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CSR Webtools

  1. 1. Who walks CSR Webtools the Dog http://whowalksthedog.com Easy-to-use webtools for CSR professionals
  2. 2. Who walks the Dog What Why Easy-to-use webtools to kick-start, extend, augment or improve your efforts of being a Who walks the Dog socially responsible believes that with a business. small effort you can make a big difference. For your business and for society. These tools Browse the list, check will make that easy. out the websites, and select and use the ones that fit your CSR strategy. And if you know or use other tools like this, please share them. How http://whowalksthedog.com
  3. 3. Who walks Ethical Business Business, Conflict and Peace Portal the Dog The Business, Conflict and Peace Portal provides information on how businesses are impacting conflict and post-conflict zones, in either a positive or a negative way. You can see how your suppliers or clients are behaving, and find guidelines on how you can have a positive impact on troublesome regions. http://whowalksthedog.com Go to http://www.business-humanrights.org/ConflictPeacePortal/Home to check it out
  4. 4. Who walks Philanthropy Causes the Dog Causes is a Facebook application that connects your friends and fans to your favorite cause. You can set a fundraising goal, or put a widget on your Facebook page for one or more causes, to enhance your fundraising efforts. http://whowalksthedog.com Log on to Facebook and visit http://apps.facebook.com/causes
  5. 5. Who walks Environment Offset Carbon Footprint the Dog The Carbon Advice Group has created a unique affiliate programme: create your own mini-site through which you, your employees, your clients, business partners, family and friends can calculate their carbon footprint, and then buy carbon offsets. Your mini-site is easy to create, and can be branded in your company’s house style. Sort of. http://whowalksthedog.com Start offsetting your Carbon Footprint at http://www.carbonadvicegroup.com/
  6. 6. Who walks Philanthropy Collect With JustGiving & FirstGiving the Dog When you organise an event, or have another idea that involves collecting money and forwarding it to a charity of your choice, UK based JustGiving.com, and US sister site Firstgiving.com, can take over all the logistics of collecting and forwarding funds. This enables you to focus on the event and the fundraising. For a small cost covering fee, both enable you to set up a fundraising page, where people can donate via internet with credit and debit cards. Just Giving even takes care of reclaiming GiftAid from the government for UK tax payers. http://whowalksthedog.com See it in action at http://www.justgiving.com/ChangeThroughFootball
  7. 7. Who walks Miscellaneous 3BL.me URL shortener the Dog Whether it is on Twitter, or Facebook, or more and more also in mail and internal communication platforms, shortening urls helps you to get rid of those links spanning 3 lines. And if you use a url shortener, why not support a cause by doing so? For every url shortened, 3BL Media donates a small amount of money to one of the selected charities. If you want, you can suggest one yourself as well. http://whowalksthedog.com From now on, shorten your urls at http://3bl.me
  8. 8. Who walks A Who walks the Dog Presentation the Dog The tools mentioned in this presentation, and suggestions for further reading can be found at: http://delicious.com/whowalksthedog/CSRwebtools Who walks the Dog provides strategic advice on using innovative ways to optimize your business, focusing on the human factor. We specialize in social media, CSR and Lean Management / Six Sigma. More information: Arjan Tupan http://whowalksthedog.com arjan@whowalksthedog.com http://whowalksthedog.com http://twitter.com/whowalksthedog http://twitter.com/arjantupan http://facebook.com/whowalksthedog +371 27 44 88 11
  9. 9. Who walks the Dog If you appreciated this presentation, you can show it by making a (small) donation on our Change Through Football fundraising page: http://www.justgiving.com/ChangeThroughFootball The fonts used in this presentation are Junction Regular and Nevis. Junction Regular is available at The League of Moveable Type (http://www.theleagueofmoveabletype.com/) and Nevis at Ten by Twenty (http://www.tenbytwenty.com). Both sites have many more beautiful fonts available. http://whowalksthedog.com This presentation has been prepared with care, and without direct commercial gain. I have tried to use copyright free imagery, or made an effort to obtain permission of use. However, if you feel that any photo, picture or text in this presentation infringes your copyright, please inform the author at info@whowalksthedog.com. This presentation itself is licensed under creative commons license by-nc-sa.