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Our Project Supporting Gun Control

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Moms For Gun Control

  1. 1. GUN CONTROL Week 5 Group A ProjectM4 GC Moms For Gun Control
  2. 2. GUN CONTROLWeek 5 Project Group A –Socio 4080-3: Contributors: Arlene Wint-Thorpe Nancy Strasser-King Karen Hammes Jennifer Bateman DeRon Harper Amanda Durso Walden University 2013 April 02
  3. 3. INVITATION M4 GC Moms For Gun ControlWe invite you to join us, “Like” our facebook page at Please feel free to make suggestions or leave your comments
  4. 4. WEAPONS what should be controlled?• When the 2nd Amendment was written the most powerful weapon was a MUSKET (Scoping out the Limits of “Arms”, 2012, p. 688)• A MUSKET can fire 3x per minute (Scoping out the Limits of “Arms”, 2012, p. 688)• Today’s weapons can fire 600 rounds per minute (Scoping out the Limits of “Arms”, 2012, p. 688) Scoping out the Limits of “Arms” Under the Second Amendment. (2012). Kansas Law Review, 60(4), 681-721.
  5. 5. WEAPONS & the 2 nd amendment what are arms?arms are not clearly defined in the 2nd amendment So what are arms? ? ?
  6. 6. WEAPONS & the 2 nd amendment what are arms? are assault weapons protected? why would someone need these?for protection? or hunting?
  7. 7. WEAPONS & the 2 nd amendment what are arms? for mass shootings? 2012 Aurora Theater Shooting 1999 Columbine Shooting Smith & Wesson M&P15 (Dao, 2012) 2012 Newtown Shooting Hi-Point model 995 carbine rifle (Cullen, 2010) Bushmaster .223-calibre rifle (Dao, 2012)Cullen, D. (2010). Retrieved from (, J. (2012). Aurora Gunman’s Arsenal. The New York Times. Retrieved from
  8. 8. WEAPONS let’s make it harder weapons used in mass shootings are typically legally obtainedFollman, M., Aronsen, G., & Pan, D. (2013). A Guide to Mass Shootings in America. Mother Jones. Retrieved from
  9. 9. WEAPONS let’s make it harder some say “gun control won’t help”“someone who wants a gun will find a way to get one” we say “let’s make it harder”
  10. 10. GUN VIOLENCE IN THE U.S. GUN OWNERSHIP:• In the U.S. there is an estimated 283 million guns in civilian hands.• Each year about 4.5 million firearms (approx. 2 million handguns) are sold in the U.S.• The average number of guns per owner has increased from 4.1 in 1994 to 6.9 in 2004 Reference: Heeding God’s Call (2013) USA Gun Violence Statistics
  11. 11. GUN DEATHS IN THE U.S.• More than 30,000 people are killed by firearms each year• 1/2 of these deaths = ages 18 to 35 and 1/3 = under age 20.• Gun related homicide 2nd leading cause of death ages 15 - 24 and the primary cause of death in African Americans of that age group Reference: Heeding God’s Call (2013) USA Gun Violence Statistics
  12. 12. COST OF GUN VIOLENCE•Increases medical costs•Increases costs of the criminaljustice system•Increases security precautions•Reduces the quality of life because thefear of gun violence•U.S. lifetime medical costs for gunshotinjuries total $2.3 billion
  13. 13. GUN VIOLENCE AROUND THE WORLD•Japan (pop. 130 million) = 7 gun deaths in 2011.•Switzerland ( pop. 8 million) = 24 gundeaths in 2009.• Brazil tops the global list for gun murders = 34,678 gun deaths in 2011.Reference: The Crime Report (2013). Gun Violence Around the World: Little in Japan, Switzerland, Lots in Brazil.
  14. 14. INFLUENCE BY NRA ON THE GOVERNMENT•The NRA has an overwhelming influence on the government•290 politicians took money from theNRA in 2012•During the election of 2012, NRA spent $25 million on supporting guns.•Reference: National Rifle Assocation (2013).
  15. 15. IS GUN VIOLENCE A MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE?•China has strict gun laws, but attacksstill happen – but by other means such as knife and machete attacks
  16. 16. IS GUN VIOLENCE A MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE?•Mass killings are usually done bypsychotic or mentally ill individuals(Williams, 2012).•Mental Illness can escalate into GUNVIOLENCE (TWH, 2013).
  17. 17. NOW IS THE TIME!•Mental Health treatment is difficult due to insufficient mental healthproviders•Less than ½ of mentally ill individuals receive treatment
  18. 18. MENTAL HEALTH ISSUESCan we prevent tragic incidents? M4GC says:•Identify and treat mentally ill persons•Authorize health care providers to report onfirearm possessions of mentally ill individuals•Stipulate that health insurance covers mentalhealth
  19. 19. 2 AMENDMENT NDWould our founding fathers rewrite it inthe 21st century? 17TH CENTURY WEAPONS Muskets and bayonets
  20. 20. 2 AMENDMENT NDWould our founding fathers rewrite it inthe 21st century?21st CENTURY WEAPONS M16 AK47
  22. 22. 2 AMENDMENT NDRIGHTS TO BEAR ARMS –ratified in 1791(Scalet & Arthur, 2013) HAS NOT CHANGED! BUT GUNS ARE NOW MORE DEADLY than those in that century!
  23. 23. 1 AMENDMENT st GUARANTEES FREEDOM OF SPEECH – (Witt, 1988) M4GC campaigns for gun control: Guns used in indiscriminate and uncontrollable ways to take innocent lives, are infringements tothe safety of our children and family.
  24. 24. ILLEGAL GUNS As of Jan 2013, 350 million small arms in circulation in the US.
  25. 25. ILLEGAL GUNS Terrorism, criminality, and political violence are mostly supported by small arms (Stohl et al, 2007) leading toSource:  HUMAN DEATHATF FFL Compliance Inspections Fact Sheet, June, 2008 
  26. 26. ILLEGAL GUNS Source: Jamaica Constabulary Force 
  27. 27. ILLEGAL GUNSSince 1980, there have been more than30,000 murders in Jamaica with apopulation of under 3 million. Themajority of these murders were gun-related. Illegal guns are easily accessedas Jamaica’s border is porous and it is inclose proximity to the US (Moxam, 2013).
  28. 28. GUN CONTROL MEASURES•Do universal background checks oneveryone seeking gun ownership•Give support to mental health programs•Provide funding for special education•Provide funding for scientific research onbehavior and mental issues.
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