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Technology Survey Summary
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Technology Survey Summary


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We surveyed our patrons to find out how they feel about the technology offered at the Arlington Public Library. This is a summary of their responses. Thanks again to everyone who participated.

We surveyed our patrons to find out how they feel about the technology offered at the Arlington Public Library. This is a summary of their responses. Thanks again to everyone who participated.

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. Technology Survey Summary
    March – April 2011
  • 2. We wanted to know
    How do people use library computers and technology?
    How valued is our technology service to the community?
    Why do patrons use our computers?
    How successful are our patrons at meeting their goals?
  • 3. Who responded?
    71% completed the survey from home [graph 2]
    92% completed the entire survey
    1,120 attempted / 1,029 completed the survey
    69% have used library computers in the last 3 months [graph 3]
  • 4. Graph 2
  • 5. Graph 3
  • 6. Patron Satisfaction
    88% feel library technology access is important to the community[graph 4]
    77% are satisfied with library computers[graph 5]
    1.4% were dissatisfied with library computers
    Suggestions for improvement
    Adding more computers
    Extended time allowed on computers
    Increasing Wi-Fi range
  • 7. Graph 4
  • 8. Graph 5
  • 9. Patron Assistance and Training
    Patrons have asked for help [graph 6]
    using computers
    printing and saving
    navigating the library’s website
    Classes with the most interest [graph 7]
    Using eBooks and eAudiobooks
    Online Genealogy
    Starting a Website
    Microsoft Office
  • 10. Graph 6
  • 11. 27.4 %
    Graph 7
  • 12. About our Patrons
    Have a computer at home
    90% of seniors 55+
    86% of adults 20-55
    80% of teens 13-19
    Use library computers for Internet once monthly
    26% of seniors
    38% of adults
    65% of teens
  • 13. About our Patrons
    Use a mobile device to access library resources
    11% of seniors
    26% of adults
    40% of teens
  • 14. Job Search
    Use library computers to apply for a job
    30 seniors applied for a job – 16 interviewed – 8 were hired
    107 adults applied for a job – 54 interviewed – 30 were hired
    15 teens applied for a job – 7 interviewed – 5 were hired
  • 15. Communication
    Use library computers to check email
    19% of seniors
    32% of adults
    42% of teens
  • 16. Health and Wellness
    Use library computers for health and wellness information
    7% of seniors
    15% of adults
    12% of teens
    Top areas of research for health & wellness
    Research illness or disease
    Research medical procedure
    Research illness or disease
    Disease and diet
    Research illness or disease
  • 17. Education and Training
    Use library computers for education and training
    7% of seniors
    20% of adults
    48% of teens
    Top areas of interest in education and training
    9 took an online class
    9 researched degrees and certifications
    4 were admitted to a degree or certificate program
    52 respondents helped their children with homework
    33 completed coursework online
    18 researched degrees and certifications
    10 were admitted to a certificate or degree program
    20 respondents worked on homework
    15 respondents took a class online
  • 18. Library Computer Use by Zip
  • 19. Job Seeking at the Library by Zip
  • 20. Educational Use at the Library by Zip