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A Descriptive Study on Educational Values in "The Secret" Rhonda Byrne\'s Book
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A Descriptive Study on Educational Values in "The Secret" Rhonda Byrne\'s Book


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a graduation paper....

a graduation paper....

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  • 1. CHAPTER I INTRODUCTIONA. Background of the Study Every person has their own dream. They have their own way to pursue what they want for themselves. However, not all of the people have succeeded to achieve their dreams which create uncertainty, un-confident, anxiety, stressfulness, and many more. Because of this bad feeling, some people have decided to commit suicide because they feel desperate with their problems and he or she thinks that they will not be able to handle it. Human is as both an individual as well as a social creature. As the individual creature, they are able to think, to decide, to perform the ideas in their mind. However, human will feel lonely if they don’t get any support from another human to help them. Human, as a social creature, also needs affection, trust, love, caring, sharing, attention, and so on. When somebody is in trouble, it will be nice and helpful if they get some support from someone they love to release them from their problem. Money or foods maybe something that people can give to help people to solve their needs crisis. Yet, what kind of help they can offer if the crisis is happening in their heart; an inner-crisis, such as lack of confident, cowardice, desperate, and many others? Students in Indonesia, typically, they are not brave enough to dream as big as what they have asked during their childhood. After they have graduated 1
  • 2. from schools or universities, they just try to find any kinds of job as soon aspossible because they need money. They don’t try to get what they want oreven brave or possibly it is overwhelmed to get a job or achievements theydream of, like most success people have. One way to answer that question is by giving some psychological aids,like motivation. Motivation is very powerful as a mean of hope, compassion,believe, trust, and caring. That is always pleasant when people get support ormotivation from someone they love, adore, best friends, or probably someonethey don’t know from the corner of the city. In order to get some motivation,there is no necessity that they have to meet people they know or people whosupport them, because they can get many kinds of motivation from manyplaces or things. One of them is by reading motivational books. Book is the window of the world. By reading a book, people will learnand understand many things, because reading, as Soedarsono said, is thecomplex activities which mobilize a large number of separated activities suchas: people must use their understanding and imagination, notice and recall(1991: 4). By reading a book, people can enrich people’s knowledge andbecoming a very effective way to learn something new. In education, readinga book is a must. From books, people learn to comprehend and understandwhat is contained in those books. By reading a book, people get newknowledge which could improve intelligence in order to solve their problems. 2
  • 3. Recently, the writer just realizes how many people influenced by a motivational fiction book entitled “The Secret”. It is written by an Australian woman. In 2007, she became the most influential people, version the world in Time magazine. Many positive comments or testimonials from the reader of this book and they confess how much this book could change people’s mind to believe in what they are wanted for their future. The power of positive thinking, whether people realize it or not, are given in this book and it creates immense power to imagine, to have a hope, struggle until paramount, and encourage people to be brave to make their dreams come true. So, based on the review above, the researcher decides to take up a literary research entitled “A DESCRIPTIVE STUDY ON EDUCATIONAL VALUES IN “THE SECRET” RHONDA BYRNE’S BOOK”B. Statement of the Problem If the writer takes a look at the background of the study, this research is proposed to answer the following problem: 1. What are the educational values in “The Secret” Rhonda Byrne’s book? 2. How is the educational values presented in the book? 3. What are the significance, relevance, and implication, of educational values in this book towards learning motivation? 3
  • 4. C. Objectives of the Study After the research has been accomplished, it is expected that the writer will able to answer about: 1. To describe the educational values in “The Secret” Rhonda Byrne’s book. 2. To find out the style of presenting the educational values in “The Secret” Rhonda Byrne’s book. 3. To describe the significance, relevance, and implication of educational values in this book towards learning motivation.D. Benefit of the Study As well as enrich the writer’s knowledge about this book, the benefits of performing this literary research are: 1. Theoretically The result of the research can be beneficial in the world of literature in the future. It is also expected to be able to contribute some advantages for the world of education. 2. Practical benefit a. Contribute the development of literary study, particularly among students of STAIN Salatiga especially for those who are interested in literary study. 4
  • 5. b. Widen people knowledge and deepen their knowledge about educational values and literature in this world. c. To open reader’s mind to see the important of motivation in education. d. To encouraged the readers to struggle in pursuing their dreams.E. Clarification of Key Terms This research’s title provides five words as the main elements of what will be composed in this graduating paper. They are: 1. Descriptive study As the adjective, descriptive means; referring to, constituting or grounded matters of observation or experience (Webster, 1981:610). Unlike adjective, the word “study” is defined in many meanings. So, the researcher will choose the closest meaning to this research, that is: a careful examination or analysis of a phenomenon, development or question, or, a literary or artistic production intended as a preliminary outline an experimental interpretation or an exploratory analysis of specific features or characteristic (Webster, 1981:2110). A descriptive study is undertaken in order to ascertain and be able to describe the characteristics of the variables of interest in a situation and also to understand the characteristics of organization that follow certain common practice. 5
  • 6. 2. Educational values The word “education”, means: a systemic training and instruction especially of the young in school, college, etc (Hornby, 1974:277). In more specific, education becomes in practice identical with schooling, in example formal instruction under controlled condition (Syam, 1988:5-6). This word gets a suffix –al, which makes this word become an adjective, which means “something related with” or have a characteristic of education. Values derived from the word “value”, which means: a conscious effort to realize process and condition of learning in order to produce learners who can develop their potential to get spiritual force, self control, behavior, intelligence and skill which is needed by themselves, society or nation (Silaban, 2003:3). From the above explanations, it can be considered that educational values is a critical and deepest part of meaning that people need to think or realize relating with anything that have a characteristic or related with education.3. The Secret book It is a book written by Rhonda Byrne. This book is made as a self- spiritual help book for people who want to read it. First published in 2006, this book had gotten an enormous responds from her proponent. The word 6
  • 7. book as defined by Hornby, as number of sheets of paper, either printed or blank, fastened together in a cover, literary composition that would fill such a set of sheets (1974: 28). This book is based on Wallace D. Wattles’s book entitled The Science of Getting Rich, a book written in 1910. This book tells people about the law of interaction, where what people think is what they will get. When people are focusing on a bad thinking, so that’s what will happen to them. The power of positive feeling and positive thinking could change their life better, from wealth, health, and happiness. The secret’s selling doubled even more after it was introduced in Oprah Winfrey Show, and becoming the New York best seller list.4. Rhonda Byrne Rhonda was born in Australia and began her career as a radio producer before moving into television production. Many of her shows won industry awards and were screened in major countries outside Australia. Rhonda Byrne was listed in Time magazine as one of the “a hundred’ most influential people” in the year of 2007. She is the writer of The Secret and the continuation of her first book entitled “The Power”. She was born sixty years ago in Australia in March 12th. She is a writer as well as a producer of the film version of her book, The Secret. By the spring of 2007, she was succeeded to sell out almost four million copies of 7
  • 8. the books, and two millions copy of the DVD. She also became the producer of “Sensing Murder”. Taken from her official website, towards the end of 2004, Rhonda got a very traumatic and most depressed moment in her life. She had just divorced from her husband, and her father passed away. After a while, she discovered what she is looking for, about the law of the universe. She got a book from her daughter, a copy of The Science of Getting Rich, written by Wallace D. Wattles in 1910. Two months later. She was looking about every single prove of her great invention, and investigate it from the ancient times, throughout history. Her life transformed as soon as she applied her invention, about this secret knowledge. After that, she has a mission to spread this secret all over the world. With her background as an international television production, she started to make a movie about “The Secret”. Rhonda spent the next two months teaching everything she knew to key staff members at her production company, Prime Time Productions. One of her strongest intentions was that Prime Time would use The Secret to make The Secret.F. Review of Previous Research This research is included in literary research which concerns about educational values of “The Secret” book written by Rhonda Byrne. By using 8
  • 9. library research, here are some researches that have close relation with thewriter’s study to help the researcher proves that this paper is original. It begins with the review composed by Siti Zulaikhoh’s thesis entitled“Education Values on the Novel “Even After All This Time”. Patience,tolerance, spirit to fight, long-life learning, the process of maturity, and theimportance of parents figure towards their children psychology are some ofthe education values shown in this research. Secondly, the review as written by Widiastuti, “The Moral Values inNovel Ketika Cinta Bertasbih”. In her research, she found out that KetikaCinta Bertasbih is not merely a story about Moslem “culture” about how torepresent love to someone they love, but also a complete series of all fieldmaybe people can imagine in this world, such as politics, Islamic law, ethic,language, culture, religious preaching, and many others. She implies thateducation values in not merely undertaken by the school, but moreimportantly, from their surrounding. In this research, the writer point found a special approach about howeducational values presented in this book towards learning motivation. Thereviews that are based from the previous researcher are written in a shape ofstory. However, this book is more direct, because the author wrote thestatements from her teachers and then explains their main ideas to the readerin a more comprehensive way. This book is a direct lecturing guide,statements, and these teachers give some examples about how the knowledge 9
  • 10. is applied. This book also still in term of fiction because it is used many imaginations, visualization, and magical or psychological examples.G. Research Methodology 1. Research object The object of the research in this study is the teacher’s statements and Rhonda Byrne’s statements in “The Secret” book, and it is published by Atria Books, New York / Beyond Words Publishing, Hillsboro- Oregon. 2. The Methodology of the research In this research, researcher has divided the sources into two types; they are primary source and secondary sources. a. Primary source It is impossible for the researcher to accomplish this research without the primary source. Because, it is a source of original data and a basis of research (Soeharto, 1989:12). From the title of the research explained, therefore, the primary source of this research is taken from “The Secret” written by Rhonda Byrne which is published by Atria Books, New York / Beyond Words Publishing, Hillsboro- Oregon, in 2006. 10
  • 11. b. Secondary sources Two is always better than one. It is why the researchers also need more support in completing the primary data in order to make it more clear, precise, reliable, and appreciable. The supported data is taken from relevant literature theories, literature journals, education books, etc. Some of them are: 1. The Secret-the movie. 2. A.S Hornby, Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary – 7th Edition 3. Bahar Soeharto, Menyiapkan Penelitian dan Penulisan Karya Tulis Imliah (Skripsi-Thesis) 4. M. Taylor, Values Education for Citizens in the New Century, and many others.3. Type of Research Research in literature always needs the other literature materials for the completion of the research. So, the writer decided to have the library research which is conducted by collecting data from books, regulations and academic writing. (Sumanto, 1995:16)4. Technique of Collecting Data Researcher needs some steps in order to complete the data. In this study, the technique used is documents review, where using written recourses to collect the data (Subroto, 1992: 42). This research also used note-taking technique, where the researcher as the main instrument 11
  • 12. undertake an accurate observation, directive steps, and precise towards the primary source, “The Secret” Rhonda Byrne’s book. Secondary data is books, articles, or internet to collect the data. The result of observing those data will be recorded as the data sources, and then it will be used to compose the research. Noeng Muhadjir stated that, data is not “as what has been given from the nature, but it is a result of interaction between the researcher and the data source” (in Aminuddin, 1990: 62). So, the writer uses some steps as follows: a. Read and analyze “The Secret” By Rhonda Byrne. b. Collect the data from related reviews, books, journals, and academic writing c. Write down the important notes in Rhonda Byrne’s book as well as from the other secondary sources. d. Arranging the data into several parts. e. Concluding based on the data analyzed (Lex y, 2002: 130)5. Data Analysis. Data analysis is an effort which is done by working with the data, organizing the data, sorting the data, synthesis it, search and find the pattern, decide the main ideas, what things that are needed to be learnt, and decide what things that are needed to be told to people (Bogdan and Bikken in Moleong, 2005: 248). The technique of analyzing the data will be done descriptively. Aminuddin said that the result or the product of 12
  • 13. data that is needed to be analyzed and the result of the analysis are not innumbers or co-efficiency about the relation between variables (1990: 16). From above, the writer will conduct the analysis with the followingsteps:a. First step, the writer will read it by using heuristic reading, just read as what it is, and then the writer will try to summarize The Secret Rhonda Byrne’s book in a synopsis. Synopsys is a summary of a piece of writing, a play, etc (Hornby, 2005: 1113). According to Keraf (1981: 84), he said that summary précis is an effective way to present a long essay in a short way.b. Second step, the writer will read the primary source repeatedly. According to Rifaterre (in Pradopo, 2003: 135), Hermeneutic reading is said as a repetitive reading (retroactive) after heuristic reading by giving its literature convention. The aim of hermeneutic reading is find the significant meaning, which is the educational value of the book.c. To get the relation between educational value and learning motivation, the writer will extract the learning motivation from the book.d. Concluding the data analysis. 13
  • 14. H. Graduating Paper Outline In order to make this study systematic, the writer divides this study into five chapters. Chapter I is introduction, which consist of background of the study, statement of the problem, the objective of the study, the benefit of the study, clarification of key terms, review of previous research, research methodology and graduating paper outline. Chapter II is theoretical review; which consists of the definition of education, value and the description of educational values. Chapter III consists of certain elements consist in Rhonda Byrne’s book, “The Secret”. It is including the biography of the author, and the synopsis of the novel. Chapter IV, the writer presents the findings and discussion. It consists of the educational values in “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne’s book; the style of presenting the educational values in The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne’s book, and the significance, relevance, and implication of educational values in this book towards learning motivation. Chapter V is the closing that will be used by the writer to make conclusion of the research and suggestions. The last part is bibliography, and appendix 14