
  2. 2. Our hospitals provide a comprehensive array of services in ourtransplant program including steroid freeimmunosuppressant, potential for laparoscopic donornephrectomy as well as living kidney donor follow-up. As deceased (cadaver) donor kidney transplants arerestricted to Indian citizens, international patients are only able toundergo living kidney donor transplantation. Patients are requiredto bring their own potential kidney donorCriteria for being a donor• Donor has to be either Sibling (Brother or Sister)Parent, Spouse (Wife or Husband).• Donors should have no significant medical condition thatwill increase the risk of surgery or kidney failure.
  3. 3. • The donor must be above 21yr old and mentallycompetent to be counseled• Should give voluntary informed consent for kidneydonation.Tissue and blood group incompatibility or sensitized recipients arenot barriers to transplantation and will have to be assessed andcounseled on an individual basis.Ideally, inaddition, patients must be certified fitfor surgery andtransplantationby their own kidney specialist back home.• A medical report regarding the medical condition andtreatmentof the patient is required.
  4. 4. Patients who wish to undergo kidney transplantation asa treatment for their chronic kidney disease stage-V should nothave the following conditions:• Coronary artery disease, which has not been treated byangioplasty or coronary bypass in the last 6 months.• Any other significant cardiovascular or respiratory diseasesthat place the patient at high risk of death and complications.• Recent history of cancer/ stroke with significant disability• Untreated infections e.g. hepatitis B or C.• Significant liver disease e.g. chronic active viral hepatitisand cirrhosis• Active psychiatric illness
  5. 5. • Recent history of non-compliance or substance abuse Finally, as kidney transplantation is a long-termcommitment, it is absolutely essential that the recipient and donorof the kidney transplant confirm that they will have access to long-term care and follow-up after transplantation by a qualified kidneyspecialist who is accredited to care for patients with transplantsand their donors.Standard process for kidney transplant (Flow Chart) Part - I (This may take a period of 45-60 days)• Patient/Donor arrives at the airport• They are picked up from the airport and put in guesthouse
  6. 6. • Next day they have consultation with the doctor• All the documents are reviewed and checked and themedical investigations are carried out on the donor and therecipient• Once the donor and the recipient are found medically fitfor the transplant the legal documents are presented to thehospital ethics committee• After their approval the letter is sent to the Embassy of thepatient in India for granting the NOC. On receipt of the NOC theInternal Transplant Committee reviews the case and gives greensignal for the transplant• An appointment is booked with the Government EthicsCommittee for the Interview with the patient/donor
  7. 7. • The donor/patient are interviewed by the EthicsCommittee and the Ethics committee send the letter to therespective embassy to re-confirm the NOC given by them• Having received the re-confirmation letter from embassythe Ethics committee gives approval for the transplant• After obtaining the NOC from the Ethics committee thepatient and the donor is admitted in the hospital for the medicalexamination and the transplant. Part II• After the successful completion of the Transplant thedonor may get discharged in 7-10 days and stays in the nearbyhotel
  8. 8. • The recipient needs to stay 3-4-weeks (or as advised bythe doctor) for the observation and follow-upWhat is medical tourism? Medical tourism, also known as health tourism or health travel, isa term that describes travelling to a foreign country formedical, dental, or cosmetic treatment. It involves the benefit ofcost effective treatment, private medical care, in collaboration withthe tourism industry. The concept of medical tourism is fastgrowing in India and people from different part of the world arechoosing India as their desired destination.Why Choose India?Medical tourism is a rapidly growing sector in India and millions ofmedical tourists from all over the world have come here toexperience a world-class healthcare service.
  9. 9. In 2010, about 600,000 patients travelled to India from over 30countries for treatment, including the USA, Canada, UK, Russia, theMiddle East and AfricaAccording to a study by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)on healthcare, after software, the medical tourism industry ispoised to be the next big success story in India. It has predictedthat the industry will grow to earn additional revenue of $2.3billion by 2012 and will soon account for a major share of thecountry’s revenue.There are several reasons behind this tremendous growth:Patients come to India to get specialized treatments not availablein their home country. Indian hospitals excel in performingcomplex cardiac surgeries, kidney transplants, bone marrowtransplants, orthopedic surgeries, infertility treatments amongsttheir wide repertoire.
  10. 10. India provides world-class quality treatments at a fraction of thepriceof developed countries. The cost of medical treatment inIndia is generally one tenth of western countries and among thecheapest in Asia.India has state of the art medical institutes and hospitals ofinternational standards with highly qualified medical professionals.These centers are backed by high quality equipment andtechnology. This fusion of highly qualifiedstaff assisted by the latestequipment gives India the edge over other countries.With hospitals and clinics in every region including urban, semi-urban, or rural parts of the country, India has ample choice interms of preferred destinations.In countries such as Canada and the UK, patients almost alwayshave to wait weeks and sometimes months to avail of medicaltreatments.
  11. 11. In India the consultations with the doctors are prompt and patientsreceive a turnaround to their treatment plan at a quicker pace.As English is a commonly spoken language in India, the patient willbe comfortable communicating with the doctors.Medical tourists find that the cost of their treatment (including thereturn airfare, holiday and accommodation) leaves them with atotal bill substantially less than they would have spent just onhaving the procedure in the UK.Why Arman There are several concerns that flicker in the minds of theforeigners who come for treatment to India, particularly for firsttime fliers. The first among them is which hospital to choose fortheir treatment.India is flooded with hospitals, medical centers and hotels whichhave their websites that attract the foreign patients.
  12. 12. This makes them even more confused and the complexity ofdecision making becomes a challenging task.We, at Arman can address all these concerns and issues by actingas intermediary with hospitals, clinics, surgeons, hotels.Arman is a healthcare facilitator that has painstakingly broughttogether highly qualified professionals and hospitals of repute andhealth care providers.We take the responsibility of screening the hospitals by checkingtheir track record, accreditations, associations and have partneredwith the best internationally accredited hospitals in India.Arman update and monitor our network of hospitals on a regularbasis and maintain a database on the hospital’s certifications, typeof facilities and other factors critical in choosing a medical center.
  13. 13. Arman also negotiate a lower price from the hospital which foreignpatients would not get by directly approaching the hospitals Thishelps the patient to save a lot on the medical procedure costsWe provide assistance with logistics, documentations, permits andother travel arrangements required for medical tourism.Our coordinators are highly trained to foresee every need of thepatient and make the entire process hassle free from start to finish.They help the patient plan his medical procedures before leavinghome, and schedules all his appointments, surgery, treatmentsand plans for recuperation.This in turn helps the patient to choose the hospital according tohis convenience and also get a clear picture of the cost oftreatment, accommodation beforehand that helps them toarrange their finance.
  14. 14. We are aware that a lot of trust is put in our hands and ensure thatthis trust is well placed by serving each patient individually withcare and comfort.How We WorkPatient query received by the patient himself or his doctor/hospital.This query along with medical reports is forwarded to theconcerned hospitals to get expert opinionsAfter the hospitals respond, we create a package for the patientwhich includes recommendation on the treatments, duration ofstay, and the costs involved.The patient reviews the various options presented to him andmakes a decision based on budget and the line of treatmentrecommended by the doctors.
  15. 15. Occasionally, a patient may clarify his concerns or questions hemay have regarding the treatment with the doctor by telephone.In liaison with the patients, Arman representatives will make priorbookings with the hospital, airlines, hotels.Patient travels and checks into hospital to start the treatment. Weprovide assistance through out your stay in the hospital whichinclude pre and post opeartive care.Once fit and able to travel, the patient if wishes can enjoy the vasttourist destinations within India before returning to their homecountry fully rejuvenated. (at an additionalcost)(ebranding/mum/ts/19)
  16. 16. Arman Health Care FacilitatorsOUR OFFICE IN INDIA422, Bonanza, B Wing,Sahar Plaza Complex, Next to KohinoorHotel,Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri East Mumbai India 4000059.Contact: land line No: ( 022-28387433 )Email :enquiry@armancare.comOUR OFFICE IN CONGOArman Health care Facilitators,Gallery Saint-Pierre, 36 localUtexAfrica Advanced ,AV 374 VolonelMondjiba,Kinshasa /Ngaliema,DRC Mobile : +243998290384
  17. 17. OUR OFFICE IN KENYAArman Health Care Facilitators C/O Doctor Pharma Kenya LimitedVision Tower, Muthithi Road,Westlands, Nairobi,Kenya.Contact: Telefax:(+254)722330329Email : doctorpharmamt@gmail.comWeb:- ebrandingindia_s21