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  • 1. + Sec 1 Express English 29th Feb 2012 Writing- Personal/ Descriptive Recount Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  • 2. + 2 Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures1 success to the weak, and esteem2 to all. George Washington 1procure:to get something, especially after an effort 2esteem: respect for / good opinion of someoneArmanAlluwie TP2 SHSS
  • 3. + 3 Lesson Objectives  By the end of the lesson, we would have  practiced writing a descriptive through a 100 word summary on personal aspirations  revised the 5 wolves and 1 hunter frameworkArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  • 4. + 4 Getting to Know You: Teacher Introduction  Setting Teacher- Student expectations  “I am here to teach, We are here to learn”  Complete page 1 of “Getting to Know Me”  Prezi Presentation  Sharing Teaching AspirationsArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  • 5. + 5 Getting to Know You: Aspirations  Complete page 2 of “Getting to Know Me”  Have a Polaroid picture taken of you with your best buddyArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  • 6. + A Shared Experience In groups, share an experience with the class. Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS 6
  • 7. + 7 A Group Shared Experience  Get into assigned groups of 4 to 5 students  Brainstorm on one event or experience which you want to share with the class  Should be something everyone in your group is familiar with  eg. Primary School, Sports Day, Holiday in Malaysia, etc.  Write down the event or experience in the centre cloud of the mind map 5 minutesArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  • 8. + 8 Using the 5 Wolves and 1 Hunter Framework How? Who? What? Why? When? Where?Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  • 9. + 9 A Group Shared Experience: 5 Wolves and 1 Hunter  Label each of the 5 circles with each question from the 5 W-olves and 1 H-unter  Fill up the circles with the answers to each question 5 minutesArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  • 10. + 10 The Art of Storytelling Problem/ Introduction Climax Conclusion ConflictArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  • 11. + 11 The Art of Storytelling http://www.littleredants.com.sg/2011/01/08/locked/Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS