Mahmuda Mutahara "towards preachin what is practiced?"


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Mahmuda Mutahara "towards preachin what is practiced?"

  1. 1. Towards preaching what is practiced?From practices to possibilities for living with flood in rural area of Bangladesh delta Mahmuda Mutahara PhD Candidate Wageningen University, Netherlands Date: 2 December 2012
  2. 2. Project Background
  3. 3.  Poverty and hunger  Social insecurity Social and institutional conflict Ecological disruption
  4. 4. Focus Area Region: South-west Districts: Jessore, Khulna, South- Western Satkhira RegionSATKHIRA River System: Upper Bhadra, Hari, Kobadak, Bhairab
  5. 5. Behind the Problem Frequent cyclone and storm surges Un available upstream flow from Ganges River Changing nature of tidal action Shifting pattern of seasonal rainfall Structural Interventions(Coastal Embankment and polder)
  6. 6. Problem Statement
  7. 7. ObjectivesInnovate a learning process and contribute for strengthening ruralcommunity resiliencei) Identify peoples’ perception to flood and changes in livelihoodsii) Show the relationship/gap between water management system and community practiseiii) Compare community views to WMP in Bangladesh and Dutch deltaiv) Develop an indicator framework to assess community resiliencei) Innovate a Multi Actor Learning Approach to enhance community resilience
  8. 8. Main Research Questions Research Sub - Questions How do people define the flood culture in SW area of Bangladesh delta? How do water management initiatives influence the livelihoods and community development in such flood vulnerable rural coastal area? What is the community view and how do they respond to practiced water management system in Bangladesh and Dutch delta in terms of future climate vulnerability? How does community resilience be assessed in a flood vulnerable rural area of Bangladesh delta? How does a knowledge approach contribute to enhance the community resilience in rural delta of Bangladesh in context of climate risk?
  9. 9. General Research Concept Definition: Issue and vulnerabilityIntegration: Interaction: Integrate social, economic, Community, managementenvironmental factors options, Policy maker (different level of actor) Identification: Current capacity to cope with climate change (level of resilience) Innovation: Knowledge to community level capacity enhancement
  10. 10. Data Collection:  Literature review/institutional survey  Participatory Rural Appraisal  Mobility map  Social Map (Village map)  Group Discussion or FSM  Actors dialogue and feed back  Questionnaire survey  Case studies  Interview with experts and agencies
  11. 11. Study Components Development of MASL framework Assess community resilience (Using DROP Model) Identification of resilience factor for locality Comparative analysis between community view and response to WM in BD and NL Identification impact to livelihood system Review and scenario generation of certain issue (flood & water logging)
  12. 12. Work Plan Period Place Proposed activitiesFrom March to August 2012 The Attending courses and work on research proposal, Netherlands literature reviewFrom September 2012 to Bangladesh First field visit: defining study area; SecondaryFebruary 2013 information collection; Institutional survey and data collectionFrom March to May 2013 The Reviewing information gathered and draft of first and Netherlands second articlesFrom June 2013 to February 2014 Bangladesh Second field visit: Questioners survey, Stakeholder consultationFrom March to May 2014 The Review of collected data, data analysis and draft of 3rd Netherlands articlesFrom June 2014 to August 2015 Bangladesh Final field visit: FGD and stakeholder workshop; data analysis and report writingFrom September 2015 to The Reviewing previous articles and writing final thesisFebruary 2016 Netherlands
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