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Altoids Advertising Campaign
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Altoids Advertising Campaign


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University of Miami - Marketing and Advertisement Course taken in Spring 2010. …

University of Miami - Marketing and Advertisement Course taken in Spring 2010.

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  • Big Bang Theory to target out techy consumer. It is the highest-rated show of that evening in the adults 18–49 demographic (4.6/10), along with a then series-high 12.83 million viewers.[Wikipedia Out- of- Home advertising, we are advertising in 10 cities in the southwestern US. Using theatre commercials. In 2010 the US movie Market sold 275 million tickets. Movie ads are a great way to share the spotlight. buses and bus stations and billboards. Today, consumers spend more time traveling in their vehicals then ever before. That makes outdoor advertising a more owerful medium than ever. In the past 25 years, the number of vehicles on the road increased 128%. No other advertising medium reaches as many people, as often. f course we will take advantage of facebook ads.
  • For the trendy target we will play commercials during the MTV series Jersey Shore, The City, and The Hills. Magazine media will be used in communicating to both targets. Cosmo and InStyle for the trendy consumer. Wired for the techy.
  • Where did we get that frequency for facebook from? When I did it I got 200,000 clicks at .50 per click.Product placement in Big Bang Theory. Commercials during The MTV programming throughout the time of the contest. One full page ad in all three magazines for the 3 months. Out-of-home advertisements placed in the 10 cities for the months of the Tinnovation contest. And FaceBook ads targeting our target market during that time as well priced at .50 per click. Gives us $1000 budget per day.
  • Transcript

    • 1. STRENGTHS Unique and strong flavor High brand recognition Extensive product line Appeals to an older audience(Boomers) Tin differentiates the brand fromcompetitors 3rd in the mint market
    • 2. STRENGTHSBreath Savers29%Tic Tac25%Altoids23%Other23%Market Share
    • 3. WEAKNESSES Tin and packaging considered old andnot “cool” by Generation Y adults. Media used does not reach the targetaudience effectively Mints lack functionality Tins considered bulky, noisy, and badfor the environment
    • 4. THREATS The mint market growth is declining whilethe gum and mouthwash markets aregrowing The main consumers (Boomers) areslowing realizing the health and dentaleffects of mints Global economy is down Has more calories in mints than BreathSavers and Tic Tac
    • 5. OPPORTUNITIES Generation Y are heavy gum and mintusers (more than 70 million) Generation Y less concerned with long-term dental effects of eating mints Altoids tins are used by a niche market tocreate everyday accessories andappliances
    • 6. ADVERTISING OBJECTIVES Recreate the brand image so that itappeals to a younger audience Convince the target audience thatAltoids brand is “cool”
    • 7. PRIMARY TARGET AUDIENCEGeneration Y: 18-24 Trendy Most likely female Shopaholics Multitaskers
    • 8. SECONDARY TARGET AUDIENCEGeneration Y: “Techies” Usually male (18-24) Usually early adopters Use everyday objects ininnovative ways
    • 9. BRAND POSITIONAltoids is the curiously strong mintcontained in a tin box that the targetaudience can use as an accessory
    • 10. MESSAGE STRATEGY- CONSUMER INSIGHTSPrimary Target Market (18-24 Females): Multitaskers While they follow fashion trends, they still try tostand out in the crowd, especially by beingthemselves (ex. YouTube bloggers) They also prefer personalized options They perceive Altoids as “old fashioned”
    • 11. CONSUMER INSIGHTSSecondary Target Audience (Techies):• Are typically early adopters Are already using Altoids to invent innovativeaccessories for everyday life Sharing their ideas with others online
    • 12. OldNew
    • 13. CREATIVE CONCEPTShowcase everyday uses of the Altoids tin bypresenting it different types of media inunexpected ways
    • 14. SELLING PREMISE Altoids is the curiously strong mint thatencourages the consumer to self –express by“tinnovating” Be Curious. Be Yourself. Tinnovate
    • 15. StuffClarissa: Did you see that newmovie?Lauren Conrad: Yeah, the guy in itwas so hot.Action: Hot Boy enters Starbucks.(Music fades in)Clarissa: Hey, he kinda looks likethat guy!Camera does a slow motion.Music gets louder-”he’s only gonna breakbreak your heart..”Clarissa: No! don’t turn around!Lauren Conrad: Wait, I need a closer look!Action: Takes out Altoids .Action: Looks at Hot Boy in the mirror.Lauren Conrad: ooo he is cuteeee. Waitwhy is his head getting bigger?Clarissa: cause he’s coming here!
    • 16. Be Curious.Be Yourself.Tinnovate.Lauren Conrad: Quick! Have anAltoid!Action: Both reach into tin.Action: Lauren eating mint Action: Hot Boy right behind LaurenHot Boy: Is that a mirror? Because Ican see myself in your tin.
    • 17. MEDIA STRATEGY- OBJECTIVES Reaching target audience using specificmagazines, television programs, and outdooradvertisement (on the go) Seeing Altoids in unexpected places
    • 18. Product Placement:• The Big BangTheoryOut-of-Home:• Theatercommercial• Buses and Busstations• BillboardsInternet:• Facebook
    • 19. Television: MTV• Jersey Shore• The City• The HillsMagazines:• Cosmopolitan• InStyle• Wired
    • 20. SCHEDULINGMedia Date Frequency CostTelevision 4/27/2010-7/27/2010600 $8,400,000Product Placement 4/26/2010 1 $100,000Magazine 4/27/2010-7/27/20109 $1,800,000Out-of-Home 4/27/2010-7/27/201030000 $10,000,000Internet 4/27/2010-7/27/2010200,000 $100,000Total $11,400,000
    • 21. SALES PROMOTIONS / SPONSORSHIP Samples: College Campus. PlinkoBoard. Kiosk in the quad/breezeway Coupons: College dorms Promotional Products: T-shirts, Pens, and Frisbees
    • 22. CONTEST Run a contest to see who can comeup with the best “tinnovation” $10,000 Prize that can be used topursue any form of education 3 months long
    • 23. CONTEST Advertainment: Sponsor oneepisode in CBS’s the Big BangTheory Episode revolves aroundSheldon trying to create abrilliant invention to submit forthe Altoids contest Will generate a buzz
    • 24. PUBLIC RELATIONS Career Fair Events Date Auctions Emphasis on re-using tin etc. Operation Smile- children with clef chin
    • 25. ONLINE MARKETING Website links to contest Announcement of new product eventsetc. Website will be the hub for the contest
    • 26. BUDGET73%10%12%5%SalesMedia Production Promotion EvaluationTotal: 15,000,000
    • 27. EVALUATION Tests to measure performance: Wave Analysis: interviews duringcampaign Motivation Test ARS