English Secondary 1 Express  Week 2
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English Secondary 1 Express Week 2






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English Secondary 1 Express  Week 2 English Secondary 1 Express Week 2 Presentation Transcript

  • + 1 Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures1 success to the weak, and esteem2 to all. George Washington 1procure:to get something, especially after an effort 2esteem: respect for / good opinion of someoneArmanAlluwie TP2 SHSS
  • + Sec 1 Express English 7th Mar 2012 Descriptive Recount/ Informal Letter Writing 1 Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  • + 3 Favorite Teacher I liked him/ her because he/ she was …Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS View slide
  • + 4 AspirationsWhat I would be doing when I turn 20 …Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS View slide
  • + 5 ArmanAlluwie.blogspot.comArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  • + 6 Using the 5 Wolves and 1 Hunter Framework How? Who? What? Why? When? Where?Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  • + 7 5 Wives and 1 Husband How? Who? What? Why? When? Where? … just kidding.Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  • + 8 The Art of Storytelling Problem/ Introduction Climax Conclusion ConflictArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  • + 9 The Art of Storytelling http://www.littleredants.com.sg/2011/01/08/locked/Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  • + 10 Lesson Objectives  At the end of the lesson, we will  complete the group sharing of a shared event  be able to identify the Audience, Purpose and Context of an Informal Letter  be able to write out the address and date of a informal letterArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  • + 11 A Group Shared Experience: How Would You Tell Your Story?  Discuss, how would your group tell your story?  Fill up each box at the bottom of the mind map with details of your story 5 minutesArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  • + 12 A Group Shared Experience  Once your done,  put up your mind maps on the whiteboard using the magnets  return your tables and chairs to their original placesArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  • + sec 1f orientation by Xin Ying, Jing Wen, Jonathan and Amirrudin Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS 13
  • + the lovely math teacher by Junning, Jia Ying, Nicole and Mavis Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS 14
  • + camp kesel 2010 by Iffah, Celine Neo, Celine CJ, Lennard and Xin Yi Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS 15
  • + the shps ghost by Joshua, Dillon, Lin Hui and Isabel Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS 16
  • + the vietnam trip by Ali, Jerel, Chuan En, Danial and Derrick Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS 17
  • + orientation games by Sheryl, Keziah, Sky and Benjamin Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS 18
  • + 19 Mental BreakArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AmB8spntgg
  • + 20 the greatest love story ever told is your own #truestoryArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  • + 21 Informal Letters  Distribution of Informal Letter Sample  Silent reading of Informal Letter  Who is the letter written to?  Why was the letter written?  What makes the letter sound informal?Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  • + 22 Informal Letters: What We Know  Audience  who is the letter written to?  who else would I write an informal letter to?  Purpose  why was the letter written?  what else can I write about in an informal letter?  Context  what makes the letter sound informal?  what other ways can I make the letter sound informal?Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  • + 23 Elements of Informal Letters  Distribution of Student Handout  Silent reading of the page 1 of handout.Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  • + 24 Administration: March Holidays Picture A Dayhttp://armanalluwie.blogspot.com/2012/03/english-march-holidays-picture-day.html Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS