Fifteen Poems - A free e-book


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A collection of fifteen of my poems in a free e-book.

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Fifteen Poems - A free e-book

  1. 1. Fifteen Poems A free e-book by Arjan Tupan
  2. 2. I have always loved reading. Since mentioned blog, some freshly translated childhood I devoured books, newspapers, from my native tongue: Dutch. All magazines; and later of course blogs and accompanied by pictures I found fitting. other treasures I could find on the web. I Pictures I made myself, to share the way I am a big fan of stories. Epic or small; see the world. concise. And from all that reading, came This e-book is my gift to you. You can an urge to share my own stories as well. In download it and are free to share it if you the form of blog posts, a short story, an so please, by sending it to a friend, article, tweets, or poetry. Mainly I write for posting a link on facebook or twitter, or by myself, or sometimes my muse. Even putting it on your site as a gift to your though I publish some on my blog, it is visitors. I just hope you enjoy reading my always more of a personal thing. And now, poems as much as I have enjoyed writing it is time to share some of it in a different them. way. In this e-book, you’ll find a selection of my poems. Poems about love and daily Arjan Tupan, life. Some already published on the afore Spring 2010 A Few Words To Begin With
  3. 3. A Promise Of Blueness A clear blue sky. Promise, of a smooth ride ahead. Everything seems even more beautiful than it is. Clouds will come. But the clear blueness convinces us that the mere drizzle will just wash away dust and dirt. The storms of the past to refreshing showers reduced. The blue clearness covers and heals the wounds. Life is great on the day we are greeted by the clear blue sky. We enjoy it. We cherish it. We live it. And we should.
  4. 4. Only 504 Kilometers Between Us Darkness falls over the péage As I head North. Every roadmark tells me I am moving further away from you. But each passing minute brings the moment I see you again closer.
  5. 5. Poetweet Think, rethink, shuffle and reshuffle. Then summarize and think again. A thought, a poem condensed to the limit of 140 characters.
  6. 6. A Nomad I Am I am a nomad, it's official now. In a temporary place I live, To move to the next place soon. And after that another one, Of which I know I'll leave it anyhow. I enjoy being a nomad, I know now. Moving from place to place, Home to home, country to country. Taking with me new experiences along the way, new habits, new culture. Always growing and learning somehow. No more fixed places, the world completely open. Opportunities everywhere. A nomad I am.
  7. 7. And then, just before we reach the summit of our low climb, the sweeping searchlight of the Eiffel Tower signals our return in the bright night sky. We're home. Holiday's over. Back to work. Our Rentrée
  8. 8. Beijing: An Attempted Haiku Temples and hutongs dragons and people abound. Tea an oasis.
  9. 9. In The Air Again A bed of fluffy clouds stretches out below us almost as far as the eye can see. The sun makes me squint while writing this. Again I am on my way to Paris. Planes having almost become trams or buses for me. Apart from the magnificent views of landscapes quickly getting smaller, mountain ranges becoming sand ripples where sea touches land; seas and oceans dotted with pinprick sized boats; and a fluffy bed of clouds, stretching as far as I want to see.
  10. 10. Behind The Man In Front Of Me The man who's crawling in front of me is practicing his guitar playing. My radio renders his sounds inaudible to me and tells me we're in eight kilometers of traffic jam.
  11. 11. Paris A Ghost Town The dome of Les Invalides catches the rising sun's rays, The Champs Elysees still empty, as is Paris plage. Morning traffic flows easily past quais and boulevards. It's August, Paris a ghost town.
  12. 12. The Miracle Of Flying The miracle of flying never seizes to amaze. It starts out on the runway with the gathering of pace. And then, defying gravity when the wheels lift off the ground; climbing to cruise altitude hearing the jets' powerful sound. Breathtaking views from way up where everything seems small: the cities, lakes and mountains; even the biggest wars of all. Then to touch down back on earth and make the amazement count.
  13. 13. Two swans on the Marne, their offspring between them. Watched from the boat by champagne drinking partiers. But actually, I see us, in a little while. You and I, our offspring between us, wonderfully floating through life. Marne Swans
  14. 14. Daddy Understands Hello little big man, with your big smile, your teeth coming through, your fluffy hair. Yes, it is exactly as you say. Let those crazy grown ups be, they can babble and peek-a-boo all they want. Daddy listens and understands you better every day.
  15. 15. Untitled I reached for the stars and touched one. The heat, cosy at first, burned my hand. But in the end what remains is that I touched a star.
  16. 16. Untitled Their white bellies lit by the city lights, a flock of birds passed by the clear evening sky last night in perfect v-shaped waves. Were they heralding spring or fleeing today's snow?
  17. 17. Autumn In The Amsterdam Forest Where our picknick basket stood this summer, now lies a big puddle of mud. The many playing and sunbathing have yielded their space for the odd walker in rain coat and ditto boots. The ground is covered in leaves. It is autumn, also in the Amsterdam Forest.
  18. 18. About Arjan and this book Arjan Tupan is a Dutchman living in Riga. He is an amateur cook, traveller, reader, social media fanatic and self-proclaimed poet. He keeps a blog, called A Clear Blue Sky, where he writes about living abroad, travelling, work, life in general and publishes his poetry. In professional life, Arjan is founder and director of Who walks the Dog, a European Management Consultancy firm based in Latvia. You can visit his blog at, or follow Arjan on Twitter as @arjantupan. As said in the few words beforehand, you are free to distribute this e-book at will, under the Creative Commons Attribution license. The font used in this book is Junction Regular, designed by The League of Moveable Type -