Wedding wonderful


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Wedding wonderful

  1. 1. WEDDINGWONDERFUL By: Arianne Yazdanseta FIT 1000 Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11:30
  2. 2. WHY DOES WONDERFUL WEDDING HELP? This APP was created to help the stressful bride This way she can always look for choices andanswers on the go and at her disposal The APP is narrowed down to specifically help thebride with finding the perfect venue, wedding dress andwedding rings. Even though this APP doesn’t cover everythingneeded in wedding planning, it offers several other ww wuseful and popular Arianne Yazdanseta Wedding Wonderful references to go to. February 2013
  3. 3. WHAT DOES WEDDING WONDERFUL DO? This APP was created toaid brides in planning theirdream weddings. Wedding Wonderful helpsbrides decide on the mainwedding credentials suchas: Venue www Wedding Dress Arianne Yazdanseta Wedding Wonderful Wedding Rings February 2013
  4. 4.  Isabella is the bride’s personal, virtual wedding planner.  If the user has an IPhone 4s or an IPhone 5, then they can vocally ask Isabella any questions that they may have.  Siri doubles as herselfArianne Yazdanseta Wedding Wonderful February 2013 and as Isabella.
  5. 5. VENUEWhensearching for What season andthe dream month?venue for the What country &wedding, thefuture bride region?must answer Outside or inside?the followingquestions: Theme of the wedding? Arianne Yazdanseta Wedding Wonderful February 2013
  6. 6. WHICH VENUE IS BEST FOR YOU? Outside Inside Arianne Yazdanseta Wedding Wonderful February 2013
  7. 7. IT’S DRESS TIME! Finding the perfect wedding dress is every future brides favorite part! What’s your style? What designer do you want? What’s you’re price Arianne Yazdanseta Wedding Wonderful February 2013 range?
  8. 8. WHAT’S YOUR PRICE RANGE? Justin Alexan der Vera Wang David’s Allure Bridal Bridals w w w Arianne Yazdanseta Wedding Wonderful February 2013
  9. 9. DRESS SEARCHING Wedding Wonderful has a great section where thebride can insert their needs for their wedding dress: Budget Size Location of dress Designer of dress Then, every wedding dress in the world thatmatches the brides needs will pop up in the results. Arianne Yazdanseta Wedding Wonderful February 2013
  10. 10. SPARKLES ARE A GIRL’S BESTFRIEND Choosing your ring thatyou will wear on your fingerthe rest of your life. What’s your price range? What will match your engagement ring? Which ring will match your groom’s ring? Will you love this ring forever? Arianne Yazdanseta Wedding Wonderful February 2013
  11. 11.  Wedding Wonderful is$4.99 to purchase at the APPstore. This APP offers a greatopportunity like no other! Every year, one memberhas a chance to win a grandprize of $25,000 by writing tothe makers of WeddingWonderful and explaining Yazdanseta Wedding Wonderful Arianne February 2013
  12. 12. WORK CITED"Weddings." WeddingWire. N.p., 2006-2013. Web. 11 Feb. 2013.Stewart, Martha. "10 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Dress." LivingOmnimedia, Inc., 2011. Web. 11 Feb. 2013."David Tutera Wedding Planner." David Tutera Wedding Planners | David Tutera Wedding Planners. DaDa Media, Inc., 2012-2013. Web. 12 Feb. 2013. <>. Arianne Yazdanseta Wedding Wonderful February 2013