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This is the presentation I made at the Young Creative Entrepreneur Award (held by British Council, India) for my social media agency BlueAnt Digital Intelligence. We didnt win the award, but we had some fun conversations. Would love to know your thoughts on this presentation.
Know more about us here: and

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BlueAnt Digital's YCE Presentation

  1. 1. People MSc Communication information and Society (Research) Tech B.Tech 1st Feb 2011 MediaElectronics and Instrumenttion PG Diploma Print Journalism
  2. 2. People Legoized Young Production Environment Network Multiple Organization Solutions MashUps FlexibleTech Media
  3. 3. To enablepeople to Interact with products, brands andeach other by strategically deployingmedia-technologythat would work best in their context. Its isgivennot one product. many products.It isThis processof coming up with suchproducts and solutionswould beMyUSP.
  4. 4. I solve your outreach problems. medium for your message? How can yourWhat is the bestbrand engage people? Are the right peopleBeing Reached? What is the best technologyfor you? solutions specifically tailored to yourAnd come up withorganization, product, service, brand And even helppoets and musicians reach out to newaudiences. That is myService.
  5. 5. My clients includelarge organizations and SMEs to individualand independent artists. The client range includes companiesof many sizes and functions. There isn’t onetype of client. It depends on the problemThat needssolving.Target Clients.
  6. 6. sounds up in the air. So lets takeA lot of thissome specific examples of my work.In an increasing order ofcomplexity.
  7. 7. Problem:No coherent marketing.No brand recognition.Very little web traffic.No analysis. Leads to: Relevant Traffic up from 690/week to 2700/week. LinkedIn + Twitter become traffic drivers. Report sales go up. Recognized Solar Consultancy.Solution:Market research + Social Media Audit.Social Media Strategy.Social Media.
  8. 8. Problem:Have a legal compliance management system.Those who are most liable don’t view it.But they have iPads.Solution:Create a LCM app for upper Management.More views, More responses, More monitoringWin: executives show off app, get call from more companies to deploy the system.Apps.
  9. 9. Problem:Khoj has done a lot of projects in Khirkee Village.Projects are pulled down in 3-6 months.You can see pictures, but not the space in which the art was displayed.Solution:Created an Augmented Reality application (Layar)You can experience artwork exactly where it placed, even though its been physically removed.First such art + technology project in India.Augmented Reality.
  10. 10. Problem:I wanted to create a something that would react to music and movement.The purpose to create a new experience at live music gigs and discos.But it had to be affordable and visually interesting. This is a video in the original slide show: You can see it hereSolution:Created a program that captures movement with an Xbox 360 Kinect and a mic.Used that to create near 3D images and manipulated them via ambient sound.Win: Used it to create music videos for upcoming artists.Visualizing Sound.
  11. 11. Problem:Anglian want to make local football popular.But games are not telecast or spoken about in the media.Can you engage people in public spaces without owning media rights? This is a video in the original slide show. You can see it here.Solution:Created a game which can be placed in open space (pub, café, club).Locally branded game that requires no controllers and no prior knowledge of footballWin: works on the web and mobile devices as well.Kinect.
  12. 12. Khoj has helped create a new way to archiveMy work withand experience art and proved that it works for people. Kinect and music is also helping in creating newProjects with thelive experiences, one that isnt predetermined. coders, designers,Finally in all my work, people from different disciplines,writers, film makers have come together to create things.As digital work increases, all of these people acrossthe creative space benefit.That is my contribution to the creative space.Creative
  13. 13. Business Model Social Media Experimental Strategy/Execution Content Commissioned Created+feedback from market needs/response: Leads to new skills and new services.Business Model.
  14. 14. Social Media and reactive media experiences are constantlyevolving. Dropping computingcost, increased access, new marketsand new opportunities. TheFlipkart moment iscoming. Till then numbers arespeculative.Makethathappen.Market Size
  15. 15. Social Media isTraditional media is hard to monitor and expensive.targeted, accurate information, numbers, demographics,reaction times. Plus is a fractionof the cost.Advertising is failing. Increased cost, reduced response. Reactive experiences giveusers something fun and engaging, helps brandrecall and supports media-techdevelopment.Shrinking screens. On the move. Always on, always connected.Smartphones are growing. Indiahas one of fasted growingmarkets.Market G a p s
  16. 16. Quality Manpower is hard to find. Coders anddesigners are reluctant to work if they don’t see a brand or if thework doesnt’t fit an established IT field. Experimental isconsidered too risky to build careers in.Economic shocks in the local and global markets are causing atightening of budgets. This may reduce spend in the shortterm, but because of effectiveness, effectivetracking, higher brand recall andreduced costs these media solutions may becomeeven more popular.Risks.
  17. 17. UK, having lived and worked there. I am confident thatI am familiar with theI can find and create new business opportunities there. To me it representsaccess to technology, to a new marketand a channel to possible increase my presence inIndia.I would like to come back with more consulting or creativemandates, new technology tool kits,access to resources and contacts,and new ideas.Would love to meet:OneDotZeroThe MillBReelLBIGlueIsobarUK.
  18. 18. Thank YOU.