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The Changing Landscape of Social Media
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The Changing Landscape of Social Media


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Overview of social media landscape in late 2012, including Facebook's "pay-to-play" controversy for Pages and proposals for our library's response

Overview of social media landscape in late 2012, including Facebook's "pay-to-play" controversy for Pages and proposals for our library's response

Published in: Business
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Emerging Technology Trends Mark Dellenbaugh APL Virtual Services Supervisor
    • 2.  Current state of the Major players in Social Media: industry Where Social Media seems be going (with one large disclaimer) Our strategic response to emerging trends (with a few modest proposals…)
    • 3. Not to scale.
    • 4.
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    • 7.  Out to pasture ◦ MySpace Primary players ◦ Facebook ◦ Twitter ◦ Flickr ◦ YouTube Not right for APL at this time, but on our radar and in our sandboxes ◦ Pinterest ◦ Foursquare ◦ Google+ ◦ Tumblr ◦ Goodreads Contingency planning for rapid response IFTTT can help us if we need to bring a new platform online quickly
    • 8. ―The Social Library: How Public Libraries Are Using Social Media‖
    • 9.  How many of you have personal Facebook accounts that you actively use? Twitter accounts? Google+? Pinterest? Tumblr? MySpace? Instagram? Others? For those who actively use Facebook, how many are fans/likers of our page? (Why not join your colleagues?) For those who actively use Twitter, how many are followers of @ArlingtonTXLib? (Why not join your colleagues?)
    • 10. Click the buttonon the SUV to launch avideo in a browserwindow. Then continuepresentation! Created by Socialnomics, discovered at Stephen’sLighthouse Disclaimer: "Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future." —Niels Bohr
    • 11.  1) Are we using social media as effectively as possible in terms of content?? 2) Do we have too many eggs in Facebook’s basket 3) Is the era of the ―Free Lunch‖ over?
    • 12. The Real Value of Facebook Is Friends of Fans We will place greater emphasis on interactive posts that take advantage of the social and interactive aspects of this media to energize current fans to generate awareness with their friends: ◦ Encourage interactions with content to build awareness ◦ Run contests or trivia where your fans reveal interesting things about their personality ◦ Ask customers to post photos ◦ Feature customers on your Facebook ◦ Provide incentives for sharing ◦ Build contests for sharing and social spread, not to maximize entries ◦ Create an extraordinary visual experience that customers want to share ◦ Build mass momentum with events Source: The Real Value of Facebook Isn’t Your Likes or Fans
    • 13.  No. Facebook has large & stable enough market share that external threats to their dominance are effectively managed by either imitation (Foursquare) or acquisition …most Facebook users remain (Instagram) loyal, active, and engaged. Credible alternatives simply do not exist right now, so despite the popular Facebook pastime of grumbling about changes…
    • 14.  Facebook’s IPO and new responsibilities to shareholders mean additional pressures to increase revenue Customers/personal account holders cannot be a source directly…
    • 15.  Guesswork – nothing official Monkey see, Monkey do Logical flaw
    • 16. ―The upshot is that brands can stillaccess fans of their Facebook pagesbut they’ll have to pay to reach themall.Some may have assumed that they couldreach all their fans no matter what through aFacebook post for free.But because there is so much content goingthrough Facebook, they’ll have to pay.‖
    • 17. We pay for printing… bookmarks and fliers and posters and newsletters.We pay for email marketing
    • 18. Let’s try a pilot to see ifpromoting a handful of carefullychosen Facebook posts thatsupport our biggest priorities ismoney well-spent.If we get to the point of a votefor library construction, we’llwant to make sure we have allmarketing tools primed andready for maximum impact!