Downloading Overdrive eBooks

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  • 1. Overdrive Ebooks to a Sony Ereader or Barnes & Noble Nook
  • 2. If you have not done so already, download the OverDrive Media Console. Go to the library homepage- Click “Audiobooks”
  • 3. Click “Overdrive Audiobooks and Ebooks”
  • 4. Click “Digital Software”
  • 5. Click the Overdrive Media Console Icon
  • 6. Click “Download Now”
    • Click “Save”
  • 7. Also, download Adobe Digital Editions
    • Go back to the digital software page
    • Click “Adobe Digital Editions”
  • 8. Click “Download now”
  • 9. Click “Install”
  • 10. Click “Install” again
  • 11. Press “Yes” to continue to download
  • 12. Please Note:
    • it may be necessary to install firmware updater and a new version of Sony eBook library to your Sony Ereader. See this site for download information
    • Also, you will need to create a Adobe Digital Editions account. Sign up for one at this website:
    • Click “your account” at the top left corner of the page, then click “Create an Adobe account.”
    • There are two ways to locate ebooks. You can find them in the catalog, and then click the picture of a globe to take you to Overdrive. Or, you can find them directly from Overdrive.
  • 13.
    • Click “Digital Home” to get back to the main search screen.
  • 14. Plug in your Sony Ereader or Nook Once you find your desired title, click “add to download cart”
  • 15. Click “proceed to checkout”
  • 16. Choose your lending period: 7, 14, or 21 days
  • 17. Click “Confirm Checkout” Click “Download”
  • 18. Under “Open with” chose “Adobe Digital Reader.” Click “OK”
    • Click “Open.” It should open through Adobe Digital Reader
  • 19.
    • Login to your Adobe Digital Reader Account
    • Adobe Digital Reader should recognize your Ereader/Nook and ask you to authenticate it
    • Once authenticated, your Ereader/Nook should show up on your bookshelf
  • 20. Sony Ereader
  • 21. Barnes & Noble Nook
  • 22. Click on the picture of your ebook and drag it to your Ereader/Nook on your bookshelf
  • 23. The Ebook will be copied to your Ereader/Nook
  • 24.
    • How to turn in an Overdrive Ebook early
  • 25. In Adobe Digital Editions, click on the “Item Options” button next to the title.
  • 26. Click “Return Borrowed Item”